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tv   News  RT  September 22, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there. is just to midday here in the headlines this 22nd of september europe sees a major surge in covert infections forcing the return of restrictions as poorest sections of the population suffer disproportionately. thousands of leaked files implicate some of the world's biggest banks in vast money laundering scheme spanning 2 decades coming up in the program this hour we speak with one of the journalists who helped uncover that scandal. it was very fascinating to see huge money flows through the biggest banks you can think of no i'm not talking about shady banks. well known secrecy havens we're talking about the biggest things you can think of. britain is opening its 1st migrant camp after
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a surge in channel crossings but locals give mixed reactions to the move. we don't want to keep someone you know safe to leave for the good people to play the babies will be if i didn't have to make sure. to get to it. by their very good afternoon from russia live from marty's world news headquarters here in moscow this tuesday morning is kevin now in here for the next 30 minutes with the latest round up for you so 1st maybe no surprise here the unfortunate use the world seeing as resurgence of covert 19th with countries registering a record spike in infections france spain and britain have been most affected in europe while the rand is also seeing a worrying rise in death is forcing governments to bring about restrictions britain's urging citizens to work from home now and shortening restaurant hours
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meantime may be no surprise to hear either the pandemic is hitting the poor and vulnerable groups particularly hard our europe correspondent charlotte who penske reports. coverage 19 pandemic has highlighted many problems from inadequate medical resources to a lack of trust in governments around the world but perhaps the starkest issue that it's exposed is how different it is to experience a pandemic if you are poor compared to those with money. thank. you. people impossible to do and face a new restrictions on movement there has been an uproar over what some of the labeling has segregation this is an example of government defense fear of
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people confined in poor neighborhoods and the districts can continue to juggle their kids. the president of the community of madrid treats this area like a ghetto the virus is here but why does that mean the workers need to be locked up it's even claimed in the evening at the opera highlighted the disparity in how people in the cheapest seats were treated they were in the well of those in the more expensive seats below had adequate social distancing measures in place. social inequality has also been a topic for protestors in. while
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in the u.k. the editor of the. medical journal the lancet lambasted what he described as being the true scale of social pathology underlying national crisis the gruner virus pandemic has exposed the reality of contemporary britain the countries defined by poverty insecurity and inequality science cannot guide the government in formulating this strategy a plan for britain's future must be guided instead of values and the lessons learned from the human consequences of this pandemic has also been concern raised about the minority ethnic backgrounds who make up a 3rd of patients in the intensive care units we are continuing to see black asian and minority ethnic people suffering disproportionately in terms of intensive kid missions so not acting means that we're not protecting the vulnerable
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communities action was needed back in july and it's certainly needed now more than ever i think minorities so also faced issues here in france statistics from the government's own agency reveal that the disproportionate impact of early on in the pandemic that saw it up by a 134 percent amongst north african immigrants it was up 219 percent for those who were born elsewhere in africa and it's not just saying europe that there are problems across the globe it's estimated the pandemic will have reaching consequences with inequalities whitening and estimated $71000000.00 additional people will believe in extreme poverty judical with 19 selden asia and sub-saharan africa are expected to see the largest increases in extreme poverty with an additional 32000000 and 26000000 people respectively living below the international poverty line as a result of the pandemic the european commission has pledged to aid poor countries
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with a vaccine when one is approved for use commission president. has said this was about inch. during its commitment to quit to black cess to the world's poorest and most vulnerable people many people living in europe particularly they soon. close to the poverty line may be questioning where that help is then right wow so many people ski party this. year especially was no immediate end in sight which is the problem isn't it let's go live to ellis cashmore honoree professor of sociology at brings us university hello there thanks for being with us today. what's the main bone of contention in this feeling the answer restriction protests in spain germany britain the list goes on doesn't it. it does and i think there's a lot of scaremongering going to the moment haven't we had a pronouncement by britain's medical officers yesterday afternoon. it was
