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bundled up business models used by american corporations jadhav what he's sold on could be mental disease has been able to use teaching shows a man who was not on the scene and the solution. is up in association with the potato. a little can he saw some dogs it is just simply his ability to maintain an investigative documentary. ghost war on oxy. oh. i'm. standing with. students across friends who take to the streets over education reform to protest against fuel price increases which forced a government. the end of an era for germany's ruling christian democrats replaced. by. promptly known as k k.
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draft the braggs deal ahead of a critical parliamentary vote on tuesday we asked people in london what they think about the growing turmoil over the situation. the discussion about will be trying to. search and rescue ship the aquarius which has saved thousands of migrants from the mediterranean has announced it is ceasing operations we talked to the project. european politicians are seeking is of creating this into a discussion about migration and it is most certainly not a discussion of migration is a discussion about rescue at sea. or broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is international thomas
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certainly glad to have you with us. you know the french capital is braced for another round of protests on saturday and the possibility of further rioting over increasing living costs crisis hit the government has said it will not stand for any violence and is set to deploy eight thousand police officers as well as armored vehicles in central paris. we have information about a great number of individuals who are coming to paris not to protest peacefully but to confront to attack the forces of law. we mobilized an important number of police offices eighty nine thousand in france overall this is an exceptional mobilization because we don't want to endanger the republic. france has experienced its worse rioting in a half a century in the past three weeks and although the government has abandoned the fuel tax hikes that triggered the rest of the yellow vest protesters are not satisfied they are calling for
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a wealth tax to be introduced and some are even demanding president micron's resignation. students across france have also been voicing their opposition to the government's policies and in particular its educational reforms they have blockaded hundreds of schools forcing many to close and on thursday controversy erupted when a video emerged of police detaining more than one hundred forty student protesters in paris and forcing them all to kneel on the ground a number of lawmakers have condemned the officer's actions as unacceptable and humiliating. you could be. weeks of protests have taken their toll on the authority of president along with his ratings are reports. another day another protest today in france.
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by the government's huge chewing on a fuel tax wise feel like the wings are changing and blurring in their favor now as the crisis continues parties from the left are calling for a very good no confidence in the french government this second in months with a vote of no confidence as it's clear from the name means that we tell the government you are going in the wrong direction i mean the. giora tea party of course the government can then resign and the president of the republic will appoint a new prime minister in addition to the three factions that signed this vote of no confidence the communist party unbowed france and the socialists we want to unite and win over other deputies. targeted his front seats hope when he was elected last year he came into office with an approval rating of more than sixty percent but he's gone from jupiter to g.s. with the latest polls showing his popularity has crashed recovery weyburn will be
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free companies will be supported an initiative will be encouraged he. was was a. gamble i'm i will humbly serve our people was. the fosters a frenchman and french women who feel forgotten would be better protected. so what's caused the collapse as well as implementing a vast range of unpopular reforms that have led to him being labelled the president of the rich he's also known for his loose tongue and perceived arrogance he told army generals just he would push if just speech over spending cuts the head of the french armed forces soon quit and he would be far from the last to abandon macron
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scam the president even told pensioners that france would be better off if people stop whining after being harangued by the worried about pension cuts the only thing we don't have the right to do about is complain or the president may have hoped the u. turn on fuel tax hikes would have quelled the anger but it it hasn't. only seems to have intensified it with truckers and foam is our new students now taking their concerns to the streets protesters here are calling for a makeover to resign was you course you doubt i consider my comment to be a president who's against social rights who's trying to deconstruct the welfare state. he's clearly implementing policies for the rich because he's the president of the rich we want a president for the poor an aussie a president who prioritizes the common interest. in a concert mation it would be
