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and also i'll sure was about tomorrow why show a photo op right jump in when why how could swim quite a bit passed from provide twenty minutes then let's row now i the covariant come around and he said in striped pull me i know how sharp edged. it and he stood on the bowery. a nice long or rather rough tile and i went to y o r climb into the rubber roll and come satan and know what each brush covered in or will help comes from and about shiksha being god i'm with mayor what can the hollows was hanging on the saw its hundred or go crunch in my legs and now i had to stand up and all showed up. and i push me in the
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say i was a bit much you were not our first so you go well i don't like them because they thought you were going to be stabilized roughly as well showers start to swim towards your cock shall for a while and there was a row about come from show. and he's coming towards i hope he comes sanely cause he calls back to me in age and he comes out and money go bit cross our shire or die or oh we're over here and you know ronnie same me and he come over he said can you route all said yeah and then are now were coming this rope roller nivel corvette. i took a solemn board and i washed all the old off of us and then
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the other big lawn with. their own say and this call that we was on it put us all on to the wrong say you have this here and. and we set sail for england we want up implemented and. we were always slightly from other people because so i didn't want to talk about what happened you would of all those years not to talk about how like the past i had gotten does that is true when i went home and told my parents about or said nothing of. herbs or anything about arsenic because i were forbidden to put it and a person's pipe or the americans i know up
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with all this data house. everybody knew the for years afterwards if you said to some the i was on the lancastrian you very few people would know you were now now. with us if you'd said you were on the titanic or on the loose our everybody would know where nothing was saying. they mind and. it was more people lost their lives on the line cash. and yeah we'll talk big ships can i talk about your medal so the story of medals here well good because you said right through the what i can see the medal you have is saying none of them has to do with the long catch all of a is was what happened to me after that would you like to have
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a medal signifies to learn our overtaking options that somebody told me i had organise survivors in scotland not generally given a matter though everybody was given one as you want to apply well and it just so happens. that i have one with me and with great pleasure. you have spirit and the spirit with spurring the row engineers here my privilege to present a legend that is really nice however i certainly appreciate. your service and now on very pleased time i'm here. to talk to a paper bag and talking so well our lovely home shall please to spread. now i must have got one more thing that so i lancaster meadow this is the quick.
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the quake's a scottish like you. in the quick. only scots welsh. it means a loving cup so the whisky. when you pass a law your friends only your best friends asked her enormous home or group. owners that are just you today ever come. well has and you're still here and a good amount of whisky and you'll be here for the whole. announcement you were not bring good. luck of recognition and acknowledgement in the subsequent years has left many survivors and relatives of victims feeling the sacrifice was worth less than the big heroic events of the second world war jacqueline tyler is one of a handful of people who was on the lancastrian and still with us she was just a little girl of two and a half when the ship was attacked her parents clifford and of either tilly or were
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working in belton when they decided to evacuate and i'm delighted to be joined by jacqueline to be welcomed back into the show tell me a bit about what you can remember what you were the age of two and a half what you've been told about what happened and how your parents managed to get themselves and you off the ship when it was torpedoed they had to move so they picked me up and apparently i kept saying baby here baby here so i was very lucky my parents were strong swimmers and i think they were in the water for quite a few hours. and people gentleman they gave that a piece of wood to put me on so that my father could you know get better on that. then when we got picked up on the holland. i was unconscious by then so i'm told. so they put me in hot water cold water hot water cold water. until i came around
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and luckily i came around and here i am who did and of course you brought with you jack lena this is a sweater this is what you were wrapped in when you were brought right and tries to how humans sweater that you looked after. me and that. and of course at the same time a something else you brought with us to the very beautiful is your mom's warm trichet she told me it stopped at ten past four or not the seventeenth of june one thousand nine hundred forty and you've got it you've kept it and just as it was yes and you got to safety because we have a lovely picture of you your family this is this is the day after when you were your back i'm back in plymouth yes yes and here you shoot jacqueline to settle two and a half with here with your dad in your mom there's a family gathering must've been quite some summary for everybody but i think they were all on the lancaster those those survivors yes how important jacqueline has
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that been that network been of people the connections that unique in talking about what happened then because i knew some people find it quite difficult to talk about those abeyance every year we went to the reunions in frauds. which the french were very very kind. by they had a lancastrian. what call it stone. and so we went every year but of course she received a medal in the in the ceremony at the school run right how was that before you and i had about what it was most unusual because i wasn't expecting. it must have been especially in of course we have our a lovely picture of you at the zoo i think about twelve where you are a leader and a toughie. here in london we're very grateful and privileged jackman you've been able to join a theater for a token of our appreciation and i don't ever get to do that because it's not by any morning it just as you received
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a major from alex i'd like to present you with alex salmond we just scalloped for loving cup it's you can put in it whiskey we prefer of a scotch whiskey of course we would prefer but i think you i think you may have something else in my arm. we'd love for you to answer is from us to you thank you so much for joining us thank you thank you thank you and so we have heard from the living testimony of lancaster survivors how strange it was to survive one of the greatest naval disasters in history with only one really knowing what transpired and were for any semblance of official recognition of the the scale and enormity of what had taken place i'm joined by author brian cropp who explained what was going on brian welcome to the exile and show in. your book the forgotten side just to. the story of the sinking one of the thought of that of a co so for what happened to the lying castillo webpage title the the forgotten tighter to war because it was forgotten there was to it or tried it is afterwards
