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isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. directly. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness. just turn. one. world according to the british. today we discuss netanyahu is
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corruption trial and the reopening the economy as the coronavirus cases start to declaw i sit tight and the show starts now. the war. machine piracy to santos for our top story today we turn to israel where the felony corruption trial of prime minister benjamin netanyahu is underway this is the 1st time that a sitting israeli prime minister has ever faced a formal criminal investigation before a panel of judges netanyahu faces charges of bribery breach of trust and fraud the most serious allegations include offering media tycoons hundreds of millions of dollars worth of regulatory favors and exchange for positive coverage that helped him get reelected bribery charges carry a sentence of up to 10 years in jail and or a fine let's just say this trial could take at least one year to complete what are
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your thoughts on how historic this is. well it's historic in the fact that that you know it's the 1st time a prime minister in israel i guess has ever been put on trial it reminds me a great deal of what happened here in february the charges are almost identical the same thing but the big difference here is this bridgette up netanyahu will be tried under 3 judges now i don't know how fair that's going to be what happened here donald trump was tried in front of his own party now that would be the equivalent of taking a gang member putting him on trial and making the entire jury gang members so that the jury is deciding the fate of one of their own because the republicans wouldn't have thought when when they said trump could shoot someone on 4th avenue or whatever it was that's the truth mitch mcconnell wouldn't prosecute trump if he
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saw him commit a crime why because it would hurt their political party and the political party comes before the country if people in america can't see that by now i better stop pounding my head on the wall. in other news president donald trump has announced plans to withdraw the united states from the open skies treaty the now $34.00 country arms control agreement allows participants to conduct unarmed surveillance flights over each other's entire territories to collect any data on military forces and activities and my concern them earlier this year president also pulled the united states out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty with russia which required both countries to permanently eliminate certain nuclear and conventional ground launch missiles jesse many open skies participants do have satellites that can spy on the territories of other nations so not all transparency is lost here but this is another example of the united states abandoning the international
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community. well it's also bruges example of the united states and how they've treated treaties the entire existence of this country let's go back to the native americans for a moment how many treaties did we sign with the native americans who lived here before us white people got here let's get that straight before the white people got here the native americans were here how many treaties have we broken with them i would say just about all of them in the international phase of our country our word is good for nothing today and you know donald trump when he ran for office he said he was going to clean out the swamp i didn't realize the swamp meant all of our allies i didn't mean that meant our european allies were going to get cleaned out in any agreement we had over climate change over weapons over everything like that would now go nola void and we're going to start from square one with no friends
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throughout the world i guess he wants to build things up from his perspective see that's the problem with donald trump everything is done to benefit him not the country president donald trump has also saw. and an executive order directing federal agencies to waive suspend and eliminate unnecessary regulations that could impede economic recovery from the coded 1000 pandemic according to the order some of the deregulations may even become permanent now relaxing rules to address worker shortage is caused by social distancing measures could absolutely be helpful as businesses reopen their doors but this includes things like removing tariffs and supply chain barriers that prevent health care supplies from getting to those who need them and allowing doctors to temporarily use their personal phones to conduct tele health services but other proposed regulatory cuts require more scrutiny there is no evidence that allowing the food and drug administration to relax the process
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for approving vaccines in treatments is going to boost the economy especially without adequate testing and data on the safety or efficacy of such treatments and the regulation at the banks may end up causing a wave of bank failures that could actually lead to another corporate bank bailout and that would be bad for the economy so just when it comes to the regulations at the e.p.a. or f.d.a. public health and safety could also be at risk shouldn't there at least be some sort of oversight as to which regulations are scraps. there absolutely should be mean donald trump is gutting everything is gutting all the things he doesn't want he guts anything that stands in the way of making a dollar. you know safety be damned environment be damned pollution be damned let's bring back coal let's bring back all these archaic things as long as it promotes the almighty dollar he lives and dies by the dollar and i got news for him there is more in this world than money believe it or not believe it or not there
