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i miss mystery. has recently become. stories about his life with the wolf. after complaining recently about having to walk the beast for several hours at a time which will holes in his shoes and made his feet when the subscriber sent him a gift. b m q.
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m. they mean. he's showing. no audio from you i see. him. i. want to thank. you. oh wow.
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but i mean alexander works for the national rescue service he's been following ivana double for some time and it's been his dream to meet them the trouble is that alexander was haunted by a deep seated phobia his fear of the predator wolf is still tense the wolfhound what's going on. but you know when i've known you or my family when you walk on with fear and with the house of. my youth or.
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political move this to the. bush team with me is a doing of the would you choose the most you could you do she. stay i think i mean that's worth it to me. and i get up officer. with the name and it will switch him if leslie. was accused it was in the push. with them so i had to get them like that yes this will conduct people say. yes but you will but which. was like when it's. got the boot i devilish it's at the. i'm a usenet. they were going complete quiet theater. is this. side of the
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bus the walking in was a walk in all this for months old and. pretty as they've been. almost at cynical side but the most on the wall was cordial it's my turn to. do. it the way a bush close which will be one of the you know put it. because of the not because of the muscle provoke the shots the sauce for. the few feet which gets you what good it's. also mean mumbled doesn't want. to stuff is up with the league it has become totally but he able to do much of the scene you must mean . that it's not show you will. i was going to open your site in
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the way humbly and i'm playing here. and you see the polish jew would almost wouldn't it was that i should study that we've got to hold your evenings people way it should do to get yourself and you put things peaceful. this block not dial down no good then you cannot do it dad just blocked. the one you. yeah and you would give up some liturgy. on the 2nd picture is that more like you. see this a little now. watch in the probably in the abilities then you would be right. yeah news not you my dear
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my was are. really afraid you were once with you pretty much critic you are the guy you would. you want to talk right. now live just a bit for them let them use to. this or you know mind. stiring should look up an image of wished but ish least. one of the should it still bill will come to the one. on the show no it is because the group would do . is not this year as opposed to work. you should that's a future vote for someone that zachary it's own up creates the stuff on the the good old now chris. is the guy did it but clues if my yeah that's
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what. we did to the studio floor there's a list of the luckiest will sit down with mirrors the so boy store boy in the moralist will spoke to. the obama moment to pre-suppose you grew bored you sure you spin yeah he took place with. fortune just. to get it while war got the call to such a walk or better you've gone we. use gone way too. popular with the boys you just go along with that. if you want to be along you will not need so why you why did you come to be. sure to kill. them financially. was the way we. sure. the man on the
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books at the top of your output of the mall guilty me. of all my to thank you both of us and watchful what those 2 of them in uniform joked about so much for just go to pick a ball or any more book forms to me at the one that said as though most of the bad scene should that were to be thought were still worry a lot of other what the 1st yell didn't have the install. just me i don't get the story going to visit i was listening to the yeah i knew who walks that you. got some. time at a blazing salix to come over and meet the world so he decided that they'd pay him a visit instead. the rule is that. when you smile a pose not. a star and you will for go it's to get the local small your.
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you build when you stop and what i think she supports which i'm one of the more to baby. so you say that brings this to the end of the series if we could just let josie marino walk away and say we decided to treat up stuff goes to a very special farewell party. and. we walk along an interesting path as a team but this time to go back to the punch line and thanks for putting on such a good body. with. the only thing i didn't enjoy was
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my own eyes in moscow my dancing. on ice. cream. well thankfully we nailed it literally there we go. i think you know cubans all over the world you know all all very similar you know western the western us did not invent democracy you know democracy everywhere in world history in india in china if you go far enough back creating inclusion in soviet union all you know after 990 was not a matter of adopting the us constitution it was a matter of finding what works in that cultural context.
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no you see all those things you. saw she was training to be a dog handler and all her classmates and teachers know she has a wolf so during classes they talk about the animal from a professional perspective. just. like you know. it's not that. difficult. no idea.
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how you. deal with losing and when it's just a little bump in the cherokee you. got . into months enough to study with and lead the. new blue. now you have to work at the switch. now you have most of the one you mean. to put. but what if someone could be a new dish risk is still. snotty of the deal with that in the room yet you. just got to watch someone choose to.
