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hey there folks today on plus one comedian will sasso on i compare notes on late night comedy shows talking about s n l and he had his 5 year tenure on mad t.v. and why exactly will says he has no quote long lasting talent and quote very canadian of him stick around for dennis miller plus one. hey folks welcome to dennis miller plus one today's guest is comedian will sasso and comedians fall in with each other right away wouldn't sit here before we go on . comedians is that a short head we know each other than we know each other's level of needs and we
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know what what makes people laugh and stuff like that so it's easy to fall in with a good cat well was one of the main cast members on mad t.v. for 5 seasons starting back in 1997 boys clip and by he also came back for the 20th anniversary special series in 2016 where was the long time host of the 10 minute podcast love that concept from 2012 to 2018 and his new film inside game is currently available on v o d and digital platforms like i tunes and amazon prime it is a a great curriculum a welcome will sasso how are you my friend i'm good thanks remy how are you good we'll talk comedy in a 2nd but let's talk let's sell the soap here baby tell me about inside game i know what it's about from the notes that. help tell the folks what the movie's about well it's about the 2007 to 2008 ish m.b.a. gambling scandal tim dunn he was a ref. i was
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a ref because he did some inside gambling with a couple of his buddies that he sort of knew from way back when i play one of those guys was a bookie and basically it's the behind the scenes of of their lives of them trying to pull this off thinking that they would get away with it there's a lot of snapping burner phones all of breaking bad so it's that sort of thing and they did not get away with it whoops it's not much of a spoiler because you can read about it but it was it was done ahead. he went on he i think they called was he just trying to get fat and happy off of the server had he been leveraged by. the guys you play he well he tim will say that he was so leveraged it's a good word for it and. you know i mean look there was a lot of there was some involvement with organized crime and once you know the money starts getting big and they start running those numbers there's people who want their hands on it and certainly the guy that i play james but he still has a book he knew this knew the thing inside now. you know it's detailed in the film
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but he went out there and he has these connections and so does he was i believe. i mean i believe it was equal parts him you know wanting to do it in there of course there's some greed involved when you're doing something like that but past a certain point it would have been unwise for him to back out i'm sure he felt so so horribly research that great jimmy caan film to ever see the gambler from years ago oh you've got to go watch it now that you've been in this place i think he's a columbia professor named axel freed and he gets in over his head and he starts getting leverage and it's jimmy caan right at the peak of his powers he's so freaking good in this movie to give it a watch it's called the gambler now this sounds like i'm trying to think is you're is your guy. strictly drama this is your guy have a funny side mr no no no but there is some like i mean you just kind of can't not laugh at some of the things but yeah i know it's a drama it's
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a drama but you had definitely actually scott wolf who doesn't amazing job as. you know he's the in-between guy in the air but eric maybe is plays plays tim donaghy and scott actually playing tommy martino is a real guy who's been around us through all the push in the film and stuff it's amazing to be around these real guys and. scott wolf just cracked me up. because the character it's kind of like i would say. it's a good fellow as. you know wrong so there's some stuff that would be now but it's not dismemberment in the trunk goodfellas you know there's actually no no there's there's no trying to think there's any bloody appendages or anything you know and james battista the fellow that i play we did have a conversation late in the making of this film so i was already done with my actor stuff like ok i think i think i'm sounding like him and watching all the things and i'm like marty doing it then he gets in touch with me because he hears it's weird
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it's going all right so you want to talk to me and it was kind of like. i don't believe. i have to think as tim but i think you're going to screw the you're not going to get in trouble say any of this stuff but there was a little bit of a concern that it wasn't too over the top but i think i found out from him that it was nice it was that on the level thing as far as the violence goes. listen i know when i was on s n l early on i remember thinking i should just do than the because i'm in the sketches i'm going to be the 4th or 5th guy because phil's a killer dane is a killer mcguire's is a killer i'm going to be the bartender pushing the gimlet in and i got a blockage for 4 hours so i stayed out of it literally but as i watch their chops over the years. for you acting now think like mad t.v. is just perfect place to incubus isn't a perfect place to grow yeah i mean it's the most it's so much fun and that's what i always dug growing up in the stuff that i watched and satellite live being one of