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a deal palms job is to respond to the people's demands unfortunately though in the national assembly where the majority are with a marsh the deputies follow orders like sheep but we are happy because there are deputies who represent the interests of the people and sort of their democracy mark and i don't like him a lot but the problem is that if you want to make on to resign who are you going to put forward they gave them so if you have a good candidate that's fine but michael resign and let's see what happens is that the great option for corn once penda book entitled a revolution in it he wrote about the quest to reinvent the french nation he's unpopular policies may just be doing that as the yellow this movement continues to gain traction problem is this was the revolution the president foresaw nor wanted it's certainly the end of the dream that he liked to cultivate he made people dream or think made
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people think and dream that change could take place without difficulty and that because he was new and a new person and a new party that everything would suddenly get better emmanuelle michael like his two predecessors has absolutely no new ideas he remains where did the policies of the failed well for. many decades in france high tax high spending. european policy relaxed policy on immigration all the costs of these things add up and spending is out of control and so taxes keep going up higher and higher and people have had enough. germany's ruling christian democrat party has chosen and i guarantee crop current power as its new leader that's after chancellor angela merkel stepped down from the role after eighteen years artie's peter oliver reports now from. the new leader of germany's christian democratic union party will be and
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a great. the former prime minister of the state of silent she was going into this vote they're already the general secretary of the party she was given that role essentially the papal blessing if you will from angola merkel the outgoing leader of the party that she ruled over for eighteen years. current power was very much the continuity candidate she is expected to continue to a certain extent the work that angle of merkel was getting on with however that may cause some problems because as angela merkel was giving her farewell address to the party conference she pointed out the current state of the party in the state of politics in germany means it's a very polarized and difficult situation that the woman known as a k.-k. is walking into. the fight it's a critical time for our country and for parties like ours the c.d.u. c.s.u.
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with the f.t. to the right in fast and with a polarized society one of the reasons that delegates may have decided that they wanted to go for only great crime karrenbauer is the fact that she does have this relationship with angela merkel who of course is going to be staying on as chancellor as she stepped down as leader of the c.d.u. but you'll remain in germany's top job until the end of her term she says twenty twenty one and that may well be the main reason that she beat her contender in the runoff vote because chancellor merkel and mr maritz they have history that goes way back to when angela merkel took over the party in the early two thousand she essentially ousted him from his role within the within the christian democratic union so it's going to be a great time karrenbauer who takes over just who is she and what's her outlook on things the preferred choice of mrs merkel is understood to be an internet company known by her initials a k k and it lands assist with a small a pro european and
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a francophile she certain the already tight links with france when it comes to russia she is perhaps even more skeptical of the kremlin the chancellor merkel last week she called for russian ships coming from the sea to be barred from u.s. and ports seeing blood in your food and hadn't been squeaks enough. of. this fire is he thinks he will get away with it and if you win the years done given through united's response he will continue to push for we have seen this in the recent years. those policies and those ideals that go to the votes that puts her across the line one thousand and one delegates voted in hamburg and are going to convince five hundred seventeen of them that she was the woman for the job. maximillian krai former c.d.u. politician and current alternative for germany nominee for the e.u. parliament thinks the christian democrats choice of leader eliminates it as
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a right wing rival to his party. for every conservative in germany it is clear that the see the you want to become a pua left liberal party but it will give wall to conservative scholars germany fully a mainstay of evil will probably come over twenty percent in the european election in may two thousand and eighteen to see do you have a continue the same style as merkel and desa steps to fundamental change that today's election day brought that means no one can still have to silent who deceive you comes back conservative party so there is just one remaining conservative party in germany and that's the heir of dean lost a competitor today. doctors without borders is ending its life saving operations in the mediterranean one that after a short break this is our international. river
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before trade war leaves a hot war there's currency war plays a trade war where in the current you are going on already with the china peg artificially low to get their exports to the u.s. in a way to build their economy and then the u.s. it worker was losing their job but they were paying less for chinese made stuff and so there was this symbiotic relationship going on so if the question is who's going to be twenty first century empire and who's going to lose if it's going to be the u.s. or china my thought is going to be a coterminous and that both the u.s. and china are going to fall apart. we did go the diplomacy. diplomacy and as i said we did not do that without. something exists is that i have to wait.
