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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 24, 2018 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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d.c. has now been destabilized its economy has gone from five percent it's contracted to one percent there is a migration crisis now and criminal gangs are slipping in because the country's been destabilized this is partly the work the handiwork of the national endowment for democracy you mention were taxpayers don't know who jumped on me mention the timing obviously avoid hey we're going to do this north korea meeting and all that but what do people need to know what have us tax payers need to know about meds work regarding north korea the they might think twice about wanting to yeah i mean it's it was very clear to me at this event that ned the national endowment for democracy was threatened by the idea of peace breaking out on the korean peninsula whereas polls consistently show that south koreans over eighty percent of them favor peace with the north and you can see this with the government of mungy and he's put he's staked his political career on peace with the north reconciliation
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and most importantly reunification and now you have this u.s. government agency coming in with often. for reports that are unreliable in many cases and we've seen a lot of the defectors actually fabricate testimony the most important one being the only park. in order to sabotage that from taking place so this is a group that claims that it favors democracy and human rights which actually is sabotaging it in many cases i mean you can just look at the record of the color revolutions they've spawned and what happened afterwards in eastern europe how much conflict has taken place in ukraine for example there is an active war in ukraine's east that any deal was heavily involved in the my down coup neo nazis are rampaging a government funded neo nazi group called c. fourteen is attacking roma camps across ukraine and you know i tried to warn about this at the time and people said you know come on it's just about democracy let's keep the money flowing into civil society group. and now ukrainians favor peace and
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the u.s. wants to send more weapons. to serving under a million levels and what's even more disturbing to me is that right here you know on capitol hill our people who don't seem to see that who are supposed to be you know the great minds like you know nancy pelosi. well can i just make a quick point there which is that you know you brought up nancy pelosi and she was at this event the democratic minority leader and i i question her about this but one of the most important things people need to understand and why this conversation we're having is so important is that there is no public debate about these kind of initiatives so you constantly hear about polarization between republicans and democrats on capitol hill but when something has so much bipartisan support like the anybody that's what you should really worry about and that's why we need to keep having these conversations transparency is so important because i don't think the public would want to know and what i thought was really interesting is that you know nancy pelosi when you tried to ask her about that had said you
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know i don't want to get in hypotheticals though that's like ninety nine percent of her job but that's not like that's literally your job is to understand pathetic goals i want to ask you are u.s. politicians like pelosi just too blind with this like pseudo patriotism or are they are they where do you think that they absolutely know what's going on there and at some point it's just somebody is getting paid or somebody just thinks that's the right thing yeah i think they partly compartmentalize but really what it comes down to is american exceptionalism that we do i mean this is the dictum of democracy promotion is to do unto others what we hope they do not do to us and so what i asked nancy pelosi was how would you feel of russia was funding civil society groups in the u.s. to encourage regime change and she said i'm not going to get into hypotheticals and it's a question she's never had to engage because she's an american exceptionalism and she believes where a special nation or a shining city on the hill as reagan said it it's our job. to export our system
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worldwide and no other country should seek to do that to us which is absolutely ridiculous because to me that goes against the very fabric of what i think all three of us and millions of other taxpaying citizens feel about this country is that it's not our job to police the world it's not our job to tell the world how to think what to think and why don't think just so we can make more money on the back yeah i'm pretty sure that's why we had a little thing called the revolutionary war at least one of the reasons we had it was we wanted to move away from that well also we wanted to keep slavery going but oh you guys why do you think i want to screw speaking of slavery you guys did a really important segment earlier in the week or last week on the prison strike yeah i mean we still have slavery in this country what right do we have to export our system when that's going on at home and it's not what about every it's about providing context that we need to work this out at home and not spend tax dollars to supposedly promote human rights what we're when we're what we're really doing is promoting conflict and destabilization and let me ask you this because we obviously
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we pinpointed one of the problems with them is who is what you know someone sitting at home what should they do what do you recommend as a journalist how do you combat things like mad how do you say like ok if i want to see if i don't want my tax dollars going to this what should i do to help stop it yeah i think you know it's really about writing your local representative and there are some representatives who unfortunately for me someone on the left they happen to be more on the libertarian republican side because they don't want to spend lots of tax dollars but i think this is an issue about accountability and the public needing to be more involved in foreign policy what we've recently seen is the public getting interested for the first time in yemen and now there are calls in mainstream media to end that war the public needs to look at this organization the national endowment for democracy and call for it to be totally defunded and for those for those tax dollars to come back home and be reinvested in building democracy in this country where one still doesn't exist in those. very true
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americans are going to thank you for coming on the great work oh as always always thanks for having me you're thinking yourself. open concept offices stand up desk air purifiers an ergonomic keyboard all work to make what work slightly less soul crushing but the folks at the mit media lab gone one step further and are developing a smart cubicle as part of the mediated atmosphere project which seeks to improve wellbeing and productivity in the workplace the workplace is not only modular but also as a frameless scream custom lighting speakers a video projection and both wearable and contact bio signal sensors the whole thing is designed to self regulate based on the user's activities and physiology it collects over thirty biological signals including heart rate facial expressions and posture so we get stress in the workplace it will literally adjust the lighting images and even sound in order to help you relax if you're getting distracted easily the smart workspace will learn what helps you focus most and implemented
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based on your body by experimenting with things like lighting and sound and objects that we interact with science and technology have been shown to have a monumental effect on cognitive performance mood and even physiology it really does seem like the geniuses of our generation might just make going to work almost as fun as not going to work well i think the pleasure of working with tabitha wallace and shawn stone and journalists like max blumenthal so i love coming to work every day what would be your favorite thing to what do you think would be the thing that called you out if you want to scream the word pop up and show yourself. and video games and what that would distract. from the problem there's a bit to music i wanted i really was or ever heard of others or just over to remember every one of those worlds we're about told we were loved so i tell you all i love you i am tired rover that's out of the law list. keep on watching parks and
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have a great career everybody. unemployment rate is down the labor participation rate is high so this goes against all the doom mongers before the election to trump and of course nobody in mainstream media wants to focus on this because it belies their in spirit easier. to just simply set. up a base here. in the. house it will either be useful because who. will be talking to the. i'm. going to. get it what did you get started. to get
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a lot of i'm about to come out i skid but i'm about the same as art when i was up the money into. living on los angeles my mother called me. to say so you'll be. there so who has a long. long way to be made by. other people more adult films a lot less on the. list. i . feel. so sad. because.
