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and for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. onto shore as it sits tickle capsules excuse his fault and may let that seems cool sets for some their classic mistake a costly on my end only stay when you lose at a special projects funding you tell the difference and ogletree on the line your best bet is the end of a footy team the fun now the mountains of waste only grow while. what politicians do usually to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so if you want to be president and you. or some want to be that's. what you going to be for us that's what the 43 in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters and that. this should.
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be. god definitely once the innocent to be set free now the question is what happens when that doesn't occur like in the case of this gentleman where he was wrongly convicted. the man was falsely convicted the last 20 years of his life who knows how he was abused in prison maybe and so that is a great evil you know this is one of the more challenging questions that we as human beings you know have to deal with it's almost an existential question you know if there is a god and certainly i believe that then how can we allow evil to occur.
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oh quite often i mean. i thought i want to know was the truth in the why i. guess where life is simple to me. my name is drawn more than i'm now 42 years old i was all for me arrested and eventually convicted in a sense in that the age of 17 for murder did not commit. it was to die in prison by the expiration of my life.
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i was 17 when i was arrested in the us and the rest of it all my mom's 41st birthday. too with a 7993. there were 316 polar for a young girl bought it for your. attended the same high school by my green year and now school my freshman year she actually gave a teaching to geoffrey jackson the one of my best friends and in time he invited into us. from the south. who worked for.
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still the same. trying to explain to our this. is good. and i we owe them an. ironic call on this history is this history that you're all grown up all that he used in the wall and you know the idea that once it was all he. would be going out because of house for the dance. he did just turn traitor. to. do something specific details about the primary at this location. for me 2022nd 993. administrators since
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want to use their this is it this is the. leaders that do bad whoa what a d.d. 2 was set up there probably had to double doors are the new media muna soon. we were standing right right over here. this was. when the shooting occurred. you are just seeing the room light up and. then the light and amp up in the room lighting up. like lightning striking once the gunfire stopped and everybody fell sieved his to look to see what happened you know death interest. we see. you know dakoda body would wife she knew
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from her. smile as. a guest maybe a few weeks later. we learned. we were looking for the wrong for the mood. for dad because he was with us you know only could he be looking for him. out that he either personally committed a crime in the year. after the crime was committed i mean it was. a nice little scene the state or the police 1st became aware of her own morgan because of rumors that were circulating. about who was the gunman and then as
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a result of that the police took a photograph of jerome from his high school yearbook and created a photo lineup and showed it to be key witness in the case if the police didn't turn. through more. we need to occur pick out a picture of jerome or know it was our 3rd person in the news or come pick oprah shrewder. we need. more of a case to grab some media attention i mean it's a shooting in a 16 year old's sweet 16 birthday party so so i think the police just saw a lot of pressure to close the case i don't know you'd say solve the case close the case and have somebody held responsible. so far that jerome wasn't the shooter. was basically. we distance are almost an issue because i was standing
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right next door of course we were again who were drones friends were saying daming get him out of trouble. they were trying to hide. the truth but actually we were telling the truth. it's just like one of these saying like would this is like say. 40 years to life. or a 40 is that. in just. just doesn't mean that it's like i couldn't believe there was. no especially so when the basic you believe the horrors that was going on the he she she she in the streets came to lead a more than. a mayo to rome. came over for a verdict of guilty as charged. by the.
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river to move around the would have mari with things that are vital to refresh my memory of all the other movies is gone blank. bar for days in prison. and i just couldn't believe new music to go my days and i was just wonder and wonder of this just period between when i. you know oh free. one more. general morgan got to go we found out the troops would. come find the prison worthless and go to sleep in tutor louisiana state penitentiary. known locally as and go to. any attention which is named after. african countries. from the americas and out majority of the slaves. and
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so this history is you know very much contained to whom this prison is plantation actually being made into a prison which is good or just in the country 800000 acres in land that's. there over 5000. people imprisoned and. i was he close to 90 percent of all people of color and had me through very very. severe racial i guess mindset from the from the prison drones you know a little exposes were. the prison goes to be used the authority of the school going to rooms in prison to rule is dead of winter storms were in the field lines abroad and. there was one time we were forced to spit out
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a bill of abuse was a brilliant and for. their particular town it was 2 prisoners who they were caught up in the prison go off though this old infant about a tag team came out. immediately just jumped on them you know. being able to kick it with you know years koreans new. moon getting to stop the bleeding who would be to turn around and not look very biotope around and look to smash doudna and. and that's where. he been through a whole hell of a lot more of us could imagine. so he deserved to make is so feel good look good in. a. but i doubt the prison the are the farmer would approve are from us. now the prison over there tara would or. not i control and so. this is
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a. really good. always wore their hair because close to god and you're out of business and stuff right in the group. and goodness leave you we were. there on hold are a beer a nice you know. become a main source of income. taxes are not going to do it you have to go right to the root of things it's assets and
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debts at the balance sheet balance sheets is what they should talk about and that's where we can be clever because taxation is the dumb one of trying to get the wealth back from the from the wealthy. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront a shouldn't let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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for to push for more. or get a bunch of those from their own muvico. men those blows. to be introduced to. people from the. innocence project new orleans was aware of morgan's case even before i started working here in 2006 we always had questions about his guilt because of the facts that were established even just at trial there was like there were hearings on the procedural issues. and years later. we
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had to finally be here it's not hearings on the merits it was a. good thing between 200-2000. was impeded by the. it created chaos in both in the police departments with their records getting records from them was really difficult. when the whereabouts of key witnesses. are facilities that you know the court. you know dysart turner's office will brain
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dead you know. it was necessary to be intact for you know you go through to pursue your freedom their plan. you know. and so to have that all why do we and in the united move was going to happen next he. could be done in. moscow i was born 6 months after my wrists in 1994 and so. many guys had seen it was the 1st day i'm on my goodness mark thank you meaning that he is gone and that it's. a way to honor and so. you know to live again give me a getting out of jail. into mostly life will go in stone from
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whom we talked a lot and this. really should with several months or. a run to be told the teacher there will be cuts. in room and then this is all of. piece of adapting you know i love your piece and that and then i kept me i still have to this to this very deep within to god the for even conceive the truth. as women. are ok the truth it's a place in the us you know. in anything about. i we will see if i would use the evacuated. if he called the flooding i didn't know . see with him you can scroll through this if you're. in the different areas the.
