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tv   Documentary  RT  April 5, 2020 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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3 hours of the day. to day that without that on the guardian rather that they come to me and it may be to go. to jail to feel the rain i have been in the rain all my body and oh no. unfortunately for you to grant that there is spoken to people opportunity to walk on rare when you step on grass for the 1st time again it's going to feel like you walking on air wow. and how do you feel about your wedding. the tree. for me in the bill
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to get married. would have to. get the big. fellow a. good 'd a community a very. kind of you don't. shoot it with the sleep nights i keep on trying to call the chaplain yes the last of the longest known people calling want to my getting on the phone. so we can get this some more for them and get going. but i mean one of the things you know i mean any of us who i'm with thinking what is the size ring. i need tell you what size my
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ring you so i have to chapel and have some type of rain size or what have i would have so that they do because. i will be the 1st in 'd may to get married not there with faster rate you should you should ask you should as those questions you do speak to in the big we need to do this we can no uncharitable calling jane i'm doing my best. i mean i came make a mess of the phone and he's not answering. the leg we do still. make me shit or. give me explain to you why i love you. so i don't know why you can't get a chaplain on the phone. if you are going to think to do it and we get married i guess then we tell the whole world how much i love. you know what. michael
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vick well below in the float in the air over the city and i'm a little bit on the goodyear blimp. is a bear watching and they know it's at the end of gone but. you know good to be able to call you when i wake up. i 'd. love you love you up and i end up on. the kimball crew and. i know. that. a lot. going up. in.
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the air and said to execute 8 people in pain days 8 individuals being executed in 2 days is classify my opinion as a mass execution why is he taking his decision now the governor is rushing the execution simply because of the drug situation there's a trial that arc is all pals that will be expiring they have decided that it would be better cheaper for the state to execute all of these individuals at one time before the drug expires. and it's had the same time that you're planning to get married and well my and love is stronger than death.
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which is i don't know how many executions i stopped counting at about 15 and i think that number is in the twenty's right about now but if that is taking place now 8 execution scheduled 'd in over a 10 day period it is shaking the trees it up which is a whole lot of things happened even the individuals that i was fit to be executed dealing with at the one of the dead are scary paranoid the ones that have realized that this may just be to him to grow for me or even the ones that are in that now. if you feel like you're being really shaken up you need to talk to somebody you you tell the war and you want to call up you. right right all right. you've got a group support group and it's in times like this when you use. you not there alone ok but hey i voted for you too when you get these 3 is now us that is
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ready to get out it is pretty right. we're working on it ok right right. working on it. we hope to have an update for you soon ok hopefully hopefully. and have to question whether we called so i've been doing this 20 some years still might be to be use to me you know now when i talk when i talk we're talking now. very very soon ok right right right. ok hang in there buddy. i was.
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this design if i believe. there's a link back to this you call me up. i think i should attempt to set on calling you on everything you know about seeing your mother. if you don't process walk. in on the outcome assessments. about what's. the long. ago and.
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shiny that. goes live years if. you know it's something. i make interest of our. city wonder. imagine it's only q i was i think he saw my easel meerkat to security of us more secure that this will click on any. among the members think you will both if you
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take were. you so. this could have each of them had your. set up and be said when you have them i'm a cup unfounded so i will. placing them on the go 1st cause only them on this in. a pursuit opposite way maybe. the 1st i'm always the 1st. only do so till the last.
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let's just get married to someone.
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i. know one way you can say what you're doing to my. friend in this is really. very. nice well from the moment i missed. ray i said that's one of the reasons. laurie rooms were. really. going. ok. i use very. likely a real you know i'm only have today today do all this for the rings dress.
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you will go in for what. you'll be my g.p.s. . that's a let me. ask i would then we'll. take i could conquer the record not out of the mold to show one. thing you love clues in another. town to make it a secret is don't want to talk. to what they were all of the kook on standards in the us not as you dunks. know most of the people who are
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going to. be. on you and those 2 morons who moved a little known to the snooze florida $92.00 phenomena so would you hire a commodity tied to use in to do. the job. one of the media has on the now. do you believe in miracles it would seem democrats do after the job i'd be surged on super tuesday for them the fear of the bernie sanders candidate see me now be contained however this is far from over taking on trump would be no easy task.
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welcome to the correction my name is solomon graves i am the public information officer for the a.t.c. . earlier this evening don davis did receive his is the last meal which consisted of fried chicken rolls great northern beans and mashed potatoes fruit punch and strawberry cake for dessert once again chicken rolls great northern beings mass potatoes and strawberry cake. some positive things happened. i would say at this point it's $540.00 4 'd. never say never but we're waiting on the courts before we can proceed.