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those shows i was always blown away by how much i kind of feel like i was on the opposite side of like oh look they get to do a bunch a little different and that was my thing but most of those guys feel used to say i'm a pig and slump this is perfect the enemy is a lot of fun although i should give credit where credit's to i was literally and before this book so i want you to know that this was a natural thing i was just telling. i got it and i couldn't find it on you tube but i got to back and find it was a sketch that you were in where it was just part was the gas you guys were sitting around and still in a some wax story about like if you know what a black mountains and blah blah blah and i was like dennis miller is the only guy who would like who would find moments in that everyone was just sort of playing off or it's like well then we would just play guitar and entertain each other and you'd like turn right and camera with yeah it occasionally give me that if somebody had to be like the pissy greek chorus i would play and i remember when we did aliens reshoot i played the lead cedric's and character who was ripped in half by the
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alias ari and i had the white suit out of me and they had me in a box. and everybody else was acting there because and they would just pull the blocks man hey somebody in a gym and yeah it was like no matter where you put me i'm doing the same attitude that i did on the news and they're not in a hurry to get you out of all that make up 2 more segments until updates that are going to go well you know it's funny when you we were just talking to cheryl hines from curb your enthusiasm she was on the guest before you you did curb did you i did i did man i did i did curb which was a gas of course everyone wants to go and do it but i always say that the most fun thing for me was auditioning for 3 times and not getting it because that that's the real fun when you're like is that larry just larry or somebody you know and larry jeff garlin sitting there cheryl hines is sitting there they're all producers and if they're going to come in on a day and couple times they were they're wonderful lovely audience and what were they looking at you for the 1st time i was already in it they didn't even know you
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obs i was 2 i remember i was auditioning for a bit it was an exterminator kevin farley ended up doing it i remember because i love the show and and he did a great job and basically he's overhearing that there's a high school production of grease while he's exterminating in the house and he loves grease and he wants to go and then he stomps on a rat the show and you know but yeah i just remember doing it and doing it for larry and it's just you and larry david and i've never met him and i was like i was a terrible he's look at you know you do it and then lovely man and i'm just saying and i've worked with him since some of these are images and. you know and he goes you do it and it's going to stop you. you know you really want to go you really want to go to greece yes or you really want to go ok ok try to completely honestly like to know what i overheard grease and do it again on a level then you stop again. you really want to go and i'm like yeah yeah yeah and
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i'm like oh my god is he doing this on purpose and jeff garlin like he's doing it for my family don't you know in a sketch yeah we are in the show getting to your edit and you're aware of it you're like this he is this you know and then you don't get it and you're like ok well that was fun it wasn't a bit i really just suck. but yeah and you go there and then by the way the waiting room is a bunch of people who are like hello hello hello like i know i love you from that i love you from this or there's a friend and so murders wrote because everybody wants to be in that group with so yeah it's almost more fun to just go there and get by larry. but it's like meat recalls the 1st time i want to. do that i need to go to. you as i go through here i see how many credits you have you must to master the auditioning process at some point but killing things for years i still suck at it i really don't like it you know i don't know i don't know of an actor who does i
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don't really exhibiting something in there because you get the hunger either and i don't write i appreciate it i prepare in the car on my way there and sometimes you're just the guy and that's what i'm hoping for because i'm just again preparing in the car there's a lot of good apps you can live with a player line an actor's life is quite boring. but yet somehow they figured out that i had you know nobody has figured out that i don't have any. you know real long lasting talent but it's fine you can just go and get around town for a few such as self-effacing canadian bugs kick the can in thing well listen i married a canadian girl so you know i'm fond of the country you know what i love about it is i make so many comedic geniuses who come out of their i think of ackroyd right away and you know the lord and they're all sort of self-effacing in a weird way or marty short isn't just a brilliant i think that it's they don't like it if you step beyond yourself like they like you to self humble yourself or something it's a it's a thing it's
