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tv   News  RT  May 22, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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a pakistani passenger plane with more than 100 people on board crashes in a residential area. that was coming in to land at the city's international airport . after coming up the u.s. quits another major arms control treaty open skies primarily to avoid conflict between washington and moscow with this week's announcement sending shock waves around the world amid concerns of rising global instability. could result in destabilizing activities such as a dangerous new arms race leading to a possible miscalculation. it's. algebra.
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to get into british borders. party leader. says the french navy of a scorching illegal migrants directly into british waters and the sharp spike in the numbers trying to cross the sea. a very warm welcome to our to international my names you know neal 30 minutes of news and views start. we begin with breaking news a pakistan international airlines jet has crashed just before landing a corrupt cheese main airport it's reported the airbus a 320 came down in a heavily populated area media reports say up to 20 locals have been rescued from under the rubble of the crash site. there are reports of
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a number of people on the groan being killed a spokesperson for the airline confirmed there were 107 people on board the plane had been on a domestic flight from lahore located on the other side of the country pakistan affairs expert. gave us the latest from the nation's capital or. was for google a bit of it from the airport where this particular plane crashed all recently it was a very popular and it has been 5 hosts is. this. and according to the latest 5 people from these deputies and obviously those are there . they have. a life. obviously the chances of more people. that could has been as good as it should have been but not as bad as some people tried to portray these going to
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be good all of the box and international particularly has more has more it is a primarily because of the fact there has been in financial crisis since loan. being stepped on the government has not been able to manage it but in this particular case i was stored that this plane was not only it appears to be a sort of technical forward. and we have more on the story but moving on from the u.s. it's ripping up another major arms control agreement called open skies it's raising fears about global security the treaty had a large signatories to make reconnaissance flights over each other's territories. russia is to blame for forcing washington i'd claim that's no well with moscow. i think we have a very good relationship with russia but. russia didn't adhere to the treaty so
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until they are here we will pull out but there's a very good chairs will make a new agreement or do something to put that agreement back together when it comes of can support the americans the current administration and conceptually fundamentally have an aversion to any kind of control over american military activity especially when that control is exercised on or over a us territory solution with other countries follow the americans i doubt it mr european seem to me to understand that the agreement has added value as an instrument of trust and instrument of predictability transparency and that is how we see it what we see in this time and time again from the top administration the president has never been shy in carrying up longstanding international treaties whether that's the paris climate agreement or the iran new kit deal and very often the pretext given is that the conditions have been violated by someone other than the u.s. of course and this latest story got america is indeed with joran from the open
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skies treaty very neatly fit. that as moscow's drawn attention to. unfortunately if it's the policy of the us administration i'm undermining old agreements in the sphere of arms control but it's not just russia's consigns by this of course the open skies treaty is a major crucial one a state of the arms control i mean it ensures transparency trust and peace between start 5 countries as that wanted out to conduct a nod to the constant slight each of those territories so that the other case they can see this is a massive but trail they see this as still a hugely beneficial course that must be kept alive at all costs it's probably on surprising that this decision was met by the international community with a great deal of concern and of course they had that it could well deal and major blow to the security we reiterate our concern regarding the erosion of the us
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russia arms control regime i think we can stress enough that this arms control regime has provided security benefits for the entire its entire international community by constraining strategic arms competition ending such agreements without anything to replace them could result in destabilizing activities such as a dangerous new arms race leading to a possible miscalculation. i very much regret the announcement by the u.s. government that it intends to withdraw from the open skies treaty the treaties an important part of the european arms control architecture by withdrawing the united states would significantly reduce the scope of the open skies treaty and weaken the whole regime the us government's decision will take effect after 6 months during this time we will work intensively with their alleged mind and partners to make the us government berthing their decision the us withdrawal from the open skies treaty
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comes despite the feelings of the international community and china deeply regrets that this step by the united states together with recent action is to withdraw from a series of treaties is a return to cold war thinking a policy of unilateral action so clearly many see this as another step by washington towards instability and in not diluted by donald trump she just had to restrictions on that us let's not forget of course that last year donald trump withdrew the u.s. from a soviet era misao agreement that's the iron actually chief justice was saying now that to you he pointed the finger at russia and to pull triggers there's also a new arms race and of course the out the shocking with the trumpet ministration from the iran it needs to lead to. iran of course and all that despite widespread fears that it could cause and not the war in the middle east perhaps when it didn't but shortly afterwards they started straggling iraq with sanctions so this is
