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the inability. to accelerate transitions to sustainable prize board sustainability stay nowhere man not a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hama's followed to sneak. into compass numbers and got it into something companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away this is something else just as you want any minute i need much insist on moves in unison we didn't even i'm stunned seemed to be based on that understood look to what superman and. the times. when you have been listening
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not only did one of the many. believe that are hoping that if. it is taken initiate it. out it will ask where are getting a downfall like live. you must particular one i'll be your wife pounding on. their shares i think represents the 100 housing growing feeling. on 100 pound bomb. just built rule is one of many to. thank.
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you know if there's one homeless person in the country it's a bit of a huge issue in the have a civil society a rich society in which people have to sleep on the street earlier big i mean that's just you know.
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government is not the solution to our problem government is the prop. will be our 1st priority these principles there will be no compromise. one of the points that we really felt was important to get across when you're talking about cause and effect is priorities if nobody's making money on it i not a commodity then it has no value and it shouldn't it isn't a priority of the federal government so housing that was just from about people that was not a commodity that was just i'm ballin being up to the responsibilities of the
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federal government and some people have a clean diesel safe in place to live that's not important anymore that's not of value. to the. george herbert walker bush when he doesn't have his or her salt over the water bush is on the broad hussein obama do solemnly swear i told john truong do you solemnly swear. the world would make sense with the work of the general wages of living standards of working class and constant decline since the late seventy's. the numbers of people who need housing and grow because of the growth of the population the supply. to the to nearly the same mix so somebody is going to get squeezed out and some of the people who. are the country have been squeezed.
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so now there's a new public housing so the shelter system is like a public housing so because housing is not treated as even right in the title names which it should be the country is both is this one. and order for us to get. and be back to society as incompetent as you try to stop this issue that's gone on far too. it's a fundamental right like having food and finish your i.q. anybody care to. take a look at the universal declaration of human rights. as the peoples of the
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united nations have in the charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights in the dignity and worth of the human person and in equal rights. education that to any. source seems to be. one of my kind of money and it's one. it's considered. just general right actually the u.s. doesn't accept. universal declaration of it's i'm supposed to reject most. of that there are 3 parts of this civic and political right. sort of
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social and economic. and there's cultural. and there all are but. doesn't just dismisses the cultural community. rejects you know. ringback politicians have concluded that there is no answer because the answer requires resources i don't believe that's true i think that housing is the answer homelessness that you have to have supportive housing yet we're not willing to prioritize that as cited in the crazy thing is that we're paying for it anyway we jail a homeless person is san francisco a cost $140.00 a night and that's about what it costs and some. fairly nice hotels outside of the city yet we insist on believing that criminalization of almost this is the answer that if we could just people who are being homeless and being mentally ill that they're going to cure themselves and be off the streets
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when in fact it just becomes a cycle. 30 here and here. i am right. away. is the best. you can. give it. a chilling. i have no choice if they are with me they were great. the cell phone or on the strip. years ago was to ensure most of the world here makes it
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home. as well. as if you know. you can go to the city or county and get a map. shows all of us all over the you know county. and there's over 400 miles along along they go all the way down to the freeway and then they sit there there's that are feeling goes away tropicana somewhere. where they come out. here this is this is someone who. is very warm very rude you're sure you know the music you can see the known this was you were sure. i'm thinking. i'm tunnels in las vegas ears. this. should. say. my name is guy and we were. around 10
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years ago and strays and she was in the same situation and she didn't know what to do about them. i disaster see what. i say when the best place is staying home hotel and dining and eating and he left me to me to go across the street to get some meat and we came back he was gone so i was straining he was bought by cosmo. just behind the scene you can read. now as take years ago. you know i haven't drank in over 30 years. that we've had our moments we've had you know. i make for 6 to 7 mr security and. just not enough to say. we do better in the summertime because he gets to. get too old. to get inside
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me and everything to really get. going going to church stop dollars. will fly aside just a few dollars and. they gives me you know. he had all of us just a girl. she'd seen a big girl. you're aggressive in. and i say knowing. that this is not nice really is. you know a lot of people are one check away from the real.