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a comedian thing you have to we're just socialized to keep it yes keep it play close to the vest and just you know keep it it's an interesting thing it's interesting it's and i have a i have a connection with the place and i'm from i'm there a lot and you know when you've got your old pals and the folks that are like a village doesn't matter where i go yeah they don't want to know that and they're happy that you came back yeah i don't want you to come back change you're going to go what are you kidding yes your home we know they yeah and they don't want to hear a whole lot about what's going on down here unless they want to talk about the most is that the president of the united states another they. talk about if you mad t.v. i'm trying to think who was the guru over there we had lorna that sent out and i'm telling you at the beginning i was so intimidated by the lore and i often couldn't really isolate what his particular genius was and then i realized it was such a. it was such an literate recondite sense of salon that he had he was very good at
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putting together it was almost like cocktail parties that were being filmed on the area at great notes who was the guru over at med t.v. to just have one well i think it's. it's a great thing about mad t.v. but one of the things that separates from s n l no guru railing no we don't need that will just kind of hang out on the air on fox because it's cheaper than tales from the christening as a was everybody pulling their own or in the yeah yeah it was it was nice in a way and then there's there's things that air look we had great producers and i'm not saying you know but the but the producers were all people that there were incredible writers on the show and sort of rose up to to run the show of course at atom small in fact barr who were formerly writer producers at the old in living color they put the package together to do the show which was sort of a lot like it was ran the same way as in living color and they basically took human ivory wayans blueprint and structure. you know they came back in 2016 i think
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celebrate 20 years they did they were they reboot the show at that point i can't imagine they must have felt like it might as well be a different planet just from the beginning of this century so right now comedically it is a minefield yeah you couldn't do it they and i'm saying this with love and respect to the show the new cast who were all home run hitters all of them were great a lot of the writers came back to new writers were fantastic i don't know how the hell they would do it 1st of all they were not on fox or on a different network during the week at around 10 pm she didn't get away with anything anything and then it happens to be 2016 no you can't i mean it was it was rough it was a rough summer they just did a few in the summer some of us came back but we were used to the ninety's in the early through thousands or whatever when you could really they not only did the did the network let us play back then. you could do i mean she just i was trying to
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think of sam kennison walking off the ship. like they would be looking through the sixes behind his ear for god's sakes and it was one of the bloodiest dunes i've ever met i often think. what god's name would he make of it what would they make him to the different planet after the break we'll say so returns we're going to answer some rapid fire questions it's our rorschach test to get a glimpse of what makes him tick the delightful will stick with us right after this . the stock market i could imagine trading in a 1000 again on the dow and that would be an appropriate level given the true underlying economic factors the bond market. should be 45 percent in the 30 day interest rate ok that would mean down 506070 percent but that's that's. a normal valuation and that's what we need right.
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trade and investment to become magic spells to conjure economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investment chopped or of a trade agreement is about something very different but what when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites all ruins the environment. that means local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can be sued multi-nationals of taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop tour of the white from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt resists minimum wage and democratic
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choice of a trump corporate law joining us as we try to find don't want to. your government and our government and all the other major governments of the world know what's going to them when it's go but they haven't told you and they haven't told me they haven't they'll still. imagine something as big as the earth is going to cause tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes are wrapped and it's going to chill. so very for a while right. my great grandfather's. nobody would care about the law or prison so you'd have wallace though should have. a turbo.
