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tv   News  RT  February 20, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EST

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he's here. to be reached. 40 say the suspect killed 9 people in a drive by shooting on wednesday night had xenophobia motives the man condemns the points and of racism in german society. as a marker on violence to battle islamic separatism in france to see bids to win votes ahead of next month's local elections. and there are furious exchanges of the un security council that it convinced to discuss the syrian province of it live he said that it will take military offensive there shortly we look at what makes turkey's president confident in its plans.
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good afternoon thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. the suspected shooter who killed 9 people in the west of germany was said to have xenophobia motives 5 of the victims are turkish nationals chancellor merkel condemned the attack branding it far right racist. it's too early to give a conclusive assessment everything is being done to find out what was behind this murder but a lot already suggests far right of the attacker he apparently acted out of hatred towards people of different descent religion appearance racism is a poison hatred is a poison and this cloisonne exists in our society and has led to many crimes. well at a press briefing from the interior minister of the state of pizza but we found out more information relating to what went on on wednesday evening through to thursday morning that's left 11 people dead including the main suspect in the shootings on
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wednesday evening 9 people were killed after 2 separate incidents at different she should bars in the city of her now a man then believed to be the gunman was found dead at his home on thursday morning alongside the body of what is understood to be his 72 year old mother the attorney general has confirmed that an investigation into potential links to right wing terrorism is underway this is after a 24 page manifesto from the man understood to be the gunman was found in this document he expresses a hatred of foreigners and non-whites and calls for the extermination of certain north african middle eastern and central asian countries those that have read through it it has been leaked and seen by some media organizations have described it as confused and riddled with racist tropes that also broaches far right ideology
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like janet x. in this document now there was also a video published by the man believed to be the main suspect in this shooting just a few days ago in that video there was no links that he was intending to carry out this attack it appears to have been directed towards us. citizens and is conducted in english in that video he makes a number of wild conspiracy theorist claims and says that there's a conspiracy for modern day slavery in secret operations by the united states government well the s.c. and state government themselves have counseled their parliamentary sessions for thursday as well as other state legislatures around germany angular merkel the federal chancellor is also counseled her meetings that she focuses on these tragic events of unfolded in her now what we understand though is that the police are investigating a xenophobia motive behind the killings and investigating links to far right are
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organizations the federal justice minister has said that no stone will be left on turned in a thoughtful and thorough investigation carried out to find out what the motivation was for this terrible attack on wednesday evening said left 9 people dead a 2 she should bars in the city of. of the german chancellor vowed to battle racism in her country the president of neighboring france has announced that he's fighting islamic separatism and the new micro made the claim are complaining ahead of next month's local elections are due to the ski reports from paris. it was a long awaited speech from president outlining how his presidency will rally against a political islam. we can advance in a credible way to fight against a political ideology this islam is separatism which is incompatible with freedom and equality incompatible with the indivisibility of the republic and the necessary
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unity of the nation. 1st in the firing line is foreign interference not gone has vowed to end a program that allows countries such as old jewry and turkey to send moms and teachers here to provide services without supervision this scheme in place since the 1970 s. allows those foreigners to provide language and cultural lessons to help children maintain a link with their country of origin around some 80000 children attend these classes every year. i'm not comfortable with the idea of having women in many schools of the republic who can teach without the education system exercising their right as controlling and we no longer have control over the programs they teach you cannot teach things that can really not compatible with the laws of the republic or with history as we see. instead mark on wants to have more trained on
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french soil that would also be an end to the hundreds of additional religious leaders who arrive in france during ramadan mosques will be funded in a transparent way we need to know where the money is coming from who uses it and why he said interesting lead this echoes a policy from his political rival marine le pen during that head to head in 2017 per mandate said this. close all the extremist mosques identified by the ministry of the tarea and prohibit foreign funding of place of the washer and their personnel strong words coming from the president or is it just a last ditch attempt to woo voters ahead of difficult local elections in just a few weeks. always trying to do to shore up his position with the right wing electorate also with some of the left of course the question of. the secular state in france is important right across the. relationship with the
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parties on both sides of the spectrum. is important and needs to make this statement of municipal elections neutering those voters could be a double edged sword france is home to europe's largest muslim community there are said to be around 6000000 here that's about 8 percent of the population and back in 2017 this community overwhelmingly voted for president he's already shown that he's moved away from those centrist ideologies that he once espoused when it outlined the tough stance on immigration another policy direct from the playbook of the pen so by grasping at ideas that some see as being from the hard right wing is he likely to lose voters from the left and from muslims there are some areas particularly some local municipalities some towns in areas where this is
