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for. coming coming out my yacht.
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today as i was out sat on the yarn and the next to me if you didn't need to show would be just to feel too green and ukraine of my body and own all unfortunately for you to grant that there just wait until you get the opportunity to walk on the range when you step on grass for the 1st time again it's going to feel like you walking on air. how do you feel about you know when. the tree. would be able to get married. would have to. get the big.
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fellow a. good a community a very kind of you don't. shoot it with the sleep nights i keep on trying to call the chaplain yes the last of the wonders won't people calling and see when i get him on the phone. so we can get this more for them and get going. but i mean one more thing to know i mean any of us who are most thinking what is the size ring. i need to tell you know what size my ring you so i have to chapel and have some type of way to size or what have i would have so that they do because. i will be the 1st in 'd may to get married and not know what fast rate you should you should ask you should as
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those questions you do speak to him in baby we need to do this because we can no uncharitable calling jane i'm doing my best. i mean i came make him a sort of phone is he's not answering. you make me do something. make me shit. give me explain to you why i love you. well i don't know why you can't get the chaplain on the phone. thing to do it and when we get married i've just been telling the whole world how much i love. you know it's good you have plenty of michael. in the float over the city and i'm a little bit on the little. isabel watch and in all it's at the end of gone. you know
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good to be able to call you when i wake up. i 'd. love you love you and i end up on the top of. your cubicle crew. and. i know. about. the fact that. when. you aren't fit to execute 8 people in pain dave 8 individuals being executed in 2
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days is classify my opinion as a mass execution why is he taking his decision now the governor is rushing the execution simply because of the drug situation there's a troll that arc is all pals that will be expiring they have decided that it would be better cheaper for the state to execute all of these individuals at one time before the drug expires. and it's had the same kind that you're planning to get married and well my and love is stronger than death. i don't know how many executions i stopped counting at about 15 and i think that number is in the twenty's right about now but if that is taking place now execution
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is scheduled 'd in over to the pier you it is shaking the prison which is a whole lot of things happened even the individuals that i was fit to be executed 'd dealing with the ones that are scary paranoid 'd the ones that have realized that this may just be a role for me or even the ones that are in that now. if you feel like you're being really shaken up you need to talk to somebody you you tell to warn you want to call it. right right all right. you've got a real support group and it's in times like this when you use ok like you're not there alone ok but hey i played it to you to. get at the great. river to get out and it's proved right that we're workin on it ok right right. we're working on. we hope to have an update for you soon ok opening
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yes yeah and never quit what do we call so i've been doing it 20 some years might be to be you're with me you know now when i talk when i talk we're talking now. very very soon ok right right right. ok hang in there buddy. why are.
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you calling me up. i think for. you know. if you don't process are. almost. well about what. the bomb. was going.
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on live. for i make interest of our. city in one just shown those. images on the nikkei i was it he saw my easel meerkat to security of us more secure that this will click on any amount. if you take. this kid every chito had you. set up and be said when you have them i'm
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a cup unfounded so i will. placing them on though got us close only them on this and. a piece of up was a way maybe i love. it because i'm always. going to do so till the last.
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just for someone to. talk. to me. long.
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i. know one way you can say what you're doing to my. friend in this is really. very. nice well from the moment i missed missed. i said that's one of the reasons. florine rooms were. really. going. ok. i was very. likely i really. you know only have today thanks to all this for the rings. you will go in for what. you'll be my g.p.s. .
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. tyson nation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. in
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this community there are people who believe that it's ok to suffer actually it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids and ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict within the game between the 2 most of the conflict i would say revolves around money and most of them money is made. close one on each other's toes he know each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just to get some 20 a life where. you don't care and one of my cares about you so you don't care might anything. welcome to the outside of our new correction my name of solomon graves i'm the
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public information officer for the a.b.c. . earlier this evening don davis did receive his is a last meal which consisted of a fried chicken. rolls great northern beans and mass potatoes fruit punch and strawberry cake for dessert once again prachi kim rolls great northern beings mass potatoes and strawberry cake. haha. for them. i would say at this point it's $544.00. never say never but we're waiting on the courts before we can proceed.
