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used to develop you would have to study. individual area and program. to resolve the difference between the northeast of the united states and the southeast states. there are almost different languages and let's be honest this is darpa we're talking about the people who wrote off billions trying to create such wonders as an army a virus spreading insects weaponized be robotic elephants and a live polio virus just for the heck of it apparently never cease to amaze when it comes to creative ways to get to the bottom of another multibillion dollar budget and in the extreme the unlikely off chance that they succeed well our future could climb this sock and true you can't handle the truth. or the fight against
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this information is at the core of an upcoming book 2 former state department official the about ministration which is tangles messages that america is losing the information war against russia and is struggling to control and counteract the falsehoods it's not enough to bust or falsehood because truth the truth does not always win the scale of russian descent from ation was beyond what we were capable of responding to or thora terry and governments have gone from fearing the flow of information to exploiting it they understand that the same tools that spread democracy can engineer it's own doing let's face it democracies are not very good at combating this information richard stengel was merging editor at time magazine between 2006 and 30 moving on to government work in 2040 you served as undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and affairs for 2 years stengel views on propaganda of change though last year he openly backed it in fact describing himself as chief propagandist. basically every country creates
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their own narrative story i'm not against propaganda every country does it and they have to do it to their own population and i don't necessarily think it's that awful it's. i would say there's a difference between propaganda and us telling people what our policy is so i don't think i've job is propaganda. you know my old job at the state department was what people used to joke as the chief propagandist job journalist north of done elizabeth thinks that the u.s. has a selective approach to dealing with the truth. americans never a law and even when they lie it's not a lie because somehow it's. in pursuit of a higher truth and so are so stengel would never admit to admit to deceit to to painting a false portrait remember though the worse the us does terms of foreign policy the greater the distance from ation that that emanates out of washington the u.s. never changes the u.s.
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is always consistent always honest always forthright and that anybody who says anything to the contrary must have it must be spreading disinformation in behalf of russia on one hand yes the us is being more openly propagandist the other hand when the us does it it's not propaganda it's simply the truth and anything to the contrary is fake information. while this information is a fake this coming up as breaking news for you just joined us either good afternoon we're going to go full because there is a developing story happening right now landmark. event is being deemed as both play with detainees on have landed in moscow and kiev. kiev for a highly anticipated prisoner swap speculation rifle this is no great surprise but still to last when it wasn't sure it was going to happen all the details about jews only played instead of 35 detainees really each side will be exchanged both planes
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landed the deal apparently both for the takeoff at the same time don't call it a yes absolutely earlier we got some reports that $35.00 ukrainian detainees were moving from the outskirts of moscow by bus airport in moscow and we also got the reports that russian detainees were moved into the airport in kiev a little bit over an hour ago they both took off simultaneously headed for kiev and moscow so yeah and we've. got some more information like for example the ukrainian president vladimir is olinsky is actually in you in kiev right now ready to meet the detainees as they arrive we've got live pictures. in the. see what we're seeing here. cameras punin round a bit but this is. as you see. the play just now is with the ukrainian prisoners that have come this morning as you say we saw
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them we think. the same people those 2 black bloc that when the bus is coming out of. a prison in moscow here is part of a big handover that president putin said was going to happen is being branded as a long awaited position this kind of thing has now 2017 is it it's ukrainian plane that. say a plane has just landed the other way just landed in port isn't it. do we know who's on the plane yet again it still has really made public we still don't know who is there yeah well you mentioned the blackout when the blacked out windows on the vehicles in the buses before we really don't know exactly who's being traded here but there is a guess there is a lot of speculation and actually we do know that one. is actually on his way to moscow at the same time as the russian detainees were coming in on their way to us interesting because well no story that he didn't when he was released he's the
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head just reminding of he was the head of. the ukraine we noticed in the international news agency. he was released from pre trial custody so the case against him is over no war well just several days ago he was released actually about a week and a half ago he was released on bail the trial officially actually is still set and he himself said he didn't want to be involved in a prisoner exchange because he was dedicated to the idea of his innocence and that he would actually stand trial in ukraine so the reasoning for why he's flying to moscow at the same time of these prisoners right now is unknown there are there aren't reports talking about this. now we're going to show you some pitches next to the letters q there is the new president of ukraine. meeting big deal for him this isn't it he's money says the road could they say with russia. it's being billed maybe is. better times between the 2 countries 2 neighboring countries very close
