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this is starting to bore some sting of the fundies up in these crowds of the five. russia are celebrating victory day marking the defeat of nazi germany in one thousand nine hundred forty five. teams near bread square bring you the latest from the seventy third anniversary of the victory of the great patriotic war life from march moscow in just a few moments. victory day is a very personal day for many in russia and beyond artesia as the recollections of people who fought in the great patriotic war. when i make promises i keep them. in world news the u.s.
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president announces america's pulling out of the iran nuclear deal but the other signatories vow to fulfill their obligations under the agreement. a warm welcome to you on this very special day on the key aaron and this is international now russia is celebrating victory day marking the defeat of nazi germany this day marks the seventy third anniversary of the end of the great patriotic war which claimed the lives of over twenty six million soviet people. by celebrations are being held across russia today the parade in moskos red square has just finished and here's a look at some of the highlights. o'dowd
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. lose. a limb. a little. league. team has been in the heart of the action throughout the morning as celebrations got underway daniel hawkins and lord gas together outside the kremlin and join us live over to you guys. thank you for that what
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a beautiful day it is to be hosting this event here in the heart of moscow russia will force as many special day celebrations festivals international labor day women's they even the men who get to mention all the twenty third of february but none of my whoever is something flew much special as we'll explain but of course since the day there's an edge to the memories into the hearts of every russian it's a day that's perhaps the most poignant revered and treasured isn't it and i had one of the loudest seats here near the tax court in boston passed but you certainly had a bird's eye view of things that. will arguably the best view out the very anyone here you know there's only a small group of people up there but i've got to say get this off my chest now i've got to he shriek with the spa ski tower one of the president's biggest and most iconic stars i was there. last year last year we expected the same show you know it
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was supposed to be a great a real site and we had to view everywhere it went up there and sure we saw the parade but the weather was no it this time last year it was snowing and you wouldn't think it but the difference between standing here on the ground and being just thirty meters above is tremendous it's huge when plumes everything out that you it blew all the enjoyment out of last year's parade plus of course last year the aviation part of the parade the jets the helicopter that was canceled because of bad weather so you know i approach the day with some trepidation because obviously i was a little scared that it turned out the same way dress extra warm but as it turns out no such thing for the needed to add to all wonderful weather amazing whether it's warm everyone's happy you know there's a different mood about so when we went out but it isn't easy lugging moving all these all this equipment all this luggage up there especially up
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a cow that was built hundreds and hundreds of years ago and built for defense with these narrow tight corps corridors that steep stairs got up there a little out of breath and what have you what have you there's there's really no describing it you could see everything black to me uprooting walking out the veterans sitting there the parade of the soldiers lined up like you know little toy soldiers it was amazing and when it got rolling in the atmosphere the noise the speakers the echo it was it was honestly it was beyond describing it is why this is one of the most hotly anticipated events of the year because it's just such a spectacle of course it isn't just a spectacle this is a very serious thing what russia suffered during world war two was tremendous but. that the a bit of that later about the parade the jets flew super close to us you honestly you could feel. the tremors i know my colleague rory explained how the tags felt
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you could literally feel the rumble through your bones through the crowd here when the jets would posit that tower itself should have caused the microphone will never be able to sort of translate to our audience just how loud it is but being up there seeing these jets flying just above my head that was it isn't something you level forget. you can see it for yourself here come the helicopters the helicopters of the first wave of the aviation flight information for to get the food different chemical to be have the meat twenty's the meat twenty eight stuporous attack helicopters foot now transport helicopters this is a thunderous ruling here i don't know if many of us would be here any focused but you could feel it through your body that rev abrasions immediately after the helicopters coming in we have the jet stream fuel is and i believe them say interceptors the sioux thirty's this year carrying the king jaala the king john
