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tv   Eat the Press  RT  June 12, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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hello everyone let's take a look at today's menu to see what we're serving up on the press. domestic terrorist views joy be whore calls president trump a domestic terrorist we'll let you see what happened next if you are the only black republican senator and this n.b.c.'s craig melvin tells black republican senator tim scott that some feel he's being used as a token by his party we'll get reaction from project 20 one's stacy washington a new york times editor forced to resign over in our bed another out of the philadelphia inquirer the panel scottie nell hughes and lionel will weigh in and what's so hard to understand about the word defunded why do you think there's such a hard time being differentiated right now between defunding and reforming police departments and we'll show you how one u.s.
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senator just couldn't seem to grasp the definition. i'm steve malzberg let's take the breasts. easy. by. ok folks let's begin with this ok as an r. kiss took to the streets of seattle took over 6 city blocks reportedly with armed guards and threatening business is the president of the united states weighed in he called them domestic terrorists but the gals of the view actually defended what they called the protestors and then the most intellectually challenged woman on t.v. in my opinion goes after the president watch as a matter of fact he has the nerve to call anybody in to mess to terrorists he's a domestic terrorist he's the one who's been impeached. for obstructing justice in
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this country he's the one who has friends who are in jail you know he had just started in jail michael flynn is in jail and then this happened di i need you to clear up one thing you were not calling the president a domestic terrorist you're just saying that his his take on this is is a little crazier than you thought is that right. yeah i guess signing and i'm not co-opted by the names like a dice is just that it seems ironic that he would be calling people domestic terrorists i mean i get in trouble for calling him names and right terry that he won't get in trouble for calling me to send people to arrest a terrorist innocent people by the way looks like someone told whoopi to reign in joy bay our enjoy being our lied to you right there she said and i don't think i did call anybody a name if she did watch he's a domestic terrorist the tape doesn't lie just disgraceful now so one of the great t.v. battles of all time really it happened on hannity dr cornell west and civil rights
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attorney leo terrelle watch this because you know it's my turn it's my turn to try to fly you try to complain and police misconduct here and i want you you're absolutely wrong you won't drink it sure you will but you can't drink tonight she was going to tell you you're not my brother you're not my brother you're good you are if you want to get her you got people i have and if you look at where you work pretty little bit in the ransom note my brother to the bank to please no i'm claims no draft. do you know oh my god you have lost control word agree you did lose control just wow on that one now the good folks over at m s n b c doing their best to warn democrats hey you know this defund 1 the police thing might hurt you freeze defun the police madam speaker as you probably know by now.
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it's a phrase that is already been seized upon by by those on the other in the political spectrum they're using the phrase to paint you and some others as as radical the phrase defund the police what does that mean funding could be used by opponents by the president to demonize democrats oh my the message is clear from the media hate democrats don't go all in on this defund the police thing it could hurt you so warning you now right now you want to talk about fake news a new york times story claimed that george w. bush former president the united states would not be supporting donald trump for president not supporting his reelection not so fast bush's office says the times story is a lie it is a lie can use a fake news.
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joining us now i'm so happy to welcome in stacy washington host of stacy on the right the radio show co-chair project 21 national advisory board check arad and stacy on the right dot com stacy like old times great to see it even spend. yes i'd let's get right to it so many places to start but i want to start with n.b.c.'s craig melvin who we saw before on the today show with republican senator tim scott watch you have faced a fair amount of criticism especially over the past few days because you are the only black republican senator some have said that your party is using you they've even thrown around the word token as well your response to that criticism 1st of all i don't know who he's talking about except for him and people in his a field but you know i'd like to say it shocking stacey it's not what is craig melvin trying to do there well he wants to turn senator tim scott into an object of ridicule and this is
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a typical ploy by democrats they often will at take you and objectify you and try to victimize you even if he has not been victimized they will assume a mantle of victimhood for you put it over you and then begin to beat you because you're a victim and that's what you tend to deal with senator tim scott and i would just like to say that senator tim scott is special because he belongs to the party of lincoln he's a free thinker he's a wonderful man and really just honorable and he's strong and full of courage and he had simplifies what the republican party stands for not because he's black because that is the least important you know aspect of his person it's because he is an excellent representative of the people who sent him to washington d.c. to send to service and that is what makes him right an exemplary earth not the other things not matter that he's black right but to them because he's black there's got to be something really going on because you should be a democrat right. well you know this steve we've talked about this over the years