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lies between the and the. hey welcome back to dennis miller plus one my guest is will sasso good cat funny guy mr sass so i was wondering who who are who are you digging out there comedically i know you're not a stand up yourself but as somebody who was somebody who you like i mean i yeah i'll try to. i mean i kind of watch the stuff that. if someone makes enough noise i'll go enough friends go no really watch this but then i don't really have anything i mean so i kind of feel like i watched these new things i love that he's a great and he's fantastic. as a killer do you know sebastian oh i've never seen any of this here plays well yeah stone killer ok i mean reagan and man
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a scallop are the then john johnson good but yeah those 2 sebastian minuscule possibly the killer comic on the planet yet yeah plus he put together 6 or 7 specials in the space 2 years and i'm telling a number 6 in never going to be as good as one or 2 but it's in the ballpark is a comedian i just said to go out god bless your brother but you've got to watch it i know it's a quirky name m a n i c a l c e o he's he's graduated to where he's just known by one name among comedians list so check him out 0 it out for nights at the guard 4 consecutive nights of medicine that's were very it's 80000 seats for had its say let's look at the pope's and sound. so i should say i love i love reagan and i work on a on a show with him that he's been able to do with you know what's going on a lot of what about lot of yeah and what's what's the play when people see what brian regan is doing you know the shows on audience network which now doesn't it
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doesn't want to have one able to find out i don't know i think the show is going to have to find a new home but we just finished shooting the 3rd season in the summer hasn't aired yet when people who were brought in reagan is doing i mean of course he's hilarious and pete farrelly you know loved brian regan and wanted him in the show is that who the pretty have to keep in barbara this is sarah of the directors no no pete pete strict oh you know and then and then bob bob fairly also but brian is so on real and and other people macassar like i don't even want to know where he's pulling this from because there's some a look i've course we could talk for. 5 days about how you know comedians have something down there that's yeah but he's got some chops really something i want to ask of these russia in a 2nd but i'm doing a podcast though i find it cathartic i love the idea of a 10 minute podcast is yeah you do it for 6 years you must've been in the ball well i would just like to bail out just grew tired of it well you know it's interesting i did that i did that podcast with a couple of buddy buddies of mine who are comedians cristal ian bryan so it's
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a keep it's easy we had a blast and we're buddies and we did it and then you know we all got busy we were brick i mean it's like back when podcasting was where we're just doing it at my house and then you know they're busy guys and we're still good buddies and we're talking about doing another one again like that but yeah just then i ended up doing it with a couple writer producer pals of mine tommy blodget and chad gulch and we did that for like 3 years so the whole thing went for like 6 years and and now there's like a podcast thing happening now and i'm going to get 3 comics together you can't say hi and 10 minutes of them must've been easiest lifting you did to some degree it was it was fun for that reason and also because the 3 of us are actually friends we could we know where each other's line is so we could literally for hundreds of episodes just get ruthless when each other right up on it yeah and then right away you know there's 10 minutes is going to be about this and you know a lot of times i'm just which is the best yeah right we're going to play the right shot quick glimpse quick answers quick question someone or something that inspires
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you. i mean it's funny laughter itself yeah i think the further i go in show business or whatever you're doing comedy stuff it's shocking to me that something that will still make me laugh can make me passionate and keep me going and really nothing else gets a good grade on the chase you know i always thought boy that i did i get blessed with the mother lode your comedy is the thing i can do ok yeah this is so but again . that and it's a great in and i think it feeds it feeds comedy how people like just laugh at what you laugh at and especially now where it's like everyone's looking around going can i say i kind of feel like it's a responsibility of funny people to let it fly and to me when i hear something or are you know come up with some or whatever it's really funny that just gets me excited yeah guilty pleasure. i. grew up watching wrestling and love wrestling
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and now i've got to know what's going on with wrestling all the time even if i don't watch wrestling i might have to listen to a podcast about wrestling or read some crap online about what these guys are doing in wrestling and it's nuts and that's why i was ringside at jerry jones a stadium 100000 people. why am i blanking on the head guy vince mcmahon son came off the top of the kid and will remember the yes oh you are just the i was here and folks i'm telling you i know it's not real i know it is a bit like opera in a way as there is a villain and it's not you have see it's not a boxy but in a way it has its own charm and i'm telling you some of the things that jericho and those guys do you just look at he says this is like watching a violent. big big top circus act or something they're the pain is real now you know and it's like vince mcmahon 4647 years old timers 30 think though on to
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a coffee or like a poker table salut i'm just there to see if they're not it's their nuts and if they don't do it every day i would imagine their it's like football players their bodies start to calcify and then they can't do it again so these guys are shane mcmahon who's basically should just be running numbers and backing up in coupons made cable deals in china instead he's anyway yeah stranded on a deserted island what 3 things do you bring with you will sasso. man. i'm going to bring shovel as i was thinking of clean water but i'll dig a well yeah. what else would i like to bring and maybe. cassette player so you have some music and nice to see that you're up on the latest technology. spring a reel to reel now and then just a weird al tape may be good to. the other than that it looks like he was being
