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tv   News  RT  June 21, 2019 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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charm. absurd really harsh things that happen in life. you'll find out. like you'll find out you'll find tensions mines in the persian gulf a story from considers the response to iran's downing with an american military drone iran says it had violated iranian airspace which washington denies poolside to. georgia's interior ministry labels szeged protest and country in the country's capital massive coup more than 70 people are injured as anger erupts over a russian m.p. being allowed to address the parliament and facebook is under the spotlight again as reports claim is paul working conditions at the social media giant splosion
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comes by a group of employees who filter extreme content to the site. always see every single day you see pain and suffering and for days in fact in my mind it just makes you angry. because they're not doing anything. for their good morning just gone 10 o'clock here in moscow you're watching international now iran has the international community to stop washington's destabilizing actions in the persian gulf comes after shot down an american military surveillance drone over the strategic strait of hormuz on thursday the u.s. president has spoken out on the incident saying the republic has made a major miscalculation. well i made a big mistake. this drone was in international waters clearly we have it all
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documented it's documented scientifically not just words and i made a very bad mistake ok sorry i misunderstood i'm afraid you'll find out and maybe you'll find out you'll find me arguing there are obviously obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it you're going to find out they made a very big mistake when it is the direct confrontation between the 2 countries meant the current tensions which began when washington quits the 2015 you can you deal with more his kind of more pay. in terms of words he seems to have indicated it could have been a human error he pointed out that it could have been a general or some other official who made the mistake of ordering for the drone to be shot down i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth i think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid our iran is said that the drone did indeed enter their airspace and violate their territory and
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that they intend to go to the united nations in order to prove this they say that it was in the southern part of their country that this drone entered their airspace and that they shot it down for violating their airspace at this point we've got the iranian foreign minister condemning the united states for what he calls economic terrorism the us wages economic terrorism on iran has conducted covert action against those and now encroaches on our territory we don't seek war but was jealous lead to fend off sky land and water is will take this new aggression to the u.n. and show you that the u.s. is lying about international waters now the u.n. secretary general antonio gets here as is calling on all parties to remain calm and exercise restraint i strongly hope that. the situation will be contained because as i said and i repeat the world does not really need any measure of confrontation in the gulf russian president vladimir putin recently said that an
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attack on iran would be potentially disastrous which i'd like to say straight away that a military conflict between the u.s. and iran would be a disaster at least for the region it would be an outburst of violence with terrible consequences it's very hard to predict what would happen in the case of military force being used now many observers have noted that it seems that the white house is powerless in toward iran has been rather consistent this is the united states has approached iran during the trumpet ministration of their neighbors are spread instability or terror everywhere we go in the middle east it's a rare. major destabilize. implodes in the middle east spread death destruction and we've been trying to do is to get the world to be employed globalization now the united states recently sent a 1000 new troops to the middle east region in response to a supposed threat from the islamic republic of iran now on june 13th when 2 oil
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tankers were attacked the united states blamed iran for the incident however iranian officials rejected those accusations outright and said that it was actually their ships that were on the scene to rescue the sailors who had been hurt and take them for medical assistance so at this point all eyes are on the middle east region all eyes are on the u.n. where international bodies will be hearing and taking up this issue and all eyes are on washington as a response from the united states could be very possible to walk in there well after withdrawing from the nuclear deal u.s. imposed sanctions on iran and ended waivers for countries that imported soil in response around renee don't some of the deals commitments. and driving incidents happened in one of the world's most important oil routes the strait of hormuz and turan has threatened to close it if sanctions prevent it from selling oil political scientist and former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiation team cafe says that washington's position towards terrine is failing to gain traction. you know
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spate of accusations against iran have been unconvincing to the international community so busy i think the wall has wised up and is a smarter now and is now going to adopt at face value various wild allegations leveled iran including the allegation that wily iran was all stealing the story visit our japanese foreign ministry when an attack the japanese cargo ships anyone familiar with iran's culture of hospitality alone would know that that's an impossibility and it's another false flag operation and that blaming iran and paving the way to an eventual war which hopefully will not happen and the international community will stand up to the us and this war mongering led by those hawks that have a clear record are pushing for and this wars of choice instead of necessity
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meanwhile a pentagon document shows that the u.s. military does believe a nuclear war is winnable and could actually be a good thing we'll have a look at that in more detail a bit later this hour. more than 70 people have been injured during a huge protest in the georgian capital tbilisi which the country's interior ministry labeled a massive coup police used rubber bullets water cannon and also to gas against the crowds there who tried to storm the parliament they were outraged after a russian m.p. was allowed to address the house you might find the following pictures disturbing. chris i i