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a concern for french voters and so what is doing the context of it is to try to reassure where there are law muslim communities muslim communities that the republicans still searching the values of the secular republic. the election whether that will succeed or not remains to be seen in the opinion polls or not. there were calls for next month's elections are seen as being a referendum on president c. and on his party on the move could they signal the beginning of the end of march. solid ski arty paris. rush around the united states have traded angry accusations to the u.n. security council to turkey wanted to be long before it intervenes militarily in syria is it live province. it's like the end of the world breaking point babies
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freezing to death amid it led push these people are begging the world to listen to their plight and so i ask how much longer will we tolerate these headlines because there was a live there this recall the united nations security council meetings called that often when militants were marching towards damascus with the full backing of some western states playing the card of suffering civilians and a longstanding truce every time your cherished terrorists come under threat candidly it is a marvel to me that our russian colleagues can speak of ceasefires and political solutions in this chamber with a straight face when their own 4 planes have struck hospitals and the homes of children how can i respond to your accusations of the killing of the civilian population whatever i would say you don't listen you keep talking about targeted bombings of schools hospitals and refugee camps what harm wouldn't that find a response that's a win win technique who will try to decode it whether it's true or not turkish
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military convoy has already been filmed crossing the syrian border large line of tanks armored vehicles and supply trucks are reportedly moving towards the outskirts of the syrian army is currently on offensive there trying to drive militants out of the province he's run as the earth breaks down the complete course . turkey is part of the cease fire agreement had 3 main responsibilities one separate the job hardest and the terrorists from the moderate opposition to get them to stop shooting and here to the seized 3 facilitate the opening of an important highway turkey failed with number 11 gold now but 2 didn't even bother with the 3rd.
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there's only so long you can tolerate being shot at and shelled by by al qaida the dominant islamist faction they need lip the syrian military went into action it really took near enough a 3rd of a blip because they said they had no choice turkey wouldn't or couldn't hold up its end of the bargain. offerings and fail to separate militants from terrorists in the timeframe under the 2018 agreements at the same time provocations from the libs own shearling of the syrian armed forces civilian targets and the russian air base have continued but if you add a dog and you're watching the syrian military steamrolled the rebels you armed and funded for years it be worried to worse watching hundreds of thousands of refugees flock to your border that has been an unfortunate side effect of the syrian operation so to stop that exodus at the one who's threatened to do the one thing
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that could turn those hundreds of thousands into millions of refugees invade syria this human soul that. has made all kinds of preparations to implement its operational plan and it will as in every operation we see we can come suddenly one night to put it more clearly operation is now a matter of time we will not leave little to the regime that still does not understand our country's determination in this matter and to those who encourage it we never intend to shoulder the burden that the developments of this region placed on our country. thousands of turkish troops hundreds of tanks and artillery pieces are being pumped into it live an entire turkish army diplomacy thankfully is in overdrive but so far hasn't worked the turks have rejected all compromise they demand asaad give up everything he has read. taken to us packing house is important
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because there was a period a few months ago a very poor relations between washington and ankara and the russians of course for terry trying to take advantage of that turkey over to their side much more is off to a nato country could serve washington i think is realized the danger of turkey splitting away from a turn off from the western alliance completely so they are now giving him backing but as i said at the beginning it's terrible mistake for turkey to think it's going to fall at the stage they should try and recognize the new realities of the situation do what they promised to do in such turkey and they sing syria potentially getting in a fight with russia isn't just the worst case scenario it would be a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions but tension and turning a regional war global we all understand that and none of us wants to see it happen . well i say none of us that a very good carvers asian was president her while i respect him the fact is that
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he's fighting on it webby doesn't want people to be killed by the thousands and hundreds of thousands quietly fanning everyone's already hot tempers is the united states is showing turkey of support the modeling concessions from asset that pretty much ensured talks will fail see we're in a strange situation where both closer to the end of the syrian war then we've ever been and we are also closer to the worst escalation this war has ever seen. abuse at your peril that's the warning from the u. case health service which is tightening its tolerance when it comes to unruly patients doctors can already refuse non-emergency care to aggressive or violent patients new rules which go into effect enable a much broader now all types of harassment bullying or discrimination will be covered it includes sexist racist or homophobic comments in h.s.