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together. the landscape where is the we've just zoomed into the place still no idea . if you just saw told his head you can when it's live pictures you never know what you're going to see. we don't know who is in there but there is actually a lot of speculation about what ukrainians are being traded for example some of the sailors that were caught in the middle of the incident last year the current straight incident just to give our viewers a bit of background what happened was that the russian coast guard ordered 3 ukrainian vessels to turn around and divert course warning them that they were going to be in violation of russians territory territorial waters isn't there a high profile ukrainian filmmaking we think is going to be played as well again it's quite difficult to see in any great detail because the quote away from you know it's going to be clear you know it is the linsky the welcoming these people i don't recognize that the of particular officials at the moment right as
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a say this is being billed as just to underestimate this is the 1st time this thing's happened since 27 say and will usher in maybe a better more friendly era between between russia and ukraine yeah yeah and you know these talks regarding this prisoner exchange have been going on for months so you know both administrations from ukraine and russia have really been putting a lot of effort into this and let's go back to what you were saying before there was another ukrainian there was speculation about another ukrainian president that maybe in this exchange is name is a leg sense of the no make exactly that all maker and he was serving a 20 year charge in russia for terrorist for terrorist plotting and. and this took place during the crimean referendum back in 2014 the russian government. is going to go the 1st people are coming off the plane they don't mean much to me guy in the orange the go in the blue look some of their meeting you know he's some overjoyed
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absolutely i mean i can never take away from the fact that look at a family reunited again one of the diplomacy of this the rights and wrongs of it the joy of just seeing year your kid again after a long time away straight incidents that happened was back in november 28th remember the great big russian blocking off the. the bridge across the strait because that's the only entrance you can get into the sea the port of maria paul isn't it belonging to ukraine and of course russia at the time said no you cannot come into what is russian territory this area of sea. english you get permission to listen these 3 boats did and this is with when it all kicked off its knees and back story right absolutely they didn't turn around they said that they didn't need permission for where they were going so to all intents and purposes what we think we're seeing here are the sailors on these 3 boats at the time that have been held in custody here in the form of a prison actually not that far from where the studios are in the northeast of moscow. the buses are all we think this is them on the plane. and their families
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are getting more shots of the reunion that feed going now. big thing for. for the for mr selenski the president say overlooking all this it's him of course isn't it's definitely a high profile event and president putin mentioned this again it's good for russia as well president putin mentioned this at the economic forum in davos just wrapped up at the weekend i mean leaders of india and you could see in these pictures a relatives you know waiting for friends probably and you know it's good p.r. for both sides when an event like this happens and you know everyone's happy reunited with their friends and family and listen. these are a lot of prison is the allegation was the wrong prisoners that have been released here's a goodwill gesture by russia absolutely. well there we go so little bit of history in the making here this kind of thing has 27 these live pictures from ukraine just probably read a bit well that plane took about an hour and
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a half both took over the same time is that right there that this information is this information lack of information is the roses you know a lot of this kind of thing reports directors telling us we can probably go to the airport and i know. he's going to bring in something in the minute as we get that food will take of you is that means. it's putting around a bit but. again this is the 1st time that these guys have seen their families basically since. late 28 yeah yeah and for and for some of them you know like we were saying before about this ukrainian filmmaker he was set to serve a sentence of 20 years in prison and if it's true that he's on this plane to be reunited with his family that must be a big relief for him and who knows what other people or the exchange where the sentence was they might have been all on the plane then the plane that slammed. just in the southwest of moscow 2 things on that plane. well like i said the
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one of the ukrainian detainees that is speculated to be there is a legs. oh yes it's critical yeah yeah so ok on the russian side the only things that while there's a lot of speculation about one person named. mark and he actually was in charge of a large array of east ukraine's anti aircraft defenses when they made 17 went down and the dutch government has been conducting an investigation into it and calling a person of interest absolutely a person of interest and they voiced some concern that if he's returned to russia that they may not have the opportunity to talk with him ok russia will no longer said that it wants to fully participate. this is a road location to continue so person of interest may be on there but again it's still not being confirmed we know any tipoffs has there been any information about any media presser that might be happening or they simply going to be bussed out of those gates and the killers bus and bus and disappear off again anything what can
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we look forward to some of the well like we were talking about before i mean like this whole event has been almost shrouded in secrecy too well to a lot of degrees that's why we've had conflicting reports at the beginning you know things become clear as they actually happened so we're not exactly sure kind of press as some kind of media thing later about absolutely probably a press conference or a well from now we'll leave you to it we're hoping to go we go as done often a minute vnukovo airport. oh let's go back to the shop to come in and go look at that one of these reunite. families reunited after being apart for some alone right there and you can see all the families the family members there you got people in bracing it really is a good p.r. thing for both ukrainian and russian governments when they can come together to an agreement to make sure that families are reunited and happy here you can see.
