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her. goal. but. i respect him
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and i know him is. spot. we have lots of opportunities to align our positions and work together in key areas. we should never be weak was present when you all week. and it's fine that's again. well lot of our potent and manual macron aren't the only super guests on a global scale that are here the prime minister of japan since the obvious here the vice president of china also the head of the i.m.f. and just going back to these numbers of the foreign participants you know in that you mentioned two hundred fifty c.e.o.'s that does sound like an impressive number with the way things may be looking like right now when it comes
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to russia getting together with the rest of the world so loads still to come and many things to watch out for and yeah of course apart from the politics a lot of deals to be hammered out as well over the next few days trying to form a very picturesque some petersburg i have to say thank you for that. but other v.i.p.'s heading to the for a clued the japanese prime minister on china is vice president they will be joined as you were saying by some of the world's top business leaders on the heads of international economic organizations here's what some have been telling us about the u.s. china trade war and how they see the economic climate as it stuns in russia. i think china is very modern on track i think the russian economy is on the man and us economy actually the strong so in the short term the growth is actually above the trend of girls which means by twenty twenty we could see
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a risk of recession in the united states trade war between us china would result in a loose loose situation which means the policy makers on both sides are likely to be rational that's what we have seen in past two weeks but having said that i think the trade the tensions between china united states are unlikely to go away really just for one reason the u.s. economy right now is facing the risk of overheating at the same time the fiscal policy with tax cuts could actually result in a larger trade deficit between the united states and china. i know that the europeans wanted many people in the world think the sanctions are absurd including me i hope they're dropped i don't think it will happen any time soon though will america with rather sanctions probably not will the europeans say we're going to do it anyway probably so the germans don't see any reason for it they're
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talionis many people do not see any reason for the sanctions and they will point out i don't know of any sanctions in history that have had a major effect yes there are facts on individuals and some companies that sectors but historically speaking i know of none that i've had a major effect. but if you look at russia and its economic figures you can see that during the past ten to twenty years russia has been developing rapidly we've seen how russia continues to develop despite the sanctions and i say that based on a company's own figures and experience the local market has changed look at what happened after the first sanctions in the. food and drinks industry it's reacted really fast and continue to grow. or we will continue checking in live out the forum over the next number of days it goes on until saturday night and we'll be hearing from delegates getting updates from our news team as well of course in st petersburg.
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seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of work. a russian w.b. . and a russian stuff. show you how. the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction of
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a unique transport under-rate that will help the cause of crimea. most of those you know what google for more snow you have it a bit but it's clear. when lawmakers manufacture consent instinct of public will. when the remain close to some project themselves. with the final merry go round of lives only one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room signals. to leave room for the real news is. our senses did a remarkable job of keeping humans alive for million years in terms of being able
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to hear see taste feel but now says the algorithms in the machines or the robots have evolved past humans capabilities to see more here more understand more feel more we as humans have to prepare for the fact that we are now becoming extinct. ok just to bring you up to date what is happening what we are waiting on this is pictures from the white house where donald trump is expected to make a statement to media in the next number of minutes we will be crossing live when he does and of course the situation on his pulling out of the summit with north korea
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top of the agenda but for now let us cross to another eastern city. new york where where you watched your in washington are too similar it is there and she has been following developments in the very same city. for anybody just joining has bringing this up to speed on why don't say he's he's finally polling what's going on here well he explained his decision in a letter that was released by the white house today as saying that it's with tremendous anger and open hostility that the summit is off now the timing of this is fairly significant it comes just hours after north korea destroyed its only nuclear testing site the feeling yet another condition that north korea agreed to to make sure the meeting happens and our correspondent was at the site and he was among the few journalists allowed to witness it firsthand. well just because of the
