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oh no we're going to get i made your prisoner swap between russia and ukraine is harry old as an important step by the international community moscow and kiev also harold it as a significant move forward russian journalist karylle efficiency whose release at was widely called pine liberties groups is among the 35 to arrive in moscow the same number were returned to hear in other news today the u.s. state department confirms a trying to pry be captain of the iranian all time care the center of a diplomatic route so they could seize the bats and ongoing and xenophobe it rides in south africa as foreign owned businesses are looted in the country's
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largest city johannes think up one time being made to out andi in told pull blamed the brig be from the dead dog bump was there instead i'm think you stand i do play just spewed something for your flow you of schools it's 9 o'clock here a mosque and you're watching altie international lie from are seeking to write with mean need to you that you to welcome to the plant them 1st in what's being described as and historic step 70 prisoners have been exchange between russia and ukraine falling months of talks the ukrainian present met the plane which bought 35 release prisoners back to key have some of their relatives will also there to welcome them while in moscow a plane caryn the other 35 newly freed prisoners touch down at the capitals the neck of a airport eco should darla of was their forests 2 buses part of
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a special motorcade have left this terminal for governmental flights carrying $35.00 people $35.00 people that ukraine swapped for an equal amount over what their role now among those people is to real machines to he was head of the ukrainian branch of the news agency and he was accused by key of state cheese and without a guilty verdict he spent more than 400 days in ukrainian jail just awaiting his trial just during the trial and for all those more than 400 days russia has been adamant that until the court is guilty and declares he's killed the man should not be staying behind bars and in fact just weeks before this swap. he was released on on bail that was seen as a very positive sign so this another very positive sign comes out on the heels of that one and in fact the real visions he had a chance to talk to journalists to go to the russian journalists who were allowed
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behind these gates yes you know i know how all of you worried about me and thanks a lot for that i feel that i was not alone i feel that i have people who are member me to try to do something for me now because of i am. because i'm a journalist who was unfairly arrested now together with drilled the shins get on that plane and on and on those 2 buses was legitimate so much he was one of the field commanders in the dinette screeching over one of the from what we understand one of the defense but tally and the dutch led investigation into the mh $72.00 tragedy believed to be one of the key witness says that could shed light as to what happened back in 2014 this what has been a very very long time coming valve being false reports false alarms finally has happened and the russian foreign ministry has already praised this saying that this show was key it's. read in this compromise we see the agreed mutual release of
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people detained in russia and ukraine as a positive signal we should see another important step to breaking the deadlock in the current russian ukrainian relations unlike his predecessors selenski new administration has shown a sensible approach and a readiness to compromise some experts say that this is so we will sit have signed for the implementation of the minsk remains which effectively the only viable option you as viewed by russia and ukraine and the bloodshed the civil war in the east of ukraine. and things played out in the ukrainian capital as 35 other prisoners arrived in camp earlier you know near discuss the developments with donald cortez. this prisoner exchange was a very significant moment for the young political administration of ukraine's president vladimir selenski and he actually went there early to the airport to visit the prisoners as they were coming down from the air from the airplane to
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greet them and he even gave a small speech talking about the significance of this exchange for the future relations between russia and ukraine. ukrainian president voted him or zelinsky and russian president vladimir putin have done everything we have promised and did not change over agreements this is a. pretty. easy if you'll ship and we heard this kind of sentiment echoed pretty much all over the world actually we heard the council of europe say that this was a really important step in normalizing relations between russia and ukraine we also heard from russia's human rights commissioner who said this was a historic step she said and even donald trump commented on twitter he gave his congratulations to both parties involved give us a sense right while at the beginning it was all speculation you know there were it was unknown who the prisoners were there were blacked out windows on the buses but now we have. identified them and let's go over the main one yes one of the primary
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prisoners that was there were exchanged was ukrainian filmmaker o'lakes sense of know he was sentenced to 20 years in prison in russia on terrorism charges during the crimean referendum of 2014 he was accused of being part of a terrorist organization that plotted bombings of civilian installations during that time now he already served 5 years of that sentence and we saw him and identified him as he was stepping out of the airplane in kiev today reuniting with his family and moving on to other people we saw were some sailors that were involved in the current strait incident that took place in november of last year and now those were $24.00 ukrainian sailors that were identified that were traded the current strait incident was when 3 ukrainian vessels were trying to enter the sea of odds of and they were met with the russian coast guard that warned them to turn back that they were perhaps going to be in violation of russia's territory on the high seas they gave no response and so the ukrainian vessels were fired on and