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old will give the grocery store you. go with mercury. you. would have. the. right word with the. cost of cleaning up after the treatment could make it the most expensive for a gene in u.s. history. i think a lot of people think that all of these post condition cases that happen all at once but as in drones case and many other cases it happens in the there's these little mini victories as you go along that eventually lead to a person's freedom and eventual exoneration the affirmative evidence we had is the undeniable fact that the gunman ran out of the room and the girl morgan was in the room when the police arrived we had 2 goals one was to undermine the state's case that they had a trial that was supporting his conviction and the other was to provide evidence
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that affirmatively proved his innocence and we did that by calling. to testify and kevin johnson to testify and they testified about what really happened when they made their identifications with the police and what happened and why they testified the way they did at trial. and. they did nobody and i was proof for this experience. to believe in good rhythm that one day when we knew it was happening i sat in on watching these sheriffs website. so the sheriff keeps track of who is in custody at the jail and hit refresh refresh in about 4 35 o'clock that evening i think it was i hit refresh
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and they said like no record to be found or ever as like. that it's so emotional that you always can express your emotions are just so happy i was there and you so beautiful mountains so happy like it was like there's no i know i have the counties . all these years and i can't imagine with leaving. i'm just. the only wall. thank you is over with you know i'm satisfied like i was released. and i was released to this burden. so as i was 16. and one thing i specifically. wanted to make sure that he did it was i wanted him to push open the door out and i wanted him to have that chance to just push open that door and walk outside the one thing that. you know.
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you know into our home with your aunt and he's still with the same person. he came out a. good. thing about it i put myself in all shame this all i know. is all. the way to go. it was good to be especially in the in the in there. if there's was a lol are you just you know just be out at night. amongst the stores.
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lot of water i mean for these people you got to keep in mind i mean what did you know he was 1617 years old so he had. gained and then we put on the muscle you know we basically became a. inning or just or. as we will want to be you know guy was from popeye's chicken. and then more food. snacks which was around cheetos on the board confuse. 'd my you can see the lips
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together. as his 1st. love i got you. and singles. that's not a bad. he wanted me to get him. some scenes that i was in need some more working team. but it got to stick in a team. he would have. heard things and. when i would run from the release i stayed off of the street just. desserts trimix i didn't sleep. today in november for a small birthday we go celebrate and we go out and do
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a new orleans. now and flew all the. fruit through all the years i was very well doing and. it will to me if i had to explain it in the simplest way is that you know those guys in my
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life where i have the picture. and only you know when children were drug. trade everything i mean everything and i played it happened on them played it happened a week because it turned out. turned out all right. we all back together. and what. i guess 9 times we have been explaining. why. and now there's that crowd the flame of myself with. a lot of good care a lot a lot of daryn there's a lot of jews came from back cool you know stand for this.
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and i intend to their own lies known for it and i don't have to question the borrowed to me. who i am to the moon so it means more to me than anything. your own it has been. an honor and a blessing to be able to represent you as your attorney but more importantly it's an opportunity to become your friend and from you i have learned the true meaning of of grace under fire.
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my name is sucking on the. system jack see what i don't see it's a. little bit of order. when you know we've got to get down to cause you don't need to move because you know these kids and i use down 6 to make any babies you know suits me to school on drugs used to people. who. know. who people who comes to clubs do really he's trying to shift the life
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a music that. i love who dies because he makes me copy i love he dies because he makes me copy play and moved. and when he moved to teach me. because the cost is bought off my ass who loves to do our. thing. i doubt. it was the night before christmas and all over the world people are mining back on seeking individual sovereignty so they're probably just throw anything. but there's. no room lot of.
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money in the draw more than i was for this to die in prison by the expression love life. a case to grab some media attention i mean it's a shooting in a 16 year olds to 16 birthday party so exciting the place just a lot of pressure to. close the case. for me as i think just wrong it's like i couldn't believe those. you know so far they are all more than the sure don't want peace be with us that's all of the issues because i was standing right next to. me for as he said you gotta keep in mind the one thing you know you're 1617 years old so. you could lose monday night just clung to his fear of the truth. who flew.
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former those close to drool goldstone know the truth. a mockery of justice a u.n. official slam saudi arabia over the handling of the showed you know during. the united states backtrack some promises to sanction the country over the killing. zones over security climate change and political correctness put a damper on christmas cheer in the west. and a brazilian comedy on netflix well as christians that over the depiction of a gay jesus we get reaction to. just making a joke 2 out of a really sacred holiday for many outlets and many christians around the world if you don't like something have we not run.


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