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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 21, 2020 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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we absolutely have to get people back to work americans are looking for handouts they want to do their jobs they want to go back to their businesses that they felt and the fact is that we can't continue to say in economy there's no amount of money that we can use so people to make this go away stimulus and the 1st time around was probably needed for the individuals i don't think that we should have seen and for in corporate welfare that went to the industries the 1st time around and certainly we don't need another go up and that's the democrats are pushing for a republican largely agree right what about you i mean i agree in many ways with having here but what is far is working people i mean the very rich actually got richer during all of this they got they got welfare of their welfare when they did meet here but if you look at the 1st round rounds it was the middle class and working people who were largely ignored or just temporarily given an injection what is your thoughts on this i mean should i i'm not interested in bailing out local governments or bailing out states when they anything like that i'm interested in helping you get back on their feet and i'm the type of person that i don't like
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giving cash to people you know there's a lot of ways to help people but this is an extraordinarily time ok and a lot of people been put on their backs i because no fault of their own so how do you stand on this. well i think we have to we have to look at it 1st and understand that and letting people go on employed that was a political choice by the united states but our government there was other countries for example in europe and where i live in the czech republic they were doing a wage subsidies system so for example you know the government will pay 70 percent of the furloughed employees wages so that was a way that we could have done it here in this country we could have paid a wage subsidy for people to keep their jobs instead the government chose to let people go on employed and of course when we talk about this the republicans are talking about this saying to small nonexistent naan and send them to work when i was their choice i'm sure people would rather work as we talked about people don't want to hand out they would rather have their job because of course it's more
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secure you know as far as whether we're going to happen on the stimulus i think nancy pelosi in the notion or posi told michonne we have 48 hours so my tomorrow we should see something and i don't think it's going to happen peter the way the truth i think we are we really should go back though if we want to point blame and i don't think it's really appropriate to do that but i think that what you're seeing is mostly from the republican party because it has been it's been them that's been refusing to convene mitch mcconnell didn't convene the senate and so now we have a supreme court justice and it looks like he's lucky in that to win his election or to keep that senate majority because i think personally i think he thinks that trump isn't going to win and i think he thinks that the only way that he can keep his senate majority is by getting in print or just you know president interesting is i've pretty much drawn the same conclusion me going to handle right now i think i get the sense here is that and this is very cynical and cruel politics in my
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opinion here because i think among standard republicans and we can make them to make a separate program. and they don't see trump is winning this election and. biden will inherit an economy that has deteriorated even more like you who went out to our viewers we have a situation similar to this 1932 going into night when franklin delano roosevelt was a knocking rated and that was from november to march this i'm just going to be from november to january what do you think about that if it's true is it really cynical part of the republicans. i think it's a really cynical outlook and there might be a few that feel that way certainly i don't think you're going to see a lot of people eager to help joe biden bring in a great economy and so i think maybe you know there's a small amount of people that would be in that camp but i think most people that are in the republican camp recognize that we can't keep doing anything like this is not sustainable that it's not going to actually clogged the bleeding for very long
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and that we have to really move towards other solutions now it is important for now republicans were happy to move forward with another stimulus plan and the difference was that they were bigger and got them out so the democrats the democrats wanted some a chili and the republicans wanted like well let's try and they both are ok with any a vast amount of money and so i think that maybe they're playing politics with some extent i think certainly they they are preparing for trying to lose i think it's definitely biden's race to lose at this point it seems like it's trending in that trajectory so we'll see what happens as a whole i don't think that they're coming through alicia standpoint i think this comes back to free market limited government viewpoints and we know that many like this bailout like this don't work and again they always save for their cronies the people who are wealthy the few the connected the big businesses they don't go to the little businesses they don't go to the people it's a really screwed up way and i cannae well great it goes back to you know you've all heard it before i mean if we look at this year 2020 then the very rich got
