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tv   News  RT  March 5, 2019 6:00am-6:30am EST

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amid speculation that the miller probe into trumped russia pollution will turn out to be a bit of a damp squib us democrats are launching a new investigation into the matter intent it appears on a t.v. on achieving just one thing. for you peach somebody you have to persuade the american public to happen is a long way down the road you don't have the facts yet. as hawks in washington ratchet up talk of regime change in caracas the us backed pretender to the venezuelan presidency returns home from his life in america tour without upset or incident the chief negotiator of syria's opposition to brainstorm ways to bring
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reconciliation to the war weary country. and they lipstick and long eyelash sporting adolf hitler is paraded around major spanish cities on the side of a bus as part of an anti feminism campaign launched by conservatives rattled by gender violence was. this is art international bringing you your live news update this hour welcome to the program. we start with the u.s. where senior u.s. democrats are demanding access to all communications between presidents donald trump and vladimir putin that's amid allegations that the u.s. leader concealed some of what he spoke about with his russian counterpart the following request was sent to the white house. the committee's requests the by march the fifteenth twenty nineteen the department produce all documents
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communications regardless of form and classification the refer or relate to any communications between president trump and president putin. democrats are redoubling their efforts to put trump under ever more intense scrutiny regarding alleged collusion with russia that might be because there's talk that the current moeller probe into the issue or proved to be a bit of a disappointment in that respect as often explains. there's an old saying among cops and prosecutors if you throw enough at a wall eventually something will stick and this old saying usually expressed with less polite terminology seems to now be the montra of the democrats in congress gerry navl or has been selected to lead the charge impeachment is a long way down the road we don't we don't have the facts yet but we're going to initiate. a proper investigation so you impeach somebody you have to persuade the american public that it ought to to happen to remember the bob muller investigation
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that highly expensive two year long probe into allegations that donald trump had colluded with russia not too long ago democrats had many people convinced that it would be a huge game changer. well the final report is imminent and some are worried that it won't contain a bombshell or smoking gun revelation but some democrats seem to have the same overall goal because we're going to go in there really. i eighty one people have received a letter from the house judiciary committee they plan on following up on every last lead from the testimony of trump's former warrior michael cohen at this point they are planning to investigate the relations between the white house and trump's family the firing of james komi foreign trade deals and much much more and it won't
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just be the judiciary committee that is looking into donald trump you have to do is follow the transcripts if there were names that were mentioned records that were mentioned during the hearing we're going to take a look at all of that the u.s. constitution lays out procedures for trying and removing a president who is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors the idea is to put a check and balance on the executive branch so that it is not above the law however it seems that as of late investing. ations and impeachment have turned into just another play in the never ending political football game ala plopping r.t. new york meanwhile the white house has reacted with scorn to news every new probe saying the democrats were opening up a disgraceful and abusive investigation into tired false allegations former us republican congressman michael patrick flanagan says a democrat controlled inquiry will backfire. the democrats knowing that it's not going to be much of a report are now trying to build their own campaign and continue the to video from
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all or in their own clumsy imperfect way and their goal is to take this president down and make sure that he is in no way possibly reelected next year and so they will do their best to keep this alive if more was keeping his or his his summer his investigation somehow alive they would be doing this because the need for this investigation would be would be vitiated by a bible or doing his but now motor's done and he's apparently not going to report much of anything this says the democrats furious so they're going to build an investigation that they control that they run that they can control the outcome of an surprise a price that will have the outcome that they wanted to have and no one will believe it. she didn't warn there'd be trouble if he was harmed when garrido had been touring latin america in violation of a travel ban imposed by caracas his return has prompted very different reactions on
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twitter from a cheering us state department and i defined venezuelan toward democracy. the world is watching its venezuela confronts imperial aggression and moves forward with dignity we will continue to hold high the flag of our free people who raise their voices against imperial interference in return to the streets determined to mobilize in search of freedom the ambassadors of france germany the netherlands and spain greeted quite oh at the airport along with a crowd of journalists off flag waving supporters welcomed him in ho welcomed him home at a rally in the capital urged them to mobilize for yet another protest against president nicolas maduro on tuesday. meanwhile that as well as problems are becoming problems for the wider region the u.s. has threatened to tighten the screws on economic sanctions on cuba over how honest pro madeira stance america's national security adviser said the new restrictions would target cuba's military john bolton also tweeted that the region's nations
