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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 4, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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chanted more or less the maximum sentence by u.k. judge debra taylor and of course there was this extradition request we can tell me explain what happened there from the time that you're doing was informed of the extradition which was the day that he was arrested the u.s. has sixty five days to give a full charge sheet so that is what has been pencilled in for the twelfth of june we saw on wednesday when he was sentenced for for a bail issue he was given a maximum sentence. double what the soap or so-called speedboat killer was given who was only given six months and was given fifty weeks it should be noted it's punitive you know jordan has been persecuted throughout his time in the embassy by the government it's a very politically motivated situation but why do you think the average jailer ignored all your. editors clemency pleas all the mitigation a little history deborah taylor felt that none of that litigation was worth even looking at whereas we said outside the court after her judgment we would actually
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call on everyone to read the submissions that we submitted in court they're not long and to make up your own mind she she went so far as to completely discount the united nations saying that the ruling that the united nations had given twice saying that both sweden and the united kingdom had a duty to let your innocence free she said was based on misconceptions of fact and role and had no bearing in her court it was an extremely dismissive thing for her to say jews and i know they're not removed journalists international so many other international organizations have expressed concern about what's happened to your editor i've got to ask you if you see how he is because we have press freedom advocates sources have told us they fear for his life what is his health how is he facing these new prospects of to being in the embassy for that long and now in the so-called guantanamo britain exactly so you have to remember that he lived in in
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a building for seven years with no access to the outside we saw when he was forcibly removed from the embassy that he he he had deteriorated compared to when we had seen him go in and so he went from one virtual jail on top of on top of it initially being a safe place and his refuge turned into something far more hostile went from one virtual to joe to another now when we saw him in court on wednesday when he was presented i noted that here significantly lost weight. conditions in belmarsh prison are not good two to a sturdy measures and cut backs. the prison population is forced to be in in their cells for twenty three hours of of the day which is tantamount to solitary confinement in fact it is a definition of solitary confinement in terms of visiting yes on torture there is
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and in fact the rapper terror territory has requested a visit and is going to visit him in belmarsh next week the conditions are poor a little very strong person and he will he will survive it but that doesn't take away from from the extended campaign for many years to break him down fidel you must be watching out of the mainstream media in this country is covering the case you knew julie was six of those seven years what have you made of him being portrayed basically as a as a poor house guest is that the story and why are they covering it like that was he basically tortured in europe i think there is contained to smear julian i think is complete and therefore to distract their attention from the main thing which is a journalist trying to be extradited for police into full information which was the reason for his political asylum the fact that julian assange is now. fighting
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extradition proofs that there was. and that he was always right asking for that aside and so. and handing him over to his prosecutors has committed is in a sense a crime so in order to distract from the crime and smear campaign media reports always talk about the luxury vehicle dorrian embassy what conditions was during the sanjay in seven years but they're called the embassy is very very small apartment not. windows that allows sunlight in very very difficult conditions not at all not privileges for. even under these conventions the guarantee is. they cut off communication in the last year with the new government of lenny maria not julian assange jaws basically isolated and communicated that was
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the start of trying to break him down in order to force him out of his own wheel which failed. didn't have internet he didn't have access to telephone he didn't have access to visitors apart from his lawyers you know us can attest to that because even i wasn't able to do was he says he's last year. at the embassy so. they tried to breaking down they failed and they need to bring. their side undoes wind alleging behavior the relationship between julian assange and the diplomatic stuff and the other minister of all the quadrillions was very respectful very respectful from him towards us and from us towards him always and the un was special rapporteur was supposed to visit him out there could or in embassy special repertoire on turks i was to go and visit your son and his asylum was ended before
