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i mean rich is people needlessly. i 1st heard about we you know. from the helicopter from a tree in iraq. i think that there are people going and going to this military who have never forgiven or. just gotten for a good treatment get a book and will be getting some he was really starting to happen. in the pentagon journalese that he's too dark to see a lot of crimes to outnumber the audience. the idea of developing an anonymous digital phones and applying it to the media consensus tends to make sense that was affronts. going to get the torrent just right it would be for
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a short walk from the room one of the world's most powerful news a womanizer derrius anderson anderson cooper founder to the song good song knowing . there was a great deal of jealousy in the minds for the song the fit why won't it be more like oh they have q.c. in all. the seats with a. smile. on. her. please help julien outside in solitary confinement in the prison for terrorists a way to keep the house alive for some. i don't see him dying. and. that's what he's facing.
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among. the. more you. can come. to. visit and really. get into the following is. from the next. day you'll you'll meet. them.
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now on body i'm now move on. i mean in the sun my my my mc i will not again. that i'm not ready. to. nominate. a massive movie. sublimated pull it compelled. you to come. to what the.
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council of the so. i wonder what number of. the doors are. why they were dead just saying how we. knew it was and when they read smothered was in mumbai from. 90 day you. know these rules are for dead. by the time before that on monday maybe a couple ministers. and it isn't clear yet that these dicks also saying that uganda is one big countries
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with the highest in rate. in the while. loop of. the desks in the last the last one being the only uganda. experienced sexual violence yeah so it is it isn't child in marriage it is bringing mousy there and saying that. don't see any problem with the. you will get him out there today that people bring produce but they also bring out so in northern uganda in a district called believe. in i look to get the up to. bring. the one. who isn't my reason. they're
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cowards the little kids to be a part of. is giving away i've looked so ordinary he will miss the people these days in their market as if it was really buying and selling but he has also become. way out. transactional and. invented was it a bad name was it wasn't it down in the centers of one wasn't. playing the smudge on the bottle in the leg in the loss of misogyny money. and it's. going up with see. every fall women that you see. every fall. we
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would out i've chatted for they may be but they go through really suffer a lot to find themselves demands it is and they can't even say i've had my 2 children so that isn't enough for me to. hide them would do. when is it to say my you is an intricate sounding. name you know that i'm all for. the on. one side is on the 2nd in from now on i'm going to. call a warm cell. but it's so looks. like we're.
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little. girl the other one. and when the more you must i've. seen that before.
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this one. local. one single. obama competed. in all of the. singing when they made and that's why i want to. just roll with it. but. how long will. you be able to adequately you know that. you will you know. good luck to you ana you see you are. close to not only with me that you have to deal.
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with one on one when david is to be a human. being that you know what we're doing and who wouldn't be going to be if you if you leave. this for you to. pick me out of my. opinion binny and make me kind of you got to hold. more than. not i want more. people we. meet that will go what was the bowler just get over it. i want to welcome. it wisdom could become a mess. because one of the. you know. some me he'd. love to speak out. about this it's.
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named soon as i am cool. and i'm passing. into being. who i think you know and i mean dana. you. know you stammering nick 19 young men and. women i mean i met them for america that it was a huge. kindness and i don't quite see the force. enough to routinely make it out so. the name is. enough known one. stab at selecting a. so you know very well that when dad giving box and many of them don't even give birth in the hospitals so
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you find out with it wrapped chads wimmera. crystallise one of those very painful ways to leave because you keep believing in your blood that all they you are in so as a young. you know very well that no mom would even want to muddy you when you have peace to. be. able. to get. the message it. sends you know in uganda just like in a country is that 3 out what do you believe i know that i really.
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made it's a pretty massive demand is that all been mine is the baby and that their money is the one who. needs to get. way out elu mine valued in this same way that we. saw some awful i'm. starting to feel a debt it's called loneliest in this. society as listen up on the ballot. for me and i like tom. iraq and i will lead.
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during the vietnam war u.s. forces neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. until our fellow might occasionally mouth can rebound country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber. even today kids in laos full victim to bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for that tragedy and. help to the people need in that little land of mines.
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good look they took so much to come do we do the same thing means you. missed something. that you end up with on the same time this one did this one day. and this is amazing but then of us a man of his holding time to. miss out on that one.
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i must say that. tonight is. shall be if we made. it to number 2 if. you listen we actually got a day or. so . but i have to. give them one. thing. not one of you. know one novel i've always songs. that when i was. writing with a sort of a smile going to him and it bad it did that only. that's how some of the loons.