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spiralling upwards and that there was really nothing we could do more about it because that infection rate apart from more of the same social distancing not going out not going to work. in the protocols. and the problem is kevin how are they expecting people to respond to this all over it's not just europe it's all over the world people are being asked to make sacrifices as they have been since march i suppose when the law and certainly in the u.k. started if people saw beneficial results for the wards coming out of their sacrifice in terms of a drop in the infection rate or an improvement in their general life circumstances then they probably would be compliant or more complied the moment saying absolutely nothing and it seems to be getting worse by the day the thing isn't it it's like
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how long has been a string how long is it going to go on for i'm in the initial panic all of us was like ok let's deal with it will deal with it will deal with it but then it goes all got a bit better but you know it's going to get worse. so it's got worse and then when's it going to end and then acknowledge how this is with. the report that we're hearing as we just heard that. this is hitting all populations disproportionately the poorer and particularly ethnic minorities are being hit hardest i'm assured ad i suppose those with preexisting conditions in other words if you if you've got diabetes then you're going to be hit badly by coverage at the moment. so there is this it is. it's a disease that is hitting certain sections of all populations harder than others now the magic bullet of course that we're all after is a vaccine as you said asking whether the vaccine is going to become available is
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like asking how long is a piece of string but the estimate best estimate in any case i've seen so far is january now the acid test will be who gets the vaccine quickest we should be going to paul should it be the underprivileged that's what i'm sad because we're going to particularly focus on madrid the restrictions or madrid but as you're saying it's seeing the poor the vulnerable often more tightly packed into housing etc etc the don't have a lot of savings that can't afford to stay home easily except should these be the people that get the vaccine before now affluent people exactly the point kevin that the people that are worst affected should be the people who get the vaccine 1st that's why the proverbial crawl in there till that becomes available at the moment of course certainly in the u.k. the testing process is in complete disarray. i'll give you
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a personal experience i was in close contact with someone who did have the virus who did test positive 2 weeks ago and said well i'd like a test myself obviously to be on the so side the response was you can have one your asymptomatic you have got a temperature you haven't shown a car you don't have any symptoms whatsoever just go home it's 2 weeks i've been as right as rain for 2 weeks but i don't know i could be walking about with the virus for all i know we have people who are pontificating from on high at the moment saying that if we're not careful certainly in britain we'll have a rate of $50000.00 new cases every day in a month's time how. they know this if we can't test if we have no desire said britain isn't it was just fine i thought what are we going to do what can the world do to help the vulnerable in these poor communities because if any government turns around and says ok it's
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a lot of thing to do great thing to do well we'll focus 1st of all on what they'll be sure of their governments will be shot down the short answer because they will be disproportionately affected again because they're probably going to lose their jobs in the event of another of our. alice we believe it will let you get on with your day thank you so much for coming on as ever more actually averse to the u.k. . is a scandal is rocking the finance community the world's top banks are being accused of moving large sums of allegedly illicit funds over a period of nearly 2 decades despite red flags about the origins of the money it's after the leak of thousands of documents including suspicious activity reports filed by financial institutions to u.s. regulators in total 2 trillion dollars worth of suspicious transactions flagged to the u.s. government were analyzed by journalists 5 major world banks process the most suspicious money including which alone appears to have dealt with more than half of
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the alleged illicit transactions j.p. morgan chase is also said to have facilitated money laundering for corrupt entities in venezuela ukraine in malaysia while h.s.b.c. allegedly helped move money from a ponzi scheme around the world we spoke with some of the reporters from the international consortium of investigative journalists who were uncovered all this. you know it was very fascinating to see huge money flows through the biggest banks you can think of no i'm not talking about shady banks. well known secrecy havens we're talking about the biggest banks you can think of we're talking about banks on wall street and they way through money that was sort of sent through them by these smaller banks all over the world and these are the banks that you sort of believe over sort of the grown ups in the room who are going to be responsible for you know being taking that sort of front line defense against really toxic talk to
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criminality but in fact you know we were seeing not only were they waving this stuff through but they sort of knew it was it was bad stuff that they were wading through as well. financial institutions are legally bound to alert regulators to suspicious activity including money laundering or sanctions violations however many still continued processing money they themselves flag therefore also put in the regulators to now in the spotlight mccauley jacqueline virga got more from correspondence house could take. well the banks despite fighting of course these reports about best suspicions continue to just blindly move really astonishing sums of cash with some of them coming from drug cartels human traffickers crime rings corrupt politicians even the taliban i mean we're talking about the darkest underbelly of society here now unfortunately this week has been politicized by some
