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well we have $1300000.00 unemployed now with a rate of 4 point one percent if they stop it's hard not to see the unemployment rate least easily hitting 20 and probably more so the obvious thing is you've got to keep going and anything that related to what you did from 2010 to 2020 is a disaster i'm i'm i'm a beginner to cameron in a 2nd but i'm going to tell you ritchie cynic says the furnace scheme should not and cannot go on forever and everyone who says it should be extended after october would then just say has to continually extend therefore that's the argument for stopping it. well i didn't say it should go on forever but i certainly think it should go on for a year or so i mean france and germany have agreed that they'll keep this going for 2 years but if this government wants to have an unemployment rate of 37 percent or 28 percent on a number like that keep saying stuff like that the bank giving the doesn't have a lot of leeway i mean it's talked about going negative can you imagine that and
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buying more assets but essentially what you have to do in this once in 100 year crisis i mean we had a once in a 100 year financial crisis now we have a crisis that is comparable to the great influenza and the answer is that you have to have the courage to keep going and they've done well so far and anybody who says to them that we should go back to where we were as in 2010 well what did we learn from that we learned that it was the slowest recovery in 300 years after the southie bubble and sadly the the slowest recovery ever actually 600 years ago was the black death so this government they want to do that that's where we'll go we have unbelievable hardship in the country and for the chancellor to say such idiotic things really begs belief to me in fairness of our strength and he says there should be no return to our stereotype it is pre-disaster david cameron his fellow bullingdon club member david cameron has a new preface and he says actually the reaction of britain to the 28 crisis
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was precisely why britain is in such a good place coded 1000 was the rainy day we had been saving for i sat watching chancellor issue next press conferences thinking how vital it was that we had taken those difficult decisions when we did referring to austerity david cameron the you just made that up right no i'm afraid joe this is the new prose i mean it's the but that's a complete and total joke i mean there the economy was absolutely destroyed by their will sterrett city it was certainly not prepared for what was coming the government sector if you like had been decimated think of towns. i mean he senses the health service and everything else was actually decimated then the country was totally unprepared because of the complete nutter incompetence of david cameron and especially him. on the ice tickle slasher all's ball and can you believe they're going to try and try this the same old nonsense and i've argued that the stereotype was entirely reckless and evil had no basis in economics whatsoever and was only
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designed to hurt the poor which is what it did so you're really going to try and do that again i think not and politically it will be a disaster the government here david cameron many members of the conservative party in fact the labor party members rachel reeves is now a member and because thomas cabinet she said at the time the benefits should be cut much bigger and faster than the osborne government was doing so i don't know i mean does this all feed into why. governments like britain like the united states the reagan tatar models there that are in behind them or why they have the worst coven figures you know it's you know i mean it's the of the obvious thing is that we've seen an explosion of poor mental health and distress and despair and depression and anxiety so that's what's happening right now across the western world in the u.s. and the u.k. but what what it deed what this austerity did is it made communities vulnerable it
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made individuals vulnerable in the way that they shouldn't have beem in a sense that the government sector in preparation for a crisis like ovid was the strong but gentle father's hand protecting people from what was coming what these people did was they took away all the buffers all the safety and said we can just get rid of that we can go to the private sector look at the disaster that's going on in the u.k. today where the government has taken testing away from the public sector and give it to the private sector and people in landed no one to get a test and they have to go to newcastle where where is that ideological that mackenzie's is annoying highly ideological i mean if you think back to the austerity i mean i'm probably professor of economics there is absolutely no evidence in the data that there is any konami justification for the austerity that they imposed it was simply about reducing the size of the state and trying to hurt
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the poor and all the evidence about the role of a sterile city has now been shown that we were right those of us who opposed it said it was a complete disaster what it did was it exposed countries to a shock that was coming and so so the great recession exposed vulnerabilities that existed in the past and now what's happened is because of the disastrous macroeconomic policy that hurt people it meant that the societies were vulnerable to a shock that was coming and with no protection so it's absolutely disastrous and you're right members of the labor party. it is almost and at the time i opposed it tooth and nail opposed to on the m.p.c. and i've opposed it for the last 20 years and if you look back in essence of being right and they've all been wrong well and they lead to political and financial class clearly disagrees with you and in fact they often point to the growth in employment and if what you've just been saying isn't disturbing enough you've been tweeting and stand about labor market figures the actual figures that we get from