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from sanctions to syria russia's security chief meets with his american counterpart for talks in geneva but one issue seemed to interest journalists more than others when john bolton addressed the media afterwards whether you ever concerned that iran's president faces security threats of course not i mean it's a silly question. u.s. democratic party cries foul over another suspected attack but the answer turns out to have been much closer to. facebook bans hundreds of pages of groups and counseling to iran and russia for alleged political meddling. or broadcasting live there across that is a moscow this is r t international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with
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us now the u.s. national security adviser and his russian counterpart have held more than five hours of talks in geneva but john bolton didn't give much away to reporters at a short news briefing afterwards. i think we made a lot of progress we identified certain areas where lines of communication could be restored there were some where the areas of disagreement remain we didn't see. much utility in resuming discussions there are going to be some things where we're going to consider inside the united states government consider more fully what our position is and then decide to proceed from there well this meeting of national security advisors was well the groundwork was laid for it when the president met in helsinki last month today they cover the whole range of pretty much what it being touched upon
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a in helsinki they talked about the nuclear nonproliferation they talked about cyber attacks they talked about the situation in syria in afghanistan and ukraine as well and this meeting of course comes when relations between moscow and washington are at a particularly low ebb with sanctions from the united states against russia looming over the poisoning of said in the united kingdom earlier this year russia denies any role in the attempts on misguided piles life when it came to the iranian sanctions in the iran nuclear deal john bolton unequivocal who saying that the will be sanctions put in place against iran on doing business with iran and that the sanctions all coming into november and he's in the russian side didn't ask for any exemptions during the meeting today and that the u.s. side on expecting to gave many exemptions at all i think this whole notion that sanctions also are a weapon and the how we as
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a country americans i can't you know threatening even more severe sanctions and i think that's the wrong way to go i think sanctions are an early rehearsal for war i think people have been just blown away on a proposal. they also talked about a rainy in troops in syria mr bolton saying that he wanted to see both as he put it regular and irregular rainy in troops removed from syria pulled back from syria the russian side going into this it already said that they were in support of this but that this wasn't something that was going to be happening immediately as with any of these meetings when it comes to senior figures within the the trump white house and within the trump of the trumpet ministration there were questions about russian meddling and this quote this time well it was no different whether you ever concerned that iran's president is a security risk of course not i mean it's
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a silly question. and i just spoke to a motorway a few minutes ago and. we have performed here in exactly the way i think the two leaders would've expected us to and you know i honestly have a little faith in the american people who elected him president thank you very much we waited hours in hours for mr bolton to coleman and speak to us it was very short not so sweet at the end there following that question from my colleague from the b.b.c. it's worth noting that after that one of mr bolton stuff came along pulled her to one side and told her that well her question was ridiculous and that they wouldn't be working with their organization in the future that shocked quite a few of the geneva diplomatic press corps here at this meeting between the two national security advisers that it didn't result in any major breakthroughs we weren't really expecting not but where they agree they still agree where there's
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disagreement well there's certainly still discord between washington and moscow as it stands at the moment. another day another hacking scandal now the u.s. democratic party has claimed its detected and attempted to hack into. voter database with midterm elections just a few months away. this attempt is further proof that there are constant threats as we head into the midterm elections and we must remain vigilant in order to prevent future attacks first it looked like just another meddling story in the endless stream of meddling reports that we've come across lately and the democratic party said that it had detected an attempt to hack its voter base and of course total panic ensued in the media check it out d.n.c. just confirmed n.b.c. news it has alerted authorities to an attempted it had over.


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