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michel snooped hypersonic missiles unveiled by vladimir putin just recently these are missiles of flying at three kilometers a second capable of defeating any and to miss out weapons currently feels that by any country on earth including here including russia and the now traditional last slide the last line that. sprays a russian flag with the parade ground move of the red square and begin with of what you just saw as being coordinated by offices and then just a few meters trauma so obviously for operational security week on we can't show them but there are plenty of generals shia and judging by the judging by the smiles on their faces that went according to plan. now we
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may see my joy lee and you know we're all exciting but there's a more somber foundation here world war two was disastrous it was horrific it was in human. on the eastern front especially the front where the u.s.s.r. and the hitler's nazi right before it was an incredible amount of blood was spilled millions tens of millions of people lost their lives sudden all sides countless civilians and families torn apart and so you know there's there's that as well as to to to think about here and i think one got to be a putin gives his speech to start things off that is why is this we always focused on the sacrifice that russia may to win this war and of course it's very important mention other savory salient point isn't it because although this is often taken as we mentioned earlier as a show of force or saber rattling a symbol in
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a show of the latest weaponry that is the main message here in the real heroes of course are the veterans who come and certainly try to be on the v.o.b. stand mr putin actually invited one of the personally with him into the alexander gardens today and although it's beyond the cameras few just in front of us up that road up to the sky is a big crowd of people there participating in the. new ball to meet your mortal regiment friends family holding up photos and pictures of their ancestors of their family members to made a contribution to the great patriotic war. world pretty much every russian foreign money that was affected somehow as you mentioned by that war a very significant events in the history of the country and something we would talk about earlier off camera is that perhaps for many people in other countries a mob a little bit difficult to understand why is this such a big deal for russians why the parade why the spectacle why is this a national holiday. that's partly to do with the sacrifice that the russians made
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for this war is not because it is of course it is and the more than that you've got to understand the sat the sheer magnitude of this sacrifice one in five russians was killed lost his life in this horrific in this terrible war i mean just imagine five of your friends for example one of them one of them is statistically going to die after the war there was so many women who couldn't find a husband not because you know because of their character or because they were pretty enough or anything so some dealt just because there weren't enough men because there weren't enough men woman had to go and do jobs that but then traditionally male very difficult jobs you know in the in those times you didn't have the equipment to pay for roads it was taxing work and the whole country paid after the war as well so there's there's a lot some people some analysts experts whatever they'll come up on a little known a challenge and say oh you know this is saber rattling will whatever no it isn't it
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isn't it never was this is about remember it's this is about remember it's this year the sheer magnitude of how many people love russia the u.s.s.r. lost remembering them remembering their sacrifice and it is also about a message a message to the people of russia from the president from the government telling the people of russia we'll go to what happened then will never happen again and must not happen again indeed and we got so many possible stories of people who are the served in the war had friends and families who served in the war we also managed to speak to some people in western capitals in london paris new york just before victory day to find out what it means to them and how they viewed us historically this is what we heard interestingly from many people that we spoke to that. canada no. did we united states germany. germany lots
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you mean what you call now the european union except for germany doesn't count with their. united states britain all their allies england america from russia russia actually you know enemy afterwards. and the great they left class. is that you call. this and again you turn the belge effect obviously the allies defeated the germans out i say person frogs america the americans. supporting nazi germany russia was part of the axis we were part of the axis but they were aligned with hitler i guess russia supporter germany and then they essentially lost the war through the war through a series of sieges sieges i think at leningrad and sound. of extending.
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it up which is good to. do you. don't need all those tickets or you can feel. the peace about oh. yeah you know you had a soviet union they were and they were also on the victory on the winning side i mean it hadn't been for the germans attacking the soviet union we probably lost before. how many times more deaths were there from russia than from the united states. three times twice that amount only knew they didn't get any recognition for morning experience no no play more like twenty million a perceived income want to. dumb you know from the from your family of millions is a massive amount. i think twenty five million or something.