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what in one nine hundred forty two konya which indeed at the same captain captain sharp captain sharp at that time it is so if you go down with the ship. and the kind of a swell. in one thousand nine hundred four and these three ships nobody is mention them afterwards i mean it's very difficult to find any information on it was it just exegesis a war we knew from churchill's or the code these was big enough disasters bad news for the day that's why you kept quiet could you understand that logic or well it was on the back of dung kirk which is the time we only expected to get twenty four thousand people back. and in fact you call a third of a million. people a brain in the course of your research obviously you have met many many lancastrian families both the families of those who died on the families of of those who
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survived how much does it mean to these people you have met to have knowledge mint of the extent of the loved one son of man. in every case you. lose the letters from survivors just thanking me for bringing their story to light because they're just forgotten well bring to. your work for what it's meant to the victims on foot appearing on the other simon show i'm delighted to present you with the quick. loving cup list you don't drill whisky of liquid and then run your close friends thank you very much thank you so really scotch mind. last week we saw how this confidential disaster is commemorated with such sensitivity by the people of britain after the break we'll hear how the main cast of families of victims and survivors finally achieve some recognition that whole perhaps appropriately in scotland but the ship was launched as i missed
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in one thousand twenty two c.n.n. . blushes and i think she should he could go to horse in the beach he cut the host for the team your he said it's not that it seems it's a shame since that always shifting against. them into. a uniquely built in a circle included at least they knew a little bit i was one of them commenting that in the scheme to show. for which we believe you shirley's. given to us not to the south korean
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is are still some of the come forward summed up. the money approachable british mr bush types are imo sure because. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the right wing closest to protect themselves. in the financial merry go round lives alone be the one percent until. such time as we can all middle of the room signal. to leave the room for the real news is
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really more. dollars. dollars. dollars. i mean the dollar by dollar bills what ours are being. bullied. garrett over here we care the music with us. we are here with a dry jeer. by you are going to get rid of. you or not go away you will not die quite. real the heart of what we do is the.
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welcome back assoon as the war was over a long caste system five years association this forms to commemorate the loss it ran for some twenty five years in one thousand eighty one the cultures were taken up by the h.m.t. lancastrian association which until two thousand and ten ran an eye on memorial service at st catherine creech art in london and also can i specify to sound as if it was to this church that in two thousand and five the belle of the line castillo with the ship's launch name the type of any of those just turned after being left with a note at level seventy and stored it means that saint catherine cree to this day. in all of this volunteer effort what was lacking was any official recognition of
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the enormity of the disaster we asked the ministry of defense that it be willing to be interviewed or send a statement we're yet to hear from them here's a clip though from george osborne standing in for prime minister david cameron a prime minister's questions in twenty fifteen on the seventy fifth anniversary of the sinking of the lancaster if i might say mr speaker at the end of the session since you raise a military matter it is the seventy fifth anniversary of the sinking of the h. and t. . was the largest loss of british lives at sea in the history of this maritime nation some of the survivors are still alive today and many of course mourn who those who died it was kept secret at the time for reasons of wartime secrecy and i think it's appropriate today in this house of commons to remember all those who died those who survived and the families who still mourn them. however to this day and please press for more comprehensive government technology to do with a special poppy pen from poppy scotland with
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a puppy in the ship's bell marking the last of him why only it would at least two hundred one men perished of the two hundred eighty three on board of stornoway at the end of world war one it was recently marked in scotland as a cheered however as we approached remembrance sunday one of the leader of the house going over a statement from the minister of defense on the loss of the hitch emptied on custody on the seventeenth of june nine hundred forty of sunday's inadvertently in world war two with an estimated four thousand dead it's the largest single ship lost in you came out of time history and it is yet never been properly recognised for relatives to remember their loved ones can rid of the hopes look to help this historic and justice. well i completely sympathize with the on a potential in this desire to raise they say she's here in the house we do have a full debate. on tuesday on the center on the system that would be an appropriate time to be able to raise ships lost during the second world war also i'm sure that
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would be in order the honorable gentleman raises questions directly then it's peter in two thousand and eight the relatively newly formed lancaster association of scotland achieved a decisive breakthrough they were successful in persuading the scottish government under certain alex salmond to provide the official recognition which had been sought by so many for so long the scottish parliament swept aside generations of indifference and structural and cast a medal for the families the victims and survivors some three hundred seventy five have been struck over the years before the claims of formally closed in twenty fifty one of those attending the major said to many was robert track in the last few days speaking outside the scottish parliament he loved the experience of that memorable day for the and catherine families. rabbi welcome to. you have gone alexander to shank's was lost in the lancastrian that i'm interested in
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a boy growing up the family speak about that all explain how you know your grandfather died. father released talk of the tragedy for all this reason and say but my mother gave me snippets and for me they had not so we go and for the nation on the tried to the incident we want to do up to doris day and from each other don't give me of course but. my father was the knave in the water i wasn't we have a tall. grandfather been among those lost and. i wasn't even aware of the wine cost us an instant because it almost been written history surely that comes to you but you find that strange i'd never have the cast if it was such a huge disaster yes. everybody would know about that and even to this is the thought more. of the news about who's to say this quite sure but i mean
