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we. will not know. russia is being investigated over claims it gave manipulated data to the world anti-doping watchdog casting doubt over the country's participation in next year's olympics the russian side says it is fully complied with all regulation. addresses a summit of world leaders in new york telling them they have stolen her childhood by not taking action on climate change. washington's lead saying there is
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a high degree of probability that iran has attacked the saudi oil facilities with the british pm he is ready to join the u.s. military effort in the gulf region if needed. are broadcasting live. international and john thomas certainly glad to have you with us. at the international association of. federations has extended its ban on russia it comes as the world anti-doping agency it relaunches compliance procedures against the country's anti-doping agency. amid claims moscow provided manipulated data the probe could cost russia its participation in next year's olympics however moscow has already reacted to the allegations. rosado is in full compliance with the code this is confirmed by the fog that we have passed to audits in 2 years i
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was responsible for them i can guarantee this was absolute certainty is committed to meeting all its international obligations however we have nothing to do is the most cool aboard tree or the samples well with the l.m. pics already upon us next summer the world anti-doping agency is actually investigating a bombshell allegation that could see russia suspended from tokyo games next year now let me give you some details on what's happening now russia has been given a 3 week deadline to explain why data from moscow drug testing laboratory provided to the world anti-doping agency might have been tampered with and eve these suspicions of trying to tampering prove correct and the country could again be suspended and that is happening just a year after russia was reinstated actually handing over that particular data from villa bora tree was among the critical requirements for the reinstatement and of
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course there has been some high level reaction to this we've no phone some inconsistency we're going to deal with it we're going to deal with it properly we don't know yet whether it's tampering or manipulation or whatever else it might be since the rules state that if we assert noncompliance and the russians don't accept it it will be decided by the court of arbitration for sport so you have to be very careful you have to know exactly what happened and that's the process we're involved in we met all the conditions for the restoration of sunder which were established by the world executive committee we were told that database transfers to water by the informant was slightly different from the one the water experts had taken a copy of in moscow in 2019 what exactly these discrepancies are and what they are connected with would be established by experts from both sides. we continue to provide all possible this instance let me remind you that russia's anti doping
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agency was actually suspended back in 2015 and after 3 years it was reinstated as i've mentioned before all of that happened after claims that there was a widespread state run doping scheme in the country actually there was a number of some really strong accusations that we heard of the time however not everything was actually proved with some harsh avodah and as for moscow well moscow denied it was state sponsored but still there was enough evidence to ban scores of russian athletes they were allowed to participate only to a limited extent and at the winter olympics in south korea and the neutral flag and now this is just a basically the latest twist in this ongoing story. cashmore professor of sociology of the aston university and former sports media lecturers is this good. to have in russia from the sports world. the potential of this is so calamitous
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as far as russia is concerned it could result in. russia being banned by every sport that is affiliated toward the world and the doping agency in other words not just the olympics but they could be disqualified from the future will cup and all the other major sporting tournament around the world for lord knows how long frankly what we're hearing about is a discrepancy this is mysterious our comp claim to know and i don't know anybody else who doesn't know exactly what the nature of this so-called discrepancy in the database russian is appears to be completely confident that it's quite minor and they said only earlier this week that why don't we all get our armed services if water is satisfied by those arts as by those explanations of the so-called discrepancy there presumably this scandal will be over and russia's reinstatement
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will progress satisfactorily but if it isn't satisfied that's when the trouble will really begin and where and we really are into unknown territory. young environmental activist agreed to turn berg ahead was the highlight of the un's emergency climate summit on monday he addressed world leaders accusing them of ignoring the problem and stealing her childhood. you have stolen my dreams my childhood with your empty words and yet i'm one of the jocks once. people are suffering people are dying entire school systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fame or tales of each time of economic growth how dare you. 6 gave donald trump an angry look
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when she crossed paths with the u.s. president she was escorted aside by security personnel as trouble arrived at the u.n. headquarters for a separate meeting on religious freedom to address and came at the start of the un climate action summit a day devoted to world leaders sharing climate solutions and new pledges for i. regret it and berg is not the only champion of climate action making headlines french president. found himself facing protesters in paris who think he is not doing enough or too strong to delve deeper into the story. president matt corner from us has a once again called the banners to help in the fight against climate change speaking at the u.n. climate change emergency summit he said he understood the frustrations of the millions of schoolchildren who had been striking on fridays next amended. for months and months now we've heard the young people speaking and i think they've
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identified as absolutely urgency that we have to respond here which while much corn understands their frustrations his government didn't seem too keen on those climate activists who protested in paris over the weekend with some alleging brute force was used by the police as the violence spiraled out of control i i. yes and much court has made it clear he really wants the protesters to go away well from france at least as what he really wants is for them to take their anger out on another if you country code that needs. to every friday to say that the planet is burning that's nice but there is not the problem people should go protest in poland help me move those i cannot push forward who is upset that poland is refusing to
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commit to an easy target to be carbon neutral by 2050 pence walking the floor from adopting this is official policy that's not going down well in poland where the country's deputy foreign minister is accused of the lecturing and it is perhaps difficult to swallow such a lecture when france itself has been accused of calling behind tackling the climate emergency france's mission emissions targets in 3 or 4 big sectors a wise person once said people who live in cos houses shouldn't throw bricks advice some may council to take. arty paris. french or german and u.k. leaders have openly blamed iran for an attack on a saudi arabian oil refinery earlier this month british prime minister boris johnson even promised to help the u.s. secure the gulf region and a with the fate of u.s.