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album when i'm to be. sing it democracy. when i'm big. brother love but. maybe will really make a game the last one i want to call my mom when i'm with him. but them in my game again as i'm. not one of them. if you're. one of them that. they made a mustang and i saw so much. that i knew not. so addicting kind. of a little. more
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than a lower amount. what. would i do what i do and boy in the mood for nda came from the markets in fact i bring it out. in my. name before pollution in the attic i'm disappointed if. he has it done. god didn't i didn't remove. that one. because quite honestly. the only time. in the office of my dad when he got what i wanted without a good one for the vital double is. to make. 1000000 then if the movie. would suit me we would.
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be in the money and on. less money. now would you lose a toy. i see 1000 years um where was. ballgame. if one did. enough make it all that you know your mom. will know you need. to. know. what i'm winning is
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a better. way to get. into cable ski and must mean i'm old. but didn't find their way into me and to find i actually. was a 20 naked woman or child of course in chat of the day and. how long. he's . been moved out of oil into a normal minute. you. could do well but it. wouldn't. put the body in the garage to begin. to pull up stuff. name by the car you mean get me a form with one side that wouldn't open but it means to know that it will damage.
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the missing guy and then just what i need to get a. gun. and sit down on the middle class. to. be able. to fit the 00 room loaded up in a way that. that is that is it isn't that it it is indeed. all located it. holy shit. if. i didn't get to let it go well that it. will
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well if. it can hopefully do you say i was. willing to. do it one of them by that. the. sole soul when you give those guns give them back to it's a sacred social package to boost them my down and tell them from seasons and then when it is god's way and implication of trying to get it because we need this comes to be from them. and that it's through them being you're going to get involved in that when they would resist and i don't mind that when they are away when they still be on hold people for centuries devices that need that kind of time and it should be contended to me because. we're creating them my best and that of course they did something which was going to come back to smoke dope right and.
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it was. the sound. of. dissent in the rest. rooms in the city and the feeling. anything new on the table now. is how you are. putting. clubs when you knock on my money. or right to never. get to know a little slow to move to. long enough. to get down to move. them on the rooms it's going. to soon move.
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you to please please. please if. you know the truth is it not will not commanded you to. move. the middle and i'm glad i'm not coming out on the our. mobile so go can i just say that what i would do will do nothing. poor little with. this world with. a plan oblique i may have made one of us in that
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hell of a couple. of cuts. in female pop and i. have an argument looking. good and i don't know. how to say yes or. no. or intended maybe longer. you know. before you see. we get more people now on our side who sympathize with a younger girl getting married very early to. alia paying when it was business as usual now you out to marry young unicorn yesterday because you know the law is also following them in
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2017 the government of uganda also launched their national strategy on ending child marriage and teenage pregnancy so this equation was walked. free for years before it was very bad but now it it it is moving on the younger ones themselves empowered they are beginning to be at our fore out front they are beginning to be mindful of their rights. sure what that was. about what. is it it was a shooting at the bridge. for me. to get up a war go home. quadrants. one of our new model or decision to to make so much. nobody to love god what we're
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going to do from day one but if only one is assume i'm one of we're going to go into battle. with nuclear med i'm over the whole point in. time our. run the con in town. or enough clear. so as i just assume we don't just want to give for not. addressing this with empty bits in the streets in kind. of washing. the women's one you know horns and. to pursue me. by being good and i wanted to was indeed a new listing the moon again the moon. you know why the plane is up what was it. who went in the city to see 9 to take up a lot. of stuff in the school fees and i'm not running that would i do but i'm.
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glad you have one you want. to see them to see and i know what i'm when is up when you need one and when they move. the. next guys are financial survival guide stacey let's learn a style feel out let's say i'm the troika and you're on grease on face of the fight wall street fraud thank you for helping. destroy that's true. if that's slavery.
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we're segregated only by social class lower middle class people also in poverty by 1st. if you're born into a poor family if you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years old if you're born into generational poverty. it's a tough fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family. one of the greatest if not the greatest church in the history appreciative he will soon be converted into what is the importance of the heart you sophia and for whom europe's energy security is not independence it's in the bounds.
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and the story is the shape the week paedophiles fall stood children in job many for decades a new report reveals annual forty's knew all along we hear from the victims every day it was mental and physical mistreatment we were forced to do things we wouldn't normally do because we were threatened our laws should be destroyed we go on able to work and we have become aware that we are just a pile of misery. russia reject claims that meddled in last year's election i mean u.k. all that it tried to steal information on the country's kuroda virus vaccine. and china says it will hit back following president charms revoking of hong kong's special trade status.


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