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that visit was able to take place probably because they knew that the conditions were so appalling as we said. that there would be a very negative element coming out of that visit now the u.n. recognize that he was basically a political refugee and so on did you did you know he was being spied on well it was always difficult to have privacy in the embassy less not forget that they could the embassy was the most surveilled place in the planet so it was at the beginning right to still cameras inside the embassy in order to safeguard the political leslie and the embassy staff however with the change of government that same equipment became basic. spying tool against julian assange a new suspect lennon merino is under pressure because of the i.m.f. and the cia base in monterrey absolutely absolutely i think there's
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a combination of two elements for this edition of the book in the asylum the international pressure coming from the united states the new foreign policy of ecuador is not sovereign anymore it's completely sold out to the to the united states. was noted when when he actually allowed foreign countries placement into the embassy absolutely absolutely and before that there was. there was not much coverage about that but in january this year. the u.s. prosecutors. interview something like fifteen diplomats. in london in the embassy in london not exactly in the embassy but in the commercial office which is part of the diplomatic mission. regarding julian assange who was supposed to be protected by acquittal so that shows you the kind of. their
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cooperation between the court and they called it in government with the americans in order to hand over julian i saw your replacement in london on the show the your former media partners the guardian which is arguably more exercised about rape cases as channel four news just tell me about the reader information request that the italian journalists have on your marriage. revealed to us versus c.p.s. she had received three or four investigations which according to a freedom of information request to. the crown prosecution service in the u.k. and the prosecuting authority in sweden was able to put together a correspondence between the two in that we found that paul close was. instead of acting as the c.p.s. should have which is why the british crown prosecution service this is at the time
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the killer strom of the shuttle director secretary instead of them acting media as a conduit in order to progress the swedens case which was almost a non case because they had refused to challenge your d.n. . was actually giving strategic and legal advice and and pushing sweden to continue the case to not question him in the u.k. pushing sweden to to keep the case going for as long as possible to the british authorities who are trying to persuade sweden to uphold accusations well why do you think judge deborah taylor this week didn't think much of that being relevant to him skipping bail today that she didn't take that into account she didn't comment on it but why do you think that is i mean we have an independent judiciary here in this country presumably it's as i said previously it's an extremely politically motivated situation it's. do we have an independent judiciary when you
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see that the c.p.s. is suggesting on how to progress or not progress the case of another country quite above them julian just suffering arguably all those developing nations. secrets were exposed. for the benefit of those peoples we mustn't forget as was josie manning who is in soldiery confinement as well as julian's underwear the josie manning is also facing a long stay in prison yesterday and was aware because that happened before chelsea was put in into prison before and was arrested before his asylum was forcibly and illegally removed. she's put been put into prison for saying that she's refusing to testify against her again. and let us remember that she's already being tried she's already served a sentence she's had a sentence commuted this this displays that the future for journalism and the
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future for julian and the vehemence with which the u.s. administration is trying to get him is going to be setting a very bad precedent for journalism in the future but also that they would definitely be he will not be facing a fair trial. if you were to end up in the united states. joseph thank you after the break a caricature or to follow one of the world's greatest daughters is steve bell on censorship and a lifetime's work on the fact and after russophobia sign a phobia the boss of britain's foreign affairs select committee accuses china of nesting dragons in the u.k. and p.n.p. news all of them all coming up a bunch of going underground. montes holiday on how to have international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open
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for entries. the media professionals are eligible for whether you are a freelance journalist work full terms of media or part of a global news conference participants published works in video. go to award dot altie dot com and enter now. but. oh. maybe. it has nothing to do with the propaganda that the daily mail is pushing but when
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you have a population that might be susceptible to propaganda they can easily be manipulated into thinking that fracking is something other than what it is it's not economically viable it costs more to frack then then then you make an profit it's cash flow negative it's also environmentally negative you destroy. right environment incredibly. well you know one of the. underwater. or not he didn't. owe your room go to. move for your. welcome back it was may day international workers day this week when u.k.