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media in the u.k. especially there has been a particular emphasis on those russians involved for example how a russian politicians sanctioned by the u.s. government sent around $8000000.00 to a compound in london with some of that money ultimately being donated to the conservative 8 party or how an oligarch. and millions of dollars through barclays now given the very fraught political climate at the moment it's probably on surprising that there is such a focus on these so-called russians but really it does such a huge disservice to the scope of this scandal i mean 3000 u.k. companies alone on named in those files now that's more than any other country on top of that any bank you can think of really has implicated you know bank of america american express j.p. morgan to citibank barclays the list goes on and then clients and more than $170.00 countries and there are $293.00 in the world were named and flagged so focusing on
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a couple of russians in the u.k. it seems a bit disproportionate and what's been the reaction in the financial world since this all broke while the german ministry of finance has said that all of these transactions in the past they will dated up until 2017 so they've been investigated the matter is closed but let's hear what some of the other big hitters had to say this is not new information to our regulators we learn from our mistakes systematically tackle the issues and made changes to our business perimeter our controls and our personnel. consistent with our commitment to protect the integrity of the financial system citi is diligent in filing suspicious activity reports with the u.s. department of the treasury when appropriate given the confidential nature of these reports we do not comment on or confirm any particular report transaction now some argue that these words are not convince and given that the u.s. government especially has been pushing banks to reform for years now they've been
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fining them millions of dollars they've been threatening them with criminal charges so the fence and files show how these banks just transaction off to transactions have been violating all of those promises of good behavior and really given this leak is also thought to be just the tip of the iceberg and account for the point not 2 percent of the total reports filed you know we all remember how painful how damaging the 2008 crash was we all hoped that that would somehow trigger change but really this latest leak you know the internationality of it the number of banks involved the astonishing sums the source of some of that cash really unfortunately is testament to how when it comes to money no matter how dirty it is more oddity and often the law is just left at the wayside. taylor reporting for those journalist charlie boyle suspects the banks named to the scandal are unlikely to face any real punishment. that's in the words that most lists the latest late.
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2017 story you know that my suspicions are all around a cycle this is still going on and nothing seems to change in every case the old. energy reform which is much less of the revenue that's being generated trauma. or whatever you want to call it and i'll just go back to normal as nothing's happened this is a continuous cycle it's a great family concert people forget about it there are problems in our lives it's quite boring topic an ingrate we're at the beginning again and this is what i consider. britain's 1st refugee camp has opened its doors the former army barracks in folkston in the southern county of kent will house up to 400 asylum seekers but the worried locals and the authorities say they've not really been consulted
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properly it comes as almost $6500.00 migrants have made that dangerous trip across the very choppy dangerous english channel in tiny boat already this year. the an. all. or. more for. the war. war. war can fetch up here and we don't want to pay for that of the people of the like a baby it's got be
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a joke if i can not have an egg. to get to this is happened quite quickly we 1st found out about it maybe 2 weeks ago and we've had a lot of questions none of which we've had satisfactory yet i think it's. many many buildings here that are empty and i think these people have some would you know safe to be actually really seeking asylum that's fair enough to do it in the proper manner just put a badge you know people i mean we don't know. they might be just very grateful to be here. i don't but the reason against this is just a very nice community here people are very friendly very nice. like sherry and she just coming in. let's see it be if there's to be a certainty it's a receipt company for money. we'll continue to follow the story for you
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in this is our 2 international around the world from moscow thanks for watching this is ahead. blocking black people because of flaws in these algorithms controversy of course we investigate coming now. you know the stock market as a subset of the economy has undergone a transformation become a plaything for speculators fueled by incredibly egregious money printing by a rogue central bank and this is causing all manner of dislocations malinvestment societal changes.