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iran relations hanging in the balance is daniel hawkins looked into how the standoff could play out. iran and the united states go way back a relationship that seeing a coup terrorism sanctions even direct confrontation for over half a century it's hard to find enemies more bitter could we see all out war the question today on the minds of many listening to recent rhetoric you'd certainly think that possibility is growing that if any country wants to attack iran it will seize territory turn into the conflicts main battlefield will never let any war be dragged into iran we will continue until the end we will continue until the full destruction of any aggressor and we will leave no safe place for enemies and that was a very large attack. and it could be met with an attack many many times larger very easily by our country but the saudis have called for u.s. help after those attacks on its old refineries it seems all those billions spent on
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u.s. military gadgets weren't enough to keep them safe back in may the u.s. sent an aircraft carrier strike group to the gulf to this latest incident the u.s. was quick to announce another military deployment the president has approved the deployment of u.s. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense we will also work to accelerate the delivery of military equipment to the kingdom of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to enhance their ability to defend themselves many see some historical deja vu in this latest move dating back 3 decades at my direction elements of the 82nd airborne division as well as key units of the united states air force are arriving today to take up defensive positions in saudi arabia i took this action to assist the saudi arabian government in the defense of its homeland operation desert shield
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back then protecting these to the of the region and the world's oil markets and supply lines was one key factor behind the intervention but much has changed in 3 decades the us is now the world's biggest oil producer protecting gulf oil exports just isn't a priority anymore neither is being in the middle of a war between riyadh and tehran the united states is pursuing its own interests and that is to control the floyds flow of oil to the world and that means providing oil to its friends and denying oil to its enemies we've seen the united states embargo oil to play countries like syria the sale of oil from iran sudan libya many other places this is about the united states control over the most important commodity in the world that keeps industry going and keeps coming. standing on their feet and domestic appetite for sending the boys to a place of sand and death is weak according to a recent poll just 13 percent would support
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a military intervention to protect the saudis adding a 2nd or 3rd party into that kind of tense scenario doesn't necessarily deescalate things if anything it escalates things even further so we get into another war like afghanistan or iraq and get stuck over there for another 1015 years we think iraq was bad iran to be 100000 times worse and we would absolutely destroy there i just think we should be less involved in other world affairs no desire for conflict with iran this seems to be a war that neither side wants or at least says they want yet still seem to be on a collision course we have made it very clear that we don't want war we have made it very clear that we don't want escalation making a statement we don't want war we don't want to engage in a military confrontation america 1st has been trumps mantra since before his election campaign ending costly conflicts no more world policeman with analysts warning of the devastating costs of a war with iran the u.s.