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have a. gun you want to be i'm with. you on the streets and. you know it's not just on shows i mean so show me you know which. fool thing was so much. you know who you know. yes the. rents jump up but. who would you say that you do i have it was busy you. know it's in a local cross that. the stuff was began discussing you know what is so good to know and yet if you push it well but i didn't you would. love to fish because they did. to use common sense to use chemicals go out of respect as
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i could see the bone you will could use about. you don't do that. with that if that mushroom spoke with. most to me you know but i should not have to live but get it yet is that it will. be bizarrely sure knows what you are pleased. by and you could wind up. at the last week you. moved when you move scarred by the war over one there is also. the i knew movie through we used to get the would you see me up or down certainly. for you i mean. near as when you were. writing for. me is that it was more snow in person it was a chernobyl she one looked down at the ws just like i want to call friends. we.
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know that somebody was working in 1st appeared to misty. you know and then you're able to learn not so we didn't. go well so you're going to . do. no it was not the store all good guy leave them. short. he is able to do news of you. but if you. think. it's mario well to start your own work with yours it. but you.
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know. if we run a budget when we. come back i don't i don't know much. but it. was. siri really hates going home and so we've done always has to ask his daughter to meet them outside. she will. write these for you. and. was. very. busy but sasha's friendly over isn't quite ready for
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a close wolf encounter so he beats a hasty retreat. to a little slow that i did over the see that. school it's so cool. that i. can wait. do you feel free. to live by the oh i should be. just but. he's. so over the cliff. that i'm not satish.
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what she must be feeling all that she might just. pushes to know. whether you serialize before i leave your life you feel as if he was there with nobody. to show my. church. if they. should. thank. all of. this imagine true to. disprove. it no one should. have to fly 50 feet. for you.
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know who it is in the. meanwhile alexander braces himself and decides to meet the wolf will do it 1st thing in the morning were. torn by war and so forth for be a false claim and. what you. see with. well there were in there. go out in the world. to lose.
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it was an awesome. idea that this union wasn't.
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that are still with us and. we're just passed by you. because you cannot. all be. listening. well alexander goes to war with his father the wolf eats the balcony. and then them with. the most.
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insidiousness. of you know but the well that's what can. destroy the wolf is learning to dig holes in bell family meeting is cold they decided to reinforce the balcony so the animal confiscate. months and months. you know. so. you're there wolf. it's more. despite you know and. the news are accustomed to a new thought that there will be ruined. yes there's going to. be a. little you still plenty to do with them but as i leave. much
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much of. this 2000 locus of my past but it will do. the m. i use. the encounter took place of the last in a way everyone agreed it would happen for real when they meet his new book between them that's when sasha's battle with his phobia will find. this but it. was white. people. by the underlying disease.
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and the huge that beats it that it would beat them we have to use it well i. don't want to do that it's almost a little bit it was a good question and you still. go above to show. that. when we win but i said does that mean you know. your mobile. one you changed your mind you're doing. more of the. one dish. washing. yet i do. videos that show. 2 dozen to go also says their premier machinery veterinarian general plus machines that are sure it won't been seen but don't want just the quiet on that you're able to use.
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that's why easy that rolls of needle to be that does a one year by shoulder while you're done with them while you. get the key to all. the space you use will sheets of. that summer ship and you are told to question why don't you follow. the rule to cook. some of the potential to muck with it a long way to avoid push. to. die your liberal but i'm a. good voice for the 1st media for just to kill too much to. be a monk who searches for strange little. machine was membership just
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measures. the. compiler you are going to. show me. what big eyes you have grandpa said little red riding-hood yes my dear said the wolf all the better to see you with. to watch big teeth you have grandma said little red riding-hood again of course my idea said the wolf all the better to each.
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we had one man 3540 years old. lost this trial in the water. some 30 fisherman well destroyed later and it's not. understood. that he's going to want to help me i saw him and i thought my feet were stubborn and what the machine was about. i believe that this is one part of the therapy is to. our trauma. i'm sorry to really harsh things that can happen in life cut we. were going to a little. slow
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. slow. slow slow.
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fixed 6. 66. it's just. and a very warm welcome to you you're watching us inside. i . i.
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the u.s. ramps up the pressure on iran continuing to accuse the country of attacking oil tankers in the gulf of oman we look back at washington's track record of claims against so-called rogue states. russian investigative journalist yvonne the golan also speaks exclusively to r.t. about his arrest on the false charges of drug possession and thanks to thousands of people who took to the streets calling for his remarks. i saw and heard people give me support and i'm using tools and i came so i can hit you shots and i'm very pleased i mean just last year out that was moving and i'm deeply grateful to everyone who has the votes on that. postpones a bill on extradition to.


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