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are things in this world that are more valuable than monday but unfortunately we have a president that doesn't believe that he believes that money in the economy is important but they're going to ask these frontline workers to put their lives on the line i'll tell you what bridgette i think congress should go out and do these frontline jobs 1st just like i said with health care you want health care in this country every citizen deserves the same health care is what congress gets do you think for one moment congress would put themselves in danger or that or anything of that notion do you think they'd meet know they stay at home they don't even meet because of the fear of it and yet they're asking all the minimum wage workers to go out there and put their lives on the line for who they are. thinking of that now that the number of covert 1000 cases are starting to decline faith are beginning to ease
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those stay at home order with democratic led states like california have been a little bit slower to reopen they're taking a lot of precautions while republican led states like texas are rushing the process to jumpstart the economy now officials in ohio alabama and arkansas are now reportedly even threatening low wage workers who continue to collect unemployment benefits with pride if they don't return to work over health and safety concerns at least 1200 workers in ohio have already been reported. to the labor department by imploring by employers who are seeking to block them from collecting unemployment bossa say they need their workers to keep their business from failing but workers' rights advocates say average employees are being pushed into unsafe unhealthy conditions with little protection if they contract the coronavirus several members of congress are also pushing for a new policy that would ban staff from suing employers if they contract the virus on the job this story reveals how anxious the work 4th is about getting back to
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daily life if companies one employees to show up since they at least implement stronger health and safety measures to protect people rather than trying to turn them in for fraud. salut lee they should the protection of their workers is the thing that's most vital to their industry if they bring these unprotected workers back and the virus spikes up inside their company again or in their workplace what are they going to do then just run them dies out and bring in a new load it's like you know to reminds me of it reminds me of experimenting on mice if all the my skin cancer well we'll throw them out and bring in some new mice till they get cancer this is despicable using human beings as mice to just spur the economy so that donald trump can try to be reelected well if anyone thinks at all he isn't totally responsible for this virus yes he's responsible for slow
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action on it but it also was a bit out of his hands too but he should be sacrificing people to get the economy going so he can attempt to win an election. it's time for a quick break when we return we shift to environmental issues with author craig pittman will be right back. the world looking for a pediatrician. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person with those great. military thinks. we dare to ask.
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next out of financial survival john today was all about money laundering 1st to visit this cash in the 3 different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in europe something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in the tough talk or soon we just have to deal with call and say ok i'm ready to do some zoos move under ok let's see how we did while we've got a look at a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. home luxury automobile again for a match you know what money laundering is highly illegal to appear much keyser of course. according to several sources for lease in the united states killed from $2.00 to $4.00 people in the days. ahead his hands. with sad eyes the window.
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what am i being arrested for players fun for me and if. it's just their little world establish they develop just us against them it's. a long history of things like 25 years as. i had to shoot someone. there is a corruption inside of the police with. us . i'm just the target. what. the world according to the jewish. fred hickman is an award winning
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environmental journalist and the new york times bestselling author he's covered the environment in florida for 20 years and his latest book cat tale documents the near extinction of the florida panther kreg many people have been watching tiger king on netflix which of course is helped raise the awareness about animal cruelty in the big cat industry there's another wild cat in america that deserves our attention to the florida panther what can you tell me about this and danger and animal. well the florida panther is florida's official state animal was chosen by schoolchildren back in 1901 to represent our state but it still very nearly went extinct in the mid 1990 s. they they were the population had dwindled so small that they were inbreeding and
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had genetic problems and captive breeding that tried captive breeding with them and that it didn't work because the kittens still had the genetic problem so they end up having to use this totally unprecedented scientific experiment to save them and that actually had the chapter on that is actually called hail mary pass because that's what they needed in order to make this work the book has sort of a hopeful ending which is you know kind of rare for environmental stories to have a have an up ending like that but we had about 20 panthers left in the mid 1990 s. and now we've got about 200 so it's a pretty big comeback for them you know they're not out of the woods by any means but they're doing a lot better than they used to very good now there was a time when people thought the panther was already extinct what was done to save them. yeah that when the endangered species act passed in 1973 panthers were on the original endangered species list and