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to hear. you now down. i'm going. i'm ok i'm on good is in africa but i'm good we stayed mostly the whole game the whole night you know. focus and taking on the thing was going to happen was next. to continue. to continue well your. house your way to deal with it. to figure out how to hear love and all keep from making it saying. making those
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same pay as the day going down. it motivates me to figure out how to keep from in never getting my number called on at least you know. i was worried about you on the flow jane on the soldiers left and almost almost always just because the kids found money like it's probably down like a slow me down but u.k. stock you. can still have the energy you're trying to get. he's preeti he trying to be better for myself and positive in the world a long way down the boss but at the. same keep it easy to anyone have to go by bike yeah bye bye.
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says i need to. eat.
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where baby we get in we have 4 days mares. clever i've got no we never did not have a soggy bob would never do again i. isabelle . will you have give her kitty to be your wedded husband will you love him comfort him honor and keep him in sickness and in health as long as you live i where. kenneth. will you take isabel to be your wedded
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wife. will you lover comfort her honor and keep her in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live i will. then i pronounce that they are husband and wife together in the name of the father the son and. holy spirit. of the. i. believe if you believe that. i'm.
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6 going to be a good student bureau and you can do what he wanted to do. this. very . happy. you know maybe just more. maybe. really happy can you give me a day oh yeah if you do maybe. ok i've tried you one more time good to. see right. i love you baby you're oh do. you even know why i didn't find you live in the red in the world that we're going to
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get it out with me by preaching. i want thank you for being so strong and for other things that you do for the people around you i think you are an amazing talent make some girls job. that's all i gotta say and i love you 6. just. like. every day after. you know what i just want the thing. with.
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some of this is a freefall from. the rain and in the garner unit hey. david george in my case wow and. well at this point i really don't have a deputy anymore however i did not get a new trial that is what i was 'd hoping for you know not being able to get a new trial you need not coming home. being a good. need to get a life without parole in make it difficult on me because i was all for that sin is 24 years ago. when i want to try and after 24 years of fighting i end up with.
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none the less. i want to get out of prison. which is what i read your post or i hate to be obsessed with me that bump what would you. champagne a bottle. born out of the what a brother like you on the roll is there hey look at me now if. your local 5 is now. you may now buy he'll show you if a freakin earring really bad you're sure because we've been discussed the freakin green campaign. yeah go for it all right i'm on. i by hand.
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just because you're from the ghetto doesn't mean you can't grow just because you've imprisoned doesn't mean you can't go. just because you're behind bars don't mean that you can't have dreams and goals and accomplish still. this american justice system has given me a limit. but i'm not going to cry i'm a take these name it and make me some lemonade. i. lost.
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him. others financial while i don't buy any i because on a teacher's. face almost friday as of last summer in the future the cracker watch guys are. micrographs friends aren't slights against you know whites or men for example there's their slights against women or nonwhites so it's always there the idea is
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that statements that directed toward a privileged group are interpreted differently than a statement directed toward a oppressed group and so that's kind of the whole framework and it's a it's a political framework that's used the result is of course focusing at least on certain kinds of minor slights and say more rather than a north more than we need to call attention to them but it's not all slice so it's a very political in this country. your government and our government and all the other major governments of the world know what's going to and when it's going to. but they haven't told you and they haven't told me they haven't announced. imagine something as big as the earth is
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going to cause tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes erupt and it's going to help. so very for a while right. my great grandfather's. nobody would care about the law or prison so you'd have wallace that should have. a terrible life between the and. the slogan see the blue of them so moving. and good use who've looked moved before . much of those who heard something of you it was you who you should see him we will. we will. move. move.
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move she didn't look beautiful little i mean it's those who looked at her a good. move just like most of his goals will be to do films for good good girls. don't go to school so look why do you distribute belonging to show your story to actually go. to starbucks to get it to me to fill it with the little mist thanks you look it is it's. just testing understands to just meet and mashed on the truck stop to finish it and please introduce more students. as we have producers to toast listening to snippets almost when you will because that is the cause of it you swear your supporters to your machine station wish you . so you could do from one who's doing.
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among the week's big stories this struggle in the israel to get everyone to stick to the lockdown there specially one ultra orthodox tell him that snow of wire is a red zone after ignoring the advice. was. not. the one i should not. from says to shelve sure do miss the violence victims in hotels use this on the rise since the dawn there which started in mid march. german officials accuse sportswear joined. a law that was supposed to.


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