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a clear policy from the donald trump government one that does not seem particularly tedious towards peace and stability while stateside somehow voice support for the decision saying america doesn't need the open skies to be can get the same energy at a lower cost. than act but that isn't actually widespread consensus on. this administration moves forward with a precipitous unilateral withdrawal from the treaty the united states will be less safe and secure. open skies remains our only ability to get direct access to russian airfields and airspace and every experienced operational commander knows all too well that satellites simply can't do it all so there is a lot of criticism from all sides flying around this new announcement there are also certain administration barriers potentially happening there is some pushback from congress maybe they might even need to sign off on it so we'll be following to see how that all plays out regardless this that latest move from washington really
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and not the example of donald trump seemingly undermining global stability and opening up a new one such a top and both arms control and of course in u.s. policy the nation's head of a crisis research institute mark ellman fears washington's move could destabilize the world. there is an assumption that you know her new phrase a cold war not just with russia but also a trip to china trying to see if the elephant in the room from the one to washington that american economic strength with able to force the other side to a nicety can't compete miller true i'm not quite sure that that's what's going to happen so although the americans have some grounds for saying that the existing arms control agreements which they've written withdrawing from don't take account of china and therefore increasing your sleep in a world with 3. they are the same trying to are actually i suspect making situation much less stable and their own interests much less secure all. on
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washington's foreign policies are improving overly popular elsewhere in the world to what china wants again the target in a move which could see it barred entry to u.s. stock markets more and not a little later. there's a storm brewing a political one in the english channel u.k. breaks a party leader nigel frosh has accused the french navy of a scorching illegal migrants into british waters it comes after a sharp spike in numbers trying to cross the sea amid the covert 19 i prick bring us more on that story charlotte to penske. to battle for the control of the english channel or if you prefer a lot more she's been raging between britain and france for centuries for things that really just go out a bit hotter the leader of one british political party has accused fronts of assisting with an invasion of illegal migrants what we know. is that
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a bridge noble battle has been saved it's called save. out of red borders to get them in the british borders they're better off. that accusation comes at a time when illegal crossings all on the rois more than $1500.00 have already been detected attempting to reach cape shores in the 1st 5 months of the c.a.a. that's getting close to the number of the entire it's really trying to back in 2019 years almost hof of the arrivals since the start of the u.k.'s lock down at the end of march as fewer trucks were crossing in between the 2 countries migrants have now turned to the sea many of those trying to cross our parent the unaccompanied youths what we used to see was that those young people would come through lorries and that was the typical route now what we've seen is these unaccompanied young people are
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in the boat nigel farrar she says the situation is outrageous so the big friends and i will battle now has gone a done the job they brought a school to that little degree on the left there into british borders they've now left their own rib of the big vessel just to make sure they're safe until the handover to the bald eagles however there is plenty of evidence to show that french patrol boats are in fact stopping michael battles from leaving french waters last week 17 migrants were rescued at sea and brought back to the port of kauai. a buy a patrol boat that's already had quite a busy year there also ongoing discussions between the u.k. and french governments us to how to deal with this issue the brits want to bring in new legislation which would mean that any illegal migrants that apprehended on the sea or even on the land will be deported back to france meanwhile the u.k.'s home
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secretary pretty patel has admitted that the french don't have the easiest of jobs at the moment we're using drones we're using helicopters we're using night vision goggles you name it we're using it the issue that we have is that the amount of beach pieced that is being patrolled is the best in france and this individual's the criminal gangs are using all sorts of tactics some covert some other ert more than 10 people smugglers have convicted and imprisoned since the beginning of this year but as long as there are desperate people who can pay them they will continue to carry out their illegal trade whether that stuffing migrants on to or into the back of refrigerator trucks what doesn't change though is that people's lives are always being put in danger geology r.t. paris. just a note on this we have contacted the french interior ministry for its reaction to
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the issue and bring you any response. ok an update on our breaking news story. tragic update that. and pakistan pakistan's most populated city says there are no survivors expected following the plane crash which happened earlier this friday in pakistan international airlines jet. just before landing at main ports it is reported you can see here quite clearly the plumes of smoke is a densely populated residential areas and this report said that the plane or hit a number of holidays is there and we know that the flight was carrying 107 people on board postures on crew on as we say of them are. said everybody on board is expected to. die more numbers are expected
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tragically the people on the ground which this plane perhaps hit just an update the crash comes days after pakistan began allowing commercial flights to resume after planes were grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown more on this story more verifiable figures on the way in. the biggest daily spike in corona virus cases globally has been reported by the world health organization warnings about the use of a controversial malaria drug as a form of treatment. story in about 90 seconds from. same. wrong. rowles. i mean you get to shape
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out these days because that's ok and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. a new cold war isn't this time which should get china what are the terms of engagement what does it mean to win this conflict an all out war possible so did the u.s. and its alliance find themselves in the situation. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you.