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getting nuclear test site inches from being noble we seriously fool some of their use for nuclear testing one of them the north tunnel to be was used for the latest bomb even nuclear test the other two were new and with koreans told us that they had been ready to conduct nuclear tests any movement so for them to build the tubes it's inside more of the real way over sure we are ready to make real concessions now the bugs go itself was quite impressive the explosions looks like small eruptions of rule from under the ground floor so we journalists couldn't really estimates and to how much damage would we today go to compete ongoing with the nuclear program as a whole but north korea insists that they may skip the now world now they will expect something and with tehran know we are right now we're on the way back to
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once on the hill as soon as possible we'll be finding more reports well it looks like north korea is keeping its end of the bargain all to make sure that the summit happens but trump just cancel it now the white house even seemed excited just ahead of the meeting they released a coin depicting the two leaders a smiling and have these talks were seen as a very positive development in bilateral relations and trump didn't shy away from taking credit for this he even said that he deserves a nobel peace prize but towards the end of the letter trunk signed off saying that he's looking forward to meeting with kim in the future but it looks like north korea should be a little bit more cautious than dealing with trump americana our team works and correspondent bring us right to up to date without the story here thanks for not. but artie's a double quarter more knowledge who might be interested in jeopardizing any
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diplomatic breakthroughs. this is a good deal for the united states north korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program south korea and our other allies will be better protected the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons the deal did sound good but it collapsed a few years later the u.s. promised north korea two nuclear reactors five hundred thousand tons of fuel year and a lifting of sanctions but it didn't deliver fast forward to two thousand and eighteen and yet another us administration is promising to strike a deal with pyongyang or is it you know there's a chance that it will work out there's a chance it's a very substantial chance it will work out i think it will be very successful but as i always say who knows you know i often say who knows who knows will see how it all works maybe you won't so are we going to be tantalized with another good deal with north korea that's ready to go only to see it fail again perhaps the u.s.
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sees the status quo of seeing north korea as the ultimate threat as being something beneficial to south korea is spending billions of dollars making bases and paying u.s. troops essentially to be there to ostensibly protect against a threat in the north now that being the case if there were to be peace in korea. there's going to be questioning as well do we need our troops there and so i think in that sense there are forces that don't want a resolution that benefit off the instability and allow us to maintain these troops and dozens and dozens of bases and posts in this small country in a region that we think strategically is or anime's of a government our friends of its military industrial complex and having a nemesis like north korea is a great excuse to pump up that military budget request includes an additional four
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b. . dollars to support missile defeat in defense announcements to counter the threat from north korea no point seven billion to repair damage to u.s. navy ships and one point two billion in support of my administration south asia strategy japan is one ally that stands to benefit from u.s. military expansion especially after the recent reelection of its prime minister who vowed to defend japan from north korean aggression weeks after p.r. yang's missile launches these election is about whether we can defend japan from north korea and ensure it will leave happily and the unpredictability on the korean peninsula has fringe benefits for some american rivals the south china sea has been a serious bone of contention as of late with the u.s. attempting to assert its naval presence there much to beijing's annoyance so the larger threat of north korea's nuclear program has shifted u.s. military attention that would otherwise be focused towards china and although
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russia doesn't directly benefit from its unpredictable neighbor it certainly doesn't mind a challenge to u.s. dominance in the region what these countries are just beginning to recognize is they getting into an arms race increasing injured and as china is expanding its military operations it takes money out of the economic damages of the current which we get is there is a very complicated issue. who are essentially getting the we're sure to stick this is something that must change countries as they begin to take the spread sheet. of the countries in the region from peace. well i'm happy to say we can cross no to yun o'berg the director of a trans national foundation for peace on a future research to get his take on the developments of the day on there's been
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quite a few developments thousand there do you view donald trump's cancellation as a promise broken and how confident actually were you that it would go ahead at all that summit. willi can only go ahead because the north and south koreans have become closer to each other and the second thing is the official excuse given in trump's letter is not something i would believe in namely that this has to do with some kind of a war of words the last few hours. you know they have been throwing a lot of bad words at each other for a long time so let's forget about that there is something in the letter and the way it's formulated which makes me think that he may not have written it you know i think that you have people behind trump and trump has been consistent long also in his company campaign saying he wanted to meet with north korea. i think there's somebody who says we're not going to have a dialogue with them stop this nonsense about meeting and having
