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to me they're printing more of that. there's. no collusion with russia the long awaited finding of the u.s. probe into whether donald trump conspired with moscow to win the twenty sixth the election the president has called it a complete exoneration. organize the plane twelve million people
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marched in london demanding another referendum on briggs it. grants that you care to we can extend the deadline after the prime minister failed to get support for her divorce plan. twenty years. humanitarian campaign in yugoslavia many local see the military offensive in which thousands were killed as being a regime change operation. welcome it's midnight here in moscow you're watching the weekly here on r.t. international first this hour no collision no obstruction of justice those are the conclusions of the long awaited report which has been investigating whether the campaign conspired with russia to influence that twenty six the presidential election. auntie's don't cause he joins me in the studio if they broke within the
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last sifting through this four page report from the attorney general what do we know at this point well like you said a couple hours ago the u.s. attorney general released this full summary of mahler's report now twenty five million dollars later almost three thousand subpoenas and over five hundred search warrants all after this investigation is concluded and the u.s. department of justice as they found basically nothing now the main thrust of this investigation of course was to prove that the trumpet ministration in some way colluded with russia in the twenty sixteen election but the attorney general determined that there was no evidence. as the report states the investigation did not establish that the members of the trim campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities now the report did conclude that they say that russia successfully disseminated
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information to influence the election and that the report also claims that russian generals did indeed hack into hillary clinton another democrat democratic politicians and party members e-mails which they apparently leaked to wiki leaks but again we haven't seen any evidence concretely for this and the report itself does say that trump specifically was there's no there's insufficient evidence to connect him specifically to collusion with russia. we noted that the special counsel recognized that the evidence does not establish that the president was involved in an underlying crime related to russian election interference and that while not determinative the absence of such evidence bears upon the president's intent with respect to obstruction. well what about the obstruction of justice claims the collusion thing is the trumpets would say basically conspiring. no evidence to the just this is
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a little more complicated i would say looking into this right well this was actually one of the things that muller was trying to get trump on throughout the investigation basically trying to thwart the investigation itself as if maybe he had something to hide but in the summary it's mentioned that the council itself said it could not definitively conclude that trump purposely obstructed moeller within the investigation so what the internal general said was that he determined that the final say fell to him if the special counsel couldn't conclude that and he concluded that there also was insufficient evidence to suggest that trump actually committed the crime of obstructing justice now what exactly what the special counsel said was that that the that they don't they can't come to the conclusion that he was guilty for this crime but they don't fully exonerate him now trump just gave a statement about the whole thing and he seems to think that he was fully exonerated
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. it was just announced it was no good. the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard there was no collusion with the russian there was no up structure. and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. it's a shame that our country had to go through this. so two years after this investigative started a lot of resources spent on trying to prove these ends that ultimately the u.s. department of justice is determined there's insufficient information for an sophist insufficient evidence so i guess they're just going to leave it there yeah as you said lots of manpower lots of hours and millions of dollars spent and this is where we are at this point many thanks don. well the anticipation about this supposed
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been building for months r.t. correspondent. took a look at whether it was really all worth it. two years they spent beating and bagging on the drums of collusion looking for traitors betrayal russian agents spies and sellouts and leading this righteous crusade inquisition the champion savior a messiah of the left robert mueller all eyes are in special counsel robert muller the man who could save this democracy in the mall or investigation as the best hope for the white house is bracing bracing for the final report speculations are building wait for the model report wait for the marble i think robert mueller is going to get to the bottom of it was so much hope so much optimism that the truth is would be rooted out all for nothing ended by a letter in a plain envelope no more indictments not one american charged with colluding with
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russia how that hurt if you could only feel the pundits pain now come the tias robert muller is still at this point publicly silent as he has been from the very beginning honestly flip through the different news channels see for yourself the full spectrum of emotions where some cry others rage you think he missed the boat here how can they lead trump off the hook how can that happen then of course there's the nile how can this be what a single traitor unthinkable it must be a conspiracy it feels like the seeds of a coverup are here amongst the tea is the rage in the denial is also acceptance sad acceptance the good old days of burning witches are over by investigating the
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president and reaching conclusions he did a solid favor he's been the sunshine so thank you robert. but you can't fool everyone there are journalists loosely speaking that know better better than you me the f.b.i. and common sense they are the dauntless few the believe that the traitors are out there they will be found that the hunt goes on this is the start of something apparently not the end of something this is the end of the beginning a short moeller report would mark the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end this saga after the president is legal saga doesn't appear to be anywhere close to being over as the president hopes and while the pundits weep and cry rage and scream everyone else is laughing at them can you really blame them.