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the differences between b.p. and you. are i welcome back this is our two international now the u.k. is gearing up for one of the most crucial parliamentary votes in the country's modern history the parliament confronted a prime minister theresa may during a five day debate on whether to vote through the draft break the deal on tuesday and there seems to be a mix of confusion panic and anticipation among the british public on the issue and he's an associate take a look. brick said from a people's vote to a nation's headache it's a ticking time bomb with just days to go before it goes off which could potentially
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set in the u.k. into more chaos and uncertainty december eleventh will be make or break day for the british prime minister apparent it's guessing game about what outcomes are likely to follow have reached boiling point in the u.k. the house of commons will vote on whether or not to give a green light to the plan to rescind may has been pushing through like a cupcake through a keyhole the stakes are higher than ever days of fiery breck's a debate have been rocking parliament ahead of the meaningful vote the deal before us would make our country worse off our country would be better off remaining in the european union the next sitting on the basis of this deal i've got no stake in this government anymore is it time that the prime minister to responsibility responsibility for chilling the fungus it is a paint a cost a pseudo break sheet the choice before parliament is clear this deal or no deal
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or the risk of no brick serious. or tuesday's vote leads is anyone's guess it may suffer as a major defeat developments like heart breaks it a no deal bracks it a vote of no confidence against the prime minister general election a second referendum and even no president all are all being mulled over while the british public grows weary of the uncertainty but this is madness because our story . breaks ranks you know the mess bedroom going to wait should be getting very messy sounds i was doing today i'm still nervous over. that i'm sick to death of hearing about it have so fed up now yet we change the subject yes please give us a break i think you've been covered a bit too much because there's nothing actually been done as a solo because you talk to every single day over time bricks and bricks people. coughing. so it's for you to everybody sit it out of this i'm not sick of it very interesting this. is going to. make it very clear. to be very confusing nobody
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knows quite what's going on he just. i think everything is. a little bit of uncertainty i don't think it's affecting anyone yet he does it feel real is going to go on forever have been a terrible hope it doesn't happen overnight go back to square one probably it was people who should have got our straight or were you sort of far from our preachers . meanwhile words like chaos panic and meltdown all too common in newspaper headlines these days have been adding fuel to the fire as the u.k. reads tea leaves and bites its nails and party fund it. the search and rescue ship via korea which has saved thousands of migrants from the mediterranean has announced it is ceasing operations doctors without borders which runs the mission blamed pressure from european countries and initiated by italy the charity said rome has sabotaged its efforts to save lives over the last two months the ship
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has been can find it to port in france following allegations the organization broke the law italian government accuses those behind the mission of running a taxi service to a thai imports by carrying people on the ship here's a recap of what happened. and sister tracy letts response to the situation with aquarius is proof of a form of cynicism and a lack of responsibility on behalf of the italian governments when faced with this dramatic humanitarian disaster. my duty is to defend the borders of this country which cannot become a refugee camp even only those have the right to end its will and to it's there of the poor so they can go to spain. and the netherlands. according to the
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international organization for migration already this year more than two thousand people have died or gone missing trying to reach europe by way of the mediterranean earlier my colleague tutor discussed the issue with the aquarius project coordinator dr tom de kock. in the last three months we've had our flag stripped twice. once expressed lee from italian pressure to the panamanian maritime authority most recently we've had a trumped up. waste profiteering legal process started in catania sicily and it's part of a longer two year smear campaign not just of ourselves but of the whole search and rescue. community if you'd like to refer to it as such all of it attempting to switch the focus onto us away from all the bull who are at present drowning at sea and you know from the italian perspective they're trying
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to control illegal migration to europe that's the perspective they're putting so how are they going to avoid returning these migrants back to libya and the other countries that they're traveling from the european union has something called k s which is a comprehensive european the asylum system. at present there is something called the dublin regulation that dictates that every border nation is responsible for everybody who arrives there in the preamble to creating madness that border states take their. migration very seriously consequently it is left room for populist and right wing politicians to create and still fear and use what is arguably not a migration crisis the european commission as admitted it's as much. to create fear . the one hundred thousand people crossing the mediterranean is
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a drop of very very small drop in the bucket. of population and with the the ultimate point here is that what what. italian and. and other european politicians are seeking is of creating this into a discussion about migration and it is most certainly not a discussion about migration is a discussion about rescue at sea. donald trump has named the state department's heather nauert as his nominee for u.s. ambassador to the united nations the president said she's smart she's nice she's all other things which make a good candidate. heather nauert will be nominated. you go work with nikki haley to. replace vicki at united they will be ambassador to the united nations very talented very far very quick and i think she's going to be respected