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stands at a crossroads just how high a price are they willing to pay to meet their objectives the u.s. as we know is now the world's number one oil producer fracking has changed the nature of oil production to kill in the u.s. and there is an overhang in the oil market so many americans are saying why are we interested in the gulf we don't need saudi oil but you know if the lesson the fact of the matter is that oil is not just a product it is leverage over the international community is geostrategic lee important ever since world war 2 the united states has wanted to control energy in the world so the united states is very loath to leave the gulf even though it doesn't actually. the oil itself. still to come representatives of the taliban have met with china's envoy to afghanistan discussing the failure of peace talks within the us that is right after
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who dares thinks. we dare to ask. and welcome back this is our t. international now a number of us democrats say they may start impeachment proceedings against donald trump that comes on the back of reports of the president pressured his ukrainian counterpart to investigate possible corruption involving 2020 hopeful joe biden. been very reluctant to go down the path of impeachment but if the president is essentially trying to browbeat
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a foreign leader into doing something illicit then that may be the only remedy by failing to act congress is complicit in trump's latest attempt to solicit foreign interference to aid him in the us elections do your constitutional duty and impeach the president at this point a bigger national scandal isn't the president's low breaking behavior it is the democratic party to impeach him for it. on sunday trumpet denied any misconduct over discussing biden in a phone call with president of blood blood in new zealand scheme he also accused former vice president of corruption tied to his son's business activities in ukraine the phone conversation has come to light after a whistleblower claimed the trump solicited help from a foreign leader and he's saskia taylor reports. to give it to the democrats they're hard working bunch especially when something's related to the biggest pet peeve canoe said but we want to temps over the past 3 years to push trump out of the white house have been for
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a bit flat new rumors have put the 5 back in their bellies urgent complaint about president trump it involves ukraine troubling promise president may have made to a foreign leader years ago 1st got in office were also nervous that don't stop with some sort of sleeper agent who was going to sell america out to a foreign power behind our backs. well throwback thursday no balled into multiple reports of potentially illegal activity new allegations of attempted foreign collusion the washington post reported that back in july trump and the newly elected wanted to ms and how did a little chat in which trump asked his ukrainian counterpart to investigate former vice president joe biden and apparently top level whistleblower leaks that trump unethically said he'd be generous with billions of american military and intelligence aid if selenski was cooperative whistleblower is under what i can only imagine must be the most. intense pressure sharing anything that is truly sensitive
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and endangers our national security you're in our world a trouble sounds to see but then things took a slightly disappointing ton the washington post sort of backtracked and admitted that well actually they might have jumped the gun just to listen. one source familiar with the contents of the phone call so the crew did not raise the issue of american military and intelligence aide that the administration was at the time withholding from ukraine indicating that there may not be known explicit quid pro quo expressed in the conversation but for the desperate damns even the with of a scandal was enough reports of a reliable whistleblower complaint regarding the president's communications with a foreign leader breeze grief urgent concerns of our national security when you have the president call him in from other countries and whistleblowers are talking about compromising who he has deemed a political enemy this is serious this is very very serious and we have to investigate it this is all in the spirit of pursuing justice and protecting the
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american people from shady political dealings so probably a bit awkward that trump was gunning for an investigation into how a bomb as a right hand man biden had pushed for a top ukrainian prosecutor to be fired but hey it's probably just a coincidence that the prosecutor was leading a corruption investigation into a natural gas company that biden's son was linked to biden bragging that he basically blackmailed x. president petro poroshenko into firing the guy isn't that convincing is what i said you know i get the 1000000000 i'm going to be leaving iraq i think it was about 6 hours i looked as i'm leaving in 6 hours and the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money. no not biden surely not he looks so good in those shorts back in the sixty's he had such a lovable bromance with obama he can't be shady i love joe biden but there is still so much good in this country and joe biden i think represents that the democrats will see him as the best choice voters in the battleground state of wisconsin say
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they favor by never president trump everyone loves your by if you'll trump because an elusive phone call from a secret source reported in a classified document leaked in an article but that corrected itself would be declared hard evidence and bring the year. democrats knocking at your door but if you're the only candidate your party has mustered up that even stands a chance of getting the vote of the american people in 2020 so you get something that's up for interpretation and turning a blind eye. no harm no foul this is a barn that basically joe biden has set off himself that's going to i think in the end push him perhaps out of contention it seems very much that the democrats like to shift public opinion away from their misconduct by alleging misconduct of trump and it fools. a large number of people who are not deep divers into details