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killers bringing down your mcadam's executive director of the wrong paul institute for peace and prosperity good to have you on daniel and really meaty subject for us to get stuck into president trump straight to the point he says the report's a complete exoneration for him would you agree. yes i think it's an absolute exoneration i mean it shows that he was right all along it was a witch hunt he knew it was a witch in the rest of us and there were quite a few of us who saw that it was a witch hunt from the beginning perhaps one of the greatest hoaxes in u.s. history demonize we were vilified for two years called all manner of names putin's puppets in the pay of putin etc etc all of us were also exonerated not just the president the question now is now that the damage is done now that these people have pushed this false narrative to damage the lives of damaged careers is this war is going to end are they going to have to pay for their crimes. will the u.s. media they don't quite agree with you in their entirety of give an example
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reportedly c.n.n. running a headline saying that the report does not exonerate the president do you think some of these organizations that were very much questioning whether whether trump was innocent or not the just in the going to double down on this or they finally put their hands up and say ok he's in the clear. well they've been in a frenzy moving the goalposts we never said it was russia collusion it was something else this is what they're saying now they're moving the goalposts but if they continue down this path particular the democrats are signing their own political death warrant amazingly trump in a way ends up in the driver's seat he's looking forward to two thousand and twenty and they start bringing this up or even bedo over or brought something up after the report came out about he was an agent he's just waiting for them to do this they're playing into his hands they wasted two years not trying to find a real political opposition to the trump policies foreign and domestic they waste
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all that time they've been lazy they've settled on a conspiracy theory of all conspiracy theories and now how are the american people going to react. it's not just the likes of c.n.n. democrats calling on for the full report to be released they want everybody to see every detail let's just hear some of the comments that have been made so far the american people have a right to the truth the watchword is transparency american people paid for the modern report and they deserve to know all of the findings and evidence that report needs to be made public be justified with those at least of all recorded tries to keep parts of it secret we will certainly subpoena the courts to do forth and we will reserve the right to hold moer or to testify before the committee or to subpoena him. or the committees might do but will only do that if necessary i mean
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if we just look at it on the facts which the investigators did robert miller found no evidence of collusion or well you know conspiring has the technical term was or obstruction of justice the attorney general william barr. concurred with that they can't find any any evidence of concrete evidence of wrongdoing by president trump and what we're seeing now though from the democrats is well you know we haven't seen the whole report maybe there's something in there why are they doing that and you think we will see the whole report. is a little bit of desperation doesn't it remember it wasn't that long ago that they were holding up candles of maller with the with the saints halo around his head he's going to save us all is going to save us i just wonder what comes next i wonder who will be the first democrat to start looking into more maybe there's a little bit of russian blood in there you know that's the next thing we're going to hear are he was compromised to it's just total insanity and you know we can hope that it will end maybe the demo senior democrats will finally put an end to this
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realizing as i say their side in the political death warrant but they're still going to be some dead enders i guess. has ceased i think it's fair to say very quickly on the the four page report from the attorney general not only did he say that you know he's cleared he said that this was an illegal takedown that failed and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side do you think that the terms of ministration would go so far as to look for retaliation. well i don't know politically i mean if it's a good idea i don't know we're not i mean we do know there was collusion or absolutely was collusion the collusion was between hillary clinton the us intelligence agencies at the time brennan clapper komi they colluded to deny us present a duly elected us president stature as a president they sought to undermine his authority as president undermined his presidency and they did it with the aid of former foreign intelligence officers so
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yes there was indeed collusion maybe they should look into that it's hard to know that's a political decision. do you think we will see apologies he touched upon this earlier will we see apologies will we say remorse it takes a big person to turn around and say we thought that he was in the wrong we thought that he broken the laws we got it wrong or very few people who washington apologize but it wasn't just trump it was other organizations including my own ron paul institute we were demonized in november of two thousand and sixteen in a front page washington post article all based on lies that somehow because we oppose the intervention is what the neo cons were somehow russian agents and it wasn't just us it was zero heads drudge report and so many other organizations that don't they didn't toe the line so what about all the rest of us who are tarnished and all the damage done to our reputations our fundraising abilities and other things you know there's at the end of the day there should be a real reckoning from this. what do you think about the extent of this
