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tv   News  RT  March 9, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EST

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for the troops the time is now watching closely watching the hawks. russia's foreign ministry has branded an incident which saw us embassy staff member in russia tried to take a mortar shell through an airport in moscow. succumbing as a bloc continues to leave in the dark the authorities accuse the u.s. position of. the supply washington is also threatening more sanctions against the majority government. the u.s. house of representatives passes a bill to conjure the influence of so dark money from donors to the election process. it should be happening and it's a deeply complicated fly the united states. now it's legal legal.
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a.t.m. in phoenix eleven pm in beijing six in the evening right here in moscow this sunday march the ninth welcome to our two international our top story a security alerts being triggered at one of moscow's main nerve ports after a mortar shell was discovered in the luggage of a u.s. embassy staff member that is according to the russian foreign ministry with the details speaking to me earlier. quite a bizarre incident took place this saturday at moscow should be made to the airport one u.s. embassy employee trying to take out more target shell through the airport in his luggage now it was reported that it contained no explosives to but it did have a detonator. it was revealed to be in the i guess you were doing
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a routine eg st chad's right at the entrance of the airport it was confiscated but the u.s. diplomat to contain it his journey to london and of course this incident triggered a major alert and even a bomb squad was called and now at the moment there is still no information concerning the identity of the diplomat but the russian foreign ministry has already called this a provocation and also added that it hopes the u.s. embassy will explain the behavior off its employee. ok to more of our world news this hour the venezuelan foreign ministry has lashed the u.s. accuses of being behind a muscle of blockade in the country said to be worse than decades power stations across venice will shut down during rush hour on thursday evening bringing public transport to a standstill the power supply is gradually being restored in some parts of the capital this is the main international airport in caracas where all flights have
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been grounded opposition leader and self declared interim president why do ses the madeira government is to blame while the us pointed the finger at here is a corruption and under-investment this will as the french ministry called the i think an act of sabotage by washington. after all we have seen after the statements from the spokesperson of the north american empire and those who support them here no one can be so naive to believe this is a random event it is an attack on our homeland. it cannot be normal that fifty percent of the hospitals do not have electric generators and the other fifty. during an emergency the government is inefficient and corrupt and we know that the end of darkness comes when the usurpers leave power in venezuela now there's another aspect to this story another delivery of usaid has arrived at the colombian venice will aboard. in defiance of an official by caracas septics arab leader one
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quite zero has promised to get the supplies into venice but president maduro is refusing to allow the american to enter claiming it's a trojan horse and a pretext for intervention he is though accepting help from the red cross and the united nations. from the red cross about the agency's work in the country. situation it was. a big demand of this war and you have. security relation we are working on in the last more than two years together with any even if he's going to lead and we do the communities in going to let you know what your vote and the road going to do the war john you are by now or the lack of resources that we. need to have more engine of the
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in the band than you thought and bars are all and it is let me ask for laws we are birds they're human beings regardless any. and if you look. there are you know where all of that is new so sorry that people are suffering that we. were or were not service going to be working with other actors in our. lives. and all of these latest developments come as the u.s. special envoy to venice we're less suggested countries could be sanctioned for not recognizing one quite zero as interim leader at eight abram's also threatened new measures against president maduro. we are using sanctions and diplomatic actions to pressure the moorer regime hopeful that other countries will use these
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and other tools at their disposal to. you know it's always it's out there it's always a possibility we have not done it yet. and i wouldn't want to speculate as to whether the real or what would lead us to make additional decision. well the battle over the venezuelan presidency which has dragged on since early january appears stuck in still me at present maturely still in power and it seems washington has little to no backup plan to force him or it. takes us through. the us is back to square one on venezuela and an ambiguous confession by vice president pence how much longer do you have a timeline but there's no timeline now rewind just a little over a month ago and here's mike pence the same mike pence announcing venezuela was on washington's laundry list in spanish. i'm mike pence the vice president of