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you're sitting somewhere i. just let's see i guess. i was on the floor some days in my bathroom you know trying praying. it was just. as time for western. i was having chilling fever i didn't have any sense of space or smell from the most you know the words world would you. recently she was on the road just used to. that when simon is on the grounds for her search. i have heard and. push myself to do for
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me in the 5 days i'm going to. go. this is like a horse race or it's like the marathon there are 200 horses countries or 200 participants in this marathon and the question is which technique to place out to save most lives and companies because it's a matter of saving books. or .
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you know off i myself today i know i don't look at but i found myself in a home state and you know my homelessness is not just a building i'm home is within my body because i don't know am i making the right choices that i don't live i don't know it's always that amazes us asking you i asked and they swear i need to be still and be all right where i'm claim i'm a slave. no i'm not that they are doing things is going to cost me my home that in this manner you know and i don't understand how a calling you want a job in my axe murder or whatever. i want to have a chance. when i 1st got out i was actually attacked by a guy from behind and then he hit me in the face and inching choked me around my neck or survivorman. everything then december 13th i was hit in the head with
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a rock for me high they actually caught that guy couple what is later to a week i actually in the phone into a seizure due to that and my seat was going to his thought was a little. the come back and shut off on me because i was laying out here by the arc . it's not everybody know it in in the year and it's it's more dangerous for women the world is more dangerous for women in that. they get lost in the in their. overall tapestry of armistice i mean everybody's heart breaks for their children 1st of all and rightly so then there is the veteran then there is the mentally ill. you would lose a specific population only women that are having there is specific needs that are we going to use and do enough so you know we made it
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a priority and by that we pushed through in it any beds available to them or to listen to a year ago there were hardly any beds available for them and it's an unsafe place for women to be we. tell all our gotos to not walk in the street a lot at night in a dark that's the sort of imagine that you have no work to go. or know what it was something. or were. were. in the us is being told in the quote to good way to figure out which side of it you're on is with your company planes on h.b.o. . you should like workers calling for a much higher minimum wage workers at mcdonald's wendy's domino's pizza and more
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will want not the job. they were looking to federal 'd minimum wage is one created $938.00 under the fair labor standards act ok which was in response to a 1000000 people wandering our nation looking for jobs it was the same and after the depression congress got together and started to say well we should set a standard that ensures that if somebody puts their 40 hours in a week they can afford the basics so. it makes sense and makes sense to me it makes sense to you so we take that in a brace that good the problem is they never index it anything so that if you pick in this number at the year and those halves of congress fight over debate over it go do that and that and it and it back and forth and so. you know maybe get raised a dollar maybe it's $0.75 whatever so we sort of started this problem backwards you
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know we now have $3500000.00 people experiencing homelessness in this nation and what we could tell that house the homeless. there's tremendous efforts to try and deal with the fallout you know. some more successful than others some different approaches like housing 1st get off the streets and then start dealing with them you know it's one we believes in that's a new organization says 989 so you know that's approach we are. and i used to look at this population as. who they are the better and. recently released people out of the penal system single women single women with children substance abusers alcoholics. really really all the different factions but now we stood back and looked at the folly of that approach
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and realize that in order to really deal with it in this society which is couples we view them as. this whole this group that falls 'd into 2 factions those who can work and those who can't work so we walk away with this way it's $77.00 in the quarter and 'd but i i live in america and anybody who's lived in america has traveled anybody who's traveled is travel to some place which is more expensive than where they came from and they travel someplace with less expense right now the government uses the concept of one size fits all. so they keep it it's like 70 court for everybody so whether you live in washington d.c. or whether you live in a harley engine texas they're going to said it is 7 decor right now there's talk of there is you $10.00 an hour well the day that that's passed a $10.00 an hour that's the president is promoting for. something to get one
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minimum wage homeless worker off the streets of washington. at the same time that $10.00 an hour wage is going to hurt small business and will america and make no mistake most of america is ruled they're trying to push a round. peg in a square hole and they've been doing it over and over again and what happens is it's a very soft mork approach to our nation is made of a 1000. because it's so nice you know we devised. a single national formula based on existing government guidelines.
