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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  May 4, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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i got an artist which is no more to the cia yeah. but you have to admit it's nice to see some honesty he's admitted to being a liar and a thief so therefore let's stop believing the rapid fire of bull sprays out of his bubble headed. players but much of the talk discussing venezuela and he was completely forthright and honest about what's going on there literally within a handful of days of the recognition that the crisis the humanitarian element of the crisis in venezuela had spiraled and spike that had been difficult this has been years in the making but is taken as a step change in the wrong direction we were able to move not only food and medicine but water we were able to mobilize airlift from our military c. seventeen s flying to i flew in here from from colombia to take it to the border
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interesting interest. here's a here's a here's an idea can you send some of the water to flint michigan there was a guy yes thank you i'm so mad and you're going to cocky or you feel keyed six deliberate i won't say that event as well you know. i don't want i would have it as well a want our water considering our record of killing maiming stealing destroying would you want to drink our water. hi i'm the local warlord and i just happen to be in the neighborhood doing a little light raping and pillaging and i was wondering if you could use any water or perhaps have biscuits. they also said this was years in.
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making yeah the economic crisis in venezuela has been years in the making our make anger. we've been crushing this for years you can always get it in the case of us where we were able to get it to the people who needed it but there are still denying food to the starving in medicine to sick children i saw some of those children yesterday who had crossed the border into colombia it's truly tragic man job at the heart of the. for the. for the venezuelans who genuinely need food medicine or water it's because the u.s. has cut off their ability to get it a new report by the it's true. the new report by the center for economic and policy research said u.s. sanctions have killed forty thousand people in venezuela since just twenty seventeen don't see many mainstream media reports on that it's about time we had programs with infomercials designed to protect people from u.s. aid. you in the line of fire of american aid
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missions we can't help you we've all been hurt by american help at one point or another sign up for protection from american help today. these sanctions are not sanctions they are economic war they were meant to kill but on let's let's let's back up a little let's let's assume you don't know anything about that as well or even iran or syria none of it does anyone in the world believe the trumpet ministration is really worried about sick children this. is in fact a question at the heart of all the as they drive over on hundred bombs a day many of them on children do you honestly believe chris farley over there is sitting at a. growing oh whoa. those venezuelan nino's get my magazine.
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or. that's like asking marlon brando if he cared about the quality of the cinematic art form when he was playing superman's father you. know he cared about the four million dollars. reporters were like marlon what's your favorite part of the movie four million dollars. but there was one other moment when pompei a was honest he says the point of sanctions is first and foremost to help the united states the sanctions are never something we do with glee and we do them only as a means to try to achieve an outcome that's good for the united states and good for the world. as an idea if what's good for the united states and good for the world is for us to leave other countries with
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a lower how bad that was you know why did they say maybe we can get it maybe sounds like a really good thing i wonder if anyone's ever tried it. play some more. you know there are those who think that assad has prevailed. i don't know that there is a need to declare winners and losers but the facts on the ground are that today assad rules over very broken country with six million displaced persons he controls depending on how you count it a third to forty percent of the real estate of syria. much of the oil wealth the thing that is driven syria's economy for an awfully long time is not in the control of the assad regime this is. literally just said sure assad is still in power but we stole their oil and killed their people and destroyed their country so we win. that's the thing these people are hoping for chaos and destruction they are full on
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sociopath's no number of dead phases them and finally gets to iran. and i go out on a limb here and say nothing but lovely kind hearted things to say about iran and. the other great threat which is the islamic republic of iran which remains the largest sponsor of terror is suitable for the pentagon trump got quieter about their murder numbers these total number of bombings officially reported for the nine months prior was thirty nine thousand four hundred ten for an average of one hundred forty four per day hey pa bell i think we found the largest funds are of terror does anyone have a mirror they can show. the truth is this country is run by very under volved humans they are operating at a chimpanzee level of breaking things and jumping up and down that they broke it
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the rest of us must continue to evolve we must seek a higher plane of human behavior one where we respect the rights of others to decide their own fate pompei o dalton abrams trump and all the democrats who agree with them they are antiquated outdated pieces. and they. they are. they ought. to mean. i don't know if a piece can be outdated like that that would imply there's like a new better model of a p.c. . like tim cook comes out of veils apple piece of. wood which would be weird but whatever the ninety nine point nine percent of us who don't rule this planet most people valving because if and when we're all operating at a higher level of understanding then it would be painfully clear that we are being led by primates come to watch you think about the thank you thank you.