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ok so when you world war two you don't think of russia. when i know i don't really think of world works. it's quite striking memory isn't listening to what people in the streets make of history make of the war but the difference in attitude is no because it's almost like many people from perhaps countries that are not part of the former soviet union former soviet republics almost to have a bit of a lack of understanding just how terrible the war was how big of a sacrifice it was and that's perhaps worth this or you mention be at the view that this is saber rattling that sort of comes from because people perhaps see the sun think wisest a big deal to russians why can't they get over things it was so long ago but some of the stuff you mentioned earlier what a profound social impact demographic impact this had on russia on the other former slave republics it makes it all too clear doesn't it well that suits the point the war was so horrific on the use them front the loss of life was so huge the
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devastation soupçon fear that there was no forgetting it ten years after world war two when that you walk around russia and you still see it so many more women than men so many destroyed cities villages abandoned about the settlements from which the populations were either killed or resettled. there was no ignoring it that is the point the war in the east and the west they were very very different the west that not simply did not suffer as much devastation was many casualties as. he stated that just just just as an example it's been used nine out of ten german nazi soldiers lost their lives but captured wounded on the eastern front nine out of ten and of course today is the anniversary as well of the victory in the battle of stalingrad which was one of the turning points not only on the eastern front but also as you mentioned earlier an entire war was not exactly it was when the nazi
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war whoop woman she. was proven to be defeated it was its first major defeat an entire army group some rounded destroyed but worst of all worst of all at least the fair you know in hitler's perspective was their surrender their surrender to the inferior salvi and so that that is a moment to change the world she literally changed the world the diplomacy of the day the culture of today the geography of the day. and the price of that decisive moment was absolutely huge there is no explaining it to someone in the west there is simply no way you have felt that you have to have had your grandparents tell you about how will their friends lost their lives how one in five russians lost their lives they have to see pictures of the cities that had been completely annihilated it simply didn't happen the mood was very different that is not to you know that is not to say that. the french resistance for example the british troops that american
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troops did not sacrifice their lives they did they made cure read this huge sacrifices as well so you know there is there is that as well but we must bear in mind that. especially in this political climate nobody's nobody in the west the political leader is going to climb over anything to tell the people you know what wait a sec you are wrong about russia's role in world war two about their contribution it was much greater than it is today for political reasons for political reasons it simply isn't feasible today and i think you mentioned accomplishable climate as what it's important to top up something we can wrap up on something. and in his speech was the importance of the negotiation of a mutual understanding to prevent anything like this happening again or even the possibility of the remote possibility of such terrible events happening here and you know given the tension the tense to political circumstances around the world doesn't affect so much for your update today bring us the bird's eye view from
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a spouse gets our of what was going on that's it from us for this hour we'll have for further updates from your notable told was just beginning in the next hour or so through central moscow about a half a million people or estimated to be the full updates for you all that back to nikki thanks daniel bring in as our continuing special coverage that's done a whole can and i'm right thank you now as danny was just saying this hardly any family in russia though wasn't affected by the war almost everyone has grandparents aunts uncles or other relatives who fought against the nazis a special macho of the so called in mosul regiment is held annually in the on the and is about to get underway in moscow our correspondent jacqueline vagaries that she joins us from central moscow where people are now gathering jackie tell us more about this event. will today of course is the seventy third anniversary of the soviet victory over me and the people behind me
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are gathering in order to commemorate and remember those who fell during the war the immortal regiment is a beautiful tradition and people carry portraits of relatives who fell during the war and actually more often than not we're seeing that people are carrying more than one portrait because they lost more than one family member the losses of the soviet union war and the men and that's what this event is in order to remember those who fought because millions and millions went off to the front lines and maybe some got letters home and many did not return from the front lines with them with the idea. one which could go to push the lever on three more not through the through showing you doing dishes you don't have to be a kid you used to do you must not do chickenhawk would you be surprised at all. there is a but almost didn't god he put me by for richard was a part of all american history you look up to the community you pick up or learn
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doesn't it still exists to protect us and so you ask me if swore. i never. was richard dating me shit saying you pull it. in the very many printouts of which ads. but the most loudly missed missed most said don't you believe i am. a small business and. i mean you just get sick bob decision will. when you continue. i know you know which is which when each of our squad has a good shot or even a number saddam we. last