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see so now that they have been returned this is a really historical moment for both russia and ukraine and perhaps a great leap forward for their future relations that have been tense to say the least and this plan that this historic prisoner exchange should be viewed as a positive by anyone who wants to see peace between the 2 nations. this is the 1st time for about 5 more than 5 years close in 6 years that russia and ukraine are. things that could be seen as a positive i mean obviously decision on has been made at the highest level between the 2. the new president there in ukraine the new president in russia so it seems that the 2 presidents are decided upon it's a very high profile prisoner swap if you will receive but france and germany in particular who were you know emanuel my corn and angela merkel have been talking about trying to get the peace talks we started this month i mean they basically
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they fell apart in the core of shingle use meant poroshenko simply didn't want to couldn't or it didn't have the mandation internally in ukraine and wasn't strong enough but he definitely was unable to move the peace talks alarm's anybody that wants to see peace between in eastern ukraine and normalization of relations between russia and ukraine after this you know 5 and a half years of bio and i still if he understood this long interregnum period where there's been no progress whatsoever well below should of course. state department has confirmed it attempted to bribe the captain of the reigning all tile company agent area one which is that the center of the diplomatic row in order to detain it the vessel previously known as grace one was held by the u.k. in july and. it was released in august despite protests from the united states which is increasing pressure on iran has been hiding all this purported in the eastern mediterranean region that is tracking to fight off here's artes daniel
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hawkins. if at 1st you don't succeed try try again so keen with u.s. authorities to get their hands on a rainy and. they used everything at their disposal 1st came the stick accusing the tanker of movie world to syria in breach of sanctions they went to the u.k. for help british marines a pound of the ship but it was passing through the strait of gibraltar. the spanish foreign minister said the arrest came after a demand from the u.s. to the u.k. . but on 15th of august gibraltar released the vessel it's sail into the mediterranean a few days later after being renamed from grace one to adrian daria one then came the carrot we've all had one of those emails i'm writing to you with good news what
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might you expect a surprise not true when perhaps a huge inheritance from a long lost royal family member in africa well that's exactly the email that the ship's captain received but this wasn't the regular spam for the junk folder this came direct from the state department. this is bryan hook i work for secretary of state mike pump a 0 and serve as the u.s. representative for iran the offer millions of dollars for captain kumar to dock his own tanker in a u.s. friendly port that would allow it seizure by washington after the possibly confused captain failed to reply a 2nd e-mail hit his inbox the tone now less friendly with this money you can have any life you wish and be well off in old age if you choose not to take this easy path life would be much harder for you what lay behind this thinly veiled threat
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was left to his imagination to ron was understandably roiled having failed at piracy the us resource to outright blackmail deliver us iran's oil and receive several $1000000.00 or be sanctioned yourself sounds very similar to the oval office invitation i received a few weeks back it is becoming a pattern incredibly the state department confirmed to this unusual strategy even adding this was no one off we have conducted extensive outreach to several ship captains as well shipping companies taps and crew more meanwhile is on the u.s. naughty list how differently this story would have ended if only captain kumar had cashed in and just aren't that good news email. meanwhile u.s. national security advisor john bolton has tweeted that the tanker has now been seen entering a syrian port iran previously denied it had made any definitive statement that the ship's final destination. anyone who said the adrian daria one wasn't headed to
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syria is in denial terror and thinks it's more important to fund the murderous assad regime than provide for its own people we can talk pretty runs not getting any sanctions relief until it stops lying and spreading terror. the fact that they try to bribe a captain of the tanker. and then subsequently threaten them is extraordinary and it should be something that people in the united states. will be kept talking about day and night but there are also out there issues as well bolton wants to intimidate iran and that he has failed and the supertanker is alongside the syrian shore reveals that failure so he's outraged at another level he wants to make the syrian people suffer as much as possible because that's been u.s. policy for many years now and on the other hand he wants to. prevent
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iran from carrying out trade with other countries through bullying and threats and illegal behavior so there are multiple reasons for the u.s. behavior towards iran towards syria and towards the all independent countries but i think it's only harming the united states in the long run because the united states is increasingly seen as a rogue regime. in south africa's biggest city johannesburg foreign owned businesses are being looted amid a wave of pretensions across the country on monday the country's police minister described the situation as a national emergency call it reports from the city where foreigners say they're increasingly looking in. the killing to peek into hand as. they have seen some of the worst violence against foreigners south africa as you