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the office for national statistics why do you think you have problems with the oh and s. his figures upon which we base all of our modeling and so well if you get home look i mean so we know since march that around 9000000 people are actually off on this scheme what at what time to the on ss they are on the unemployment rate well the 1st thing is it's the least timely in the world everybody else can produce data right now for august well the oh and s. is producing data for june great that's really helpful but the other thing is that the data that they produce don't reflect what's happened to the economy so let's think what happened to the unemployment rate for the last 5 times since march 3 point so the unemployment rate in britain is absolutely falling great well that's not true we know that there's all sorts of problems there is some evidence in this in the study they just produce that vacancies. but basically the
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data that they are next produces is not fit for purpose if you look at the united states we really have reflections of what's going on right at this moment you but i mean that my view is they are the o. and s. estimate was completely irrelevant you should ignore it i better tell you what the owners say they say the framework is based on the concept of labor supply and demand i don't know the secretary. says this approach has wide international acceptance including by the international labor organization. well that may be true but it's interesting that the u.k. can't produce timely estimates it produces a month's a month behind everybody else but more and cyprus and luxemburg can do it so why can't the point to it i mean it's laughable it's completely laughable the quality of the surveys are too low that those spend the money on it if the by looking at that survey it really tells you nothing about the hurt that people in the u.k. are experiencing and so that's why i think it's basically laughable well i'm here
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professor of labor economics that's what i do yes the. job but also my job given that you know arguably more than. anyone in there certainly recent monetary policy committee members about the ideological fathers of a gore financial persuasion that goes on about the importance of debt and given that you know about that what you view is do when they hear on the news that policies that affect them in their lives must be enacted because of the debt. well i mean it's a really interesting question i mean the 1st 2 things to say to it and i think the 2nd this probably the most important the 1st thing is that right now interest rates are unbelievably low so governments can borrow money very cheap but i think this is the right in the allergy supposin suddenly the u.k.
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was at war and you say well if we go to war problem is that we can have to build things that we had our factories that make tanks and airplanes and all that stuff would use and the debt would clearly rise would you say sorry we can't fight this war we've got to give you a because we worry about the debt well no you wouldn't you'd say well we have to do this for a while this is an important thing that we do to save our country will think of the coded crisis as equivalent to that you're fighting a war against this virus and you and you spend it on your people and you invest in your people i mean in a war you don't not fight the war let people die it was the same with the cold bit you do everything you can to protect your people and the debt is something that you're going to have to deal with and then you'll pay for it down the road you may it may take 200 years to pay for it well that's fine the alternative it's not great that you have to do it but think of the alternative the alternative is worse so as long as the government does sensible things which i doubt this government's the
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seems able to do but if you spend it on sensible things that's obviously a good way to go if you waste it's as a going to cost of dunmore sorts of things that would be some of the public on the list as this program should oppose well maybe there are structural it is a structural details there it was after all not with a few days ago britain reza commemorating the battle of britain when it comes to rising white flags but i've got to ask you then is it something generational about politicians is that the problem a lot of controversy here over or the decision to tear up the treaty that was signed over the european union and brics it arguably some people on the left and the right who support leaving the european union might say well state aged me the sovereign right of parliament not of the european union treaty what do you make of all of the hullabaloo. well i mean it seems pretty bizarre to be trying to think about separating a country and generating huge lines and i saw pictures this morning huge lines of
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trucks at the border in a pandemic when you're trying to socially distance folks. i just think what you've seen here is a separation between what the ideologues and the politicians are saying and the hurt that people are experiencing i mean i don't doubt that the vote for breaks it was a cry for help the vote in the united states by trump was actually actually a vote from people who are hurting and in some ways what we have is i'm hurting it makes me feel better if you elite chaps like blanchflower out there you start to hurt that makes me feel better so i think it's very clear because of the austerity policies but it to keep at least people were hurting they reached out for help and guidance and what you had was politicians who just basically made stuff up and i think breaks it is probably most most ridiculous decision made by any sovereign parliament in the last 250 years because it's quite clear from economists it's hard
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to work out why people would vote against their own best interests and that may be pretty controversial but that that's the truth i mean that i understand it was that people were hurting and people say to me oh this is about much more than money it's about sovereignty but lanpher as an economist and i would say you can't eat sovereignty the president launched last thank you eric. thank you sir after the break 26 years to the month bill clinton along with co-sponsor joe biden signed into law the violence against women act we speak to one of president clinton's accusers about dirty tricks in the d.n.c. and why she thinks americans need to vote trump in the polls the more coming up about 2 of going on the ground. and. the world is driven by shaped by our own personal those.