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i. really can't relatives from behind first stop we continue with venezuela as i covered before the venezuelan embassy protection collective have been residing in the washington d.c. embassy for the past few weeks at the invitation of the venezuelan government but now violent opposition protesters as well as the u.s. secret service have blockaded the building in an attempt to stop food and medicine from entering that's right yesterday our brave secret service a restive people for trying to deliver food to the embassy i mean it was it was truly an impressive feat and we we actually have an exclusive video of the
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authorities analyzing the crime scene afterwards which why is this i mean it's too hard to talk about are is a lot to talk about but. the it was a trader joe's bag all right. you know what. i'm not kidding this is this is the video from afterwards and i have to warn you this video was very graphic. a oh hey hey. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey. those are true patriots right there right. there people don't even take them for their duty as they put themselves in the line of fire every day not knowing they did it they could get hit by a pasta dish. but could only come down to left field all right. but they do it for ice. and look i understand the coup supporting opposition i get
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them they want the us to aggressively overthrow the government of venezuela so that venezuela can have all the perks and good times that have been afforded to the other countries the us is overthrown i mean why should libya be the only ones that can't play markets right. why only then why should syria be the only ones who get jihad is public executions. as one why go would tell you the venezuelan people deserve those things to. the however the only place you can actually find out what's going on in venezuela the what's actually going on or or even a lot of countries around the world is to look to alternative media not only by corporate america so google you tube and facebook are trying their best to make sure you can't do that. last week they removed the iranian funded television channel press t.v. from you tube and all other google platforms now this is this is doll
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a bold gesture a ball gesture which stands up for the long held american tenet of freedom of speech and life we get a great idea. it's in the constitution so you tube removes iranian news channels but keeps up plenty of white supremacist channels which you know that is useful because you never know when you might want to learn the hip new racial epithet for mexicans you know you know like you don't want to be caught using your grandparents' vulgar. common over here and people like what you. want us what are you going almost alone. many are asking how youtube decided to remove press t.v. when they've shown no urgency to remove other channels like the baby slapping channel. one of my favorites one of my favorites in which a guy dressed up like
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a mine runs around slapping babies on the street while yelling. i'm so ok so i made that up but it's probably. probably does exist i mean it's. not all you do you could by now mostly nude cooking channel where celebrities eat spicy chicken wings while singing karaoke all right. but press t.v. was revealing things about our beloved american empire that our dear leaders did not want revealed so it had to be taken down much like wiki leaks founder julian the signs this week he was sentenced to nearly a year in british jail on top of the seven he's already done in the ecuadorian embassy now our government wants to extradite him here because we don't feel he's being affective li tortured over there i mean we're really good at it here and. you just can't stand in an amateur to do approach work for me i mean you know
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a country is good at torturing when we even have a lot of people being tortured by our health care system. where the guy spreading. this week there were protests in the nation's capital for medicare for all as well as a hearing in the house of representatives where many activists and they did it they had the nerve to say health care should be a human right but we already have health care in this country you moron it's called go fund me. it works great for raising the money to pay for expensive medical care as long as you're a social media celebrity a hot lady of some sorts or a cute toddler ok. oh man if you're an adorable four year old with a brain tumor your health care is on lock your doors don't even worry about it you'll have so much money you're paying for procedures you'll even need is like get . a cat scan ok as i got the funds make it to scan my brain right you know.
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if you're an average looking fifty year old with a humdrum haircut to have more touch and go it was a. republican representative tom cole called medicare for all of a socialist proposal that threatens freedom yeah goddamn right it as friends the freedom of poor people to die of preventable disease as. it does and yet it is also dirty dirty socialism all right that's why i'm also opposed to the largest socialist organization in our country the us military. goddamned socialist looking of course to wear the same thing. our pentagon is a trillion dollars a year socialist death and destruction machine we're bombing all over the place
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usually so we can bring unfettered capitalism to other countries so clearly socialism is a murderous killing machine designed to force capitalism on people. i think i have a right. or maybe representative tom cole as of yet defending the killing of poor people because our country will afford them a basic human right maybe that's it we have to go to a quick break but. no right. to take you. over because i was trying to make a special died because. it
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has nothing to do with the propaganda that the daily mail is pushing but when you have a population that might be susceptible the propaganda they can easily be manipulated
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into thinking that fracking is something other than what it is it's not economically viable it costs more to frack then then you make them properly. it's cash flow negative it's also environmentally negative you destroy the environment incredibly. colleagues in the world are. underwater. to the room. not even the owner. oh your ego to postpone the move for your.
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camp again a new report shows that the largest gang raid in new york city history as one major problem most people who were arrested and indicted were not in fact a gang members. and see this this makes me suspicious of every other largest in history claim like the ones that really the largest pumpkin in the world that i saw or did they just paint a cow orange i don't know. where to comment is the most intelligent woman in her story you know we go out. there only it was a raid of elephant time gargantuan proportions prodigious some might say all right enough with the hyperbole ok one morning in april twenty sixth teen seven hundred officers from the d.e.a.'s the n.y.p.d. the a.t.f. and homeland security surrounded a bronx neighborhood and arrested one hundred twenty men who may or may not have been dangerous however they needed all those agencies because if you're gonna take
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down a big gang you've got to show up with your own bigger gang than the one zero one zero where they just threw the screws. people know these raids are part of a new strategy the old stop and frisk policy was facing too many legal challenges so the police threw that out in favor of the much more fair wake up and ambush with . helicopters and swat teams as if it were baghdad circa two thousand and three you know something a little less invasive. that's all that credibly a very. see this is precipitation policing to get the worst of the worst according to n.y.p.d. commissioner william bratton then prosecutor later admitting that fifty to sixty of the defendants in the largest gang takedown ever were gang members but the but they were black and latino so it wasn't totally random.
