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the old. was. was i got the guys out oh my oh my god so sorry i started i love russia general fire my i speak to dish again game simple. we know that if you do the full read once. and. shown to be due to be dressy you need to be under it for since even in one hundred twenty percent of your capacity and mentally physically a. defining foresting for everybody in the team. from two zero down to three two it's a beautiful moment for the country we need to. we need. edging rests for the next game because we're going to be tough but they are still. trying to focus on
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everybody and that's what's important because it does not mean it's not christmas someone else saw it to be i do think in fairness and mexican fans have been on the emotional roller coaster this tournament but it's been great having them here they told the group in the first stage but they are now heading home is the journey. i like. that. i'm actually cold.
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and complete excited because i am sure this train will be full of mexicans and mexicans know how to party is. a real place where we get hoping we go as far as we can. we'll be fine russian life this is it is it is the final day of the trade center it is suffering to live this a beautiful country and this beautiful city. i definitely would come. back i love you will love you. because. i love kasha. now for the million also found here for the football
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less smart phones have been working overtime taking pictures and videos of their world cup adventure we've been scouring through them to compile some of the best so check out how fans i view section on dot com right now. i. currently am i ever met her i. thank. you one thing. that i.
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grew. so to my games to come today than on you can follow all the thrills and spills of the wellcome twenty eighteen as it continues this summer right here on aussie on air and online. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you spend spend be sure to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game but great so what more chance for. peace this minute.
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same wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any old belief yet to shake out just because the educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. welcome back home to today's of a headline news that a recent polls have put donald trump's approval rating at nearly fifty percent and surprisingly perhaps despite some controversial domestic policies the u.s. president seems to be picking up some significant support among hispanic voters
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kind of open explains monday june wasn't too good for the white house in the court of public opinion lots of media raked over the coals for the treatment of migrant families along the u.s. border now in the denunciation of the donald latino americans took center stage we saw the president just a few moments ago on twitter tweeting again that this was the democrats' fault and not acknowledging at all that he has the ability to stop it with perhaps just a phone call it's not right it's immoral it's inhumane and we need to stop that and we've known since donald trump came down those stairs calling mexicans rapists and criminals we've known that we as american citizens would be on watch but according to a harvard harris poll thirty five percent of americans who identify as hispanic either approve or somewhat approve of the trumpet ministrations policies now that survey was conducted after trump signed an executive order ending the separation of illegal migrant families back in may those numbers are only twenty five percent in
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a single executive order to really explain a spike in approval this time now fifty seven percent of hispanic americans according to another poll approve of donald trump's economic policies we decided to speak to some folks in the local latino community to see if they can explain these poll numbers have no explanation definitely not my kind of people. because the people. listen to. what he says it makes no sense at all because it's mostly hispanic that the border that is being denied entry with their children so i can't speak for them do you think maybe there's other issues that are important to them i think that they're probably unaware of exact. what's going on as most of us are what would be some reason that people in hispanic communities would support trump i mean what possible reason could there be now my guess i mean he's smart financially with much trouble his reaction perhaps specific to his words to say you know that they do want to sound. they want to make
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a civilized process that yes there's a lot of pros and cons but still overall he wants to make america great again now the media is very good at telling us how we should be feeling however a more nuanced look at the data can sometimes throw up some surprising results. r. t. new york. only forty secondary schools across england have banned pupils from wearing skirts with schools putting the garment on the same list as facial piercings and even more among a move towards a more general neutral uniform girls will not have to wear plain trousers just like the boys and it seems that the reasons differ depending on school to school some hope the implementation of a board gender neutral policy that's really what they're after but others have to make life easier for the small but increasing number of transgender students that they've got one school fears that they might encourage the sexualization of young women. this illustrates the length that we want