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again black former presidents even black simpsons characters have been left out of twitter after a mistake in its photo preview feature which we're going to talk about next the platform's algorithm to fit in image into the main feed
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a left out the barack obama in favor of white politician mitch mcconnell and favored white simpsons characters and even golden labradors the social media giant admits it did not test enough for automatic bias and has launched an investigation those all come to light is not the 1st such controversy one user a video communications companies zoom question of why his dark skinned colleague was vanishing all too often during virtual meetings it later turned out the service mistook the man's face for part of the background or could it was automatically removing it social media lawyer cohen explained the mistakes. the reason why twitter appears to be cropping images in the 1st place is to make the images more acceptable to the i perhaps more pleasant to the i am this is part of the of the greeting that the did the machine is being fed with
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the by east is institutional by the where did the by see something that people deliberately cause when we talk about institutional buy see may be talking about statistics being fed into day into the machine about people's preferences about all sorts of information that 80 year end it causes some sort of prejudice against a particular group of people to the researching this is more of a technical issue rather than something that the machine had to learn from from people. almost $200.00 world leaders politicians lawyers and academics are urging britain the free wiki leaks founder julian sanj he's of course still right. still behind bars in a london court ready to rule and censor addition to the u.s. the call came in an open letter to the government now and then the 1st lawyers for a son sends his case is clearly politicized. piece of duty in
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a sound is very clear cut morally there there is no doubt who is in the right and who is in the wrong on the one hand we have a journalist who has exposed incredible work crimes and torture and corruption on the other hand we have the embarrassed superpower that wants to prosecute him it couldn't be more black and white than this as legal experts we can see and equivocally that what is going on is a political process and is accused of leaking a trove of secret u.s. military and diplomatic documents his extradition hearing has been delayed at the moment because of the ongoing covert pandemic the proceedings have repeatedly been marked outside the protests of the court building with public figures and political activists coming to support him too along the way former employee george galloway and 1st musician m.i.a. reacting to the developments. i still feel hopeful.
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it is just nice i wish i could tell him the ways that the well is changing and people's press freedom just barely eat the cheese speak freely on the internet is actually way where this then it was a year ago and you say much censorship is the trial is back on again but you use the best word that i've heard to describe it trudging on it's trudging all day in complete silence none of the british media are covering this story after all even though it's the trial of the century right in the heart of london in some cases a few 100 yards away from the big media houses but none of them attend none of them are interested even though for the journalists in those media houses if julian our sons goes down so does journalism. there he goes there might one day be forced to
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follow we know how the case is going it's going extremely badly for the u.s. government and the british government the tragedy is that probably won't make any difference at all. world leaders are getting ready for the 75th united nations general assembly which is being held virtually this year and washington's move to unilaterally reimpose un sanctions on iran is already dominating the agenda as kalam open reports. 75th the united nations general assembly in new york city is certainly unconventional as it's being held virtually with travel restrictions imposed due to the coded 19 pandemic now despite the fact that it's basically a cyber gathering with very few people on the premises of the united nations there has been no shortage of drama the week began with the u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei o imposing new sanctions on the islamic republic of iran these are the sanctions that were lifted after the 2015 nuclear deal however the united states is taking the unilateral move of restoring those sanctions or actions today or warning that should be heard worldwide no matter who you are if you violate the u.n. arms embargo on iran if you wrists anxious the country that's isolated today is not tonight it states but rather iran by these actions we have made very clear that every member state in the united nations has a responsibility to enforce these sanctions now other nations how denounced this unilateral move from the united states and boy strong disapproval of the united states pretty much stands alone at the united nations when it comes to their skirt standoff with iran and moves today we can see the maximum pressure policy of the u.s. against the iranian nation at least in the political and legal fields has turned
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into maximum isolation for the u.s. we don't need a cheering section to validate our moral compass we do not find comfort based soley on numbers particularly when the majority has found themselves in an uncomfortable position under writing terrorism chaos and conflict. we refuse to be members of that club oh most every country in the e.u. and the u.n. security council. does not follow the lead of the trumpet ministration of posing sanctions on iran the un secretary general has already announced that intergovernmental organization will not or re imposing sanctions and what they're doing is essentially attempting to. muscle their way back into an agreement that they walked away from and demand sanctions although they have almost no support outside of israel and the coded pandemic as well as rising tensions in many
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corners of the globe all eyes will be on the u.n. general assembly now tuesday not only is iranian president hassan rouhani and u.s. president donald trump expected to speak but we're also expecting to hear from russian president vladimir putin turkish head of state era one and french president mccraw speeches by heads of state are expected to continue throughout the week as this is the big week of the u.n. general assembly and of course held virtually this year due to pandemic and health concerns. verged there not will bring you the highlights as the salient points come out of us are up for now from the newsroom we're talking about so much else to on our social media for good with it check it out or outing dot com for the headlines as they crop up throughout the day for our reporting from moscow this tuesday kevin always starting off with a great day.
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