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think. we very are. putting the logo. anywhere you can hear people talking. that i use. oh you learned do you. think let me ringback see do you can help me with it. forever even if you have.
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one of them one of those. 3. things. you will lose. so here their own home we have a family show for women shelter in them and shelter so one of the big fears that our families have when they come down from the shelter is that all of us i. am a service is going to be involved in their getting their kids away i mean work very closely with. the c.p.s. . we work very hard to reassure families that that that's not how it works their families are also subject to the whims of whether it's economic instability the or family instability or health problems. family is run out of resources and they're
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not able to stay in the apartment in the more stay with family or stay with friends or save the hotel. but a lot of times by the time the families that walk through those doors they've exhausted all of those resources. how are you getting so child i mean yes so we have this huge playground there's. you know they have the ramp for all of the kids the stuff like that and they still are still. they have this grassy area over here we try to keep the kids away from the gate just because of the semen on because this is the men's side of the shelter we are slide in the playground for the kids and stuff like that. i've been on and off homelessness since having for the 1st 6 months of his life were stable and then i lost my job which intel lost my burman. but for you know for after that 6 months we
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did pretty well you know we stayed with friends here and there we stayed with family but it sank i kind of started to feel like i was a burden these people you know because then they have to deal with my kid having his little fits and less than the others so you know i got another job and i was paying for hotel rooms you know 2 weeks out of each paycheck and i just got really expensive really pricey so you getting you're just like all right well i'm going to keep doing it i'm going to do it i got to get up i got to work. anyway having a kid a child with special abilities you kind of you don't really get much jab expression when you're single parent you don't at all you're constantly on the go on doing this doing that picking up this picking up that. so you resort to of course a drug that makes you stay awake. there isn't that surprisingly i got off it by myself i didn't go to rehab or anything i just kind of kicked it i've been clean
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for 3 months. and we've been in. there are about 150 beds in this large storm area. for families who have small children it will be like if it's a single mom and a small one or 2 year old will share one of these small little bunks. and each family is allowed one of these totes per person so this has to be able to fit basically all of your earthly belongings and it. lets not a lot of space as you can tell and it's tough for families. and one of the great frustrations here in salt lake is that there's a substantial lack of affordable housing and so that's one of the barriers that
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clients have is finding a place that they can continue to afford after our assistance ends clients a lot of times face other barriers to getting housing whether it's on their criminal background or they have evictions from prior apartments and so it can sometimes be really difficult for clients to find a place to live that will accept them with their background or with the funding from the road home. to help them get out of the rut that they're in. because they have sort of imagery pushed through a snickers have succumbed to me who are people bird. migration w. shit out to the extent just like it was so. going to get it.
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you're definitely walking into the words all in all we no longer know what we're walking into no man's aren't change you know what she needs to break she what about if. you. do she's possible sensible so. am i. am
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. i did was i was i. was. welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is our to u.k. we begin with some breaking news this hour the russian prime minister. has tested positive for corona virus and we'll be bringing you the latest on that as soon as we can meanwhile other top stories. confirmed today the 1st time we are tossed the peak of this disease.