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the united states the united states supports the courageous decision by one god or the president of your national assembly to assert that body's constitutional powers declare madeira your syrup or and call for the establishment of a transitional government that was the moment washington put itself into regime change since then the us heavily invested itself in the crisis so how did it come to this a thinly veiled admission of failure after all it looked so bright at the start in me a week's washington projected a no name obed cheerleader into the international frame one why dole became the poster boy of the social upheaval has his presidential ambition was quickly backed by america's allies brazil has just issued a note recognizing one we're going to go as venezuela's president one way door when
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. one goes one way do so in europe where you go you know one way though since then though america's plans started to go into a frantic nosedive my duro wasn't going anywhere in still has the army on his side and his supporters showed the opposition didn't own the streets of caracas. venice. venice and then a big ruckus with aid the us tried getting into venezuela and which material didn't allow concerned washington was using its old trick to smuggle guns to arm the mob which clearly showed just hooves still boss in venezuela washington seems to have resisted the temptation to go for the favorite tactic of sending a few thousand soldiers to a score to the undesirable leader out of office at least for now and when
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confronted with the what's next question resorts to the same boilerplate platitude over and over again all options are on the day all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table which all things considered sounds more like no options are on the table and actually things didn't go much further than ola in the first place where there has been unable to deliver on his promise to allow humanitarian aid in the military has not left the side of president maduro they can you support him and wedo is looking like a shrinking power expanding one so this crusade to appeal them for two that means the united states will try other attempts are not going to give up as the u.s. talks about toward militarism colombia saying no brazil thing no european governments are saying no people do not want to see that kind of escalation it's cold in israel the way those and so the united states is really in
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a small box that's shrinking. the battle against corruption and the influence of so-called dark money in the u.s. election process is being run up with a bill backed by the democrats. h.r. one is designed to do that to restore ethics and accountability to fight back against the interests of big money in our politics h.r. one. restores the people's faith that government works with the public interest the peoples in chest not the special interests but the republicans have accused the democrats all the power drop claiming the move will not solve the problem and has more. wherever you go in america you can see a widespread feeling that much of the government can be bought off that's why trump got so much applause with this slogan we are going to dream. that one more
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time for three years to walk the sois we are going. to swap out. the. whole show that a pretty solid majority of americans want new laws to restrict the amount of money that can be contributed to political candidates that's why the democrats have decided to sound the alarm about a new sinister force in american politics dark money special interest dark money funded campaign the permissions influence of dark money in our politics. there's no disclosure about who's been growing the center for the executive branch is drowning in big money corruption so for dealing and lawlessness dark soft money coming into the election process so what exactly is dark money well it's money contributed by non-profits social welfare organizations labor unions and trade associations all of which are not required to disclose who their donors are so essentially it's dark
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money because it's off the books nancy pelosi has voiced her concerns this is that instilling the confidence of the american people in the political process in what happens in government it is the people's interests that are being served not the darkness interest of that special interest money but here's the thing in the congressional midterm elections the democrats actually received more dark money than the republicans did the group majority forward closely tied to democratic senator chuck schumer spent forty six million dollars in ten different senate races and even money out of politics socialist because you cortez has actually been facing some recent harsh questions about dark money that she received we decided to talk to new yorkers and see how they feel. dark money in politics it should be happening and it's a deeply complicated flaw of the united states. and its legal legal good i think transparency is best when it comes to money the dark art of dark money is not
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divided along party lines but there are plenty of questionable contributions in american politics that are right out in the open from big oil companies banks and defense contractors it seems that yes dark money sounds scary but it may not be the biggest problem in american politics the problem may be the influence of money itself the democrats are making great use of dark money the problem is in america the money seems to find other ways to influence politics so they know trying to expose dark money is not really going to change anything they've had their own major problems for the democrats really want to have a change in the conversation and clearly that's what they're pushing here this entire bill is nothing but a flagrant attempt to hang on to their thin grasp on power.