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who dares thinks. we dare to ask. when i will show seemed wrong when old quote just don't call. me old but yet to shape our disdain become educated and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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and. welcome back well as president clinton and joe biden celebrate the anniversary of the violence against women act is the former arkansas governor guilty of the crimes he professed to be against one accuser claims the former president raped her 978 while on the campaign trail there are allegations bill clinton and his lawyers
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strenuously deny when he broad rick claims speaking up about these allegations with other victims helped put don't trump in the white house and will be voting for him in the member she joins me now from fort smith in arkansas thanks so much for coming on we're also speaking you know to a guy called tony schwartz who says he goes strode trumps bestselling book the art of the deal he says that was the worst thing he ever did ghostwriting that book eternal shame but you of course have said that shame is what any democrat should feel about. voting democrat while the clintons are still in the party arguably. oh yes sooner as always and we'll continue to talk about who the clintons are and what they have done to be able personally to women how he has the by his violence against women act was just ridiculous you know. he didn't he didn't
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practice what he preached but it wasn't just one event of a turn here from a democrat volunteer and i should say also that of course you run health care in your state different nursing homes was it just that the tell you all the way to becoming a republican and this and made the republican party considered so right wing oh no no atlas never in politics before 978 i never did anything like volunteer for chanda debts and i even voted for barack obama the 1st round so i vote for the candidates but now i'm so astonished republicans because of what all the democrats have done to our president well i have to say obviously led to the lawyer david kendall he didn't get back to us but he said in the past any allegation that the president assaulted mrs broderick with more than 20 years ago is absolutely false you don't accept clinton's apology much over the clinton except
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that he even gave an apology given that he didn't admit to it happening. now of course he did apologize to me in 1991 in person. before he announced he was running for president it was a shock to me i resent a nursing home eating a little rock and someone call me out of the advanced sense i recently did in the hall light i go down by the elevator and there stands been bill clinton's and he rushes over tyranny and apologizes to me and says i'm so sorry for what idiots i'm a changed man i'm a family man i would never do anything like that again and i'm standing there absent in absolute shock. i hadn't seen him an in years and avarice and i was surprised too and agist said you got a heroin are $1.00 and then i found out you reach 3 weeks later that he announced he risked running and the thing that bothered me the most about that man's is after 13 years when i had tried to go on with my life is like he was saying i can reach
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out and touch here anytime or want well obviously even the apology is disputed it's all disputed and then we invite clinton's lawyers and representatives on a quest people say ok the clintons have some power in today's democrat party but their fame is at the moment the british guardian newspaper is printed something about a model in september of 9097 claiming to being sexually assaulted by donald trump just remind us how you think you helped get trump elective and i don't know whether again you and others may have to come out again in public to counteract all the what he saw as propaganda against him yes and in the beginning or well i am because a hollywood actor says to sit just come out but after meeting president trump in speaking with them i am really president by believe those reduced words i think it
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was a locker room talk just like the senate's and i did not know that there was a new. person out there with the. alleged assaults against president drops at our we believe it i believe it's another election lori anything they can do anything they can find against this man's who has done so much her mirror they're going to try and do and most of it will be lies and this akio like is just like the other women with the allegations against donald trump i do not believe well obviously trump denies those allegations the democrats and i the allegation but what is disturbing. your book is something super arching and super structural because you show that these matters of dispute are not fairly reported on by network television in your country n.b.c. denies that clearly but do you see those structures are still there they are biased
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towards the democrats. oh yes yes i think it will always be that way. i have no idea why it's that way but yes i do not. i do not believe the media adds do not watch television that much anymore because you cannot believe what she wants but then very dense here you have google who is also. doing many thing against the conservatives in america obviously google denies that too but you really think that i will as you imagine your book a network television producer would say ok this is a story but i know some elements in this body of that body i'm going to question not allow the american public to see him before an election oh yeah and n.b.c. would never have broadcast and aired my interview that they did with needs if it
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hadn't been for others coming forward and hearing me like dorothy rabinowitz of the wall street journal. i truly believe it was live when least some hires the interviewer call me when they were delenn the interview until after the impeachment resolver and lisa said to me she said i have good news and i have bad news and i said ok and just as the good news is you're credible and i said ok and needs and she said the bad news is you're too protocol but i do know better now because so many of the people have come forward and believe in a there's many that will never believe what happened to me in 170 eight's but in not in 2017 we had the new york times coming out with the michelle goldberg article and the headline was i believed when me and then so many followed suit after that it's people know that this is true they just don't want to accept. well n.b.c.