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says that any abuse of staff has to be taken seriously we will not tolerate assaults physical or verbal against n.h.s. colleagues staff all volunteers all assault and hate crimes against in asia staff must be investigated with care compassion diligence and commitment under the new agreement police are also being handed more power to deal with crimes against medical staff but not everybody is happy with new rules this was a huge potential for abuse how lucky is ations of abuse be investigated before treatment is withheld or will the word of any in each or simply be enough to put a patient's life at risk personally i think this policy is ridiculous and could well end up being abused according to a national health survey last year alone a quarter of all staff were subjected to at least one case of harassment we put the issue up for debate. the n.h.s. is now saying they won't treat people who are overweight they won't treat people
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who smoke they won't treat people who've made certain comments they won't treat people who provide that you cannot reasonably expect these people to pay for n.h.s. care that they do not receive so what you most do is also excuse these people from paying the elements of tax that would go towards the n.h.s. i think that when you look at the n.h.s. stuff there overwhelming concern is to provide support to help people in need so they do. prepared to put up with quite a lot i think where it really crosses the line is all severe verbal and physical abuse think that that is a major concern we need to we need to be sure that we're not going to end up in a situation whereby people who've maybe made a little bit of a joke on stable to be treated but on occasion it can go too far and it can cross the line and not lie is quite too broad i think but there are there are piece of
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terminology particularly around and indeed on sexuality that we deemed acceptable say 203040 years ago which is now considered all the excitable and i think it's extremely important particularly with older people who might be on the work that sensitive and say the fairly treated you never hear people complaining about being called colored and stuff like does particularly from the elderly and again the care staff are perfectly sensible enough to say ok dad i'll worry about a deli know about stuff it's not the stuff that is the cause of the majority stress in the produce i mean what's incredibly frustrating about this is that we live in a system in this country where you can drink 10 pints of lager you know yourself in some form of misadventure shouts abuse at h.s. staff and be treated said you know i would like to see a situation where the cost of the treatments is. chargeback potentially i think
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when i think of people that i think that they should be able to make their own private provision. ukraine bands film starring the country's president to explain all after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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ukrainian authorities found a movie featuring the country's president. a female costar and.
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'd it's lost like a. 'd 'd norwegian concrete firm has lost its legal bid for damages from the government over a botched attempt to recruit its employees working in russia and spies. has details . it drains like an unlikely story of a government with quite literally a concrete plan for spying now we join intelligence they used one of the country's successful companies to snoop on russia but when caught red handed the company has
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been left empty handed with its hugely lucrative contract ripped in pieces. early on but don't blame the now we join us or it is for that and filed a case against them but lost now is preparing to appeal we're earning it twill affect the country's business and its relations with russia it will for sure have great impact on other norwegian companies plan and activities in russia norway has
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a very hostile attitude towards its business in russia it is unclear whether the alleged attempt spied in the region intelligence services were successful or not but the company had been the only one to get the hard to win contracts with russia that surprised many people from. tough guys when i was minister of foreign affairs we were in contact with them it struck me that there was actually no one who succeeded in russia except for one they did not come from the russian neighboring region nor did they have any other natural conditions for success in the moment but they got it it seems that the battle is not yet over not until the courts final decision is set in concrete. authorities accuse 2 of america's top universities harvard and yale are failing to report millions of dollars of funding from states like russia china and around despite the scrutiny though the massachusetts institute of technology has extended its partnership with