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people the media is there there's plenty of media officials covering the event hopefully soon we get a better idea of who exactly these people are we think 24 ukrainian sailors there is the number on the overseas number of others because it's 35 new so there are 10 others there. that leaves another 11. to speculation is the thought that the this is going to ease tensions now this is. quite a big deal is high hopes that it's going to be from now on after this yeah i would think so i mean that's why both governments have put in so much time in africa into these talks to broker this. this prisoner exchange it's been months they've been putting effort into it and there's been a lot of mention the tension just saying we mentioned the film making them since this is a screen. again look at the history made very emotional of course tell me this remind of use. you know he could have been in prison here for up to 20 years that's
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correct he was charged with terrorist plotting around the time of the crimean referendum in 2014 the government said he he was involved in plotting of bombings destroying bridges and a number of other things so you could you could probably expect how happy he is to be reunited with his family after for a long time expecting anyone really looking very happy as you can see it's a big deal it's a big coup for him the usual smile on his face. to be pretty amiable. i think shortly now we can cross 1st the ukrainian side of it again still more people coming off there's the captain say flight thankfully the copilot are. safe and we're hearing this is went totally to plan as well that they took off in exactly the same time they pretty much landed exactly when it's all been pretty well choreographed as well isn't it yeah yeah now i think we can have
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a look at the airport he goes down offers our correspondent the dollar to get back to it because i think we can have some sort of press. about. this go over to egos don't know if they go up high there ok we'll still not a lot to report where you are because the gates is still closed you can't see anything but we've been watching the pictures but what are we expecting i guess the bus the gates are going to open the buses are going to come straight out past you are they are something more plowed what you know. well kevin your guess is as good as mine in fact we just got the confirmation that it's 35 or 35 people so now we can safely say that the flight that the plane. with 35 russians has just landed in fact just minutes ago landed a few 100 meters on a nester behind me behind those gates and yes rightly so you have pointed out that indeed this is that this is the most likely scenario is yes that these gates are going to open and the bus with $35.00 russians is going to rule or roll out of it
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and well proceed to the capital of russia proceed to moscow now of those 35 people we do not know all the identities we do we have not i haven't seen any confirmation as to who exactly was on board that flight but one person is more or less than that is pure real vision ski he was the editor he was the head of. in ukraine the head of the ukrainian branch of russia's ria novosti news agency and he was accused by state treason and he spent more than 400 days in a ukrainian jail without being found guilty he was awaiting at the trials there and the russian side has been adamant that the man who has not been proven guilty and hand says innocent should not be put in jail before the guilty verdict and they were fighting valid that well and cost ration i should say and shortly literally
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weeks be fools before this before this what happened. was a released on bail and so so that he could away to await the trials from the comfort of his own home that was a very positive sign for the relations between russia and ukraine and this is indeed a very positive sign too because it has been a very sensitive issue for both countries and. that has been a very very difficult process of the talks between russia and ukraine getting in the lists of people who is going to be swapped for who how's that how that's going to happen and whether or not that. it's going to happen and all that was all murky would says we've had some false alarm some false starts just a few days ago we thought that that was that the that this what was going to happen and didn't today we can finally say that this will did happen a very again very sensitive issue so we're going so we are go we do hour to wait
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for the bus to roll out of the gates to bring you more yeah go to drill bit of a line in this well right now i'm being told they are be the people are going out of the plane now being i'm being tipped off in my earpiece that was the hopefully i think we're now seeing live pictures of those those 35 russians getting out of the play unfortunately we were hoping we could get inside and greet them with that and bring you the it's over hell yes trip i'll tell you we've got a good weekly it could be going to be a picture resume day and all about that door is open receiver that we saw just a block plenty of minutes ago on flight 24 when this finally approached have a look at the airport and we're just waiting now for the contents of said plane to get off there's been an official line from the russian human rights commissioner as well on russian on this you big russia ukraine exchange today saying confirming 35 people from one side 35 people in the other side have crossed their respective
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shoulders so it is official. on to say we're going to keep on this because the 1st people now started the morning today in ukraine getting off prisoners getting off. we're seeing a long flight all went totally to plan president putin said this is going to happen next. big prisoner exchange should be expected and indeed $35.00 from each side. looks like. not totally sure who these people are part of that you can see with the . if luggage that they've got there. be interesting to find how soon before they. got on the plane this morning how you know how much warning they had about this did they know it's going to happen a week ago 2 weeks ago questions to be asked. various sailors getting off but aloft