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a lot of the students are wearing skirts to show and that is why we are moving towards just trousers for girls in september over once accepted the new policies though one parent we spoke to was floored that the school hadn't asked the parents opinion before making changes to the uniform i was very shell. there was no colorful. way that made paris oh. well now you should pull the bob for no reasons get the wall so. i can spin full on a vowel and. have lost my and i know the children at school to know what to wear trousers all the time they should be given the choice to take away the choice is wrong. petitions been launched against the uniform changes atop particular school arguing that there's nothing offensive about girls nice die in the dark again thinks the children should be free to choose whatever uniform they want to
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wear if boys want to dress like pillows and goes up to dress like false five so what is wrong with girls just like eight days since that school has been go a bill of wolves. is quite a lot going on at the moment about changing different rules for times can chill and i kill the let's bear in mind that they are a minority and not the majority we can't at peace every fall to all of the time like. a group of us republican congressman are in moscow almost they describe as a mission to improve relations and see how sanctions of russia only have they met with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov but in a culture of it was their force. the largest delegation of u.s. congressman has flown single moscow with the largest delegation and so while it's
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to have an official meeting with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and of course this whole set the stage the official first of one on one summit between the u.s. and russia presidents which is scheduled for july the sixteenth now right after this meeting was over we managed to ask the heart of the delegation of the u.s. senator from alabama richard shelby a few questions we had a good meeting we discussed a lot of serious issues and mainly focused on the upcoming meeting with president roh for president who do you think that the talks in helsinki could be productive considering the de mastic pressure on the u.s. president not to be kind of friendly with russia on peace think it could be productive the last three years. we have to look at brochures of. the superpower very competitive and not an adversary and we'll see what happens. when i go to a meeting that will and i think you're both looking for
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a better day the senator is more used to stands and quite a contrast with say he has a policy on russia that he was voiced to a previously not on his website there is a statement which says that his office will continue to protect their homeland from russian aggression while at the moment it does seem that both parties are calling for a productive dialogue and as for the u.s. delegation while they do have quite a busy day ahead of them they do have a number of first scheduled meetings with the different russian politicians. mexico a bit of a complicated story but it is one with a happy ending a chance encounter has reignited identical twin sisters of the thirty five years they were separated at birth in the russian city of perm when a hospital mix up so baffle the take home the wrong baby is i wouldn't unfold it.
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the young lady and his friend was driving along the street and saw a woman looking exactly like. she honked but the woman didn't recognize her so she called ileana asking why didn't she recognize her when i was really surprised because she wasn't. some of. the people aboard the baby was in a blanket the nurse showed me her face and then asked me sure you were such i said yes of course they knew the baby they gave her name so i thought she was mine. i remember being cool to all kinds of means it keeps it was on it who's been
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involved. with this lockable all my life was not a better brahms's i had to be separated from my family without parents don't even care. that's a global news and world cup wrapped up for this out of the altie happens to cross the lot twenty four seven and what have you churning and thanks for changing i'll say i'll call them bright back here in thirty five minutes with your next update i hope to see that. so you. like that is your last yes does. she does it with the
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people most of. all what i mean. by that. theme. going from you can you see that in the. face. of course your stuff will leave you. almost few more in the face one within the mumbles north and the more money also from the phone while. we will talk to you. with more make its manufacture consent to public wealth. when the
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ruling classes project themselves. the fine and merry go round in the one percent. nor middle of the room six.
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now let's. see i play golf. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics sport i'm show business i'll see you then.
