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he's a man one of the many gypsy groups in france and this is an illegal romanian and moldova gypsy settlement in some 20. other french gypsies might not be overjoyed to hear this sound because they tend to believe it's raleigh for different groups of gypsies to intermix up the clock for one thing margaret gypsies face a very different problems from those of the french jews. would be. the 1st place. and the. most the. gospel record on the good lord's to the good of those closer proscar god in which of those examples of the news you need human the govt should serve justice to loot you don't want us to going near it doing things that are just like your risk on. down the road the birds that come to the doctor who they were good to do good with
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someone that's a muscle relaxant the words i'm not. joking that if you're going to give you what you look like you're sure it was so. good value just because i knew the bad subnormal stuff and go but i do worry mr good about those who were the. last of the key plus the universe. towards you. this is no village anywhere near kesha moldova the eiffel tower is just a few kilometers away. your charity out of. the street no one has speaks french for. all these hardworking people came to france seeking refugee status. in pursuit of welfare rights and the opportunities france gives to refugees. their county waiting for confirmation of their status. symbols reminiscent. if a preacher he quits the gospel and appears to want to be
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a pastor yes that's right but i'm afraid that this. was my god. this is sam to me the north koreans. immigrants from all over the world settle here to social housing for those with confirmed refugee status contents for new arrivals . most of the gypsy council we visited done near me. here in orange early age. the early. the poor. one assumes you knew you would be in india long just wanted to be lest you lose your job but completely off the cable news for most of you does any. here
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the almost have to be disheartened and. this is geo he's an expert on gypsies around the boxing coach so we asked him for a quick glimpse of france's gypsies. estimate the un says if you believe the communities partner and. the closure. of years unless. you are going to treat your. remote control because it was hard. for me. seal is a gypsy to a french citizen he thinks interloping gypsies from romania and dover only bring discredit on the locals. as who could move almost. there. missed some big. because she
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didn't. want to come in now but on the lead to nothing to do. i'm not going to say pursued. the. woman they want to do this yourself this is where the moldova gypsies live but why do they choose to live on as a rule while awaiting a decision regarding the status kristie g.'s live special camps with better facilities which are legal unlike the settlement anyone tonight refugee status is to call to the camp people are kept on the surveillance but if these people send any fail with their applications they can quickly pack up and move on to germany or sweden but this it's going to be just your group of. people who should be france and if you don't you can't really call these divine to the girl and you both just mean they just don't know silicates someone
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a while from see. you do this before the child is the p.c. i just don't worry it's just different species or the pizza because it is the chilling it comes to me and short of the congress to convert them to family with the truth which you would be true yes if they beat. the body should they be dead when they find it. pushed clear to their peers that it. will turn up which is. the thing you have to get what they have appreciated that you would look. good at dealing with the truth who is on your menu. in the p.t.b. nest it. is for study she's made to love. anyone but of course also she didn't. of course you know she didn't want you know went up our uniforms. nobody here. mainly because she
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didn't really come before a lot. of this video. from the beautiful. this is a few. look at. this it was. because of the. this is kind of back he's a name that many ethnic french gypsies take pride in he's going to show us around his trailer park where his family lives so it's like this often provoke conflict between gypsies and local authorities. no i don't know if you define me. this is for me to cheat. i'd like to see him. because french he has a passport and his trailer park has a mailbox. here where you where you said he.
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says i think other than me so it's a concern you know if the taliban comes on. board often the wolf used. to. because. we the truth is that like most gypsy encampments this man no spark is not entirely legal basis and i couldn't even get. on the. on the list if you. local authorities are not at all happy with the state of affairs. the new law prohibits more than 2 trailers being parked by no magic people in any location that's not approved the same law limits the amount of time they can stay. home do populace your d.v.d. if you're on. the way yeah it is. a pool or. a you know mud
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don't think he could get one that could be test you know. for the heat really. takes. that lemon forfeit their kit you know monkey get. you know i suspect of what you could get along we deceit moment. leak it. this. is not gypsy. he's the senator who drafted the new law that french gypsies consider to be discriminated. initially i don't even make them on. that one but when i saw it with them on. i saw what they want if you.
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should only take it was really the. only television. to owe. me. your home. normal. community pressure. to give you community he could. study don't. give us if they should. commit cialis your. only problem. i don't want to be the problem he had one of these advice your physical i don't know do men. see physic mo. as your see examples don't. see what to do in. the future they will just go and. yet this goes with the.
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bank. so. there's a hole in the wall just behind my house. it leads to an alley which in turn takes you to a backyard this is where rumanian gypsies reign supriya the moldovans neighbors. secured the remaining elsewhere the 1st. settled here and that's why they have a yard with a dog brick house is a live from. the base of. this new thing. you can totally succeed in 1st impulse is to say i'm the one who knew snowfall. interesting to see though you can feel it since the visit knew you this time because it included. makes me feel. sick.
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to call that girl his results and to discuss his work. on music because. i just didn't think it was fair concept and is only. going to play him. most in the books the.
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tensions between the masses and clauses have existed ever since modern states came into being but often serve as a drive a real political change with russian civil society growing larger and louder against the excesses of the governing elites what does the future of the political system look like. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision. every song came to a complete. the day that i was right. you know told a shot to kill me and i see how it destroyed my life many screamed at me and he made me come in the gram my arm and he write me this bird think if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation it's probably
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somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the u.s. military is a very very traumatizing have happened but i've never seen trauma like i've seen women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished and be offended and almost 10 year career or chose very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of tower and violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or woman. but if she warned you do. dishes at the balls more than those jeans near the speech and you see me.