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a lot of supposedly smart people in florida said oh well you know why why bother to list them they're already gone they're already extinct we don't see them anymore and so the world wildlife fund hired this guy he's he's a he's a great character is named roy mcbride he was a legendary an animal tracker from texas and they hired him to come to florida and out of there any panthers left and he you know turned his dogs loose and went searching for panther signs and ultimately did find a panther and found signs or others and so they wound up hiring him to help out with saving the panthers by tracking them down putting radio collars on them so they could figure out where the panthers were and where they traveled that sort of thing and roy still at it today is his sons and his grandson are all working with him to continue trying to save the panther now florida's a vitamin flipped in time from wilderness to the 3rd most populated state in the maricopa would you say the panthers natural habitat is dwindling more because of
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roads housing and people out of the direct cause of the panthers disappearance. that's a big problem yeah the the the panther the maine panther colony that's left i mean they used to range over the whole southeastern united states and now they're kind of down in the south south western part of the state in an area that has also seen a tremendous amount of growth the naples and or myers area has seen some of the most explosive growth anywhere in america and it has eaten away very gradually it answers habitat but we've also seen as the population is sort of come back that they they will travel they'll move up into central florida or even north florida and they can find places to live there as well so we may be seeing more of that as the population expands because of course the big problem is you know we now have more panthers than we've ever had in decades but they're kind of squeezed into
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a smaller space than they used to have so something's got to give and so they start looking for places elsewhere in florida now this is kind of a strange one but with fewer people on the roads and beaches and waterways due to cold 19 are we seeing any benefits for protected wildlife because of that. yes actually the number of panthers getting run over by cars which is sort of the main cause of death for them has dropped because people aren't driving as much you're sort of seeing the same thing with manatees not not nearly as many manatees are being run over by boats right now as people haven't been out on their boats the way they used to. and so you getting some advantages like that of course the thing there remember is you know this also gives an advantage to invading species too so we're seeing you know the possibility of more iguanas spreading in areas where we've got to go on is popping up in people's toilets and things like that so you know you take the good with the bad i guess. what do you make
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a wildlife preservations that i have that are very technical problems that are technically they're technically life private zooms are they helping or harming the preservation efforts are they good or bad. well a little bit of both i guess you'd say you know on the one hand you see some where clearly the the animals are being kept in too small an area too small an age or too small an exercise area i went to visit one that was it just kept pacing the whole time and it was and they just kept pacing looking for a way out. but on the other hand they can contribute a lot to our knowledge about these animals you know the scientists there who work on staff are studying them they're trying to preserve them they're trying to make sure that they're still around for us to see and they do a lot as far as public relations for these animals i mean you know. it's our state animal the panther but most people haven't seen one unless they've been to one of the 2 or 3 zoos that have one on display and i should mention by the way that one
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classic florida roadside zoo this place called everglades wonder gardens it was run by a couple of former bootleggers from detroit in the forty's and fifty's they actually provided panthers to everglades national park because the panthers had disappeared there and so they call up these bootleggers and say hey can you help us out they're like sure man no problem so they brought some more panthers over and turned him loose in the everglades are poachers and people who disobeyed a wildlife preservation laws taking advantage of the pandemic now that international tourism is down is there an uptick in rhino or elephant poaching for example. i think so i don't think that's been verified yet but i think it's something that people are really looking looking at to make sure that it doesn't get out of hand i haven't heard anything about it happening in florida but i'm sure internationally as it is course the you know the other thing too is the other thing you have to look at is demand and with the world economy really taking
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a hit from the the pandemic there may be less demand for buying those things yeah now the trumpet ministration wants to make changes to the endangered species act what's the status on those revisions. well they technically they went into effect in october but they've been challenged in court and so they're kind of on hold the court rulings court hearings on all that of course is are all on hold and selves because the pandemic you know you can't you can't get people together in a courtroom to talk to talk this stuff out the way it should so we're all kind of you know holding our breath to see what happens now in your reporting you've also covered the destruction of florida's wetlands the everglades and the. other endangered species in florida including alligators and manatees are you hopeful for the survival of the natural world and the species do you see light at