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should come out and condemn caracas have takes a look at why washington things can dictate to others who side to be on. the united states is exceptional literally bouncing by different rules to you and me of the nations states groups you see they have the right to decide who rules where like in venezuela they decide who is a dictator and who isn't they decide which dictators rule and which don't now and state supports any number of dictators who violate human rights including the leaders of egypt saudi arabia the u.a.e. do you not see that the united states support for other brutal dictators around the world undermines the the credibility of the argument you make no i don't think it does make it separate and i think look in this administration we're not afraid to use the phrase monroe doctrine. it's an odd chaotic
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nineteenth century policy that basically says no nation in the americas may be colonized by europeans out of bounds for europeans and everyone not from the americas a little later teddy roosevelt twisted this policy turned it inside out instead of protecting american nations the us now toppled governments that didn't like their now they've twisted it again now they think they can do this everywhere all over the world and a zoo l.-a and a bill that legitimizes us meddling that terry quire threat assessment a strategy to counter russian influence in venezuela. in effect they're trying to justify meddling in venezuela pogany because it's too friendly with russia and saying no not that that is asked for it not even america's champ there but you
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don't see broad support for i believe that there is respectful participation of russia in regards to watching the fate of our country but the same goes for other countries that are paying attention here and merica knows better in syria half the world away it's the same story in syria the united states where used to plumb us and work with our partners to expel every last iranian brute and work through the un a process to bring peace and stability to the long suffering syrian people for the life of me i don't remember syrians are asking the united states to get too many chinese there thinks washington up to no good now is the time to boot them out china uses bribes opaque agreements and the strategic use of debt to hold states in africa captive to beijing's wishes and demands goes without
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saying it wasn't the africans who asked for this in fact according to the latest gallup poll most africans approve of chinese investment plans leadership in africa but the united states knows better you know why because it's special exceptional better than you or me officially our mission is to reassert our sovereignty reform the liberal international order this is a unique exceptional country. imagine mr monreal would turn in his grave if he could see what his but nine policy protecting the weak from european colonisers what that has been turned into a license. to kill to meddle to topple governments and politically but on the continent oh you've got to be special all right we have all sorts of recent
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cases libya syria iraq where u.s. intervention has essentially obliterated where u.s. intervention has essentially obliterated any possibility of democracy but this is true throughout the decades that the united states has meddled in the affairs of latin america overthrowing one democratically elected government after another whether in one thousand nine hundred fifty four with art and or the interventions that it carried out in the one nine hundred eighty s. supporting brutal military regimes in countries like el salvador although venezuela is in the vise the moment cuba nicaragua were also mentioned by figures like bolton in the same breath this is clearly a concerted effort to bring latin american countries once again under the iron control. relatives of children of french jihadi is have appealed to
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the un for help convincing paris to allow the kids to return to france they're currently being held in camps and syrian kurdistan one of the lawyers assisting in the case says the children would be able to adapt to life in france. to speak when the french people every day for three years in a row are being told that these children are time bombs they want to prove their pets ration but in fact they're being deceived the eighty four children hell ready to return to france they have adapted to their being socialized there ok. according to the state of the children charity there are now more than two and a half thousand children in camps in northern syria from thirty countries where the lawyer we just heard from thinks around one hundred of them are french france is currently dealing with the return of these children art of them are french france is currently dealing with the return of these children on a case by case basis but the majority of french people seem to be against the
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children's return a new poll found that sixty seven percent of respondents didn't want them in france we spoke to patrick jordan the father of one of the victims of the paris terror attacks he thinks the children of jihadi s. have to shoulder the consequences of their parents' actions. parents are bearing responsibility for the future of their children they've left france voluntarily nobody forced them out they've decided to fight against friends they've crossed themselves out of frauds and unfortunately their children should account for the consequences for me these children coming back is out of the question i judge people consider them french nationals our sister channel r.t. france spoke to paris residents to see what they thought about the children's fates . is all children should be protected and circumstances. it creates a real friend children they have to be hundred u.k.p. it's risky to do so from these children since when the children danger overly need is good environment they will flourish. dolled up hitler wearing lipstick and long