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as we've had our conversations i've told you about the many instances where i've been really it's an objectification told oh i i just assume you're a democrat and then the insults around how it's racist how so this is normal par for the course behavior and now then is no different the only thing i think that's a little different as that he actually took the time to have tim scott on to insult him normally they insult as joy bay hard as they spiral and that's all that's large i'm giving you the chance right art i want you to listen to the head of the new york state association of the p.b.s. the legislative the press everybody's trying to shame us it being a barrister about our profession but you know what. this isn't stained by somebody in minneapolis it's still got a shine on it and so to this whole issue of defunding the police and to me you know
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and being demonized by the media the media would have you believe stacey that the african-american community in mass is in favor of defunding the police when that couldn't be further from the truth even the washington post acknowledged this in an op ed but you had to go to paragraph 7 and from the up in there you could see it now inside these numbers 72 percent in a mama's poll of whites and 72 percent of blacks somewhat approve either strongly or just approve of the job the police do that doesn't fit their narrative and poor neighborhoods the polls show that 68 percent of people living in inner cities and socio economically disadvantaged areas 68 percent of those people want more police presence because they understand that those uniforms and those cars actually represent authority and the criminal element does not like to be in an area that's heavily policed so people want to be say they want to police there and most people
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understand that just. doctors who kill 287000 people a year by making mistakes and just like veterinarians who unfortunately the animals that they care for some of them die because of mistakes every area of our public life has people working in it that are not perfect because none of us are perfect so mistakes will be made what happened to george floyd was an error it was a criminal act but it does not represent the w1w police officers in america today and what we're getting is police officers are i mean they're retiring early they're stepping away from this because the the reputational value has become so tired we need police officers and we need democrats too and very minimum just admit that it's not the in right hired me of the police in america that are the problem it's no wonder they're there they want to get out but i want to move i wish we had more time spike lee he has a new movie on netflix a big deal so it's on c.b.s. this morning and gayle king couldn't get over the fact that in that movie there's
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a african-american magnet cap wearing trump supporter watch now knowing how vocal you've been against the president i think many people were surprised that you made that you made that decision. whoa there are so negroes he'd. had a stroke or will drink the origin kool-aid this coming november i just have to have you react to that. well i mean it is spike lee what do we extract so he routinely stereotypes black people in his movies about the ills of stereotyping black people so stereotypes are often rooted in a nugget of truth and you take that nugget in you completely like you just expound on it to the point of absurdity and so the idea that there are you know there's one person that will vote for president trump in november it's ridiculous there are
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millions of us who will vote for him 41 percent approval in the black community comprised mostly of men and women are slow to the table with the with you know recognizing trans accomplishments but the president has been so deeply interested and he sought connections in the black community through h.b.c. use the opportunities and the tax cuts and jobs act i could go on and on and on and i have a piece up at the missouri times explaining some of the president's accomplishments from the black community anchor of people to go to my twitter feed at stacey on the right and take a look at that and share it but i just i don't i don't give spike lee a lot of credence sure he can get on with gayle king i can't but i'm telling the truth about what the president is doing not out of emotional or any other type of intention just the truth the plain old truth and and they use the word of these 2 that were in the use of the work calling them calling them meat gross i mean you know is that he's just trying to be funny or big big derogatory he's being funny in
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the black community i mean among black people sometimes they'll say that negro this or that negro that it's it's not it's not like a slur it's just a way of delineating someone that you feel is like gone off the reservation and you know it's just another way of saying that blacks can vote for term. right right station on the right stacy washington so glad to speak to you today thank you so much always always a pleasure to speak. steve. all right folks so why did the new york times and the philadelphia inquirer have 2 editors resign this past week our panel and you know he was and i know will join us right after this to explain and explore don't go away.
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what we're seeing is a utter divorce an utter split from the real economy and the financial lives funny money fed driven casino that is now taking over the globe this is causing to think the overlord class are becoming fabulously wealthy and they've cousins are very bold thing they've got a good old fashioned present for both out america and where that goal is not sure. it's hard to take some from somebody if you know have someone replacing. we want to do this interview today and i don't want to use market move in that they take me.
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4 years ago in syria. so how can i tell you stop selling drugs if we'll hire somebody puts the money in a box. they just mean all the way in life it's almost been basically mccullers feast before us lowers to us what's your kidneys security positions open house you know. david jack me again. you see people get all their cars you know see you coming in the harness seems like they'll hurry up and run into the house like they don't want to they don't want to talk to her get your mail or anything like that. i just want to go. and do the. run just try renaming. it to someone give me.