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to hear. yeah yeah i get out. i'm going. i'm ok i'm on good then africa but i'm good we stayed mostly the whole game the whole night you know. folks and taking on the inning was going to happen was next. to continue. supporting you well your. how your way to deal with it. to figure out how to hear love all keep from making it saying. make
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a laissez faire the day go way down. it motivates me to figure out how to keep from in never getting my number called on that list you know. i was. you know about you know i'm a slow jane i'm a soldier for this kind of almost almost always you know we just. change but it's only down my gifts momi down book in case. you have the any you're trying to get out of these periods in the trying to be better the most and positive in the world long way down the most because of the things people easy to anyone have to go by by care by.
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says i need to. be. cool. where bay would get where for next mayor is.
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clever i have no way i would be a novice i'll get bob and i would do it again a hot. dog. isabel. will you have kids with her kitty to be your wedded husband will you love him comfort him honor and keep him in sickness and in health as long as you live. kenneth. do you think it's a bell to be your wedded wife. will you love her comfort her keep her in sickness
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and in health as long as you believe show live i will. then i pronounce that they are husband and wife together in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit. i. believe. believe them.
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6 when i don't feel the big speaking of your kid did what he wanted to do. this. happy. b.b.b.'s or. really happy can you be here today oh yeah could you maybe. a prayer you warm ok i'm good for. the right. i like your oh i do really even i. find.
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that in the world it wouldn't let it get out with me it's my. preceding is that. i want thank you for being so strong for other things that you do for the people around you i think you are an amazing talent make some girls just. as i gotta say and i love you 6. just. like. every day after. what i just want to sing. along well with.
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them this is a free fall from. the rain. and in the garner unit hey. david george in my case wow. and. well at this point i really don't have a deputy anymore however i did not get a new trial that is what i was 'd hoping for you know not being able to get a new trial you need not coming home. being a good. for me to get a life without parole in makes it difficult on me because i was also at that finish 24 years ago. when i went to trial and after 24 years of fighting i end up with.
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none the less. i want to get out of prison. which is what i bridgeview of to i began to be obsessed with men that dumped what would you have been a champagne bottle been. born out of but they could put a brother back you on the road if they hate look at me next week if. your local 5 years now. you may know by the i'll show you if a freakin earring really bad you're sure because we've 'd been discussed the freaky green campaign. yeah go for it all right i'm out. of our hands.
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just because you're from the ghetto doesn't mean you can't grow just because you've imprisoned doesn't mean you can't go. just because you're behind bars don't mean that you can't have dreams and goals and accomplish still. this american justice system has given me lemon. but i'm not going to cry i'm a take these women and make me some lemonade. i.
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in. this is a story of women and women was troubled histories and complex cold cases you know some really really awful lives out there. where not. the person that there's a cheesiness or be considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. body off 23 hours of the day tell me that it's not enough and it.
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will do women on death row. do you believe in miracles would seem democrats to you after the joe biden surged on super tuesday for them the fear of the bernie sanders candidate see may now be contained however this is far from over taking on trial no easy task. the swarms of them so moving. who was before. much of those who heard the preview. we were going to. move. move. move showed you a little. more. in this.
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group you distribute. the story to go. to starbucks to. get to meet until it was a little girl must say look it is a. chance to schneider's tends to just move to. they mashed on the truck stop the president and please control this project until. those who have produced you don't listen to snap them up and you of course are those the girls who. were his supporters to them she was station shouldn't be you should cook door for one whose job is the.
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the imaginary town c.n. from london where going underground as a covert positive boris johnson struggles to get hold of basic protection for doctors in a pandemic response characterized by washington as catastrophic coming up on the show just as a taxpayer stepped in to help the banks back in 2008 we will work with the banks to do everything they can to repay that favor and support the businesses and people of the united kingdom in their time to believe in the british government's daily press briefing.


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