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eyelashes has been spotted in madrid and barcelona on the side of a bus the fear immobile is part of a campaign by ultra conservative catholics who are unhappy about spanish laws on gender violence which they claim discriminate against met the bus will tour several other spanish cities in the run up to international women's day on march the eighth the campaign is being run under the hash tag stop from a nazis which is how the organizers refer to certain types of feminists it's spokesman explain why. the gender laws are really very. very bottom last because they discriminate men from women in the penalty also the pinnacle discriminate also in the presence of innocence it's breakin and symbol of equality that is in our constitution what we are asking is for already
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that is what should always be prime minister are asking for but in fact are rather are not asking for a quality but they are asking for supremacism a not to die in a way the campaign is seeking to get a two thousand and four law on gender violence repealed under its special courts and we had to billet ation centers were created to protect women at risk some on twitter have scoffed at the campaign and have come up with their own alternative bust slogans accusing the campaign of being very behind the times the catholic group behind the campaign made headlines in two thousand and seventeen now with a bus but a converted campaign camper van that time around they were targeting the transgender community their message was that children are too young to be gender fluid the authorities thought the campaign went too far and seized its vehicles body confidence advocate joanne be moral as things the new hitler bust fails to get its point across. i personally think that it's quite hard to take
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a group an organization seriously when they use someone that has inflicted so much pain or many people so it's quite hard to just read the speech and understand what they're going to say she's trying to pick and i don't think he's the right person to use the basic this campaign specially what they're trying to do that i don't personally agree with that because i do you think this is a bit of an insult to women specially because of what he was about and what he thought about women in particular and in trying to do and i do agree that something needs to be done and so to men directly china is giving its army a boost with a massive cash injection well get what difference it will make after this. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected
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. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to be. actually going to be the person this is like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my. life expectancy in america is plummeting if you look at the chart it's shocking you look at almost every other country it's kind of inching up on one side of the chart and then as an error is the united states is away over here it's all crashing down from the drugs from the having junk food having junk culture having it's junk politics and fake news it's all fake and fake doesn't sustain life and you see it in the numbers it's clear.
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the russian foreign minister is in saudi arabia where he has just met with the chief negotiator of the syrian opposition to discuss reconciliation so expressed hope that the opposition would help to fill tate the return of refugees. we appreciate your commitment to finding solutions and we expect that you and other representatives of the syrian opposition who contribute to creating a constitutional committee and of course we expect that the responsible elements of the opposition support the provision of assistance to syrians by the. international communities not only in the form of humanitarian aid but also in terms of water supply educational and medical services and enabling refugees and displaced people to return to their homes. with more on the meeting reports from riyadh.
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the russian foreign minister has just met with the members of the syrian opposition belonging to the so-called political wing of the syrian opposition movement meaning that basically they are not exactly members of any militant group on the ground but i should say it was a surprise meeting really wasn't announced and it wasn't anywhere in the program in fact we journalists had already boarded the plane expecting to depart shortly so according to the russian foreign minister quoting to sergey lavrov they found some common ground as the two about the possibility of the elections in syria and as well as the new syrian constitution this meeting is coming right after the russia's foreign ministries statement on the recent report by the o.p.c. w on last year's that chemical attack in syria's duma now the russian foreign ministry is saying that they are studying this more than a hundred pages long report very carefully but the russian foreign ministry can
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already say that from what they can see is that the un back body is ignoring their information that certain parts of the attack could be staged like the video from a hospital that emerged right after the attack this is something that russia had warned months in advance before that incident happened at the vague conclusions the o.p.c. w. body is making in its report could be used to justify the u.s. british and french aggression against the syrian government so this is what the russian ministry is talking about when they're saying that well of the o.p.c. wu somewhat you can norrin russia's information that some parts of that chemical attack were staged. china is beefing up its military budget in a bid to keep pace with america's rate of splashing the cash under fence beijing has earmarked over one hundred and seventy seven billion dollars for two thousand and nineteen a year on year boost of seven point five percent i mean just obsess reports from
