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tv   Sophie Co  RT  March 25, 2019 6:30pm-6:59pm EDT

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results are net negative nothing happened no one died nobody was hurt nobody was found guilty there was a department of justice rule which states that when you do not have someone indicted when where no true bill is issued when somebody is not charged according to the department of justice rules you don't have any other comment other than the person was not indicted you don't deal with evidence that was considered that is problematic or troublesome that's what komi did and that's what we're seeing now they're violating their own rules these two by the book title it put president trump on the defensive because the media has forced him into that posture and they have forced us into a very dangerous position with russia which we never was a threat to the united states not the faintest road to the united states and yet we
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have created this aura of you know the russians are coming the russians are common . with just weeks to go until the twelfth of april briggs's deadline paul events in the u.k. is again debating the divorce this very moment yes they are working this late over westminster term still not agreed this is the scene right now and pays i can tell you have just passed one of two of them and selected by the speaker of the house of commons and it will give them control of poll of entry gender on wednesday to vote on various brags that alternatives the person in charge of somebody trying to forge a deal prime minister treason may she's busy facing reports of a plot by senior members of her own party to remove her from office. this was meant to be the week when final preparations for brac that are being made when britain is sort of getting ready. to sail out of the european union come on march twenty ninth
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and while the in westminster certainty continues to be very thin on the ground and now we do have the british prime minister making another appearance at the house of commons trying to walk through and talk through the latest with bracks it. seems nobody continues to know what it is going to mean as the congress new deadline or another potential new deadline we do know that the british prime minister has made a statement where she underscored that she understands that her deal right now does not have the support needed to have another vote take place at the house of commons however according to her that is still the best way to move forward there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back a deal for thirty two full vote unless this house agrees to it no deal would not happen no breaks it must not happen and just slow bricks it which extends article
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fifty beyond the twenty second of may force is the british people to take part in european elections and give control of any of our borders balls money or trade is not a great sit that will bring the british people together i know this is the deal i've put forward as a compromise this is how it's come back it we could be out of the european union in less than two months would be no further extensions no threat to brics it no risk of a no do you well to receive me traditionally now faced a barrage of questions and criticisms including from opposition party leader jeremy corbyn who demanded that she accept that her deal is dead as he put it who also called what's going on a national embarrassment and disgust talked about the broken promises that the government had made and according to corbin it's time for the parliament now to take back control we will support measures for a public vote to stop. all chaotic deal the government has had
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over two years to find a solution and has failed it's time to put an end to this and move on from the chaos and begin to clean up the mess it's time for parliament to work together and agree on a plan b. well whether or not any such plan b. can be found is of course the massive question hanging over everybody's head here lots and lots of speculation about what's going to happen next and lots and lots of possibilities still remaining on the table where all of this goes we shall observe . i'm going it is home to karen will take over she'll bring you the latest headlines on our top stories just at the half an hour's time.
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right now to the future of the hero's china trade deal remains uncertain differences persist. the regime bend to washington's pressure well we asked our senior advisor an economic diplomacy or china's foreign minister. the world's two leading super girls are on a collision course the united states and china reluctant to trade dispute and china's rising money just challenging america's influence in the pacific but with the two powerhouse economies intertwined will the threat of bankruptcy be enough to stop both sides sliding further into conflict or should the world brace itself for a new superpower showdown. chandan tsawwassen air adviser on economic diplomacy for china's foreign ministry welcome to the show it's great to have you with us so there is an announcement that they meeting between president trump and president c. . has been postponed sort of in this parallel where they had no choice summit or
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trump basically walked away from a done deal is this a hint that the u.s. china tog south progressed about as much as those between washington and pyongyang . the biggest difference is that. both beijing and washington at level the there has to be a very substantial and very solid discussion so almost every detail of those deals including a lot of controversial issues so i think that at least at the. level both sides will come even much more substantial into reach a very substantial progress so in that regard i think that there are some a stew there are some leave some room for the uncertainty but i think that it is reason for the optimistic that the both sides would reach deal finally so does having a deal agreed that trump can support mean that the american tariffs and threat of
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more terrorists and a trade war actually worked and the president has forced beijing into backing out of this stand up standoff. well if i understand a question correctly i think that from the u.s. perspective they think that. the the biggest the incentive for both sides come to the negotiation table is the tariff and from beijing suppose specked if i think the biggest incentive for reach a negotiated to come to the negotiation table is that both sides have the incentive to settle down their differences to iron out of their differences and to remove those tit for tat a tariff so that both sides kim were not suffer from even further loss the u.s. is demanding that channel lifts its terror serve american products at the same time
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to u.s. measures may remain in place tail two thousand and twenty american say such approach is designed to make sure china delivers on to obligations and dale says washington basically is seeking to establish its oversight in china where they are right to slap terrorists whenever it wants to and well beijing agree to that well i think that this is still one of the most contentious issues and i do not know exactly what those kind of differences will be out finally but i think that from china's perspective i think it's unfair for b. because this is. the trade in negotiation and i think in a final deal would it be accepted by both sides if we're it can be called a creative deal so in a kind of a. unilateral actions taken by one side to to to to have the leverage to try to have the penalties on the other side i think