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socialism in the the rest of the people got his i'm ok i mean there's something inherently unfair about that i mean you know ideologically i'm probably closer to one on this year but at the same time you know you have these issues of people losing their home. when you lose your job you lose your health care as one of those peculiarities of the united states here i mean there's a lot at stake right here because you know i look at how the europeans that if you keep people whole that that's what that's the goal keep people whole as we get out of this year and i think that you know there should be more of an effort on this by both political parties because you know the way i look at it is that you know it's who is going to win and lose the political edge going into the election and those tens of millions of people i mentioned in my introduction they don't really matter they're not part of the political calculation that they might being too cynical going after a. well i think that's right of course the whole o.c. i mean you know people on the left always say oh i see needs to be more hardcore
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she needs to be mark or to negotiations but it's not this is not a right she's not a very tactful politician of course she's just trying to tank the election for trump she knows if another stimulus gets out he's got to check going to people with his name it's going to help him even just a few months and she doesn't want to you know it's of course it's petty but the real tragedy here is look if trump loses if this happens if she does not get this stimulus passed trump loses we're not going to have stimulus until january or february for individuals i mean that's just how it's going to be i mean there's no way like i can said republicans don't want to have joe biden a better economy i'm sure mitch mcconnell i mean what you know in kentucky where i live we call him the darth vader of all i mean that's really his ideology he's just going to bring a reckoning for democrats we know that it's going to happen because you want so when the midterms i mean he's just only ideological i think trump is not committed you know to his job personally i mean i think that's wrong but he's got committed to this job i think he doesn't want to get it if he loses if he wins if he loses you know that he's he's out you know him and brad brings up such an excellent point
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here i mean you know what was it one of trump's last tweets i mean you know i mean he tweets a lot so maybe it was a 24 hours ago you know you know go big or go home ok i don't understand why it wasn't saying this weeks or even months ago ok i mean this is just. negligence political negligence here right now and it gives too much leverage to nancy pelosi and and i think i don't see him going on twitter and this and staring down the g.o.p. in the senate saying you know if you don't do this i'm coming after you i'm coming after you on twitter and he never does he is actually very distant from these negotiations until the last the last inning is if i can use a baseball for him well i won't pretend to be able to psychoanalyze tromp i miss can feel. it is most american sister he's coming from and what he's doing on the stay so. i'll leave that to people with better degrees than me but i will say that
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certainly there it's kind of a rock and a hard spot there right i'd like to see polling on what percent of the republican party actually supports stimulus and wants to see another round of it i know speaking as someone who's kind of more of a libertarian bent on republican party i don't want to see another round of stimulus i don't want to see more of my tax dollars going to united airlines or american airlines or or to boeing you know that's ridiculous and it's a lingering wonder well what about 2 workers to work there is that the 1st round you know and i think if anything i'm very rarely in favor of government spending programs but if anything if there is some sort of for shutdown as we experience and people are being forced out of war then i think it is appropriate to get people to know their tax dollars back that they have paid into the system as we saw happen with the call $100.00 checks that most americans got now that was not where them that the vast majority of those trillions of dollars in the 1st stimulus package then let's write that was a very small percentage and i have no faith that this congress would in any way make sure a 2nd round was better about that we know who they're going to find in these things
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it's never the people they don't on the people that's not the way our system is rigged and so it is a really screwed up version and it's not capitals and it's not free market and the 1st place but certainly when we're looking at forcing people out of business we're not i mean in a bailout people should be dealt out which again are the individuals and the small business owners but what is until you are both political parties i mean they're trying to garner their votes the people's votes when they can't be bothered to sit down and get get into the weeds because like i said of bailing out the airlines no i'm not for making sure people that work at the airlines get something that get them through i'm florida ok and because airlines were bailed out and then they go buy their own stock and then they fire people all against the rules that if a middle sized business in denver colorado breaks the rules you'll end up in court for a god's sake for you know defrauding the government ok go ahead brad before we go to the break. well you know as far as bailing out the companies i mean i think there's some argument to be made that it actually could be a good thing if it is time i to the condition that you don't lay off your employees