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in the news i mean that is without infringing ball. a lot of you will see sawing your info as if parts of the 2 kids each other both hard. wired to. these. people that cat 5 days doing these. listen princeling new. cortez the money rapper is a local celebrity stuff and his videos get hundreds of thousands of views on you tube. through. the tales his family and friends
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all live in a southern french province. and they have their own opinions about what life is like for gypsies or for office one day. golf. course i met shouldn't think. it would take. it out of the home to know what he believes he did that is. why he anything you want to me but i mean all. we can say is he will call you but that could cause of a bitch because you have no doubt the phones that it would but this is you know that. he's put all the way through little visiting some are able to. help me though couldn't see well for me too because i've been replaced and all that. could be what i got out of what about. putting me in your.
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city several no. bus trip because i was a. city bus just like you should also. put up old people make a lot of. this music was but they don't get out of the bus to see the last says he divides. to $86.00 surely this is also sort of. a little bit off though so it's about getting what. gypsies with out of cockfighting may be a cliche. but in all courts is has no qualms about looking like a stereotype. he likes being himself and he enjoys being a gypsy what's more more people but you were the ones with the whole me. little problem think of. me or the only one that said.
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the community or the. visual you were going to need to know ruby. or the community to read it because you are so. well the ones who do the. law don't know. it's. going to be. the false. stories to european gypsies all their problems are centered on achieving refugee status paul french gypsies have other words. they believe that their rights to a magic way of life will be violated. the law prohibits spontaneous
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gypsy camp months and in their field disrupts a traditional lifestyle was adopted late in 20 team. in the midst of the yellow vest protests. the. early. cell phone the minute you get to the material the damage is done long. look at your nails yes your. cutbacks thought joining the yellow vests would be a chance to voice concerns about the continuing harassment of french gypsies. comeback shows as his gypsy flag. saturday is approaching and the vests will march again in central paris so he'll need the flag again not the.
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soldiers on the floor we. see their job and. if you will see you some of these will see it is research from the. protection when you next year. you actually meant. something. pop. up before. i was about that all the young lawyers should have cell phones you know gala. multiply the trip comments and just tell. people. to be a teacher. a friend to start on she changed our number to top his own way and stepped on the news has he got power we have called n.p.r.
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news showing social need. a power to take it. easy a. we have all the contacts to me just tell me powell. you know the kids are saying the keeper vision kid about. get back your welfare schedules don't you quit. stop the. evil in me take my family your. me tired sweat on. his own for you because now that he's stopped here i need. you to. show me our chalmette or. is it their property if. we don't need. it out of the system come to g.h.q. someplace e.p.t. . here tasneem 8 years old you're here because they put food.
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so you could out me she's our back to move carlos my father my p.p. down to this town about it on top. of the hour it looks to me. really believes the police shot her brother because he was a gypsy and that they wouldn't have treated anyone else so harshly. biased against them is what all gypsies complain about those native french pampered migrant. incredible mosque in sydney of the schisms him even if they look right in front. of things you can get left on the internet and you don't need them to come stand for anything except think that things. think. you think.
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rosa gave up on school despite having the opportunity to attend college with me. where in the county. if i really felt. what. you. said you could. see more gallant for what they thought the body before company. a good phone call. on what the need for the d.c. . for the particular for that. in the parking. lot of the. for loop. when i was in the movie to do more for the can 1st goods into tomorrow it is very. true don't know.
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when i got this up on the design the does not need. the police. for more frequent new york city competing for the city used to see your way of thinking because she was a good. dog. rose and her encampment can be found at the veil under the bridge the french would describe settlements like this with no immunity as people have to carry the water beadles all canisters from the nearest stand. which is usually on a cemetery. in every other sense the site of the camp was well chosen if you don't know it's there it's almost invisible now and it's a nice 30 minutes to the city center by metro. anyone who doesn't know just the encampment. stops to take
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a few pictures from the bridge and link you will gambling a little bit mean that you will get this person. lost he spends the money or money his son. is only a few were gone to. sleep us to. the remaining gypsies are throwing a party tonight the last in this location. this film is played will already have to do a google blog. you
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. know people.
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the term. was only coined driessen after. traveling recalled books it's an attempt to tolerance and to avoid the word gypsies. the problem is that the government's next step was to restrict nomadic life in the country. now. pay more to roam freely than to stay in one place. but don't. be. so. if. it is. the. only way you're going.
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to something. so that pilot is pretty sure just one of us is. the one capsule of it sit down most of it then. kill off i like your coupon. to food safety thinking somebody suitable it did not get. this a push to move this big deal that was you know i speak to the folks watching you learn when they see them so sad. but notice them selling their. own ponies oh forgot to thank you because all of them but i don't see all that but the field of. me most of what i. feel some deficient in
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a bit of what you. stuff . got put. back to. pop. up to off out. still. they all see themselves as dying swans in their dreams.
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but only one in a 1000 will ever make it to the top. they're ready to give their lives for the chance to die on stage if only once. not even broken wings could deter them. for generations at the madrid ski theatre ballet sweat and tears. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery in meaning messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police need is a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court b b
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b i am shocked shocked as far society we feel. we don't know still just screwed up on. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know. in the stories that shaped the week here on r.t. tensions escalates in the gold for the u.s. sending troops to saudi arabia and imposing new sanctions on iran over terrans alleged attack on an oil facility. also.


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