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a dialogue about things and those people of course are people like pompei or who just made a kind of hitler east of speech about iran and asking so much that they're getting nothing it has to do of course with ca's new director has bought it has to do with mike pence also who sat i think yesterday have fox news and argued very silently for a couple of things that anybody who wants peace should never have said at that moment namely that all options are still at the table have been all the time nothing has been taken off which is against the united nations charter you cannot threaten countries like that according to article two four he said that there was still a fact in the comparison between north korea's possible fate and libya's now you don't say things like that if you have any wish for peace dialogue and negotiation solution so his bullying is absolutely on acceptable from any point of
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view and here again the european allies and friends of the u.s. should raise a very strong voices. against this your plane will work piece without asking anybody you mention the letter of their dollar trump blame north korea in it for being angry and hostile and yet said he looks forward to meeting with kim jong un in the future it was a kind of an uplifting end to that letter how likely is that now though given the trumps already been blowing hot and cold on again i'll put it to you why should north korea actually trust them at all now i mean this is happening almost on the day as we just heard when they were blown up and destroyed their their nuclear test facility one of them at least and also i think i mean with boughten and pompei are now are so strongly in the leadership of what is defacto a war cabinet and i don't think you can expect that this was trance which trumpet
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is invested a lot of prestige in this i mean he's been saying we will time will tell and i never you know it could also not be but he has put a lot of his personal prestige into this and that's also what you see in the lead and there's a kind of our kindness it built into the letter about meeting again and he wants to thanks to the bank the president of the for for his release of american soldiers and citizens of central and there is this let's meet again but i think that's what they have sent to him you can write whatever you want but the main thing is you do not have this meeting with him i think there are forces behind trump in this case which makes him not the real decision maker on this one yet well as you say there have been so much anticipation in preparation as well for the upcoming summit special medals were printed i'm not sure if you saw it with the heads of both their leaders why they can't acknowledge the obvious question could there be
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a reason not being made public. well the reason is and there are people in the american administration foreign policy circles who were are rather like to have what they call a preemptive war they don't trust north korea and you're not you don't why are we going to be surprised about these things there's been warfare all over the place the last twenty thirty years since the end of the zager though the cold war with wizards of union there's been violations of international law repeatedly all over the place there ravaged and destroyed countries including libya and syria and iraq of course and you just a few days ago you had the secretary of state the former cia director pompei or actually very clearly saying if we don't get everything from iran we will know how to make and he quoted trump on that one and that from has been consistent to he hates iran and yet obama's deal with iran or the other countries too but obama i mean he hates everything about him has been doing it's very clear he is threatening
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that if iran doesn't do what we say there will be war politically technically it konami quickly and militarily all options are on the table this is out at the the the most powerful country is now based on what reagan called the soviet union and evil empire and that empire must go before you can have a trustful world a co-operative world and while they are sitting doing these grumpy aggressive things or watching down the rest of the world is building a new world it is very very sad to be a westerner these days because there's nothing constructive positive loving coming out of washington it is teaching everybody lessons is that to be angry it is to be aggressive interventionist and selling weapons all over the place to you know countries that should never have so much weapons so i'm very very sad in this case i believe somebody has put in basically with a and a pistol in the back of
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a drum and. stop this idea with peaceful means with north korea there had been talk just to get your take on this there had been talk of donald trump being nominated for the nobel peace prize over his role in settling the korean peninsula crisis do you think he'll be joining you in sweden or county case that prize could by now or . there's a complete really close you know i belong to those few obviously also people who in the media and politicians who think that if you can give the nobel peace prize to any anybody in the world well as president i'm sure wanted only obama wanted here but you can't it's a total violation of the of the will of our friend nobel there's nothing to discuss trump will because of all he's done what the united states has during his administration it's a completely laughable candidate to this price this prize is for. closing down
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armies it is for disarmament it is for brotherhood and for peace congresses and it is for shaping a more peaceful world with much less warfare now really did you not give that to a man like trump no you could also get into obama or a lot of other people who received this one so of course if you can rock the prize completely then you can give a drum but i mean now at least this is this is this is an article with this decision today which i'm not necessarily sure was is the decision we're speaking to young or broke from the transitional foundation for peace and future research on just this stick with us i want to get your efforts on another topic i was speaking about earlier welcome back to in a moment because washington is also angry china when it disinvited beijing from must serve more a time military drills this summer take a look. during