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interviewed on some show in black and white and he looked good he was always a sweet soul used to hang out with the story objects that i knew him way of all that he was a lovely guy show you're something still on your bucket list you got a place you are and i venture you want to do on the bucket list. and the traveler you dig that and i suck at traveling and my my heritage is the tally and maybe i should go to italy not now because i just saw my my uncle being chen's oh make it a state talking in italian on facebook with a mask on of course they got you know things are happening there so you don't need to see the pope in a scuba help. it's not right now. favorite show you're bingeing right now oh you were talking here a little wrestling well yeah but you know a show that we just started watching too which is fantastic and i missed it the 1st time around was in the light and laura dern in this mike white who created it and
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he's in the shop man it's really cool yes really give it a look favorite food you like to binge on while bingeing on enlighten. i have been into soups lately yeah it was flu season and i've been making turkey it's the easiest thing in the world you guys just a few vegetables would you like and just dump it in there and let it cook that or also did some good split peas in the in the in the in the crockpot look at sauce all growed up and eat unhealthy beautiful i think you can say butter tarrant's or something coming can and get yourself a smoked pork shank leave it in the in the in this little cooker with the peas i was in an improv troupe. smoked pork shank once again to do what we never affirmed luxury you can't live without man there are so many there are so so many car guy or what you think i know but i need him you need one not have one. luxury i cannot live air conditioning on a big toot either that's move beyond luxury out here never get sick stand up like
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alec guinness and bridge on the river kwai in the sweat box something someone from history would like to take to lunch. man i blank on that stuff but now that you mention it i would like to get into lorne michaels had to figure out a few things that would be good yeah be an interesting lunch lines and super smart guy that it would be great you know if it was only since i get to see lauren once in a while now since i'm out from under his tutelage i can have a normal adult talk with them but i like that he's like he freaked out it's like the monolith in 2001 you know you're brought up in the elevator with him and you think. if you can put on that show for your. sake i. see that would be the lunch too i wouldn't even say i don't know just sit there hope that he's super interesting stories split pea soup and leave and lastly we'll see those idea of a perfect day perfect day. what time it was it started when we get up
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on a perfect day i think i'm getting up around 930 but i get up around 11. go outside the air smell sweet beautiful happens in canada happens here in l.a. sometimes. and then. just watch wrestling until i can split the suit going to sleep. let's look like. it's funny all right social media questions we put up that you were coming on in your fans came to the fore brian newton on facebook how much prep did he put in. playing the legendary stooge curly oh a lot you know you look great in that cheers and tears it was it's a lot of fun and it's like you know. again it's speaking of a perfect day you're sitting around watching the stooges and that's your work for the day so the yeah there was a lot of there was once i knew i was doing it i was just watching
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a watch and watching it and then it did start to turn into preparation now but yeah should i use the law hammer of the ball peen hammer what's the best is it funnier if i go with the clock and then. i'm sure and think you must of done so much research on them was mowen fact the despotic leader was a benevolent leader i'm trying to think who is the easy going on knows that larry connelly i think i think larry was the easiest going yeah mo was essentially their manager handled all the money and stuff so i think he was a pretty sweet guy i also loved his brother curly yeah he was the most was most seems like he was a really really good guy larry seems extremely laid back and i would imagine. the table set to be laid back to on and off i remember things curly versus joe besser sham powered was the twilight werewolf or vampire of its day you had to pick one of those 2 camps to be joe it hugh it on facebook who is his favorite mad t.v.
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character that you did oh my favorite i really did something that was like a corollary to balancing like i had better kept good. you know that paul timmermans . that was just from that was just from speaking of ackroyd that was just basically a way for me to do the julia child where it's like i remember watching that as a kid and what i always loved the batter's oh i seem to have cut the dickens out of my hands and they did also that rhythm stuck in your totally and the python did a sketch called salad days was like anyone for tennis and he throws it. and then the guy but the thing on the piano is oh but just nonplussed the way that you are now is the extent of the python sketch it was. like a great gatsby law to completely shattered it was just everyone sitting around in stripes. and then one guy said everyone and a ball gets hits like michael pale in the face he starts hemorrhaging blood like this old school with the and then everyone just gets taken apart and that's it and
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i go back and put it up thanks to my guests for joining me today check out his new film about the. yeah inside game on v o d and streaming online it's bailable now we will see you next time on dennis miller plus one. thanks whatever coming brother. from donald trump in 20162020 there is part of the electorate that responds to antiwar anti interventionist rhetoric in fact there is evidence to significantly help. but the fact remains the establishment is to downplay and even.


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