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personnel including that report it would deny that they quassia any kind of stories and in fact they're probably the 1st one to say hang on a minute you mention the wall street journal owned by rupert murdoch you like fox news room and a fox news die every one knows about sexual harassment at fox news and worse that's been publicized and led to mass resignations at murdoch's fox news how can you square that if you watch my twitter state i'm just as critical of ox news as i am not any of the others it's just general control right now our actions to believe any of the media because you don't know what's behind why they're saying that things that those satellites who is supported lambs and is promoting what they say and just very suspicious of media and the stats and i mean obviously it's controversial some of those tweets that you're doing because you said black lies
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matter protest to me the thugs are burning destroying buildings and lives are no better than the 911 terrorists and i mean official inquiry was done into this that's the 93 percent of protests involve violence and property damage are you buying too much into the trump narrative because you so do not want a party elected under biden which has the clinton's influence still running through it now add don't bind to the trots thing at i just appreciate what you're done for me or that's i do not appreciate what the democrats have tried to do it's to destroy the air and the results of an election and very cautious of a different person than i am on twitter i say these things to bring about remarks but i am a person who believes what the facts channel but why. do you think that
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mainstream media isn't putting out the name tara reid every other day given that given that biden is in the lead in some polls in november elections do you believe tirade that joe biden sexually assaulted her which is denied by joe biden and i do believe care i've spoken with her many jobs and i do believe her or believe it's a very terrible situation. and but i and i have no idea where you are it's and it is just like me no one wanted me there back in 99 or 98 getting me to change anything then if this kind of a cloud is hanging over presidential candidates in 2020 meter is there actually believe that meat ad was never a part of me to meet your wanted nothing with clinton victims and i experiment
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that they turned their backs on so many other conservatives women in me and that that talked about sexual assaults i think me too strictly a political organization for liberals. and and that's why me too is we nigel act in a way to be somehow pro by maris even though i should say rose mcgowan comes on this show and says. actually that me too has been hijacked by different forces. i actually believe there was some of my far worse this show doubts that one of the toronto and bert. ranch probably back in 200-6007 asked why not some were big you know when they were taken in. ok obviously members the me to move on to say they achieved a lot from from the moment just finally we talk to anthony scaramucci who is for
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a short time the communications director of the white house for trump he says trump has changed in power that he's more brittle he's regressing into childhood in the way he handles. criticism have you noticed changes since you were with donald trump telling the american people to vote for him rather than any clinton model not a doll this is just another you a person risk just mused the trumpet minister. nader and he will do anything he can to try to meet rubin just missed i have no faith at all in a new spirit. ok tony the deathly denies that i need a broader thank you. thank you. that's over the show about a wednesday with tony schwartz the so-called real author than i did 7 memoir trump the other the deal the book that is credited for making now u.s. president all trump a household name until then stay safe and join the underground on you tube twitter
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facebook instagram and. on this edition of the program we discussed the possible to towering figures supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg and america's preeminent russian expert steven cohen both will be remembered for good reasons their legacies a short. time after time called her ration to repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important. transitions to sustainable tries board sustainability space where man at a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hama's. the big.
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companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is something this must be going to mean and i mean look. this is the moon i mean listen we didn't dream and i. understood. when in. my social class. people also in poverty they 1st. if you're born into a poor family ocular born in chon minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that. really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years and if you're going to generational poverty. it's after the fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family.
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cash calendar is downright alfonzo along. this changing page he's dard served. his 1st words were added i will see are a challenging post you got 2 years to live. i have no doubt that what happened was criminal. offense concentrate market is a $1000000000.00 industry these companies how does huge financial motivation to sow these products there are numerous stocks showing that doctors were keen to test facts right concentrates for insights of its own that patients want gives them doctors the wrong to play golf term system why they would give me some security
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procedures day after day and people still die i don't always question or so i tried being hard to live where so many have. post-election unrest in belarus shows no sign of relenting 6 weeks on from that the disputed vote our correspondent was at the main protest in minsk. as is happening * by knowledge crowds merging together right now it's difficult to tell with the with regards to dumbass. 5000 people behind me. washington says it is reimposing u.n. sanctions against iran but world powers including america's closest allies say the move is legally void.


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