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america or there's a cause or poor yeah we're still in paris it's so beautiful here in the quad chewy coffee so delicious let's check in with stays max we are in france where their flag is red white and blue and so is this episode airing on the third and fourth of july so i am wearing red white and blue top and i have articles relating to the big four the big four accounting firms i have to clarify that because there are also big four banks that are big for conglomerates running every single industry across the earth where the telecoms chips or things like that audit work on acceptable says watchdog key p.m.g. audits as shown in unacceptable deterioration will be subject to closer supervision the financial reporting council said every year this watchdog reviews the work of
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the accounting the big four accounting firms the other big four outside of k.p.n. g.r.p. w c ernst and young and deloitte and they said in particular all of the big four were bad but in particular k p m g who of course where the auditors for karelian that outsourcing company that collapsed three months after k p m g had said their books showed that they were in perfect health at least for the next three years there's a lie in the statement they say they will be subject to closer scrutiny which is false i can tell you because they say this every year or so they say the exact same phrase over and over again they say oh we could we caught this big four accounting firm committing fraud so we're going to apply some closer scrutiny and then just to cover their own you know that's what they have to say to cover their legally they say well we said that we were going to apply closer scrutiny but then they never do because they're part of the racket this is racketeering with the accounting firms the the banks. the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called
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iraq it the u.k. profits from it handsomely that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not going to stop well actually will go a little bit into that in the upcoming headline but first i want to stay on this story and move to the next one about k p m g k p m g said it was quote disappointed and was taking steps to improve audit quality they were very disappointed in their their repeated bad auditing quality but the next headline in this comes from market watch and our friend francine mechanic who is a regular on kaiser report k p m g one b.b. v.a. audit was stolen data about rivals inspections and auditor was able to use access to confidential regulatory inspection data to get advance knowledge of its own inspections and also poacher client the revelation came in court documents supporting the u.s. government's case against former k p m g partners shows the confidential information was also used against the auditors of rivals so this is a complaint against four former partners in spain and
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a former public account company accounting oversight board employee in spain the story dates back to twenty sixteen when a spanish bank b b v.a. was forced to solicit bids from other audit firms and switch from an audit relationship with deloitte spanish firm due to a european union mandatory audit rotation rules confidential information around these bids gave p.m.g. a secret advantage over rivals p w c and ernst and young ruler also eligible to bid on the audit they had an insider a guy who would have joined from the regulator the spanish regulator so he had these documents to showcase p.m.g. to give them an advantage over their rivals so the reason you even have a k p m g or any of these big four accounting firm because the tax laws are so convoluted that you have to hire outsiders to come in or to perform or you what the government has just written and the government has just written these laws as per the consultations from these big four accounting firms to keep it. as labor and
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byzantine and complicated as possible as a way to. toward competition they don't want any of these big firms they don't want any competition coming along. without having to pay the extortion that is the fee to a big four accounting firm who works hand in glove with the government to prevent competition sony or stories like r.b.s. as a unit and they go and destroy thousands of british corporations to steal the assets and sell them off to another third party they work with thought in firms those books are all audited by big ordering firms out that they didn't make those numbers up themselves they hired outside orders from the big four and so we're going to go into what the big four has done to the united kingdom and this is about the first story the k p m g was found to have acted on acceptably in terms of their audits in the past year and in particular related to curl and now here is wall street's take on the big four audit oligarchies comes under scrutiny in the u.k. after corporate surprise collapses in fact an m.p.
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in the united kingdom called them an oligarch e which you know if it were any other country especially ones that are not our allies we would say those are that's an oligarch you have four companies controlling or three companies or two companies so it's many industries across our world are controlled by just a few groups of powerful companies but here they're saying. the. guardian article where they're looking at these big four accounting firms and what they find is that in britain the big forest consultants council ministers and officials on everything from health care to nuclear power although their advice is always labelled independent it invariably suits a raft of corporate clients with direct interest in it and unsurprisingly most of the consultants prescriptions such as marketisation of public services and tale yet more demand for their services in the years ahead so they are being placed inside parliament inside congress inside. parlance across the european union in the us and
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they consult independently we're just giving independent advice to your representatives we're just helping everybody here we're giving we're helping out well in fact their advice always always they never say actually we should do something that spreads wealth more equitably or we should do something that allows people to earn their fair share of the pie that they've created that they've essentially that is our economy now it's always like well let's devise a system where say the health care system they mention in the united kingdom where we bring in united health from america where the c.e.o. makes one hundred million dollars a year he could perhaps make two hundred million dollars a year instead if you give him the british healthcare system and turn every british citizen what i'm sorry british subject to somebody like max and stacy who are plundered relentlessly monthly by obamacare or the government works out of him with these consultancies and the word they come up with is oligarchic or you could call it a cartel and they could also point out that back it