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that that may be one of the most difficult issues to be accepted by the others so in that regard i think that it will be the most contentious issues and i tend to believe that maybe we could find out a some more mutually acceptable terms that will make the in-force meant likely they will not be decided by only by one side. so washington has accused the chinese high tech giant weiwei of spying on behalf of beijing these accusations are pretty serious and though the company's later ship has denied all of them do you see that this issue could actually aggravate chata tensions even more. well you see i think that the most the chinese will believe that the case of the far way is very much politically motivated it is much more to do with the fact that the united states even more increasingly concerned about a competitive edge of those high tech industry and particularly those the flagship
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. companies like wow way so they try to take some pretty empty if measures to prevent huawei to be continue to have even creasing presence in large market to shia and i think that this is what those are very highly political motivated actually and those so-called the chargers is very accomplice so are you saying that the americans are basically trying to get rid of competition in this very lucrative field well this whole affair because why always one of the leading giants in five industry. yes definitely i think that in terms of the r. and d. budget investment in the past few decades has already coupled with some other leading china's high tech communication companies they have already. been taking quite a leadership in that regard so i think that what the washington want to do is to
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try to to hinder or to impede or such kind of a competitive edge by blocking our way or some other chinese leading companies continue to have their presence in advanced economies the united states europe or even japan and some other countries so jim political strategists and actually even elected officials and the white house are saying that the u.s. china tensions are here to stay america wants to china's economy to conform to what washington wants and china as a rising power is bound to try and roll back you know it says influence in the world so is there any kind of a win win scenario of that you're countries are in a kind of a win win prospect or will be largely determined by the but whether both sides would accept the fact that china to its political or economic institution would not be changed fundamentally as washington want to be
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so it will not be a kind of a mirror image of the united states want and you see that the when we refer to those a market economy for instance there's no so-called a a one size fits all models for the market economy and the china of course believe that we have being engaged with our opening up and reform and in china's model for economic development in the past few decades has proved that it is successful and work for for china and we believe that works for china so if united states try to through those kind of a negotiation or pressure. try to change fundamentally and based upon china's constitution that we are china should change its political economic system it is impossible so if you know as they finally live with live with this reality it is likely for both sides to reach consensus cream and well if if you nicely is
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continue to believe that through a continued press and to try to transform china to a kind of systems which is totally unlike what the unites states want that is a kind of a mirage so in your opinion what we have right now this us channel stand of as it more about economics or geopolitics at its foundation. both i think both because i think that the front page you suppose specked if china's approach to the u.s. or china's understanding of a bilateral relationship is quite a stable in the past four decades beijing always regarded bilateral relationship is a very complex it has elements of a cooperation it also contains elements of competition and even some conflicts but the. bottom line is that both sides need to find a good way to manage those differences and to prevent them from being escalated into a. head on confrontation but from the united states perspective i think that there
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is a growing consensus i would say the bipartisan consensus that they saying that their so-called past decades of engagement with china. just doesn't work and they hope that they are going to. through their even much more tougher or a even some people called it a new containment policy or a new cold war strategy towards china they would press china to kowtow to washington's needs that is another kind of a i think kind of a reasonable assessment of the situation so in that regard from washington post back to those competition is not only on the front of economic specs they also look at china as a rising competitor or even a rivalry from a strategic perspective mr dent's our going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking chandan saoirse senior advisor on economic diplomacy for china's foreign ministry discussing
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china's growing economic influence stay with us. you know world a big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that midstream refuses to tell more than we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shoulder past each other it's target for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the
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time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. and sour scenarios visor on economic diplomacy for china's foreign ministry talking about china's well in today's global economy some as it does sound the world bank says that china's growth will slow down to six point two in two thousand and nineteen when india set to overtake it if the trend continues i mean does this mean that the air out of china's economic domination will be over before we got a chance to actually really begin. i think that you are right on one side economics growth rate in china has relatively down compared with the past decade but i said at same time as i think that if compared with some other advanced
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economy considering the fact that china has already be done the but to. the biggest economy in the world second point i believe that the more important thing is china is now more focus on how to improve its economic structure and by shifting from what we called a. quantity of oriented. only to a mode of development to a qualitative. growth model so i think that in the past year in the past few years chinese government as well as the business community has a hope leave that nowadays it is more important for china to invest more on those high tech innovative industries and as well as the service industry and also to improve the consumption side of china so that to shift to china's economy from traditionally exports relate to one to a more
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a consumption one and a with regard to that of india and i think that india is still in a case of also in the in the in the face of. transformation and it also takes a long time to for indian economy to transform from those very a relatively low income towards a relatively. middle income economy with focus on those and manufacturing as well as a transitional period with the different level of different a degree. so china is a major donor to the world bank but also the largest borrower from it now the bank is to get new leadership very soon and trump's pick for their position has said that chair shouldn't get any more funds from this situation if the american candidate gets to had their situation while china big from its well. see that this is