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the prime minister has his 1st coronavirus press briefing since he was hospitalized with the disease saying we are past the worst but refuses to release details of how the u.k. mind easy lockdown prescriptions until next week i'll be talking to an expert about what that plan and might entail. public health experts as a government to give local authorities more control over contact tracing saying that a centralized approach simply won't work we get reaction from one of the. protesting campaign as one of the major supremes court victory on the right from local government pension schemes to self acids in companies they accuse of involvement in israeli human rights violations given the chair of the palestine solidarity. and captain tom moore the world war 2 veteran has raised over 30000000 pounds the n.h.s. turns 100 years on. we
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begin with breaking news this hour more details on the fact that russian prime minister because the shoe student has tested positive for corona virus that he was appointed prime minister back in january and he's played a leading role in russia's response to the coronavirus pandemic and we'll have our correspondent live a little later this hour to bring us more information. meanwhile the prime minister the british prime minister boris johnson has announced the country is finally passed the peak of the virus with data showing cases of now on a downward slope he also says the government plans to publish an exit strategy next week or take a shot it would stash he is here with the latest so tell us more about what the prime minister's been saying charlie of course the prime minister barak's johnson leading his 1st press in about 5 weeks he has of course been going through his own
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personal battle. after being tested positive for 19 over the last few weeks and today he was back in action and now out saying that the united kingdom is now past the peak of this virus and we are now on a downward slope of course for quite some time the public and politicians are like really been urging the government to come up and produce and publish an exit strategy or at least give an indication of a road map out of this lock down period and today boris johnson has announced that he is setting up a comprehensive plan to be announced to the public as of next week of how to get the united kingdom back on track. so i can confirm today the 1st time we are past the peak of this disease we're past the peak and we are on the downward slope i will be certain about a comprehensive plan next week. to explain
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how we can get our economy moving when how we get our children back to school back into childcare 2nd and 3rd how we can travel to work and how we can make life in the workplace safer and. ensure how we can continue to suppress the disease and at the same time restart the economy. so the key message there far boris johnson the prime minister is to suppress the disease while keeping the economy back on track he also was stressing to keep this strategy is all about the our number that is the rate of infection the rate of the reproduction of this virus so this wide ranging strategy that he plans to put in place on or be talking about that and just to go to certainly more detail at the height of this pandemic across the united kingdom that number was at 3 which means anyone that was infected with it 19 could infect an additional 3 people throughout
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this period we're now at 0.7 so that's well below one and that's why many experts would argue the lockdown measures have been working but of course today porous johnson acknowledged the huge sacrifices many people within the united kingdom have made to try and get covert 19 to a staple position and the prime minister assures that even though the economy has really suffered it will be able to bounce back. i think the economy will bounce back strongly i think that this government will want to encourage that bounce back in all kinds of ways but. i've never particular liked the the term that you that you just used to describe government economic policy certainly not be part of our approach austerity by the way was that the term you just use views you've forgotten what robert said part of coming out of the looked on i do think that face
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coverings will be useful both for epidemiological reasons but also for giving people confidence that they can go back to work and you're going to be hearing more about that and that kind of thing next week. now along the way the government's policy has always been led by the medical and science expert today no different just last week of course we heard from a leading experts in the science field social distancing would need to remain in place indefinitely until a vaccine is made regularly available and as we just heard that from our starts in the prime minister he says ma squaring will be useful as the u.k. comes out of lockdown so really all measures are being put in place to ensure that the u.k. does not see ever serjeant's in the virus again today crucially crucial messages from boris johnson is all about testing today was the deadline day for testing you remember a few weeks ago the house secretary put in place a self-imposed target for the government of reaching 100000 tests every single day
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by the end of the month which is today boris johnson confirming that the latest figures are on the 80000 mark which means we may actually be reaching it in terms of the death toll then the official figures are 674 deaths that's and jump in the last 24 hour period and as you can see on your screen that brings the total number of deaths across the united kingdom to $26711.00 and just to stress that is across all settings both hospitals and indeed care homes so as far as johnson says that does indicate that the u.k. is now pasta peak we're all on a downward trajectory of course very terrible news in terms of the death number but it does seem to have a slight glimmer of hope well thank you very much for all of that it's a moment joined by economics expert from lancaster university and also from hebrew university of jerusalem professor winter professor thank you for being with us.