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graduate degree. so there would be innocent people go yeah of course once they pled guilty first they were all held without bail as part of this mass indictment then the police had to find something to charge them with and even with the gang members that's a little difficult because contrary to popular belief many people who are gangs do nothing more than smoke weed and hang out. well i guess i have to turn myself in for gang activity. what great do you remember when i was the most intelligent woman you know those days are growing longer. what did they plead guilty to exactly well the police reopened cases that they were already charged for on the state level and so house of those arrested had sold drugs and thirty five of them actually sold marijuana which we know is normally
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a misdemeanor on the state level however since this was federal court everyone got felonies who knew marijuana was a gateway drug to being charged like you were cell. when anthrax. felony can ruin your life i mean they lose their housing their children their job i guess with all that time on your hands you could join a gang. right back up you said half of these people were in these gangs true but they were friends with the gang members and the police use social media to prove a connection so you better be careful when you post instagram pictures when they just arrested a massive amount of people to get the media coverage and a pad the n.y.p.d. has budget and justify force in the future and now they criminalize friendship well that's good news for unlikable people everywhere. thank you very.
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very well for me then why do you think you are going to do a big oil p.r. stunt but you may not have even know it was p.r. when you read it for more on this we go to react to correspondent natalie mcgill. with print journalism dying out i don't blame newspapers for trying everything under the sun to generate revenue the washington post has even allowed corporate sponsors the lease out their new xbox and so passers by have the chance to win a mystery prize.
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but that's a much more wholesome way to generate ad revenue than a practice that accounted for twenty percent of all ad income from news media organizations in twenty seventeen. it's called native advertising while made to look like editorial content it's actually paid content and these papers biggest customers are oil companies and oil lobby yes like shall be p. and the american petroleum institute who recently partnered with the post on the peace ten natural gas be the key to lowering emissions well sure can. if you're ok with the fact that drilling extraction and transporting natural gas releases methane and methane traps at least eighty six times of war heat in the earth's atmosphere than carbon dioxide of course some people will say that any responsible reader especially in a place as well read and intelligent as washington d.c.
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can spot the signs of paid content and i would have agreed with you and till i saw the analysts on slot of d.c. residents writing scooters at warp speed nearly taking out kids and baby strollers in their wake with the brain damage in the city at an all time high. we're a little not to take advantage of tricking your readers and major papers like the post in the new york times did by creating their own brand studios marketing departments that working hand in hand of corporations and specifically tell their newsrooms reputation as an asset such as the new york times t.v. brand studio whose website says use of the new york times proven recipe for storytelling we work with global brands to develop industry leading strategy creative and distribution it's why this i popping new york times native ad about exxon mobil's efforts to use plant waste an algae as bio fuel sounds promising
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despite the fact that exxon mobil along with the other four largest publicly traded oil companies in the world will only spend a combined three point six billion dollars on low carbon investments such as biofuels and renewables but we already knew fossil fuel companies were as interested in people over profit as the championship winning baylor university women's basketball team was and having to meet the president this week and a hundred dollars says he accidentally called at least two of them omarosa what's disappointing is the shadow this cast on any future reporting these publication. it's due on climate change an issue that already gets very little mass media coverage as it is according to media matters in twenty new team the major nightly news and sunday morning political shows on the national broadcast networks spent a combined total of just one hundred forty two minutes on climate change slapping
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on a paid or partner constantly only goes so far and we're all going to find out the hard way. god knows i did. how was this. wait. was so warm oh my god. what are you watching that are going to go back to today and i don't feel like we are being counted online if you say delete or you tube or our facebook page if possible the only way to hear about us will be from our e-mail text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine in the u.s. that will get you signed up also you can sign up at our tour website redacted torah dot com don't act found.
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during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember that it was and most of my family were unemployed. and it wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo down to engineer elections manufacture consent and other prince holds according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for the poor. that's what happens when you put power into the hands of
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a narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power for itself just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. they can come and blow our brains out at any given time and we can't really do anything actually america is the only country in the world where you can kill people. wore it legally get away with. all the fire crawls still beriah all the trouble here's the fail the point it's hollow play the k.k.k. exists because america wants it to exist they have the biggest terrorist group to ever operate in this country and they're dead to media war solves it and the people
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who destroyed the world trade centers are those. why. why. why. does this is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litterbugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. as the seeds do cookouts susie's. demand that seems cool sets will soften their plastic to seek a close ally and on a day when you don't lose at a special projects funding you tell the difference and close on the new vest that is the end of it for the teeth of fun now the mountains of waste only grow higher.
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the venezuelan opposition leader want to quote the right to use his supporters while the president would do if it's military forces who remain loyal to the government. of israel bomb bugs more than one hundred targets in gaza killing at least four people in response to cross border rocket fire. the us school is considering whether to paint over a moral dedicated to founding father george washington as alter the artwork was deemed brisk about sizing black native american students. this hard work
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which is a tribute to this part.


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