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a quite stuart debatable issues i think that. china included in some large number of what their own countries they will graduate from the so-called a low income or least developed khana me to a more middle or even. middle income status so i think this is a kind of achievements that the world economy have made in the past few decades and the world bank as well as other multilateral financials to shoes should reconsider their strategy how to shift their focus from those traditional supporting those least developed economy commission know to find a low income status and how to deal with those a large number of middle income economies economic advantage demands so china has launched its own asian infrastructure development bank it is also a member of the new development bank launched by the brics nations and both the
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situations are in some sense competitors for the world bank why is china silliman boring from everywhere makes sense to direct those funds to the nations that are at the bottom of the list of world's largest economists not at the top well i think that in terms of those. funding including those funding supported a family supported by the world bank i think there gradually the world bank will contribute. increasingly. the proportion of the found support in china's development or will be smaller day in the past so in that regard i think that. china. will not think the world bank will be the biggest fund raiser for china's development but the same time the world bank for its past a decade of a. knowledge as well as expertise supporting the global development issues
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do it has an important function and the role to play for has an important function and the role to play for the global development strategy and its expertise in our region are more important nowadays than those found money to self so i think that in the past few years during. the presidency of the world bank it has actually quite successfully transformed from world bank from the money. only money bank towards a more like a knowledgeable so in that regard i think china's to appreciate a lot of expertise in a knowledge of those world bank. though the u.s. and north korean summit in hanoi that way mentioned earlier failed to bring any results present transair that presence age of being was very helpful in dealing with north korea only a year ago washington was accusing beijing of sabotaging the talks how do you
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explain this change of tone from washington well i think. i think a previous. it's been quite a grand that it's because the beijing has for the past a few years has been. playing a very stabilizing row to try to calm down the tension over the korean peninsula and always play a very active row to try to bring all the parties including united states and north korea to come to the negotiation or dialogue table so when proto truong. two years ago and he tried to beijing of trying to stop targeted talk i think that it is a. reasonable accusation is quadricycle sation now he said that the beijing has been he tried to continue to try to you know appreciate beijing support he's
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a further negotiation with pain young and also he himself tried to maintain his a very good friendship with the printer she. same time i think that it's also his conviction that without beijing's support it is impossible for a agreement to which will be sustainable so trump has been saying that good things will happen to the north korean economy if it chooses to do nuclear rise so let's assume for a second there appears dale has finally been. cut their allowance and track of the chinese are three investment i mean how much of a threat was that before china's national security well i think the. support and also appreciate. the dialogue between washington the p.r.
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and we believe that the dialogue on the denuclearization plus the. long piece of. long peace. negotiation of for the long piece of this area is is in the interest of all parties and china in young. in that regard beijing is sincere aplus. through those are the negotiation and also the track of denuclearization and to continue its economic reform and opening up to a bit of good news for all parties and i think that beijing would it do its utmost to to continue to support. the. opening up and the reform strategy if they me if they meet at the same time i think that beijing would
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also try to walk very closely with both young and washington so which means that we know those kind of negotiation would be very very complex and the long term and that these up and down is almost a. inevitable so even if there are some difficulties ahead of us i think going to beijing would continue to support both sides to be a patient to try to to try to add a most to bring these two parties on the table as beijing could. so china is investing tens of billions of dollars in africa and washington is obviously not very happy about it u.s. national security advisor john bolton says china uses bribes and shady deals for its expansion and huge loans to hold african countries captive to its demands china seeking to establish itself as a string puller in africa. well i think that china's relationship with africa has
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been maintained on a very strong foundation for many decades and i think that oppose the african country as a whole as well as. a china we have appreciated such kind of very good economic politico relationship i think that nowadays the swedish about much more comprehensive include the even wider spectrum of the people to people dialogue as well as many other cooperation on those. sustainable economic development but trying to change as well as i think both sides also agree that they should china would help africa as a whole to invest more into those a sustainable security capacity beauty so in that regard i think that this really should be based upon the best of the internal affairs of others and. in this kind of relationship is also carried out in a spirit of that we so i think that very ridiculous because if they tried to if
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washington tried to check those what isn't really main street thinking main street stream thinking in african continent they were found that have a computer in general they are very supportive to those in the ever growing strengthen ties with beijing. thank you very much for this interview you were talking to chandan sours siniora adviser on economic diplomacy for china's foreign ministry discussing the rocky economic relations between us and china and their potential impact on the global economy that's it for this edition of surfing and co i'll see you next.
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trump collusion with russia there are no additional indictments the report is finished but the follow continue. the money velocity is dead right so the money velocity would measure money is being along from bank to bank to bank bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and if the money printing continues to increase some sort of asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of it. was. it. was.
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signs a presidential proclamation recognizing the golan heights seized from syria in nine hundred sixty seven the israeli damascus has already blasted the us move as an act of aggression. here's how defense forces there they've carried down ten strikes on key hamas and buildings including its secret military headquarters on the office of the head of the palestinian organization that's off to israel said hamas fired a rocket from gaza pointing seven civilians.
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