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can see here. taking what they can supplement but not because of what you not aware of that it couldn't be any moment now but the entire building can come to coming down because really hammering out of the structure now the mood on the ground it's been. but agee we don't feel 100 percent comfortable filming we've been told the show no is nowhere to be seen and no doubt he is trying to stay as far away from these kind of scenes as possible because one still gets to say that b. situation has not changed she competes cotton i know it's hard to believe but this was a bottle store one of the questionnaires working there was who comes from zimbabwe what actually happened make up one family and made her around a club member greg bishop they did both up was there he said monday night the big combo when they been they showed a man being away from a job well moment to be taken between the thames to school. across the road here is
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alan who owns a hardware store and did you ever think that you would see these kind of scenes happening so close to a business own for you on green fluid before in 2000. that someone moved through the instant chemistry can become anything remotely. or most of last you wonder filled in the room what do we do with it in the large ludo world for believe that we've read from. do you think showing your south african identity projects to you is going to give me that was really good why what happened are you going to go look close the emotional gun law deal my little are the police and the government doing enough given that we're not doing enough other moves and blaming we believe when the government the government won't work the nobody wants both of whom wolf will get a little problem it's not just foreign owned stores that were targeted here you can see a 2nd hand car dealership that was broken into and the cars say to light now the result
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has been an offer by the nigerian foreign ministry for any nigerians living in this country who feel unsafe to be able to fly back home for free this is the worst spate of them a phobia of violence that south africa has witnessed since 2008 police is to most adjacent some 8 people have been killed and more than 300 have been. attainment as we say the violence a sad reflection on what way he is and tenable situation. where you from the world on your plate to be in south africa for your schools the girls the people thought the good will last sunday and no good news of middle little ones you're given to be given the bliss and how many years even some of that deal is to say you south africa your school. and now you have no business no move this finish it is feeling like you compare the cost to a family of the low so that now this shop here which has been completely boarded up
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was owned by nigerians and there is no way here to be seen of course they are very afraid the shop is completely solid but this shop too has been looted also owned by nigerians lock on the door completely sealed up so people have differently afraid that the violence will continue you welded up the shops why played me there. and did i take everything through with them. and where all the nigerian owners in the foreign owners always on the world are they thinking to leave the country they wrote your book or do you talk to a great group what. ever chris went out today for nigerians in the country who want to be free of charge i able to do so then there is at least one flight today leaving at this stage the situation is extremely untenable unstable and i continue being on the streets there's a lot of uncertainty so when the what what will happen remains to be seen in our team johannesburg the head of the province where johannesburg is located insists
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the situation is now under control. but i am confident that the party saw on top of this situation. i have said but if the police. hoping i would have asked that the south african defense force muster. follows the police but so far they are dealing with the situation in all. provinces calm. residents in jerusalem are furious with the new neighbors the incoming u.s. embassy we'll tell you what the spots about after this break. live. western germany that steve globalization and this came in with trump in 2016 said he the idea of monitor ization the global central banks cooperating to put out
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a currency unit of accounts that was better than gold is a 6070 year experiment that is now collapsing which is leading to dollars a sinner's do countries like russia move aggressively away from the dollar and buy gold and did globalization simultaneously. you know world of big. and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome back to the program and they over a wall residents of a neighborhood and made by unknown ways to 6 metre told by being built around the new u.s. embassy they say it will block their view of the area originally the american embassy received a permit to build a wall 3.2 meters high but it was recently authorize for the barrier to nearly double the height. that construction be halted. i'm upset. very upset i come out my house and i want to be able to see the view over the desert i don't want to look at a big stone war hero in order to be able to go into i go to one morning and saw them doing demolition and construction work so i asked what was happening on these . they were making the wall higher why would they do that doesn't exist seymour high enough what was the problem with the wall now for those entire view from my house. we're very upset we are part of
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a group of neighbors we're trying to see what can be done to stop this. minimal like consulting with us it's going to block our view it's going to block that edge and it's going to turn our. way uncomfortable kori door and we don't want to live with that. in may last year the united states embassy was relocated to dribble slid off to the trumpet ministration recognize the city as the capital of israel the owner of a jerusalem based construction company says the new wall is a blight on the city. i understand that the american embassy is requested to build a 5 point. 2 the maximum height rule in jerusalem according to authorities is 3.2. 5.8 meters is too much and is disregarding the neighborhoods there are many beautiful houses here in the center of jerusalem and the like that would be an eyesore. we've asked the authorities in jerusalem to comment and we'll let you know