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investigation is this kind of money and time well spent or not this was talking about twenty five million dollars worth of taxpayers' money mother employed nineteen lawyers forty f.b.i. agents specialists two thousand eight hundred subpoenas issued it took roughly two years was it worth it to get to the to to the conclusion that we have come to or was it a waste that we're getting to the sick part of society and this is something that the u.s. has commented overseas when it does regime changes if you have an election and some guy wins as happened over and over overseas that the one year anniversary of the u.s. attack on yugoslavia we get it to serbia to the loser doesn't like losing in a cause people to the streets he over tries to overturn the elections that's exactly what's came to what came to our shore after us exporting it so long this kind of evil that you have to undermine and investigate every one particular those elected it's a very very dangerous thing and now it's come to haunt us daniel thanks for coming
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on tonya mcadams is my guest executive director at the wrong paul institute. ok listen move on to some of the day's other news that two million people marched across london on saturday calling for a second bragg's referendum along with the public members of parliament they also attended the rally coming after you leaders that agreed to give the u.k. a short extension with withdrawal deadline with poland having already twice rejected the prime minister's deal that stuff just so far it's got us nowhere it's got nothing to stop the international laughingstock i with them she needs to listen to what might be said feel really passionately that we've been really really let down our friends here in the room we need state that i believe the majority of knowledge is. the new people put this up for this great didn't even have a plan and never had a plan it's a shame that we're in this mess but. i don't think there's anyone in the labor
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party at the top of the labor party was really taking control of. the of the brits if i as well. the prime minister's now be given a short extension of just two weeks if she fails to get her deal through but that will be moved to may twenty second if she does and the pm has warned that she might actually put the vote off until she can be guaranteed enough support in westminster meaning the brig's is thrown into further disarray. do it be able to also agrees to an extension until the. twentieth of april.
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and the yes. on to the very. i. think two to our poll. and there's still empty and that means the ticket a lot of space. it was certainly long nights of discussion the decision making and chopping and changing plans multiple times at the e.u. council summit and finally a decision was reached officially and that was an extension of article fifty until the twenty second of may conditional of course of to resume a passing up plan through the house of commons should that fail as the e.u. council has provided for a further extension of the twelfth of april for the u.k. to come forward and come up with a plan and
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a process of what exactly to do next that also the side of course if they do intend to participate in european parliamentary elections something which a would be rather pointless given their leaving the european union and be something that's the reason why he has said that would be almost a red line for something that she would not consider now to say that this decision was an easy one or a unanimous one at least from the very start would be misleading and they were quite different positions on the e.u. council countries such as belgium and france president mark one for one playing hardball stating that a no deal breaks it was there on the table others such as angular merkel playing a more conciliatory tone calling for more understanding of the u.k. we discussed the issue with the political consultants close marotta he says that every step in the budget process is making the situation even more complicated. when briggs it was first announced as an idea as a concept and there was no meat on the board as to what the concept of what the
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process actually would mean and we start off in a place with such uncertainty there's no surprise us to the situation room now so i less the identity of briggs it is made clear be disruptions and stalling methods will only continue i think the sentiment right now in parliament is that. it's almost an impossibility of this deal going through and if it does go through it will go through under very pressured measures which means peace in parliament won't vote with what they believe is to be the best way for forward but war do it because the time pressures are so tight which almost holds parliament to run them saying this is the only deal we have and you better put it through because your certainties are too big and too widespread even imagine. when you quick recap of our breaking news story this hour president trump's team did not conspire
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with russia to win the twenty sixth the us presidential election that is the key finding of special counsel robert melissa two year investigation president john powers welcomed the report saying that this was an illegal takedown that failed it's a complete exoneration no collusion no obstruction he said the report was filed with the justice department on friday a four page summary was released by the attorney general in the last couple of hours that summary said that there was not enough evidence of obstruction of justice to push for prosecution bringing reaction and analysis to this story in the hours to come. but. in other news today marks twenty years since nato began its bombing campaign against the then yugoslavia what nato claimed was a humanitarian operation to help the country separatists local saw is a regime change campaign in which. thousands died nature became involved in this trial remarks nine hundred ninety nine to see terri intentions between serbians and