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by also head there now or will be nominated for the embassador to the united states so we've got heather nauert slated to replace nikki haley nikki haley trump's ambassador to the united nations is stepping down now heather nauert has been at the state department and it was highlighted when she was confirmed for that position as the spokes person for the state department but she had no previous foreign policy experience now she's been holding that post for a little while here's some of the highlights of heather nauert at the u.s. state department briefings i don't know if you all are working for today or what but i. didn't mind agreement so you know i can be funny to you madam come on. my boy and. my children are in the back today haven't started school just yet so if you see a couple little wild wild man good to see you know you all getting ready for thanksgiving . yes no ok they're small to take in the united states it's mostly styles
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sent to different directions so i had to say that they are yank out your hand from russia and i kind of want to hear oh yeah ok ok enough said then i'll move on. which is when you get there to happen they're not. officials of the russian government they're just asking a question about oh really ok if you all will give me the grace as they go through my book here because this was a pretty meaty book. just. now the trumpet ministration has taken a strong stand regarding issues related to the u. we've seen the usa withdraw from these. when rights council as well as unesco we've also seen the united states accuse the un of being biased against the usa and against israel at this point it is expected that heather nauert will continue those policies no big shift is expected with the new ambassadorship now it's also
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interesting to note the trouble announced another key appointment and that was the announcement of mr william barr to replace jeff sessions as the u.s. attorney general now william barr was previously u.s. attorney general has held that post before what's most interesting is that william barr has expressed confidence in special counsel robert muller who is carrying out the investigation into alleged collusion between the trumpet ministration and russia it appears that william barr has called for a what he says is a more balanced investigation team regarding that effort so both of these appointments will have to be confirmed by the u.s. senate and as we saw with kavanagh in the supreme court confirmation hearings in the era of trump the confirmation hearings aren't always as smooth as some would expect. the u.s. could be considering tearing up another arms treaty with russia the strategic arms reduction treaty also known as start that's the concern expressed by the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. so that's one gets the impression that the ground
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is being late for the eventual terminations of ston three well earlier this week the number one diplomat in america said that russia has sixty days to stop breaking the rules of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty the american side claims that russia has to get rid of one of its missiles with a range that's longer than the one allowed by the treaty i.v. rig the system. or change the system where it doesn't exceed the range all of this is about a missile with a name that only contains letters and numbers the nine m. seven two nine moscow has said many times that it's only been tested within the range of five hundred kilometers that's the i.n.f. red line however the american intelligence insists that its range is actually far greater than that well sir once again said that this is false and also added that
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washington's never shown russia anything to prove their claims. the us has identified the missile and claims that it was tested at a distance prohibited by the treaty on data says that both the distance and the conditions of the test were in accordance with the treaty it has been said many times that europe will fall under the most serious risk if the i.n.f. treaty is abolished so the russian foreign minister believes that washington spark there is any europe should try and convince washington to start a dialogue with moscow on how to resolve this dispute no use the new bespoke or the if some of our european counterparts are concerned they must influence their ally the united states so that the american sit down with us and start to talk substantively instead of just throwing accusations at us across the ocean we are ready for such a conversation there is already concern at. this point is that washington could use
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these allegations against russia as a pretext to ditch other treaties and we've heard previously from russian officials including a lot of our putin they believe the american side first quits and then tries to explain why they did so. the neo conservatives led by john bolton. does not like any of these arms control agreements and i think that he is try and increasingly to cut back on them and to make them ineffective again is to show more of an an american type of superiority and they're just using this missile as a latest excuse if the us pulls out of this treaty like they did the the iran nuclear agreement i think we're going to see some dramatic arms arms race defensive weapons could easily be turned into off and so weapons countries in europe will be the ones that will realize the most immediate effect because the united states will
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go off into and in terms of a buildup. and that does it for me i'll be back with more news you are watching international. but the co-op but that little. bit of a. close up i'm a grafter to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the
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world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it means to live the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict respond innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying and the is just no way to present and that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want to that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle what does the rise of the yellow vest movement in france tell us about the state of the neoliberal order in europe are the protests in france the largest since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight just about a hike in fuel prices and is emmanuelle the right person to be president to address the problems so many have in france. cross talking france's yellow vests i'm joined by my.


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