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i i. could look at the situation go is very heated there was rest spites and then the crowd geared up for another storm stones sticks and bottles were thrown from the side of the crowd special forces fired rubber bullets and deployed tear gas it was dawn broke police do the pay to be in full control of the city center but the opposition has announced a new round of protests this evening on thursday protestors attempt to storm the parliament building an estimated $5000.00 demonstrators rallied 2 opposed to see patient a russian delegation during a session to connote the docs christianity during the uprising this one for the same deputy sat in the speaker's chair for that bring up protesters the georgian authorities and the demonstrators to refrain from illegal acts several protesters were reportedly detained while the georgian president has accused russia over what
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happened she said the protests benefit nobody but the kremlin russia at the same time has condemned the actions of georgian officials during the protests in the statement the russian foreign ministry accused them of using the process to sew anti russian sentiment well protests erupted after russian m.p. sergei gavrilov opened a session of into parliamentary assembly of orthodoxy held in georgia it dressed m.p.'s while sitting in the chair of the parliamentary speaker that sparked outrage from the georgian opposition and locals tensions them fled between russia. story tensions flare between russia and georgia following the conflict in south assess here in 2008 protesters are now demanding the interior minister resigns he said he's ready to do so if needed but demanded the protests stops at the same time we asked we spoke to a former acting president of georgia nina version artsy she believes the government
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into police she has been fermenting and the russian sentiment. the rushing toward your relations are really very difficult and sensitive for your guests aside and most of the population now receive the same message the russian m.p. in that year of door again speaker is this something which is just creating a problem what stability of the kind of 3 or something which is there just touching independence and sovereignty of that kind and it was easy to predict from the side of the government had absolutely unbelievable how and competence is the government and it's absolutely sure for me that the government did enough people the improvement of crushing georgian relations during the last few years so there was no any kind of positive in this the direction 2 the political parties who
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are calling them that are themselves the pro western and that right now to us and these. are hard to say sincere pretty nice of people in their political goals and to just strengthen these 2 russian really exist in the georgian population now back to only one can be blamed for at least then you shouldn't be absent then be responsible this is. happening and stability of this government. by facebook is under fire once again after a report by the through the spotlight on the way it treats staff it also details the death of one of facebook's moderators or just work station the revelations were made by staff from a facebook contractor in florida called cognizant who were paid to filter extreme images that appear on the site they disclose poor working conditions among other issues and word of warning you might find the following accounts disturbing. the
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mother was dropping the baby on the ground then chopped the baby and you hear the baby gurgling and trying to breathe and for days it in fact in my mind you always see every single day. you see pain and suffering. it just makes you angry. because you're not doing anything the army of contractors working for facebook worldwide contains about 15000 employees of the contractors described having to work through as many as 200 graphic videos a day including footage of animal cruelty and also extreme violence staff also claim they are forced to work in unsanitary conditions under tight controls with fights often breaking out between moderators another concern raised was a lack of paid sick leave some reportedly forced to work while they're ill for fear of losing their jobs facebook itself says it handles challenges related to the
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working environment there will inevitably be employee challenges or dissatisfactions who call our commitment to this work and our partners employees into question when the circumstances warrant action on the part of management we make sure it happens facebook has already come under pressure to clamp down on what it allows online one incident in particular was the circulation of extremist content after $51.00 people were killed in the christchurch massacre in new zealand earlier this year meanwhile the social media giant in the contract have to introduce changes including salary boosts and health care to start off we put the issue up for debate. i think i think fans will take need to take more responsibility for their contractors' this is as much about the law around working conditions in a particular offices and around the responsibility that facebook takes for its supply chain the the issue here is actually treating them better giving them better
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working conditions paying them more and and possibly keeping on top of the supply chain and making sure the coldness and aren't cutting corners and giving them enough budget to run it smoothly so that they don't have to cut corners in terms of freezing it is a matter for the internet companies this case for facebook to. sufficient resources for moderation but the other thing is 1st we need greater cooperation between social media companies so for example google may have a much better if usually intelligence to adult video content because it's experience we do to. our cities to share the technology we trace and the 2nd thing is to create greater transparency so to allow for an external bully to go into facebook and all the. process in terms of