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the end of the tunnel or are we running out of time. i do i do i think the panther story in particular is a very hopeful story you know that that people who were concerned about them and worked very hard to figure out what was wrong finally hit on a solution that they thought might be helpful and the panthers responded they're very resilient animals they were able to bounce back once they were given a chance and as their population has grown they've actually kind of spread into areas where there weren't panthers before hadn't been for a long long time manatees same thing once manatees got some additional protection in 2002001 their population really sort of came back we've got about 6000 of them now whereas at one point you know the population was more around $1500.00 so if people just sort of pay attention to the world around them and don't just be
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self-centered and think about oh i just have to get run going and it start thinking about well you know if i drive too fast i might run over a panther or if i'm running my boat so fast i might not see a manatee had me if people pay attention to the world around them they might be surprised at what they see and they might be surprised at how well nature responds and come back you know and unfortunately we're out of time that's a good place to end that craig thank you very very much for coming on the day good luck with your book keep up the great work thank you sir. the world for your t.v.'s jesse let's turn to the viewer as we ask people on social media how the coronavirus stay at home orders have impacted them and whether there have been any silver lining. user cuts in apple says a trillion. there with created and i'm going to put it bang jeffrey. who's the trillionaire the guy at the guy that runs what amazon has
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a trillionaire so it has same here as well you got to admit the pandemic has helped amazon they are one of the few countries companies i should say who is possibly prospered from it a pretty good reaction though the 1st. he's waiting for food. randy says every challenge we've been dealing with seems like nothing since we're all still alive although the highly precarious economically gets mentally taxing being isolated all the time even though we're grateful that no one has fallen l. i think a lot of people feel like this well i'll tell you what you know i don't mind it so bad it's like kind of free vacation nobody can expect anything from you you know they can't bring expectations upon you you always have a good excuse if you don't want to do something i'm isolating i'm not going to do that and so i look at it as this why don't people just take it as
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a long extended in some ways non paid vacation and then well be the model around that they're not all done. i don't know that every element of the course of. yeah i understand all that i realize that some people are going to be put under unbelievable taxing conditions that's where the government daughters step in those are the people that need the help not the big corporations and certainly not deregulating the banks again face he says i'm a single mother my son is on the autism spectrum these 2 months so far at home have been invaluable to our relationship i understand the trauma and devastation caused by the pandemic but i'm grateful for the time it's given me to spend with my only child and there you go there's a classic example of a person taking a negative and turning it into a positive you have made the best with what you have got. good for her her and
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her child are cementing a relationship all thanks to the pandemic so there is good that comes out of bad there's always light at the end of the tunnel. absolutely thanks for watching everyone send us your comments on facebook and twitter for a chance to be featured in next week's episode when as always we cover more stories ignored by the corporate media and remember of course when the government wise which they never do the truth becomes a traitor stay vigilant. no more get. one else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. any. yet to shape out just to become educated and in gains from it equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. thinking of getting a new gun the ones we've gotten here she. is he didn't know what to do he was trapped in this tiny little wire being near the crate with him he will start reaching out and she will want to spray him anywhere near. breeding dogs or caged in in human conditions on puppies i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. to get you. it's to kill. the cross the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies are
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coming from this large scale factory farming kind of operation it's hard being stuck in stores even joined a good businesses are involved like ogling. there has been a shocking amount of the organized opposition to efforts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding facilities most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and you do streets that have nothing to do with dogs. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil.
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take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation in the community. are you going the right way or are you.
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what is true what is faith. in the one. corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or i'm a bit loose shallows. why bother going. well here are the bullet points for those of you at home keeping score. cities are on fire. 40000000 unemployed. in america. g.d.p. climbed by 50 percent in the 2nd quarter. the last city of money is dead. small businesses are dead. and jay powell said chairman says this is fine
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this is fine this is fun it's just fine. you get. this of boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss fairmont in washington coming up protests across the united states lead to unrest and distorter all in response to the death of george lloyd will discuss police brutality and income inequality drug makers are focused on a lot of virus vaccine but what will be ready and how soon is too soon we have a director who specializes in vaccines to discuss we have a packed show for you today so let's go and dive right.


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