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this they have to be recognized by the highest level and did your mother over discuss what happened we have gone to how to define we've been told at that time to the zuma they got a letter from the war office saying you are mine your relative the your loved one has been lost and was that it was it was just a later see him missing in action so he knew all that information and it was a very start it was too late what the later in my opinion of course there was as we know no one effect of the news blackout. what many of us got on the stand this was exegesis of water i fighting for its life that said you know almost understand why that decision was taken was more difficult to understand this why did that continue after the war why when the danger was past why wasn't it openly discussed then. they never feel as a family you know we would deserve to know what happened to our loved one very much saw a cut on the start this the i understand there's still some way of being withheld
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from the public i think we deserve to know we've got a right to know what happened to reality as i understand i'll xander but it was never a cover up. what they finally were led to believe as well it was it was never a couple. jumped over it was a witness saw him jumping overboard a but i was the last of this you know from the javelin streatch the waters continuously so i don't know if he was short in the water but if you try i could say that the graves and britney have lovingly kept on many many of them in june the seventeenth one thousand four. known to go out and i would imagine that alexander among those who were lost then get to know the tate to the settlement of that cut he had in the scots bottom and they said years ago yes i did the family feel after all these years to finally get that medal signifying that
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the loss of your grandfather were delayed so it's a it was great to get recognition for the sacrifice because a lot. of. difficult financial difficulties much to come from the highlands and what the little ones knots why i moved along with school and put in a so it was it was really appreciated at school. and the keep the medal to this day yes of course free and along with your later dollars was a serious price to zation in my house. today but what i can give us there the quake struck us and you know the drill high i know you know the julia from luggage so whisk in the quick and i had family and friends tell you of all thoughts and i. thank you so much much appreciated. i just asked which touched the lives of so many inevitably leads to many coincidences as alex was filming outside the
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scottish parliament with robert crick shank he was approached by face a visitor from sun is there he wanted to add his condolences there is no doubt that history's hidden disaster touched the hearts of the people of britain. michelle you've come to visit the scottish parliament where with your wife and you're from some azad implicitly tell me what does the loss of that lancastrian mean to the people of. vietnam as l.d.p. peace was on top i mean living in a place where martin sixty years it includes your pleasure do not as the young people was a disaster of. course and deal with it has been to buy them deal with the big memories that tell you the jury by moving to see that as you did going to war because you know the people. under which is. it was very difficult to do this if you are doing a lot of. good you don't just solely plows a city to do cool is. going to pull off course.
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michel thank you very much. the two thousand and eight may just said a minute the scottish parliament was followed up in two thousand and eleven by memorial built on the grounds of the golden jubilee hospital in clydebank on the very site where they were just an office one stood off the quite shipyards where the lancaster was launched in one thousand twenty two as a time. as ever in this story the funds for that memorial were raised by the people by the lake cast association of scotland i was here on the banks of a clyde that our story has its beginning and it said. this is where the state was born at the time hey mia in one nine hundred twenty two the name was changed to a few years later because american guests find it difficult to pronounce and just a few yards from here is where they're like custer families finally achieve the hops desired and twenty eleven by having
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a memorial built to those who died. it's difficult not to contrast the open hearted remembrance of the people directly before they get a lodging at the mission of the authorities in these islands and by denying remember the rest two things. if you don't remember war followed sacrifice of casualties then you run the risk of repeating the mistake and secondly will fight the members families cannot have phenolic for the loss of their loved ones. the white cast their families were denied both. and in two thousand and eleven when the requiem for the link last year finally arrived it was a people's wreck with. perhaps robert louis stevenson said it best. under the white and starry sky dig the grave and let me live and i did i live and gladly die and i lay dying before will. this be the vast you grieve for me he lies
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what he longed to be. home as a sailor. home from the sea. and the hunter on the hill. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war
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a nazi don't tour was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery ashe was a german company going until it develops a little mite a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy and it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. you know she said is just cut short arms minix a little mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. fracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive
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a truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent. it's like the gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here anymore it's just slowed down so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal with. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want. to go right to be close this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. first city.
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nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in the spot place the fourth of march if you look at any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie a process of them turkishness designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said therefore it's poor or very sad statement that i would be home by the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with all the crime.
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this hour's top stories on newly declassified documents reveal that the cia experimented with a so-called truth serum on prisoners who had resisted other enhanced interrogation techniques. u.k. prime minister to resume a criticism that's off the saying britain could end up with no breaks it at all if i drop a deal is not accepted the choice of the forest is clear they steal old leave with no deal.


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