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year it's estimated about seven hundred fifty thousand people participated in the march and they expect even bigger numbers this year we've also seen veterans participating as well and people often talk to them and just say a simple things or give them a gift of flower just to show their respect and it really is a beautiful movement. jacki thanks for that by far the most moving parts of victory day for me thank you for that report us jacqueline very well to stay with r.t. for a special coverage of the events in celebrations throughout victory day this year marks the seventy third anniversary of the defeat of nazi germany and the end of the great patriotic war. and world news now u.s. president donald trump is making good on his threats by pulling out of the iran nuclear deal he's vowed to reimpose tough sanctions on to iran. i am announcing
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today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal the agreement to restrict iran's nuclear energy program the crowning achievement of the obama white house has finally been terminated by the donald today's action sends a critical message the united states no longer makes empty threats when i make promises i keep them but how much impact is this really having only one country the united states is withdrawing and the ryann doesn't seem particularly worried i have ordered the ministry of foreign affairs to negotiate with and lobby the european countries as well as russia and china and to carry out the necessary qward nation with them russia and china are ready to keep things going as it is so are key allies of the united states and the european union the european union is the tournament to preserve it we expect the rest of the international community to
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continue to do its part to that and see that it continues to be fully implemented but to say about own collective security together with the rest of the international community we would preserve this nuclear deal now this isn't the only global decision the trumpet ministration has made to be met with chirping crickets remember when the usa moved its embassy to jerusalem other than paraguay and guatemala the rest of the world was not exactly clamoring to follow suit and remember one truck pulled out of the paris climate change accords well the other one hundred ninety five countries that have signed on they frowned at washington for a minute and then they moved on as if nothing had happened the accords remain exactly the same so once again we've got a big drum roll in fanfare from the white house but with the rest of the world refusing to go along is washington's global leadership really all it's cracked up to be everyone now recognizes that it's the united states that is that is
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unreliable them and trust. worthy and they cannot be trusted even to abide by its own commitments the wives. they're not going to be hurt as much as they would have been if the united states had implemented the greenman so the iranians have been dealing with sanctions on a daily basis for years now and they've learned how to circumvent those sanctions what the united states is doing is it's basically pushing these countries closer to each other even u.s. allies like european union countries because when micro-loan and the german chancellor merkel go to the united states and are completely ignored thank you for choosing r.t. international my colleague and your father will be here with the latest at the top of the hour. join me every thursday on the elec so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you that.
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i would hope to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be. actually going to be the person this is what the three of them will be good. i'm interested always in the waters of. course. when the whole make its manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen to the one percent. time
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during the whole middle of the room sick. to lose any more you don't need. to. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill the narrowness and spend the two to twenty million album fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game a great one more chance for. and makes this minute.
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for more than thirty years peter's sick soul from austria has been searching for information about soviets who fell in austria cheering world war two. his work is important because the false vacation of world war two history has reached unprecedentedly high levels some pages of being rewritten while others are simply being deleted. it.
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isn't mention. jesus or god we could fall in and over again. if i can become a scene. in time for about the. basic ivory is that sort of date really cure all it mention her and would they get his rewards as click. his house new grass is now a repository for documents and they're processing. his unique databases allowed hundreds of russians to trace the burial sites of their fathers grandfathers and great grandfathers peter's magnum opus is this book it contains data on about sixty thousand subi of citizens buried in austria. that will soon. become to sadat at all to me over here. full year.
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see makes immediate india's most men in bed the sucking. indian act and think if i live in d.c. . it's not often i mean called. finding burial sites is complicated because you need to scrutinise maps of the frontlines reports and burial documents you sometimes have to scour through several had tears of land and it's even harder to find the names of unknown soldiers. true seeker of truth for she then they're familiar argue very thin you corrupt to grandstand there was a transfer even only on. own steam a fraud was said records which was very big give always been around for about a bleak the very angered. with the help of the austrian black cross which peter is a member of the graves of soviet soldiers are found and taken care of. the statue of a symbiont soldier in the center of vienna is.


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