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told me when it comes to easing the lockdown bars jobs is a liberal conservative you want to nudge people to do the right thing rather than impose more rules and regulations. you know i'm am a be able congress on i'm very comfortable from this position to tell johnson that's not going to work that's not enough why not let me explain if that was enough let's let's take traffic ok. imagine. we used only not just in guidelines to avoid car accidents to avoid the speeding. all traffic violation would that be enough would that be enough just to tell people drive carefully there won't be enough that's why we have speeding come around that's why we have police on the street. nudging and guidelines are good for
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some people and for certain circumstances when it when it gets to color people you know you have to abide by certain rules that are not pleasant and are not comfortable you need more than that ok i could see that but most people are broadly done as a government guidance has suggested so far here in this country but if you don't really tough on it but some enforcement would cause a backlash we've seen a little bit of unrest over this of course in front suddenly. so there are 2 there are 2 strategies to to do the. relieving the quote the lockdown there is a trade off one strategy is to say we're going very very slow. going step by step sector by sector or we're doing it very carefully or whatever we are open we're going to be very lenient we'll basically allow people to do what they want this is strategy one strategy is to pull center as. we open browder right we'll
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front we'll we'll do it faster and broader ok but in order to keep these are below one remember the are the magic the magic viable in production has to be below one to avoid. a burst of these infection again to be able to do it if you open faster you have to impose more restriction i'm for the 2nd strategy i prefer to open faster and broader but more carefully and the reason why our preferred to open faster and broader is that any business that is still closed any sector which is still closed means hundreds of thousands of people many many people still unemployment with fears about long term employment. and hundreds of thousands of people not getting the goods and services that they need that old and that will make sense but how do you do it carefully which is what you want to do that would
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that not involve in for social distancing in cinema restaurants planes keeping people apart from each other because economically that doesn't make business sense does it not to put people out of business. no you can make business these would not be the same business as before the disease but it will it will be business for temporary period of this business will be less profitable than in the past if you are all if you are only a cinema hall of your tour or a restaurant you will have to be careful that you have only that many people in the same time at the same time in your business. this would impose less revenue for businesses which may mean also a more expensive process for these services but the market will deal with it it's a temporary matter it's better been closing down altogether a just very briefly and finally nothing but just quickly how will we see or how soon will we see a new sort of normal look to life going on how soon do you think we could sort of
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get back to what we want to be the 1st couple steps we're beyond the peak that's where we have to bend this is a very good mules. this would take another few days to actually work up the program but prof am not what i'm really recommending in that these strategy will very very deep at the we'll say next week we're doing a week up there where doing be with dates so that every person can design is all an exit strategy each one has its own exit strategy and we need to know this information. it will take some time so it will come back but we will come back to the same point as before the disease all these. were diction reply will not be the same anymore are done are nonetheless offensive many people be heartened by optimism and thank you very much indeed for sharing that with us live here not seek a professor when to thank you don. thank you. number 10 is being called on to
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relinquish central control over the tracking and tracing of newly infected patients after a lockdown measures are lifted experts say the most effective way to prevent further spikes is to equip local authorities with enough resources to carry out the work in their communities last week the health secretary promised 800000 people will be recruited to help with contact tracing over the letter sent to local authorities only 3 falzon will have relevant public health experience the rest which is handling calls instead the government is banking on a centralized n.h.s. apt to bear much of the brunt in one of the public if they have come into contact with a positive case well the government hopes its own tracing will be downloaded and news by as much as 80 percent of the british population who are in singapore are a society with a small phone use take up a similar app was only 20 percent of the population and experts argue the technology should be just used for support and is no match for
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a boots on the ground community approach and that includes giving local councils control and resources and using tactics such as door to door visits and telephone calls to reach the most vulnerable the governor said the n.h.s. app is the best solution tracing and testing those with symptoms of covert 19 is essential if we are to limit the spread of this virus and to save lives the n.h.s. is developing a contact tracing out which alongside effective tracing and testing is designed to give our country the confidence it needs to return to normality we are working with clinicians scientists and other specialists to plan a safe staged path to national rollout one of those public health experts professor allison pollack spoke to me earlier and she told me that local authorities are best placed to address the medical needs of their own communities. you need local teams 1st that's real time data identifying the cases and then to ask the cases to go and