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we're back with the news we didn't want to hear another world health organization has reported the highest number of confirmed cases in one day since the start of the outbreak last year that is the number of infections globally surpassed $5000000.00 the countries with the most confirmed cases currently the us russia brazil and the u.k. and while the race for an effective treatment is all the w.h.o. has warned against the use of the anti malaria medicine high toric when which has been targeted and indeed used by president. lot of good things have come out about the hydroxy a lot of good things of. that you'd be surprised at how many people have taken it especially the frontline workers before you catch it. the frontline workers many many are taking it i happened to be taking it i happened to be take it. actually.
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quite a statement. was a recommendation seem to have fallen on deaf ears in brazil where the government has recommended the use of the drug to treat cold but 1000 patients that's led to pharmacies across rio causing a drastic shortage of stock the country has been hard hit by the virus with more than 20000 deaths attributed to it we heard from dr margaret horace who is part of the response team about the progress being made in the fight against the virus. testing tracing tracking treating the full payload you have to know way a virus is you have to know who's got it and you've got it we have to separate those people from the healthy people people need to be aware that they need to identify themselves as potential risk so it's not just simply having teams it's also having the community larry aware of what's going on and how they can help. and
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antibody test gives you a number and it says you have got this level of that particular antibody and there are 3 different types of anybodies one of them tells you you've had it recently another one says that you've developed cell phone a longer lasting response to it but what it doesn't tell you is whether the longer lasting response will protect you from the sick and in fiction. that really needs to be used all the time here is. you ease it slowly and gently you test the waters you try different things and ensure that when you try different things your limiting the crowding and you are absolutely obsessional about the hand hygiene absolutely essential about their experience protection for a time a new thing is planned like opening schools all those things have to be put into consideration. we know it came from the horse you bet but we believe there was an intermediate host and we wanted to understand better the
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dynamics that led to it jumping from that intermediate host into the human population that work is ongoing there are still a lot of don't knows but remember this new virus arrived in el population at the end of last year and we're not even halfway through this year so we actually know more than we ever have known about a new virus in human history. washington's accused china of seeking a geo political and economic confrontation with the u.s. in a scathing policy paper but also a single sided beijing for its quote or thorough tarion moves the document parts another dent in an already battered relationship with something that could bring about the start of a new type of chord war and picks up the story. the anti china hysteria is growing latest move is the u.s. senate approving legislation that would ban chinese companies from being listed on u.s. stock exchanges and raising money from american investors i would not turn my back
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. on the chinese communist party. if they were today's day had they cheat and i've got a bill to stop them from cheating u.s. leaders blame china for the coronavirus arms latest tweets go as far as accusing china of mass killings around the world this while china has just ledged $2000000000.00 to the global efforts against the pandemic open to increase international cooperation china will provide $2000000000.00 u.s. dollars over 2 years to help with the covert 19 response and with economic and social development in affected countries especially developing countries want us leaders slammed the move saying it was not enough china's contributions to fight in the pen demick are paltry compared to the costs that they have imposed on the world this plague has cost roughly $90000.00 american lives more than $36000000.00
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americans have lost their jobs since march globally 300000 lives could be as much as 9 trillion dollars according to our estimates cost imposition on the world by the chinese communist party failures as rhetoric gets cranked up phrases like cold war being thrown around a look we are really on a cold war footing when it comes to dealing with china and other things we can use in foreign policy sanctions and other things diplomatic economic i think we're entering a new cold war in many ways to be honest and call that call this what it is now because it is the start of a new cold war i don't want to have a cold war with china. i would rather see us. work together. for the common good. of planet earth. and we traveled that had morphed out real well us media seems to be following the same script speculations about how far this will go keep popping up some say this will be disastrous for the global economy
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others are placing bets on winners and losers chinese leaders in turn are saying that they want peace dialogue even to millions and. both sides benefit from cool creation and stand to lose in confrontation decoupling and d. lincoln is not so why aren't we it's the us to discuss the end dated cold war mentality and 0 something can to beijing's calls are falling on deaf ears in poll shows that one in 3 americans now use china as an enemy instead of a global community unite and demick we're now seeing blame and polarization rising very quickly the stereotype in a certain sense where china is this evil genius that is capable of creating this this pathogen that invades and destroys america and trump even characterizes a as an attack that eclipses harbor. but at the same time you know there is