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2 for 300 series plane russian made plane of course. everything to plan. for look at the airport which is down in the south west of moscow not the usual bit of the airport it's the bit where the dignitaries fly from normally it's a very popular airport and again now the. people back on home soil russians that have been held prisoner in ukraine as part of this prisoner swap back home so what a good feeling that must be for them the sun shining down look at that laden with luggage as they some of the can pretty temporary so be interesting to see to find out later maybe if they if ego gets to chat to some of them will they give a press conference later how much warning that about this do you only find out the morning with some of this is going to happen where you think your fate is totally different you going to be stuck in ukraine against your will if you don't want to be there and these people are prisoners let's not forget until this morning the relief they must be feeling touching down being on home soil in russia here
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covering it live international it's coming up to 8 minutes to 2 o'clock in the afternoon money's kevin oh and don't forget that this has been going on for weeks behind the scenes although these guys themselves may not have known that they'd particularly be released a part of the diplomacy behind this is going for a long time. and it can't be understated what a big deal this is. diplomacy wise for both countries for a new president at the helm in ukraine and also as far as president putin is concerned as well russia sees it that. being talked out in my at the moment so i'm going to let you watch the. pictures for a minute if you got the sound on this now all right we go to the buses now so i think probably that's the gate i've got no idea you're seeing it for 1st on me but it's the gate that eagle is down off our correspondent is the other side of that makes sense don't have
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a long we're going to stay with this the buses. it's a bit of a tight shot i've got no idea how close those buses are to the plane but. about 100 meters is the guess done now we know that but that's a good guess i'll go with ok still got people coming off the plane. it looks like they even carried their luggage with them rather than going into the hold so. interesting to know how much warning they had about this but those planes took off the smalling with those freedom mates. their numbers have been confirmed no total 70 prisoners were involved there including $24.00 ukrainian sailors that went the other way a journalist a filmmaker a person of interest as been described by the dutch investigation into the malaysian plane crash. over the downing of the plane the swap and it easing tensions relations between. russia and ukraine deteriorated
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rapidly of course during 2014 and then the crimean peninsula became part of russia or again big vote on lot more than 130 more than 13000 people have been killed in the conflict in donetsk and lugansk regions as the troubles there had gone on things coming down little bit now and this hopefully it's hoped on all sides as been reported. a way forward now maybe ease the tensions maybe get things back on a more diplomatic happy a scale president putin said he wanted the new ukrainian president has come in and it looks like what he said but it looks like in practical terms he's agreeing with that as well but both sides letting these prisoners go and the very last people getting off that receive airlines to pull off the plane now again it's difficult to imagine the relief these people are going through you know could have been he even as late as last night they thought there was still going to be in ukraine. staying
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there for an indefinite period as prisoners but nope they had to say flights across to russia and there they are a happy note a landmark prisoner swap today we brought you it from start to finish here live on r.t. international thank you for watching my name's kevin owen union c a for the coming hours to take you through that and i'm sure a media conference as well to get more thoughts about this all before we go you can see mr brzezinski coming off the plane there is a high profile because he was the guy that was running the ukrainian branch of ria novosti the international news agency for russia he was facing 15 years in prison the case against him i believe although it may well be dropped but the case against him is still alive but he was released dramatically last week from pretrial detention and some other prominent media figures as well meeting him there was see
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a television they want to get in quick there's the head of ria novosti in fact as well on the left side there here in russia where that not withstanding he certainly i don't think would have thought that he would have been in this position coming back onto russian home soil happy home soil for him if you'd only asked him this a week or 2 ago so there we are at the end. for him thank you for watching us stay with us to if you can you can see it next out to bring you more as we get more pictures and more reaction to it thank you for watching international. says he stressed to make sure that the british wasn't at the bill of budget up that he had to. stop the actual story you'll see
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the statistic it is easy to see which quote all shall. never know which of. the member states. to me or to ship. or to close any sort of yours or mine it's your business for c.b.s. . kids or mr ellsworth supporter. put them to the spirit over there is this interview are you going to use to teach the student actually a person a person of the vocal or should step up and spit it. out what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to.
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have to go right to be pros it's like them before 3 of them or 10 people that i'm interested in always in the waters of our. first city. oh. well you know the fires they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates
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for so long. i mean they're in the small boats next a hard pull of ships and it's. not something to. eliminate self to make cold fish already 90 minutes end of the dock and blown because their. concept 15 scoops up 75 tons and they do it several times a day with the big fleets now are you get an idea on why ocean fish. we have to understand we could not stay still and just. be witness of the deal going on because our. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future can generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have.
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you are. breaking news r.t. international months of talks pay off a major prisoner swap is not completed between russia and ukraine $35.00 a detainee from each side being exchanged and it all happened within the past. also coming off the program this summer the u.s. state department confirms it attempted to bribe the captain of the arena oil tanker at the center of a diplomatic rock so they could seize the vessel. and riots continue in south africa where foreign owned businesses are being looted and people .


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