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what they say soon as we get a response. there was a confrontation between rival breaks it rallies outside parliament in london earlier this saturday the heavily policed protests in parliament square come after a politically bruising week for the prime minister johnston lost his 1st all parliamentary votes as m.p.'s rejected his push to allow a no deal breakers it and his attempts to call a stop election next month lawmakers also moved to force johnson to see yet another brags that extension to the end of january if we withdraw all agreement isn't reached by the current deadline of october 31st the prime minister will try again on monday to get m.p.'s backing or an election. now the fight against this information is at the cost of an upcoming book by a former us state department official in the obama administration richard stengel
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is message is that america is losing the information war against russia and is struggling to control and counteract all sorts. it's not enough to bus or falsehood because truth the truth does not always win the scale of russian disinfo mation was beyond what we were capable of responding to or thora tarion governments have gone from fearing the flow of information to exploiting its or they understand that the same tools that spread democracy can engineer its undoing let's face it democracies are not very good at combating this information. richard stengel was managing editor at time magazine between 262013 before moving on to government work as under secretary of state for public diplomacy and if as for 2 years singles his own propaganda have changed last year he openly backed it describing himself as chief propagandist. basically every country creates their own
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narrative story i'm not against propaganda every country does it and they have to do it to their own population and i don't necessarily think it's that awful it's. i would say there's a difference between propaganda and us telling people what our policy is so i don't think i job is propaganda. you know my old job at the state department was what people used to joke as the chief propaganda is job journalist and author daniel thinks that washington has a selective approach to dealing with the. americans never a law and even when they law. it's not a lie because somehow it's a it's in pursuit of a higher truth and so are so stengel would never admit to admit to deceit to to painting a false portrait remember though the worse the us does terms of foreign policy the greater the distance from ation that that emanates out of washington the u.s. never changes the u.s.
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is always consistent always honest always forthright and that anybody who says anything to the contrary must be must be spreading this information in behalf of russia on one hand yes the us is being more openly propagandists like the other hand when the us does it it's not propaganda it's simply the truth and anything to the contrary is fake information a funny thing now i'll be back with more updates in around 30 minutes time you stay with us. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were employed. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the
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turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo down engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the sort of narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power virtue of just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race is often very dramatic to follow only i'm going to
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desist i don't see that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. see and you're watching going on the ground while we're away we're going to be showing something a favorite episodes of this season coming up in this show for she has since the revolution that inspired the world and brought the wrath of us back death squads we speak to nicaragua as minister to president daniel ortega whole family and from
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politicians to schoolteachers how damaging is the neoliberal obsession with growth at all costs to the survival of planet earth we ask again for the star and environmental activist jerome plus how we. see those who already lost reus late namesake david bowie but. nothing like my good things that don't hunky dorey in westminster is britain but bez for a new prime minister all the small coming up in today's going on the ground but 1st days before the 40th anniversary of aga billy one of the most important revolutions in world history we're with dr paul acquisti private secretary national policy to the nicaraguan president daniel ortega paul welcome to going on the ground i know you're here for the defend the media freedom conference from which i along with r.t. was banned but i've got to stop i wish to express my savagery toward t. and to sputnik for being banned from their freedom of expression and friends and
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strange it may sound. i'm going to ask you about that in a 2nd but you know there have been terrible events in the one doris it's the 10 year and a verse 3 of the obama clinton backed coup d'etat there and of course on doris was the place where helicopters were flying over your country back in the 1980 s. to kill your people tell me about what your understanding is of the situation on doris what is what to say when they hooted time took place on the 28th of june 2009. had a cheap. democratic stability with the election. and this coup d'etat broke that constitution oh a continuity you were there and i was there i was there as an observer for the united nations general assembly president father may go to scotto we were with. the night before and he said yes there was a coup attempt on thursday but it had been overcome so everything was fine and the
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next day there was supposed to be this consultation like a plebiscite a vote on an informational basis it wasn't binding legally binding or anything like that and it was you know i was suppose there was supposed to wake me up at 6 o'clock and it was 8 o'clock at that something's wrong here and then all of a sudden i put the television on there was no television ice at all and then i heard it swoosh the jets flying low over the city i reached the conclusion of what supersonic jets are good for and latin america is to announce the coups but why is it then that president obama hillary clinton the seen as the great peace maker is in the minority when you are all you have you only have to read hillary clinton's biography that. her admitting the u.s. implication in the coup in honduras she was the author of the libya war she's admitted to.


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