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possible now the instant violent the alliance backed the latter without any un mandate nato bombed yugoslavia for almost three months straight leaving many parts of serbia devastated. and the sunday people took to the streets of belgrade the former yugoslavia capital they condemned the nato bombing that ended because rule over a territory many gathered still view is their nation's historic heartland party america correspondent alex mahal of each has more on the anniversary of the conflict. this was serbia twenty years ago. on march twenty fourth one thousand nine hundred nine ruthless nato campaign against the small balkan nation began i was there at the time so i'm going to take you through a bit of
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a personal journey at the time i was living here serbia's third largest city northeast side which seemed to be a million miles away from the battles in kosovo that very evening i was chilling out on the couch watching t.v. with my dog when suddenly the earth started shaking and the sky turned bright red warning the air strikes and i've been going through the first explosion a ran down the stairs trying to get out of the house not knowing where the next phone was going to hit. the second i stopped at the store. looked up in the sky and there was a cruise missile flying over the house over there seconds later another explosion. that tomahawk missile hit a target in the hills above nobody saw it was one of fifty five u.s. cruise missiles used against yugoslavia that night after by hundreds of fixed wing bombing operations well nato feel to destroy most military targets it was effective when it came to killing civilians this is the city of nice in southern serbia it's
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the location of one the most serious bombings of the nato campaign event happened may seventh nine hundred ninety nine cluster bombs dropped fifteen people dead in the middle of the day one of those bombs killed a twenty seven year old woman who was seven months pregnant earth. did you see that it happened on the girdle it's a bridge on april twelfth one thousand nine hundred nine nato planes targeted a civilian passenger trade not once but twice at least. nine people died in the incident some say the number could be as high as sixty today the bridge where the attack occurred has been rebuilt walking around the site which has become a monument to the dead you can't help but reflect on the horror that happened here . tonight
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a claim to the sanctions were motivated by quote numerous human rights violations in cost of the alliance also says he says strike campaign achieved its skull which was to halt any military activity and repression in the region he spoke to said we had no they could was working in yugoslavia with a team of us doctors and nurses in march of one thousand nine hundred nine we asked him about his experience on the day the bombing began every signal started going off not long after sundown and the bombs started dropping within a few minutes after that we were in a very critical juncture when operating on this child and i had looked up from the child's chest and said listen you know. my country for whatever reason is bombing your country tonight a number of your countrymen are going to die but this child that is on the table that is ten days old is not going to die tonight we're going to take this child safely downstairs and then all of you can go home to your families. i want to jail
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that. that was one of the most horrific nights. that i've experienced. in the children's intensive care unit is on the top floor and there's a balcony that goes about seventy percent of the way around the building and i went outside with my coffee and i saw a number of fighter bombers as well. and if you just joined us is a reminder of our breaking news story president donald trump has welcomed findings of a long awaited report on alleged collusion during the twenty sixteen election the two year probe by special counsel robert miller found that the trump team did not conspire with russia and also it was concluded by the attorney general that there was not enough evidence of obstruction of justice to launch a prosecution on the trump has called this report a complete exoneration. brings you right up to date silver
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back with the very latest news some more analysis of our top story in just over thirty minutes. when lawmakers manufactured them sentenced to a public will. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the crime and clearing your realm listen to the one percent so. we can all middle of the room sick moves. from the real news room. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going
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to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i want to the new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of the slide here. the money lost city is dead right so the money velocity what measure of how money is being long down from bank to bank to bank bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and if the money printing continues to increase sunset of asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of it.
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up don't look down the left it's. just not them so they are very nice second how i first met him and i'm with the few who committed pacifist said the voice and i'm sure it was nothing close to my next . question could be a sound nothing minimal and basic. i i. i.


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