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and i for example i was there saying they were it was a condition to vote and they did as. well of it and they were right there was the condition before and then some of them said oh you know we don't want the government money now now magically don't need to government money when they say you can't lay off your workers we had a similar situation oh they were going to do it with yes a check airlines smart wings group in the czech republic the government was going to say ok we'll bail it out but the government going to be a 90 percent shareholder so i personally would be in favor of that if the government actually took over these other solvent and then sell them back sell them back out i mean this could work there's an argument to me and to me major if you let these companies go out and people are out of work obviously the economy has tanked i mean i think the government has to have a really central role and i think if you look at the ecomil the only economy the major economy that's growing this year and the one that is now the largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity and that's exactly what it does well that's
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what it's very interesting and i think you know this is this is because people were forced to go on unemployment i think that we have to have a a serious rethink and what government should do and we're going to do that after a break we're going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break about to that short break continue our discussion on the stimulus package they are. well the demick no certainly no border isn't just blind to nationalities. has emerged a little bit surreal to you we don't look like seeing the whole world needs to be pretty. good judgment come in every crisis what
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is interesting to moment times we can do better we should. everyone is contributing your own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenge is critical to response has been much so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. americans love buying homes. and this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country a large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial it back and think about
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the longer deeper history housings men in the united states not just that old question of the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is for. seems wrong. to me to get to shape out just because the educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. choose to look for common ground.
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welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing a new stimulus package. ok let's go back to him here i mean you know one of the things i've been thinking about during this entire economic crisis is because it's a crisis depending on where you are i mean if you're unemployed you don't have health care it's a depression for you and if you have a squabbling politicians in washington jockeying for political advantage well you don't know what to do maybe you're going to lose your house are going to go into bankruptcy so many think there are so many of those stories going on here but i mean it i think this time to start rethinking what the economy should do for people
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here because as we've pointed out in this program the cronies and their friends say you know they're given money that they didn't even need so you know i consider myself a conservative but i don't think of myself as a libertarian because i would like to use government and government money to get my agenda through and not just say let the market take care of it because the market isn't taking care of it ok it's not ok 2008 now we have to help when we have to hey i'm almost finished will we ready for your week going to you have a growing number of people in america they just see the economy as a wreck for them the millennial and we go even further back i don't respond well i think this notion that we've had a kind of a free market in this country in my lifetime is kind of laughable we have it it's like people who want to tie up the market regulations and red tape and say look at the family that's not saving you well it can't it's tied up it's bogged down well. we've seen is an economy that has been wracked by people doing what you said pushed change or the agenda they want to say they want to pick winners and losers they
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want to do what they think is best manipulate the economy and it goes badly every time we see that that has hurt people we've seen that that has enriched a lot of the few and continued to make the lower half of our society poor it doesn't work and that's why we do need a free market because this allows people to give money to the places that are actually producing something that makes their lives better and that's all that free markets mean instead we have these businesses propped up i would love to never fly american airlines or delta airlines again but because they're and that with the government they control the routes they control how many gates they get at the airports they control largely different cities that they go to i don't have a lot of options because these businesses are propped up by the government they fight they lobby they spend money to prevent new airlines from coming in and offering better service as offering cheaper services that's what happens when you see the government get in bed with business we always lose as the consumer we always loses the employees it's not a good deal and so i have to push back on the notion that the 2008 recession and
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all of these problems were the cause of the free market that's not true we know it was the cause of government getting a battle is ridiculous it only note ok fine then we can agree on the point to be the winners and losers are always picked it and it's in the end it's because they have influence in washington again in 2008 barack obama had the chance to of a lifetime of to be a great president and to start pushing back on these big banks that destroyed the lives of so many people but he didn't ok and the people who are left behind i mean the number of people that experienced bankruptcies and being thrown other house but they're still feeling it today and 2020 and now we have this happening again i mean but i think that maybe are going to sides of the same coin and let me go to brad here i mean i think you know when we have a situation like this and the government exists of its magnitude united states. it's incumbent upon the government to go in interest and they don't agree with that here this is not something for ever ok not forever but to make sure people can get