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ok back to europe and france now wear the yellow vests movements once again taking it stand against the government to the streets of parlous but this time there's an splash of color pink vests the protesters have joined them in honor of international women's day one of the major issues firing up the kreutzer reforms to on employment benefits today seven people we know have been detained in the past a number of hours after violence reportedly flirt among the crowds police yellow vests protests have been ongoing for seventy two consecutive weekends with demonstrators the mounting changes to living standards the spines of manual mccollum's attempts to quell the flight by scrapping fuel tax hikes and launching a so-called national debate. book promoting the conspiracy theory q. unknown has hit the bestseller list a moment on q. and on is known both for its controversial allegations against the u.s. deep state and its support for president trump on the quarter can bring us up to
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speed. you've seen the trails in the sky heard about how reptiles and chemicals in the water are making the earth but now there's a conspiracy theory claiming democrats are murdering children and the deep state is creating diseases and this one is getting rave reviews on amazon great read it exposes things that are going on that the mainstream rippled thank you very much for spreading truth in the end justice will be served and freedom will prevail truth shall set us free a theory once lurking in the darkest corners of read it and four chan is now under the spotlight and thanks to who the mainstream talking heads who decided to trash on it probably played a part q. and a on conspiracy theory group called q anon he went on which essentially believes the entirety of the democratic party are conspiring and running an underground pedophile sex trafficking ring it with already has watched this kind of
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thing there's no surprise these queuing on conspiracy fields are no showing of the troll brownlee's this is all insane and incoherent with how little americans trust the media these days the call outs are working more like promo q. and on rose to amazon's number one bestseller in censorship and politics it's even pushed aside classics like the dystopian novel fahrenheit four fifty one if you're looking to expose the masses to some controversial content mainstream attack sometimes don't go far enough to censor it like when platforms banned info wars conspiracy theorist alex jones you tube facebook and apple all announcing their own moving his content from their platforms they only actually took action after weeks of media pressure after jones' popularity shot through the roof you tube users viewed his talk on joe rogan's podcast about ten million times it was a perfect platform for all the android elves and drug crazed aliens they've got
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like astronaut level. people taking super hardcore levels of drugs and going into meetings with these things and making interval act it deals the nazis to get the deep literature they believed they were being possessed by entities that were psychically connected to each other and would work like robots here's what he really believes. the elves are biological androids the grace this ng theories on television clearly doesn't work but promoting conspiracy theories well that's a different story some people actually have some type of paranoid delusions or they have paranoid personality so they tend to see connections among things that other people don't see bands on social media only strengthen the conspiracy theorists because they say if it wasn't such a terrible thing that we've discovered they wouldn't be hiding it they would be suppressing us so a it given that belief that there is something being covered up and beat it makes
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them feel even more self right just saying that i am one of the few people left you know to promote the truth i have to do it and they're more motivated to find some way to promote whatever pet theory or conspiracy theory they have. russians across the country have been busy face thing on a fried traits because it's pancake week or muslim it's as it's known locally the festivities marked the period before lent the week culminates with effigies burned to chase away the cold on the darkness of the long winter season take a look at this in fact a contemporary arts village outside the town of kaluga has taken a noble traditional approach when it comes to the choice of the effigy a twenty eight metre high wooden replica of the french revolution steel fortress well as you can see it's gone up. the organizers say just those the bus steel disappeared in the revolution this on knowledge will be totally consumed by
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fire. it creates pictures from i'm back in what ninety seconds find more news coming r.t. international rights up to this. but. you should. put themselves on the line. that will reject. so when you want to express. that you'd like to be close to see what is before. the people get. interested in the water as it. should. question countries are very reluctant to recognize the fact that is that is why my formulae
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and also to me that they were perhaps wrong. condemning him and so with glee in the early stages of the war so. undermined the reconstruction process by the prolongation of sanctions i think it was in countries with one as the jewish where it's a serious reconstructed you know way thing which is really started by a third power not russia not by the west and by the g.c.c. . twenty minutes into the program welcome back whistle blower chelsea manning is once again in prison after she refused to testify in front of a grand jury in a case against wiki leaks co-founder julian assault lawyers say the sentence.