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moderation i don't think the technology is yet sophisticated enough to be the solution quite yet and the moderators themselves can identify the type of content that needs action to be taken and action has been taken in some cases it hasn't been taken in all instances and we need to understand what the level of investment is where the thing the things are falling through the cracks whether that is the focus and then what it's reported to facebook what is passed on to the authorities we need to have a password or a more effective means of doing this but we're not going to get away until the technology improves dramatically we're not going away from the need for human moderators the moderators need to be able to work very very and with great great reels. so i think the solution for now would be to 1st this month much more. money. into the moderation process facebook needs to be investing far more in the technology to assist some of these moderators
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and you could pixelate out faces you can do certain measures to make it more pleasant for the employees are having to do this moderation. takes the lead for you this hour a pentagon document shows the u.s. military does believe a nuclear war is winnable would have a look at that among other stories take just off the broad. strokes seems wrong. but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to seep out of this thing as a kid and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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you know world a big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back the u.s. military claims that the use of nuclear weapons could create decisive results and also restore sanity check stability comes from
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a document recently made public but then was suddenly classified on quarter as more on the story. bombers submarines and ballistic missiles the pentagon's triad of nuclear warfare usually atomic weapons are considered a means of deterrence but now classified documents suggest the war hawks in washington may have other ideas using nuclear weapons could create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic stability specifically the use of a nuclear weapon will fundamentally change the scope of a battle and create conditions that affect how commanders will prevail in conflict the 60 page document came out in early june only to be classified a week later by the pentagon it's a surprise it wasn't a secret to begin with the fundamental principles underpinning washington's nuclear operations are laid out for the world to see and they don't exactly correspond to some of president donald trump's past talk of nonproliferation between russia and
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china and the us we're all busy making. hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons including nuclear which is ridiculous i think with that leader i think we're always going to be the leader we have to be the leader i think it's much better if we all got together and we didn't make these weapons so i think that's something that could be a phase 2 after this is done but then again trump himself hasn't been very consistent on nuclear posture either he called for talks with both the presidents of russia and china just last year to put an end to a so-called uncontrollable arms race several months later trump accused russia of developing missiles prohibited by the 1987 i.n.f. treaty although moscow denied violating the agreement signed to specifically prevent an arms race the u.s. withdrew the united states will therefore suspend its obligations under the n f treaty effective february 2nd and it's no secret the pentagon's long been on the anti russia bandwagon in 2018 its nuclear posture review accused russia of
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producing more non-strategic and i n f banned weapons. but a recent article by the american federation of scientists about d.o.d. exaggerations pointed out something interesting that the nuclear posture review contradicts itself their own statistics indicate that russia had between 3 and 5000 nukes in 200-922-4000 in 20112000 are less than 2018 exaggerating the threat from russia only justify spending more money on weapons that can annihilate humanity and with the risk of nuclear war at a tie if since world war 2 there's no time for war games these seeming double standard is to present trump as someone who is reluctant to go to war the document i believe was a message unit was in fear not only to probe the current belligerent rhetoric oh the troubled ministration but as well to buttress is foreign
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policy which is aggressive aggressive in south america aggressive in the middle east aggressive in asia. now the russian president's annual q. and a session this week collected over 2000000 questions from the general public and putin spent about 4 hours on from more than 80 questions on various subjects including international issues. it's better if the american side shows interest and we are always ready for dialogue or what we see what is happening in us domestic politics the president will always look back on the race he's in right now some in the american establishment are speculating about our country's relationship trying to find problems and telling lies. we'll be sure we're going to use if we. went to paris and said he would not talk to
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the separatists representatives of these unrecognized republics how will they resolve this issue but a modern history doesn't provide a single example of a conflict which was resolved without direct dialogue between the sides we need political will. and we did it everything we've seen presented as evidence that russia is responsible for everything doesn't suit us we think it is insufficient evidence it doesn't say anything we've presented our version of events but unfortunately no one wants to hear it until there is a proper dialogue here we won't find any answers to the questions about the plane crash and the deaths of the people on board which remain open again this is a tragedy and we mourn its victims such tragedies are unacceptable. and if you are interested you can watch the full q. and a session say on our social media pages. the agro embassy in
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london spied on wiki leaks front man julian the sun jafta limor a no became president according to police recordings of the alleged extortionists the group consisted of a spanish reporter and 2 computer experts who were trying to sell the information they had to his team it included video and audio footage his medical reports and even legal documents to a songes lawyer asked them where they got pictures of his documents the lead to extortion is said it was from somebody on the inside they also said the embassy had microphones and the recorded material had apparently been handed to the impasse a weekly senator in chief believes the ecuadorian authorities were gathering the surveillance for the us who are you so we may well we remember the extortionists. sue they admitted they knew that this was under orders of the ambassador ready.