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through this year because what we're seeing right now is like a recovery where the lower and lower leg of the k. means you don't even matter you don't even really imagine the economy anymore so let's why should we help you they're just being left alone and forgotten because there's no political consequences or that's a dangerous situation. now well i mean no and though a crash this is totally because of deregulation i mean it's because of the derivatives market all that stuff that was. the decriminalization of some of these really risky and different things i mean look this is totally because of deregulation and that same thing we're seeing now. what what we're seeing now in this country. well what we've always had in this country is exactly as you mentioned is that we have the supremacy of capital over the government and because of that we have this system exactly as it works when we talk about the total free market libertarian cure cabalist system i mean this is academic it's so my friends
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that are go musha listen to calista know whatever i mean this is cool like you want to go live in this kind of world that never existed i mean go right ahead but this is the real world there are systems which which the government is heavy rain supreme over capital and then again as i mentioned before the break if china china has broken what i what i've seen now that we are living now in the great transition some people calling it you know from china the united states going 2nd china becoming the 1st world economy or major power in the world and. peter i'm sure you've read mark fisher as capital a surrealism we have now i think broken this realism this capitalist realism where we are programmed to think that this is the only way that things can work which is the only way to be successful the only way to create economic growth it's just not true when you look at you see and in this country i have. family here that i'm with now the united states its only all america is the greatest country in the world where you have so much economic growth and you look at the unemployment you look at
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how many millions of people are going on employed how many people are losing their homes how many people are struggling to get student who'd banks who is it great for i mean and we also have the democrats are saying hold it be this election is going to destroy you know that the world is going to end if we don't like joe biden said well you know for most people the world's already over. i was rushing back our analysts saying but i don't think you know the very successful without capitalism it was starving their people were starving and still we opened up trade with them until we started buying their products until we opened up capitalism for their people the only reason china surpassing us is because we have been spending money into places we shouldn't spend money we've been involved in too many countries foreign policy we've been playing defense for too many people we've been taking the wrong end of the stick for decades and we're allowed other people who are your kind of rattled me i know a. hugo it would i would have to finish go ahead with it ok well no i'm just i'm
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saying i think that there's this really weird thing that i see happening where people point to china and say look their systems working better than ours their system wasn't working better than ours are people are brutalized their people are still not given basic freedom of choice basic freedom of movement it's not any kind of place to point to and say look kind of better they're doing than us they're not and it's only by our openness that they in any way are feeding themself so i think that you have to point back to use habits and successes that it's so great that when we even get a little bit of a capital it's going into the market in communist countries they're able to elevate themselves quite rapidly because of that buying power exchange which i mean i think the thing is that how things work market is not capitalism is not a market i mean you can have markets under a socialist system but i think if you actually look at those speeches that she shouldn't think gives or the communist party of china i would i would really challenge you to find anything that bet is talking about this premise c. of capital over the communist party. is ridiculous i think and the idea that there
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isn't some basic liberties in china let me say what i have a friend right i know somebody who works at c.c.t.v. who is the biggest trump supporter in the world ever mcgregor you know i have another editor that i that i work with as he did jim that's a fan of connelly's or rice george bush and boris johnson they have more free speech in that freedom of thought in china than you can even imagine in the american media and that is particularly part of what makes them so successful. they literally shut down t.v. channels when they show different time for rallies and statements they can't use different social media channels they have book burning and they go into hong kong and disappear people who in any way are running somewhere they are so i know it's an internet i never see what why is that here or there i mean what what what i think that you know the this whole exceptionalism ideology in the united states you know it's going around pointing fingers at everyone else but what about the livelihood of tens of millions of people in america i think we should focus our attention that ok and on top of it i've been to china you know capitalism exists in