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labor leader jeremy corbett been cues you can mention the impact on workers struggles around the world of julian a son whose pleas for clemency were rejected this week by judge debra taylor in a london court that's just biked messages alleging that coleman's choice for bret's and secretary presided over attempts to prolong the incarceration of the world famous journalist and publisher coleman did within an hour of assad's being sent down a tax raiser made for austerity where does the prime minister think this government has gone wrong when we've reached the point where people now expect to live shorter lives may said corbin was the problem i say the right honorable gentleman the first of all that it is not the case that people are now expecting to be and shorter lives and they have to earn in the future maybe the only feels that way every stage of life we are ensuring that we as conservatives are improving people's lives i mean so many of those areas that right on the right of agenda has done nothing but
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those against the policies it's got to have to go. elsewhere this being international workers day the boss of the u.k. foreign affairs select committee put the boot into china and chinese telecoms company while weigh the decision that has been discussed in many parts of the world at the moment is the possibility that we will be nesting a dragon that. it's time to going to have to calls this channel a hostile agent carrying out information warfare comparing the u.k. business relationships with the superpower of the twenty first century to nesting dragons well someone not afraid of using the dragon motif is one of the world's greatest political cartoonists steve bell who draws for the guardian he joins me now steve welcome to going on the go before we get to how dangerous you are as a human being it has always said no as an as an office let's go straight to this just take us through the iconography here well it's obviously the main image from the the screen grab from the it was a video that you'd love to run. with you with your fixed camera. because i gather
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they were out twenty well there are. so many go to hear this and that's it's such a powerful because the first is the shock of him the cell bearded bloke point his finger like a sort of completely unlike so unexpected so you reach this photograph which are obviously based on the screen grab is quite shocking and then i did the other because of course it's all about. extra i took him to the states so. that more metaphor for the states is of course trump now that there is a question or a good story we're going to be where you exams are but on the other trump is such a disgusting receptacle. it's quite useful because for you trump is a toilet because i think we've the defenders of tories to card to. a root i think he's beyond the he's you know creeping towards the realms of fascism in the not just creeping towards these galloping towards it i think he's he's dangerous
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well obviously he was in the us ambassador in london. and that well i was sure they were but it's just the idea of. kowtow to these devolves to for him to be extradited on. whatever charge they haven't charged him on yet or charge of either party carries a five year penalty until they decide to change it i should imagine i don't think he stands a ghost in the cat hell's chance to get a fair trial in the states and the judge in this country is already disgraced himself by calling him and else it's just. necessary. i think. so we like about assad and that he's done vital and necessary things this in no way does raise the question of television being a visual medium and the two political hay their political good use of the nineteenth century. even competition with the image i mean there you take you know
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you know i you know i thought plunder. photographs all the time but also plunder works of art and old cartoons as well. i'm fascinated by the visual medium we visit we were so out of it we were drowning in imagery so how do you know how do you navigate how do you articulate these images and that's what's fascinating about cartooning is that you actually are one of the first to go through before it's actually allowed to tinker and play with and interrogate imagery one thing you have to admit about corban is ease a democratic policy to be lectured by nine times as an m.p. and that's that shows at least some kind of commitment that he's depicted in the public prints of the press and the rest of them as a kind of terrorist somebody who is out to undermine you hear these. half wits like mark francois such remarks or start by how the body and mind are talking to boxers
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which is. sort of stupid nincompoop is thing to say it's because you depicted them is the mona lisa by davinci. i mean this is. people don't really know what global audience will or he is in some ways spectacularly and mysterious because he's a he's an i'll be eighty with a snaggletooth and he's got a staring right. where is tony blair had a staring left audit of those there's not much significance but have a think about staring eyes oh yeah it definitely it was very important if you guys are thought every because that's a thatcher had the staring left eye and it was an element there was always an element of madness about thoughts which i think i caught on to the failure of the on in the eighty's early eighty's and i was doing it every prime minister depicted by you has an air of madness there we. were definitely definitely the two that it was blair but the main the rafat it was there was definitely an element
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of believing her own kind of propaganda she finally went off the rails when she introduced the poll tax and against all of voice pushed and pushed and drove a party nearly off the rose and julie coverage of iraq i was grew up where the vietnam war was on and the coverage of the footage the documentary footage on the news every day was horrifying and it was constant it was really graphic stuff about what was going on in vietnam which of course turn people against the war by the time the pope was capable of i think the state had learned its lesson you dug you keep keep the details because you control access so the concert is there here is a chance for a cartoonist to sew a mad surreal strip with peregrine's and sort of you clear i would say i think so it's quite it is an opportunity to make actual serious comments about he d.c.