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ok folks welcome back major controversies over up it's published in the new york times and a headline published in the philadelphia inquirer led to 2 significant resignations over the past week and artie's natasha sweet is here she joins us and she has much more on both of those resignations that asha 2 liberal media outlets facing backlash within their own newsrooms for publishing something other than the expected narrative senator tom cotton of arkansas' piece in the new york times struck a nerve with what he calls the won't mob so much at the editor of the op ed department resigned over the article i will say in my op ed didn't meet the time standards that far exceeded their standard sen tom cotton setting the record straight about his opinion piece that ran in the new york times after the department's editor is now out of a job new york times editorial page editor and owner defended it in public statements but then they totally surrendered to
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a woke child mob from their own news around that apparently gets triggered if they're presented with any opinion contrary to their own who you can see james bennett the times a former opinion editor even tweeting about why they ran cons piece in the 1st place if you actually read the article and sides with peaceful protesters and calls out rioters he suggested president trump call in the troops invoking the insurrection act the erotic part liberal cities like los angeles already called in the national guard after intense looting and rioting happened in several neighborhoods but in the editor's note they cite factual questions like anti fed being part of the mass and the tone of the essay be needlessly harsh when in fact cutting takes to heart what george floyd's family was calling for in the article maria bartiromo the host of the fox business show mornings with maria makes an interesting point about the times not having an issue with a terrorist organizations tone and then a number of people who have written op eds for the new york times we've got. and
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here from the taliban i don't think there was any controversy around there is the headline care what we the taliban want pulitzer prize winning editor stanley and koski resigns from the philadelphia inquirer after 20 years the move comes after an article entitled buildings matter to was published pointing out the fear of historical buildings getting destroyed in the riots outraged $44.00 journalists called out sick all signing a letter about the article if the left can't publish another point of view even in the opinion section where does that leave the state of journalism where tot to present both sides of the story and allow the viewer a reader to make their own decision 1 may question what's the agenda of the mainstream media if people aren't given the full story reporting for it the press to talk just wait r.t. . ok natasha thank you very much and joining me now to discuss all of this and more if we could imagine that is scottie nell use the host of news views use here on r t america and legal and media analyst lytle of lionel media it is so great to have
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you both on the panel i'm going to stop with the pleasantries we have to get a lot in so picking up on that touches report the wall street journal sums up in their editorial on matters deemed sacrosanct and today that includes a view that america's root and branch racist there's no room for debate you must admit your failure to appreciate this orthodoxy and do penance or you will not survive in the job scotty what the heck is going on here. well what that shows is there's actually an agenda right now by the media if you don't believe it i've got a bridge in brooklyn to sell you for about $5.00 which is probably what it's worth right now the truth is if this showing that media outlets do not believe that their viewers have enough sense enough brain to make up their own opinion therefore they have to tell you what to think they don't trust their viewers and so in this case they don't want to show the other side the full cories 60 of us have opinion because god forbid people might actually make up their mind and realize what
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they're being fed the other 23 hours and a half of the day it's a lot of budgets and they don't want that to be shown i hate to break anybody's a bubble but are bursted but nobody cares about the new york times or the philadelphia inquirer or any of the stuff i'm to say this is great academic this is like talking about footballers and traveling in the n.b.a. technically it's on the books technically they care but in reality steve is cutty how do you explain to young people who live in a world where they were born in captivity where they've never known freedom of speech when they're being told and in shadow bend and constantly knocked off and and they live in a world where people are ed if we where they go why are they all of a sudden going to be so sensitive venez sentient when it comes to this. pleasure brought up young people and people being born because now we move on to c.n.n. they other day they had a town hall that included characters from sesame street aimed at kids of course and
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and here they talk about the protestors and racism watch they are said and upset and they have every right to be elmo. people are upset because racism is a huge problem in our country all right and by the way you know now from now on bugs bunny cartoons elmer fudd's i'm going to have a rifle you somebody sam is not going to have a rifle you have programs like a live p.d. even the cartoon patrol paw they want to get rid of that one out of this serious about that scotty again i mean that the theme is constant here we're cracking up you're actually wrong on point it's not it's hard to trawl through the we've got to make sure we get the car out of it right you're you're already or it might be a good bit if this is all of this is absolutely wrong but you know i don't think it's exactly what george floyd wanted or anybody wanted originally is to completely demonize the place because when you look at the shows that are being canceled even the ones with the cartoons that are off of things like they have encouraged by cameras they encourage actually people putting in the shining
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a light on what is going on behind the scenes and you look at these cartoons right now the word that comes to mind is brainwashing and now parents already have to be on guard to look at labels what kind of chemicals are big bad to their children now parents who are already exhausted tired af are going to have to watch and see what political agenda is which is nothing new with the cartoons but now they're just being extremely aggressive and putting these political agendas forward and i'm all for sesame street trying to make it to be the center but unfortunately the rest of that said that show was filled with just ideas that didn't necessarily go along with all of america it was only segmented towards one point where it's like we found in this race it's all about demonizing and hate towards another all in the name of love for another it's not making any sense and i agree i know you. h.b.o. has moved god with the wind until it can be put into historical context and as we mentioned paramount has canceled cops it was on the air for over 30 years so