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try to relation and also to monitor their contacts who they've been in touch with 2 days before they develop symptoms and there are 10 and then you then you follow up the contacts you decide whether they're high risk or low risk and then you need to contact the contacts and give them support and advice sure so lots of contacting going on isn't that so in effect the approach you're advocating involves a lot more human contact than that which is exactly as opposed what we don't really read at least right now. well the one thing that we have got is a lot of resources human resources in a country of 60000000 people is specially with so many people are unemployed and unfairly and some of the students now finishing university so it's very easy to find the human resources after the break we'll have more all night breaking news that the russian prime minister has been diagnosed with corona virus will be getting the latest from our correspondent in moscow.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront a shouldn't let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. welcome to maximize their financial survival guide. that's mid-town. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched as a report. just now on the breaking news that russian prime minister mikhail mature student has tested positive for corona virus he was appointed prime minister in january has
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played a leading role in russia's response to the corona virus pandemic and he is now self . towards or not from all this so what more do we know so far. well we know she have. within the last hour that the russian prime minister who called me michel me who's been has tested positive for code that 19 now the prime minister. the president said that he knew about the situation and he in fact to call him from the hospital what symptoms does he have what the moment all we know is that he has a temperature of around such 9 which is a couple of degrees more average 36.6 at the moment though we really don't have any of the information we know that not everyone needs to be treated though in hospital if someone is having. very severe symptoms that it's possible to set in self isolation at home and that is what was just and seems to have decided to do clearly
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on the advice of the doctor and that he's actually helped here in russia by the fact that mexico help support and medicines in fact to live it to people's houses and to the threats throughout the day throughout the city throughout the country which of course makes it a lot easier that they don't have to do anything themselves so he will be following that self isolation protocol until presumably he takes tests that prove that the virus is passed and it's negative we don't know what he's cool to he has been taken the necessary safety precautions he has of course been continuing his business as usual but as with most of the members of the russian government we've been seeing them via video conference schools because it got him a pitch in recent days has had lots of calls with various governors to see how they're dealing with the situation on the ground in that region and it's always the from an office on the outskirts of moscow and we also know that temporarily he will be replaced by the deputy prime minister under the new saw and
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that has already been agreed on with president like he said he really has only recently joined the government he became prime minister in january mid january so for backings director. fredricka federal tax service here and russia's he's definitely had a tough time and start to the you know one of the biggest problems that the country's obviously faith magically in recent years so while we're ducking wishing him a speedy recovery thank you very much indeed for that update so skip taylor live there in moscow. experts who claim that while the u.k. has indeed passed the peak of the coronavirus it may represent an artificial spike the worst could be yet to come the issue was raised by electra dr kit yes it's from the university of bath he highlighted the government's initial flattening of the curve in order to keep the total number of cases below the country's intensive care bed capacity over reducing the transmission also means that the 2nd peak is possible when lock down is lifted because so many people haven't had the disease
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well i discuss this in more detail i was joined by dr kit yates himself and he told me that while affording rate of daily infections and deaths is a positive development a 2nd wave of the virus is still a distinct possibility. it's been clear for a couple of weeks now that the deaths in the united kingdom peaks are on the 8th of april certainly that's data from early tests england shows that that's the case it hasn't always been certain that was the day of peak because actually there's a large in when they deaths are reported so deaths can be coming in for a few days up to a week maybe even more after the deaths of actually occurred but it seems now if far enough away from that that there are going to be major changes in those numbers of deaths so it looks like we're going to be we're well over the peak and also suggests that we're clearly over the peak of the number of cases as well because obviously to have deaths you have to have cases of that the peak and number of cases probably a code just the day before lockdowns