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the russian research institutes caltech that corporation has raised u.s. concerns ever since it was launched the department is concerned your reporting may not fully capture all gifts contracts and all restricted and conditional gifts or contracts from all with all foreign sources to the massachusetts institute of technology such as the skolkovo institute of science and technology u.s. law state colleges must report foreign donations if the institution is not american owned or if the gift exceeds a quarter of a $1000000.00 which is far less than the multimillion dollar contract with skull tech when we started in 2011 russia was an ally we had the sort of relationships between school tech and then mighty that there would be between any 2 universities we exchange some scholars some professors go in and give lectures we attracted $140.00 or $150.00 professors from around the world mit has an international policy is called collaboration began in 2011 with student exchanges and pooled research or
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the 100 projects have already been completed we heard from school tech. absolutely transparent our. university is absolutely transparent absolutely open. completely international i'd like to emphasize that mit is not only international didn't last 4 years we published in course. paper. one falzon internation universities so we have broad net or broad network of. their own do all i think there is been somewhat of a. mixture of politics. that some sense cause more challenges than what they should because most of these relationships are driven more by common interest and common knowledge transfer not by
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tight some type of espionage so some type of stealing of ideas the challenges the world faces are driven by global people working together collectively decide saal common problems and this really is a science and engineering is above the political politics of any one nation or several groups of nations many of the world's problems could be solved much more quickly if politics were were outside of and not mixed with the scientific aspirations of many countries. some global news feed now approach this is in ukraine a blocked roads to stop quarantine drivers from the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in china in taken to a local hospital medical staff were reportedly among the demonstrators police escorts hoping to make sure the 45 ukrainians and 27 foreign nationals who flown in from blue can get 3 there's the same as the one ski has condemned the protests. so
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broadly so far to get some water counting as a rally in the colombian capital turned violent students and teachers with protesting a lack of funding shortages for the it's. neighboring brazil to put the national guard after a sentence it was shot in the chest while trying to use a dig and to disperse the strike by a military police hospital statement said former education minister said gomes is in a stable condition he's in the area not being on duty is there striking over pay. and thousands of taking to the streets of the come to learn in city town i got out after a blast at a petro chemicals plants killed several people and union workers also killed the 24 hour to wind strike running safer working conditions and emergency procedures. i mean about it today thanks for staying with me for updates in half an hour.
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i'm going to fulfill the repeated purposes oh politics to the people i promise to be you know with all pots to. be. pretty. much. how you want to work. no.
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hole. cut. coming out my yard. this 10 year period of the 0 money velocity more money has gone directly into the pockets of the few oligarchs and countries of doors in america and around the world into these silos like these 1252 $100000000.00 properties when they when the infrastructure for that starts to crack and the liquidity starts to see balance you get inflation for real for stuff like food and we're seeing this happen now where people are noticing that the cost of everyday living is starting to spike higher.
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well. consider alex i mean sure we return to the subject which provided one of the crunch votes of today's amazement or to government the plight of unaccompanied child refugees seeking to join family members in this country in 2017 when the house of lords held an enormous we in the house of commons a spine we balanced the issue of unaccompanied child refugees was brought to the center of the bricks to beat large up some self brought to this country as a child refugee from nazi germany seized the opportunity to propose an amendment to the may withdrawal bill which the make government were then forced to accept as i arrived in this country in the summer of 1939 as an unaccompanied child refugee in fact this country here at the time often say 50 to some 10000 children and it is thanks to the nicky winton who helped organize kinda transport from czechoslovakia
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that i got here tall and i almost certainly owe my life to him once in a while the days of challenges to test are humanitarianism and europe's effigy crisis is surely one such challenge but within that there is i believe a need to do something about unaccompanied childhood g.'s and you know i'm like other children to be able to safety in this country and be given the same welcome and opportunities that i had how things have changed when the house of lords similarly amended the johnson withdrawal bill the government use its newfound house of commons muscle last month so overturn it without any set of many tournaments this week or 2 more summit for. the other place in the name of the noble lord lord ups where the government humbly disagreed with the noble lords a moment this moment in no way affects our commitment to see can and agreements with the e.u. prime.


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