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a racket and as price fixing the mean one of the basic anti-competitive tricks that they use in these accounting trick in their account and so they would know best they are engaged in price fixing so all those big four firms they collude which is also illegal and they fix price so they collude and they compete i mean obviously kate p.m.g. defrauded young and deloitte in that situation where they used unfair information incisor mation exactly like lehman brothers was cause not playing game ball with the other banks on wall street so had to be sacrificed a lot better start this is all of this story is an example of the fact that we have this revolving door we have it in the u.s. we have it everywhere where you have you know hank paulson leaving goldman sachs with two hundred million dollars tax free in joining the treasury and then he bells out goldman sachs and his other banker friends you have it on every layer of the big the big four banks the big four consultancy firms the big four audit firms the big. for telecom companies the big four chip makers the big four defense
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contractors the big four whatever they want the big four get whatever they want so that's something to be celebrated in the big four but in the u.k. the big four audit ninety nine of the footsie one hundred companies and ninety seven percent of the footsie three hundred fifty from ninety five percent five years ago so it's actually gone up since the financial crisis despite e.u. and u.k. reforms a sensibly aimed at tackling a lack of competition in the sector is a pattern that is replicated throughout advanced economies and the vast majority of member states a combined market share of the big four audit firms for listed companies exceeds ninety s. percent but it's in the consulting business where the real money is being made into a competitive they hate competition they don't want competition that's why the informal cartel to stop all the competition and to engage in every known illegal activity to prevent competition and it's only it's only getting worse as the crisis because they have the cooperation of the central bank of england who will
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manipulate interest rates as we found out during the crisis that they were jimmying the interest rates for their wall street in the city of london friends so no nobody no institution in the u.k. is. not part of the wreckage because there is a racket everywhere and cartels and all of these and oligarchs everywhere it's like you have bigger and bigger firms and we've covered this and kai's report since the financial crisis the banks have got the big four banks got bigger the big four telecom companies got bigger the big four tech companies social media companies all got way bigger so then you know it becomes harder to introduce competition because there are so mammoth there are just so giant with offshore vehicles and you know tax laundering all around the world so how how does one control these giant corporations and in terms of where they said the real money comes from the consulting side and that's where you. now that's where you see the back and forth
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the most is nobody wants to the real work of having to look through a number as an author books you become a consultant and you just basically plunder the state on behalf of your friends you have a lot of these former prime ministers and financial treasury secretaries like the chancellor of the exchequer they go on to big banks for american banks they become consultants there for one day a week million pounds a year sort of thing the real money is definitely being made in two thousand and seventeen the big forest combined global annual revenues reached one hundred thirty four billion dollars and the rate of their growth keeps expanding faster than the world they serve as the guardian reports in their oldest markets the u.k. and the u.s. these big four accounting firms are growing at more than twice the rate of those countries' economies by twenty sixteen across one hundred fifty countries the big four employed eight hundred ninety thousand people more than the five most valuable companies in the world combined so they go twice as fast as the underlying economy
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which means somebody is losing because they are gaming this is a form of leprosy there's k p m g and the other three big the big four. and they have in the city of london in the u.k. and they're affecting the entire economy and it's causing to four defamations. there's some sort of parasite for sure because that's a parasitic behavior where you're growing faster than the underlying economy that you're supposedly serving they're supposed to serve the economy they're supposed to serve transparency within that economy and this by the way this big for you know these people are the consulting sees a revolving door between all these big four of all the industries of the world and that the central banks in the in the halls of power there are they're the same people that are like shocked about bitcoin and cryptocurrency some and they are the ones that plead ignorance about why why this is erupted why people are adopting this why people. ject they're big for system that's why also why they love the
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whole idea of bragg's it is because it created huge billions of pounds worth of our consulting fees for the big four yeah i did write laws like the n.h.s. would benefit all this money that was constructed by an accounting firm by one of these one of the consulting they came out of the consultant they said are going to save both n.h.s. money and that they made huge money the average british person is getting impoverished and it's becoming more dangerous to go there and they actually rebranded that the costs of the n.h.s. they just rebranded that something like that breaks it benefits or something like that they feel they said they benefited from it but that they must now raise taxes why does every great dystopian novel occur in england it's because of these four galloping horses of the counting apocalypse well we must go to a break but we'll be back don't go away.


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