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this is an appealable order judge hilton did find her in contempt hoping for is certainly a typical for this kind of proceeding as everybody knows chelsea has tremendous courage higher primary concern at this point is her how well she is confined. chelsea manning first came to prominence in two thousand and ten classified military data to wiki leaks it cost her a thirty five year jail sentence however after serving seven of those years mumming was released by then president obama the whistleblower was aware she could be taken back into custody. have a history of having to deal with secrecy and a lot of these secret proceedings that they tend to favor the government they tend to allow things they are various goings on to happen so i am i am in general opposition of that kind of of this kind of proceeding taking place i believe in the grand jury process i don't believe in the secrecy of this i have no problem
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explaining what happened and i've done it before why we should go through this in a secret closed hearing with only the prosecutor no lawyer. we will get to that issue of secrecy in just a moment but just let you know what happened in the past week more than seven hundred thousand confidential documents and videos here some coming up of what was revealed on a warning you may find some of the following images the story. right. now the father. was. human rights campaigner peter tatchell believes it's suspicious the hearing was conducted out of the public eye. what does the u.s.
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government introduces system have to hide why can't they conduct these hearings and these charges in open court in this case it's all being done in secret which flies against the fundamental democratic traditional principle but just the should be open and transparent and i think chelsea manning is quite right to shine a spotlight on the secrecy of the grand jury system and the way in which is weighted towards the prosecution and against defendants joining us on himself has been subject to secret grand jury hearings since two thousand and ten he's never been allowed to know the charges against him or the evidence he's not being given any kind of information whatsoever and again this is completely contrary to the basic fundamental principle of justice that it should be open transparent and accountable. ok let's end this news hour on a rather positive note
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a six year old boy from southern russia is being hailed a hero he's helped rescue really hold more than one hundred stray levels and he talked to us about it. and of those of what. i love animals it's my go to take them and give them shelter . i find them good homes. but i simply cannot let them live on the streets in freezing cold weather during the winter it's very cold and hard for them to find food but we still rescue them in the summer too.
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i just want to take care of animals i'm a comma special forces officer. without. fear . yeah feeding time must be just crazy and it's time to check in with max on the latest kaiser report next join me again in thirty for all the latest headlines. my son doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse he started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like
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criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs. with numbers of people who are in prison for. for. minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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someone. both i. still think i want to. because. you just got me. when i pushed everything ok so. if i think. you. therefore your thoughts get on for nothing or hope now that you know where you're from here. for a one night fall for the night.
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i am ask eyes are this is the. kaiser report. they say hey max in the second half you continue talking about cash and cash flow societies and the possible totalitarian aspects of that because you're in a system controlled by the banks and you cannot exit it without cash i think that's an interesting way to look at it now i want to look at a headline out of china and then compare the story from china to our own you know corporate controlled world so china bans twenty three million people from buying
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travel tickets as part of social credit system china blocked twenty three million quote discs credited travelers from buying plane or train tickets last year as part of the country's controversial social credit system aimed at improving the behavior of citizens according to the national public credit information center's twenty eighteen report seventeen point five million people were banned from buying flights five point five million barred from purchasing high speed train tickets because of social credit offenses three poor released last week said quote once discredited limited everywhere so this is the realisation of what i've been predicting for a number of years the casino good lag so in china if you are not complying with an ever encroaching an oppressive state intrusion into your life
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you get discredited and the only way to keep yourself from being put in deeper layers of the gulag is to. play on the video games essentially to swear your allegiance or play video games or earn big you know virtual gold this type of thing so you'll end up with millions of people now where to their monitors in this casino gulag model and it's highly profitable and the. people who are stuck in the casino good leg are are never going to get out really they'll be born in they'll die in the casino and it's coming to america well it's already here because let's look at this from the other side this is not just the government of china imposing this upon the people the people themselves also want it they don't like people getting on a train for example without a reservation and first class and.


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