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a meeting with the u.s. secretary of state in washington on whedon's state china's foreign minister rebuked america for their decision and i was i was huge of course and we find the pentagon's decision to disinvite the chinese military to be a very constructive move he's also been helpful in terms of creating mutual understanding between the u.s. and china that the u.s. would change negative mindset we have heard from the transitional foundation for peace and future research all not so there we go no invite for china so it looks like it's not only north korea but beijing as well who will have some trouble in the coming days finding i suppose they amount of trust that they would have had in washington possibly before that how is this going to affect washington's policy in
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the asia pacific they've been trying to exert influence for years there. well we should remember when we talk about exists ace's that the main reason that the north koreans got upset about the whole meeting and the possibility is were that the americans decided to have these very large military exercises and drills as they used to how including the use of b. fifty two bombers that only signals the ability to destroy a north korea at that area in that region and i mean you have the whole issue of the nuclear i say nation it's the same again then the americans think of washington thinks that this means only north korea and getting rid of its nuclear weapons what about all the nuclear policy is that the united states has in this region what is withdrawing from these countries where they have nothing to do you know my conclusion since what you find the united states is not and a very decent game to play they could be out and we actually have to interrupt your
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hurry story but we have to cross to donald trump making his statement i want to hear what he has to say on north korea letting that based on the recent statement of north korea decided to terminate the plant summit in singapore in june twelfth. while many things can happen and a great opportunity lies ahead potentially i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world i've spoken to general mattis and the joint chiefs of staff in our military which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world that has been greatly enhanced recently as you all know. is ready if serry likewise have spoken to south korea and japan.
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and they are not only ready should fully sure reckless acts be taken by north korea but they are willing to shoulder much of the cost of any financial burden any of the costs associated. by the united states in operations if such an unfortunate situation is forced upon us hopefully positive things will be taking place with respect to the future of that korean but if they doubt we are more ready than we have ever been before north korea has the opportunity to end decades of poverty and oppression by following the path of denuclearization and joining the community of nations
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and i hope that kim jong un will ultimately do what is right not only for himself but perhaps most importantly what's right for his people who are suffering greatly and needlessly all of the korean people north and south deserve to be able to live together in harmony prosperity and peace that bright and beautiful future can only happen when the threat of nuclear weapons is removed no way it can happen other ones if and when kim jong un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions. i am waiting. in the meantime our very strong sanctions by far the strongest sanctions ever imposed
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and maximum pressure campaign will continue. as it has been continuing but no matter what happens and what we do we will never ever compromise the safety and security of the united states of america i want to make that statement feel very very strongly about it our military as you know has been greatly enhanced will soon be at a level that it's never been before. our approval of seven hundred billion dollars this year and seven hundred sixteen billion dollars next year largely due to the help of a lot of the people with me today and standing right here we appreciate
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what we had to do that for our military and we've done it and hopefully everything's going to work out well with north korea and lot of things can happen including the fact that perhaps and would wait it's possible that the existing summit could take place or a summit at some later date nobody should be anxious we have to get it right ok with that being said we have something else which i have to tell you all of you chairman mike and everybody. it was a big deal until this came up. i don't know which is mike crapo where are you mike a guy congratulations you did a great job but it doesn't seem so important now. but it is important it's incredible and it's incredible that you've done it and you've done it in a very bipartisan way which is very nice thank you thank you very much but a very bipartisan way mike and i want to congratulate you and everyone else are
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going to read a few names because these people work hard this is all about the dodd frank. disaster and they fixed it or at least have gone a long way toward fixing it my crepe oh thank you very much steve dane stanky steve credible judge john kennedy thank you very much john heidi heitkamp id thank you very much appreciate it david purdue where's the. love. of a great guy he is. jim risch jim thank you what a great lawyer i learned all about you one of the great lawyers i should think i have to use here. tim scott tim thank you tim great it's a great achievement and pat toomey who really does know the financial world i can tell you from experience right that great.


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