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the chinese capital. among the standing in front of the great hall here where the thirteenth a national congress was held it's the highest organ of the chinese state war elites and powerful politicians come here and they came here today to actually hear the draft of the budget and the economic vision of next year and that he also said here today that there was an increase in the military budget and the outline the reasons why that happened maintaining reasonable and appropriate groups the national defense budget is needed to safeguard national security and is in line with the transformation program of china's military the u.s. has been going to great lengths to show to the world how china's military might poses a danger we face growing threats from china and beijing will use its military clout to expand its footprint using military tools as well as propaganda to modernize and expanding its already considerable nuclear forces but when you compare the two
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countries and how much they've been pouring into arms it's quite of gap between china and the united states the u.s. last year and vest that about six hundred eighty billion dollars in their national defense were china has been nothing close to that and it's that's not even enough this year president trump has been pressuring congress to increase that to over seven hundred billion dollars. china's defense spending accounted for one point three percent of its gross domestic product in two thousand and eighteen we're doing the same period some major developed countries spent more than two percent on their g.d.p. on defense. well that two percent pretty much rings a bell it's been and trump smelled pretty much the whole time he's got elected he's been saying that the is to up to two percent you have to pay the minimum required two percent of g.d.p. must pay. what they owe of the united states has more than eight hundred military bases all around the world were china has only one and that's an africa and should
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booty while the us has been saying that they have these bases to maintain peace among the world the chinese simply just say that they just wanted to be there to protect their national interests. and the insights now of china specialist and her along and thank you for joining us now china's spending twelve billion more this year than last on its military why do you think it needs to make that jump in spending. well even though the increase in spending. is been substantial because china's a launch economy but in terms of g.d.p. . percentage of g.d.p. it remains very modest sort of one point nine percent i mean slower is lower the percentage is lower than for example. two point five. and china seeing a more complex. security situation around. including
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results on a sea including uncertainties over the. korean peninsula and safeguarding its territorial claims but of all the kind of sea lanes of communications. china sea where. percentage of china's trade and import of. tiriel coming from and of course the security of the supplies underpins the stability of the chinese companies fairly so i think that china's military spending is essentially defensive it is not in the habit of exerting military coercion over other countries it certainly has not established a kind of territorial. occupation of other countries all is in the habit of military intervention there's always china's policy to resolving the
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national crisis through thick and other peaceful means so i think the chinese military is spending as the rest of the scene in this regard but of course there is increasing rivalry on all fronts with the united states. courses taught us a trade war it is not the technology of war it's also a military cargo. threats and possible coercions so i think china has got against that including a very sensitive issue of the of taiwan for example but i don't think that china will depart from its. decades long policy of not using military. matter to solve problems and in fact compare with the military dominance of the it on stays in china still miles behind in terms of economic carrier groups. qatar as it is devolved by americans eleven
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battle. craft carrier battle groups in terms of high technology interest the lax the higher the number of fronts even though china as well. developing new weapon truly like. weapon tree as well as more more than kind of a vessel but overall china's military might as nothing compared with the loss they spend certainly even with this increase is very more than a percentage of his m.p. and i'm afraid we're going to have to leave it there andrew a long time especially thank you so much for joining us on the program today. that's a news wrap up for this hour thanks for tuning in. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. theory dramatic development the only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful. to sit down and talk. yes to all this is all the proof.
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public wealth. when the ruling classes can protect themselves. nor middle of the room sick.
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greetings and sal you take shouldn't lose. there there is a dark dirty secret looming on the horizon here in the united states of america my arc watchers it's one you can only see if you have the right set of eyes that can read between the headlines and catch the flashes of lightning in the distance as february came to a close blood blood was in the economic water here in the retail states of america has four major brands and now has the closing of more than four thousand shows stores nationwide in a forty eight hour apocalypse now in retail but but but but wait tyrrell the economy is doing great it will all say to me all our talking heads on t.v. our republican and democratic elected leaders and officials and wall street bootlickers are all telling us that it's jobs jobs jobs go lower that the economy
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is booming. much like author of the capitalist comeback and their wrote in the washington post he said quote the latest numbers confirm what americans can see all around them the trump economic surge it is still in full swing and beating expectations. well you might.


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