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it's not just the cartoons of the kids obviously it's you know we can't we can't now watch at least on h.b.o. gone with the wind because i don't know we're too stupid to put it in context in our own minds yes i don't want to ruin anybody's time here but this happens all the time there was a there was a years ago it was rumored that kind of strew the bill cosby or somebody bought some of the sounds or or amos little as you heard by the right in 2000 to you might remember this cartoon network decided to cancel to shelve to take out of the rotation speed eakins allas because somebody and here's the emphasis nobody none of the. black lives matter or anti for protestors are asking for this this is being done we're told is lee this is being done voluntarily but they did this and if you recall in 2000 to 18 years ago there was the biggest backlash you've ever seen from home hispanic and latino speedy gonzales evers yeah so this is a recurring theme this is called either those people come up with this i take
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responsibility white privilege who are these people are steve is gati they're doing it quick to go to sleep nobody's asking because nobody cares this is not on the b.l.m. agenda scotty you know you've been outraged about this the gun with the wind the castle culture and even tweeting about it on social media a lot we have less than a minute to go ahead. well what are they afraid of that's what gets me a did they not pay attention to history because the civil war was taught very well in my in my class but what are they afraid of why do they want to erase it and as we've found out so many times stephen lionel is when you are racist or it's when you repeat it and i do not want to repeat the civil war here in the united states so why are they so afraid of us finding out and being educated about what happened in the past the good and the bad. yeah no excellent points and it's got a nail use unlined i wish we had another 3 hours but thank you both very much will do this again very soon. thank you.
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our folks allow me to give you the definition of a word which you would think you know has a pretty obvious meaning. as defund the police prevent from continuing to receive funds it's become a rallying cry of the left so meghan mccain on the view as sen cabala harris about defunding watch is gaining a lot of steam nancy pelosi this morning just refused to answer if she would support to funding the police i just want to know for a new do you support to funding and removing police from american community is and if not i why do you think there is such a hard time being differentiated right now between defunding and reforming police departments simple question simple answer some again i think that a big part of this conversation really is about reimagining how we do public safety
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in america and which i support to her credit megan mccain kept at it senator i hear you loud and clear and i don't think there's any rational american right now who doesn't think that we need to take a cold hard look at reforming our police but there was a video that went viral over the weekend of the mayor of minneapolis being yelled at saying yes or no question are you for defining the police so i'm going to ask the same question the protesters asked him are you for defending the police how are you defining to fund the police so now megan mccain how to define it i assume it's removing police and as congresswoman ellen omar said bringing in a whole new way of governing and law and order and to into a community and my understanding again this is something that has just come into my understanding recently is that you would not have police officers like this minneapolis city councilwoman said that i would be a place of privilege if someone broke into my home and i wanted to call the police still the senator will not answer and this time she's bailed out by mccain's co-host sunny hostin so again we need to reimagine how we're achieving public
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safety and i. and i think just to just to add to the conversation defunding the police doesn't mean up by the police it means taking some of those funds that are typically one 3rd of the budget of a city and giving some of those funds to services like mental health and education and mental health resources but i want to change the subject and ask another question of course you're going to change the subject here are some quick definitions for you folks before we go persistent that's megan mccain evasive that would be senator harris enabler that's sunny hostin. and i hope you've enjoyed today's lesson and i hope you learned something from it as well and i hope you enjoyed today show because that is the show for today i want you to stay hungry stayed curious and of course you could watch full shows of meet the press any time right on that portable t.v.
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app throughout you can download it right now if you don't have it yet from your app store i'm steve malzberg i'll see you next time right here i meet the press. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness.
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right there. where i did but it could be in this house right now. it's hard to convince him. to make minimum wage he can be recruited by itself drugs and make hundreds of dollars a day. still intro's listeners so when a person is still throws but see here. it is he still has the know how. it's fine to say job this clueless idiot life is one of the sale. they can't find housing somewhere else because they have a criminal record. to 5 jobs because of a criminal record so they don't have the moneys moved out of that community anyway . they think one flag will soon be thing might want one black or they want one black famous person they want one black abyss and one
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black. greetings and sell you to see. in america today the whims of change or 10 with the smell of tear gas some step fateful monday evening in the latter days of may when george boyd's encounter with 4 minneapolis police officers resulted in his violent tragic death the united states has entered a true period of reckoning. a reckoning with our racist past a reckoning with our oppressive present and a reckoning with what our future will be it's in this reckoning when the true colors of a citizen a leader an activist and an officer of the law all of the.


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