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but it's certainly not fooling me and it's not fooling i think many other pundits around the world who look at this and say the democrats are just deceiving themselves at this point they opened this can of worms trump didn't bring it up 1st they brought it up now that people have brought it back up there are serious questions about what was going on in ukraine i would argue from 2004 forward. involving corrupt elements of both political parties inside our country and the other democrats are brought this up again i believe as a megaphone with his twitter account and we are going to get to the bottom of what was really going on in the changing nature of u.s. ukraine and russia relations going to 2004 forward or maybe even further back than that. representatives of the taliban have met china's envoy to afghanistan meeting in beijing they discussed the failure of the terror groups of peace talks with the united states and donald trump ended talks this month after a u.s. soldier was killed in
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a taliban attack in kabul with hopes of for peace fading again or he's possibly or visited an afghan refugee camp in pakistan where people are desperate to return home. i'm here in an afghan refugee camp in the pakistani capital islamabad more than a 1000 families called us home and they were small percentage of the more than 1000000 afghan refugees who have moved to pakistan in the past 4 decades now they keenly watching developments across the border with the american president donald trump recently announcing that he is withdrawing from secret talks of the taliban and russia stepping up to the mark for people living here what happens in those talks has a direct impact on their lives i'm going to meet them on khan family to see how they feel about things go and we came here from afghanistan and we don't have a stable income sometimes and sometimes we don't only our is keeping us alive them nice that we're happy here in afghanistan we had the land and the house we didn't
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see bread and butter for years. we came here to work because the situation in afghanistan is too bad and it's too difficult to live or we are poor people and we have no limbs and have only god well you know of course we want our children to be well educated and to attend good schools our family runs a store the market would earn hardly anything i'm suffering from here the titles but i don't have enough money to buy medicine as you can see they don't have very much it's 10 people who live here in 3 mad rooms and they survive by selling fruits and vegetables on the sides of the road shaheen is one of the community leaders how would you say the pakistani government treats afghan refugees afghan refugees live slightly better here than it's hard but we don't have full rights we want to have the same rights as pakistanis no after he gets a driving license or a car we want peace in afghanistan and we will be very happy to be able to return to our country the pakistani prime minister in one can in an interview i did with
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him said that pakistan is willing to do whatever it needs to do to make sure that the talks in afghanistan work america however needs to send its soldiers. the americans. would have to of course leave on a stone and i think president trump wants the u.s. soldiers to leave understand there's not a lot more than pakistan can do than what it is already doing which is urging the. only who would it has influence to sit down and talk to the americans which was to have done and also talk to the yvonne government which they haven't done as yet for the more than 1000000 afghan refugees in pakistan they don't have much but the belief that one day they will return home is something making to. islamabad. syria continues its slow recovery from the effects of war life is returning to normal in much of the country but not without help interreligious working group for
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humanitarian aid to the syrian people a russian charity has collected money to rebuild a school in damascus devastated by not her operation. but reconstruction work was completed before september but the school just opened its doors to students members of the syrian government religious leaders and representatives of the interim we were just working group took part in the opening ceremony about 1200 children will receive education there and the students seem happy to be back in school. now. all right that does it for me i will be back with more news and let's say 33 and a half minutes watching our children and.
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you're going to. hear why. oh. see this is supposed to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond's show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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but if she warned you and i did. the show at the baltimore. g.'s nudist beach and you see me we need you to truth. about that when you see. in the news i mean that so that in fact involved. a lot of you will see as if i could to try to. ensure that people that god knows what they were doing.
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to manipulate him little. fellow and welcome across we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the recent attack on saudi energy installations has red faced many in washington and the kingdom we will tell you why also uncle joe's travails in ukraine a story begging to be revealed for a very long time. talking some real news i'm joined by my guests here in moscow going decent he is a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of decay of western
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civilization and resurgence of russia we also have alex christopher he's a director and writer for the duran dot com and we're joined by dmitri bobbitt she's a political and. as an editor and interest me internet media project there are journaling crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate glenn let me go to you 1st here saudi arabia is the 3rd largest spender on military hardware in the world after the united states and china and we're told at least who these claim that they attacked those installations last weekend. there's a lot of red faces in washington and riyadh right now i mean. do they have do they actually use military hardware or is it the wrong kind or is it just expenditures no one has really explained this but of course we know one thing it's a rants that they're all the big joke to spin the south there ever has this huge share wonderful military but nobody knows how to use it. however so the problem goes a bit deeper than the.


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