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was ready all to the. us and them all to the us. or. the ongoing series of this is called. prosecution or were you sure something else. just days after a songe was 4 from the embassy back in april footage from inside the building was then leaked to the media is now currently serving a 50 with him in the u.k.'s high security belmarsh prison for jumping bail in 2012 when he sought refuge following rape allegations in sweden which he has denied arguing they were a pretext to extradite him less when the us is indicted disarmed on 17 counts of spying for publishing classified documents and one of conspiracy to hack a government computer if extradited he could face up to 175 years in prison back in 2010 sans released military and diplomatic cables leaked by former u.s.
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army soldier chelsea manning detailing alleged u.s. war crimes in iraq the editor in chief of wiki leaks again police at the u.s. charges against journalism and we do not through the lawyers. crime is being sure. that this work surfaces in the news and this is what you see and mechanistically most. on the indictment or all of that will ready go to you know the seriousness of the execution so to. all the people who just followed. by the special report to the united nations. recently condemnation of. the rule of the united states you know sweden. basically making a lot of the whole. and that is how the news is looking safe asa day here in oz he
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will back again with the headlines more stories just. what is do before he came here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people that because of what they did they have given up their rights as live among us some are even proven innocent after years on death row and how many more
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exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. we had one man 3540 years old. this child in the water. some 30 fisherman later. i just suffered an. element of all the. men of the wealthy and. i believe that this is one of the therapy is. our charm that absurd really harsh things that happen in life.
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you. sophie shevardnadze at a certain number of white supremacist hate groups is on the rise but my guest today is convinced that their message of hate can be decided with friendship. darrell davis musician who convinced hundreds of clicks clan members to give up their ropes he joins me today to share his story. despite decades of victories for the civil rights movement america's race problem is still permeating the fabric of society with new more hardline and loud civil rights groups bringing racism to the
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spotlight again but with a parallel rise of white supremacists and right wing is is the aggressive protest tactic backfiring or provoking an extremist response can racism in the u.s. only be confronted with militancy. the message of calm conversation and gradually went to me so someone without presenting finally. terrell davis musician and author of the book the same relationships welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us so terrell you are quite famous for befriending k.k.k. members and in many cases your friendship resulted in them living the kleine you wrote a book about it so when you were starting to work on your book did you yourself have any preconceptions about clansmen and how many of those teacher eventually gave up well yes i did have some up preconceptions about them because you know as a child we hear things like a tiger never change its stripes
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a leopard never changes the spots so why would i think that a klansman would change his robe and hood so i had no intentions or perceived ideas that these people that i think all i want to know from them was how can you take me you don't even know me just tell me that and i'll be happy but through the course of conversation and dialogue we began to humanize one another and we find you know if you spend 5 minutes with your worst enemy you will find something in common if you spend 2 minutes i mean 10 minutes you'll find even more so if you nurture those commonalities you are forging a relationship if you know which are the relationship you are then forging a friendship and so that friendship the things that you had in contrast so see.


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