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of the whole process i mean you've insulted so many politicians of all different political persuasions and being so. i suppose their relatives would say up pulling to them and yet it was israel out of all the different subjects that you were finally spike for one cartoon or if you'd been sensible though of been spike before that. so what would the recent thing which was the. the scene you know city of magic held by israel says. i mean i notice that it was so shocked by it for so there's this image of her as it is of our ruler who would with a headscarf and i wanted to do a tribute it was a desire to make it because. it was being forgotten and i looked on the look did a search of the go there was no there was one story i was one mention of and this is this this is happened several days before i was quite shocked to this so i
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wanted to. netanyahu is on a visit to bering street so i took the traditional image in front of the fireplace which is where heads of state meet the prime minister entertains with a flag and the fireplace in the middle paper overlaid a meaning they said this is a reference to the gas ovens of the of the second would i i was so shocked that they should have taken that firstly it's using you absolutely here but also it's based on a fundamental crude bit of racism in the sense that it identifies all of you know if you voice netanyahu as representing all jews i know history that which is what he wants people to put out on them and the man doesn't even represent the israeli state he represents he's own interests he's corrupt he's a he's a well the guy i'm not my he's a silly proceeding and yeah. yeah i mean and here he's unspeakable so it was
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a sort of heartfelt and but. the paper sort of stopped it and the worst thing was they wouldn't discuss why i had it and it was closed down it just didn't go out and i was very disappointed about it and of course the saudis once the folks of that sensitive you know is running and people are you know there's a kind of. groupthink takes over and it's very hard to make points once the idea that it's a reference to gas ovens which of course he isn't. oprah. so people are on the side of caution in the the cartoon was lost i've been there for the. coming up to forty years i think into you know you know years this is the work of. and you know they generally i do it send it occasionally there's a not for some reason usually taste and decency or it could be law able that's another thing that's obviously but then you learn how to steer around that
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sometimes a bit like juggling with high explosives but it's not it's also it's important in the speech so i think cartoonists we have the opportunity to do that because i have to quote this though this chomsky quit censorship is never over for those who've experienced it it's a brand of the imagination that effects the individualists it forever. you don't feel that censorship you're still with all the strictures you just outlined whether it be liable and no i don't i don't feel so you know i don't feel i'm heavily censored or you know what i mean i don't mind my vote on my most vigorous editor you are the one who takes decisions are you you're trying these are tested things you know you're pushing things getting away with things if you like but you're always doing it i would say responsibly only going saga like bricks. does it get more and more difficult to come up with you you raising a lot of dollars and dimensions to the story the thing about things like bricks is it becomes it takes over and weirdly people get more interested in politics at that
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time was boring it's ridiculous it's endless trying to find a new a new metaphor for trees and most useless niceties is difficult it's one of those issues i've always felt sort of fairly neutral about oddly enough yet it's whipped up into a kind of divided the whole the society between louis was a rebellious which i think is absolute it's not it's a do diverse rational politics we've been diverted from politics for years now because of this stupid internal tory quality norms and every day of. the world it was on the b.b.c. you get ten different brands of tory m.p. talking giving us their views as if politics is just about what happens in the tory party i mean it's such a such an irrelevance it's i lose it for that reason but it's very funny it's very very stupid deeply stupid is ridiculous. see bell thank you that's it for the show will be back on monday with
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a brazilian philosopher or budget under who once told barack obama and joe that he would not try socially just on monday. night seven minutes. doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are true with numbers of people who are in prison for inconceivable sentence in this for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as
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you're walking out of the business it's just it doesn't get easy. shots seem wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days become educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the hope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw why not if you think.
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i'm going to talk about football not the or else you think i was going to go. by the way what is it that slide in here. they can come and blow our brains out at any given time and we can't really do anything actually america is the only country in the world where you can kill people outside of war and legally get away with. all the fire crawls still beriah all the troubled history failed to point its hollow flying to k.k.k. exists because america wants it to exist they are the biggest terrorist group to ever operate in this country and they're dead to media war saul's and the people
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who destroyed the world trade centers are those growth why. is this is a stick for the water bottle found in the stomach of the fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which seems millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're in the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that's. special projects funded. on the. fun now the mountains of moist only grow while.
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the. venezuelan opposition leader rallies supporters on the streets of caracas president during visits to military forces who remain loyal to. the u.s. school is considering whether to paint over a mural dedicated to founding father george washington after the old world was deemed at risk of traumatizing native american and african american street. this hard work which is a tribute to this person to the legacy of this person is a famed. code is all about why. you are what you go tell.


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