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contrast to a narrative that china is unable to china didn't do a good job managing it get this you know combination of evil genius and completely inept illegitimate government it's really just operated opportunistically trying to exploit any kind of negative narrative that can be imagined and promoted as a conspiracy theory finally you know to distract others from failures in these cases that's his central operating principle is to blame others although i don't think we can really have a cold war like before i think people are imagining it and pushing us toward something like it. so it's deeply worrisome. for the pandemic. brought about much change on run the world and it seems that not applies to people's thinking as well and you study has shown a sharp decline among german so you think it's more important to have close ties with washington in beijing moreover according to the survey 'd more people
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prioritise relations with china compared to last year the figures also reveal germans are now divided equally on whether a close relationship with beijing or washington is more important the findings come despite repeated claims from the trumpet ministrations stating that corona virus originated in a job. if you see anything at this point that gives you a high degree of confidence that the institute of uralla gene was the origin of this virus. we don't have certainty and there is significant evidence that this came from the laboratory those statements can both be true i've made them both administration officials have made them they're all true we have a lot of information and it's not good but you know the worst of all whether it came from the lab or came from the bats or keep it all came from china. but a recent german intelligence report reportedly cost americans claims it say is the accusations were a deliberate attempt to divert public attention away from mr trump's failure to the
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projects. but we decided to find out for ourselves what people in the borough think about washington's current political course take a look. it's a great sketch a stroll or so mr trump to the 1st other handling it at all. 3 countries doing things the right way at the moment to convict but i think it's too late we handled it better than they have to use it of universe started out catastrophic lee and in the end they are only looking to someone abroad to blame instead of tightening the problem themselves. no no no no there are no arguments and no knowledge for that it's just that he says that she now has china has made a big mistake hiding it but you have to stick together and not blame china. we have to look at the united states response as well because that has been lacking but
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it's also our job to look at what china did to do in india investigation an independent investigation but to totally plame china i think it's it's not enough i don't think the question of blame is of any use for anybody. i do think it's possible but i don't think it's like that i don't think they did it on purpose i don't believe that if anybody would tell me that's the case i wouldn't believe it because i've heard otherwise on the news no problem a liberal to solve from the way it of it's there is no proof at all that it happened this this time. for pretty much all of us the democrat turned life on its head we've been forced to stay in a hole and constantly wash our hands etc but it's also seemingly divided society into new sets of groups holy book who has been breaking down in the boundary. that used to be all left versus right or prayer war and the e.u. or us so whatever else but nowadays society is split along our own needs
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a different set of fault lines here are 5 coronavirus try which one is your. 1st stop is the one at home in this group that houses and they are super proud of all the good that they're doing they also tend to have the biggest house and the marshes gardens and actual jobs which they can do from something called a study they are fantastic and then let you know it with all those social media posts that they do have their beautiful house kids slash lunch with the stay home. next stop antilock you hear this not saying stuff like he's just an almost a cold or grandad was going to die anyway however they justify it they're just not interested in letting a quote freshest government limit their freedoms you find them protesting angrily
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for their right to have a beer and a haircut and after that you'll find them in the hospital on a ventilator recovering from a nasty cold. hypocrites who discombobulating mix of lead remaining. looked down as mug her signallers will keep up the facade of following all the rules while also going out her run or shopping for the socrates 3 times a day or casually driving to their weekend home or meeting up with their girlfriend . next clicks on calls include scotland's former chief medic former top adviser the owner just. anyone in power. yes it's this. neighbors and they spend all day long you really scary out of the window just dreaming as we did but it isn't as you leave the house to buy you won't read in your state will the police make sure frankly look.
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finally this morning crude wouldn't be complete without the conspiracists are the people who think that the 19 is. just a bill gates plan to get everyone to buy windows $27.00 where the government is just trying to wipe out and all that fine she is downloading the virus straight into your brain at any price of 2 seconds as long as your cell plan is up to date whatever the theory as long as there is no proof they'll tell you about it. all right the next host on our t.v.'s hour will be the legendary broadcaster sits down with another newsmaker the latest politicking episode gets going right after the break. because the federal reserve bank would be to take the american economy private.


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