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a lockdown seems to have had the biggest impact so it's good news we're coming we're coming down over this hell that this is not the same peak that was discussed initially when we were talking about having this epidemic going through the population uncontrolled that would just sort of burn itself out in a sense and speakers artificially induced because we've put in the strict social distancing measures we've stopped people contacting into this so much and that's allowed the there or it's really reduced the possibility for the disease to spread between infected and susceptible individuals but as you mention what this does mean is that the vast majority of the population in the united kingdom probably are still sceptical to this disease even people who recovered we're not certain about how good their immunity would be but if we do start to release these lockdown restrictions it's possible that the disease will just take off again in a 2nd wave. profoundest and campaign as of one a major victory of the british government after the supreme court ruled against its regulations which prevent local government pension schemes selling off assets
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contrary to u.k. foreign and defense policy the boycott divestment and sanctions movement claimed the rules prevent the possibility of divestment in companies it says are involved in israeli human rights violations and what against free to. expression and the rights of those pension holders around dates back to 2016 when the department for communities and local government 1st the vines its pension schemes against divestment in foreign states and the u.k. defense industries government says it will take further action to deal with the court decision. we are committed to ensuring public bodies take a consistent approach to investment and to stop local boycotts we will therefore bring back new legislation this addresses the technical points raised by the supreme court or from all of this was joined by chair of the palestine solidarity campaign professor carl what he told me that the government had been overreaching in telling people where they could and couldn't divest from it without pension
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funds local authorities don't venture. to this to make decisions on where to invest their money without pressure from the government not to do and not to divest from companies that are complicit in israel's crimes and israel's settlement process so that's the significance of the wind which was taken as 3 years to achieve is that it stops the government i think that the court found that then minister had all very reached in terms of sending guy alone so people couldn't decide where their pension contributions would be invested. over 100 n.g.o.s are calling for emergency support for sex workers during the pandemic international committee on the rights of sex workers in europe is demanding governments include them in their coronavirus aid plans it comes as many sex workers face exclusion from government aid join a pandemic due to the criminalization of many aspects of their work as a result the workers are falling through the net of supporters r.t.
1:25 pm
case modern andrews and compass with millions of the lockdown across the u.k. for many workers it's business as usual and that includes sex workers. you've got to get close and it's not always safe but you have to be playing it when you meet a client you know you want to be the plaintiff boss we want them to be as keen as possible. it was always the way where you expect them to shower before anything was progressing and then afterwards you will always show yourself but obviously nobody reading what step. have sex with a mask on a rubber gloves unless you're into doctors and nurses while many who work as escorts have shut up shop or try to move to the saturated online adult industry others are now forced to work under ground breaking lockdown rules as well as putting themselves and others in danger. for sex workers where it's very much a desperate situation because because the illegality of our work because sex work
1:26 pm
is criminalized then we are being to know i kind of protection and in total mess that other workers are getting so we haven't been able to apply for weight related or for sick pay or any of those other in type laments that and you know under the current government handouts so it is really a massive problem the english collective of prostitutes want sex workers to be recognized as employees so they can receive similar support to further work is to suffer. while soliciting in a public place is illegal like cab calling in pimping prostitution itself isn't but to the streets deserted the trade is much more visible and police forces are cracking down on the punters issuing fixed penalty notice is and even making arrests and with most sex worker mothers struggling to support families and
1:27 pm
logistically unable to work from home many now face being left destitute even homeless you could be having it you could be spreading it you could catch it and it's but they have no choice this is their. only livelihood the only form of income it's not like they can just go and get a job doing something else because everything else is closed down this is all they have and they are putting their lives at risk every day and the lives of other people. and fun to be kept until more of the world war 2 veteran has raised tens of millions for the n.h.s. by walking in his garden has turned 100 years old.
1:28 pm
you started. with my own little i pod judging mug you have treatment come on national health service. and consciousness care and you should go. to the doctors and nurses and all of the people and the service has been absolutely magnificent they're one of the reasons why i called you a great show and i think you really do all this money. then within a 100 years do you anticipate anything like you say you know i think the jobs that
1:29 pm
we're involved in the public come forward palooza calls to do some of monitoring. do you think we need to put it back. well what do you. think it's going. we'll need to get together because who knows when all of this we get the know we'll need a moon she'll lose in bridge it will. all miss the is. the moment. and.
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never have those those i would do anything like this make you a post office hottie gone there was a little bit. you'd rather not it's just that almost mold with don't hold your breath so when the call about me that. you.


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