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different forms everywhere there's certainly chinese characteristics of it ok but as we have tens of millions of people struggling in the united states a half a 1000000000 people in 50 years old out it's ok so for me it's to civilizations that are very very difficult to compare though they both have similar economic systems and in china it's working for chinese a lot better. here than a response. well i just disagree that it's working for chinese people better either quality of life is nowhere close to what the quality of life is in this country and i do think we need to focus on workers we do need to get people pathways for and make sure that they are able to pursue their passions their dreams to work hard and see the results of that i think it's utterly ridiculous to say that our poor in america are living so much worse than poor in other countries we do see consistently that people in america have it better than other countries we do see that you still have better opportunity here then you have many other countries
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there's a lot wrong there's a lot being rigged the system is not free market is not capitalistic this point and that's wrong and we need to remove those barriers that actually hamstring people what need to rapidly running out of time we've had trump for 40 years ok and his supporters will say the economy was you know buoyant doing very very great until january february ok and they keep running on what happened the past nobody votes for the past nobody vote for the president oh is joe biden if he's elected how different will the approach be better because it seems to me it doesn't really matter because they have the same donors and they still be making pandering to the same rich people you know this is all complete key theater what's going on right now because there are fundamental problems that are not being addressed and that is it doesn't look good go ahead year. well i think you're absolutely right i'm not a trump and i think it's laughable when people say he's a free market candidate or person like what i haven't said i don't want to get i
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don't know what i want yeah there's nothing to me that really symbolizes that think he's done a couple good things right like i think the regulating has been good i think we've seen some good news from that i think the a little bit tax cuts we got were good and yeah there was a good economy for a little bit there but you're right people will go back and vote on that there's also been some really bad things there was a trade war going on that was continuously going to have ruinous effects on our economy and i think some of that i slipped under the rug due to the pandemic on and so it was sort of a mixed bag economically for me all along as far as looking forward you know when i am comparing and trying to decide what i personally am going to do i don't see much of a difference i think you're exactly right i think both will continue to be bought and paid for i think that's the problem is systemic right the problem isn't the candidate people who say market we have better candidates why can't we have you know more options why can't we have x.y.z. well there isn't this because the system is flawed at its very core and we're not talking about addressing this or a problem here but the system is lot ok you can't break into it ok i mean we have
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trust we have these monopoly companies that the cost of entry is just impossible right now and we have 2 political parties it doesn't allow different you know i'm a conservative but i have nothing to do with the g.o.p. ok and i know a lot of i know a lot of left wing people that just find the democratic party to be a play i mean there are millions and millions of people like us but were shut out of the game ok because of the donor class and so many other things here i talk too much of my own program that's all the time we have you want to. read and turn up for joining us here in our so you next time remember.
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it's an amazing country with so many friends in russia and i'm very excited to be here. i love that idea i think i can do that. different to make a lot of money with. millions and hundreds of me. here is not. a great wall and nobody feels a lot better than me believe me and i'll build a very inexpensive like a great great wall. just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for. it will see what happens who knows jose who knows what we'll see on the field will be
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success. you know what i'm going to be out there see i don't think about a lot of potential many innocent grown men not me and our 4. i kind of were on that ship on course if back and i think now i think it's higher than our. members of the africa mafias promise them safe and quick passage to europe but once they. leave they are enslaved they count speech util. will not some of the libya ma-ma not accident you know if this unit can get it out it means . somebody. from the cinquera mainly out of the they sold the.
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yes all of the amount. that a kid even though all. americans love. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial it back and think about the longer deeper history housings men in the united states not just that question of the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is for.
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france continues its crackdown on hate speech at all does the closure of a mosque for the beheading. of the prophet muhammad. mean all political toil in the u.k. nor the flush out boris johnson for opposing tough new coronavirus in the region we'll see people how they feel about to. be economic package so you know they were people a lot of big fish to put this into through about giving people the correct by not just to voice people are going to be able to survive a bit. on the u.s. says it will remove saddam from its black list of state terrorism spawn says but it's coming with.


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