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i'm not quite sure about that but he never gave it a kind of direction we were just there we were just watching and didn't get any kind of. direction to do this or to do that so i think he got accustomed after a certain time that we are present and it worked that way and. i'm not a very hostile person. to very hostile journalist i watch try to understand an hour and i have questions so i'm not in a constant fighting position because my philosophy is very simple i think. people first of all have an understanding of what they are seeing and can charge by themselves so i don't have really to press for any kind of. inside or to to present myself self as a very critical guy i am critical but i just simply ask questions and leave my views to decide whether this was ok whether this was better whether this was a lie or good or noble so this is
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a tendency my work is concerned and secondly if you. are not all the time saying behave this way behave that way it looks better this way or that way it works works it works easier it works much better better so i mean this film really opens up that in his personality and in the way that you see him in situations and that nothing extraordinary be just random situations that a human being would find himself they would just say we've never seen put in like that before like hunting practice in hockey swimming or like hogan is dogge why do you think your country and the western audience in general need it to see this side of him. because we have stereotypes you know we mentioned this k.g.b. thing beforehand and so is this an incarnation of the evil and the longer p r stresses facts like that the more. the more they become so to speak real so
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we feel we fictionalize reality to a certain extent by writ by repetition and i thought ok this guy is a human being as you and me is a put it says he was at the right time at the right place and he tries to develop something for his country ok and going away from this kind of. trenches ideological trenches my interest was how does he argue how does he how if and what are his interests because it's all about interests of a country a president and normally represents and so that was much more important and to build up. a. picture of an enemy which is useless because it's a rip titian to the world this different but that. you are going to take a break right now and when we're back we'll continue talking to heber example chairman journalist and documentary filmmaker about how the world sees direction
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president stay with us. highlands was as part of core ties back to one he counts donington disdain said standing stock poor. because of the fire of the adult on the lot to be on the wall street how the ballpark so we started to play it was a lot of you know stuff just with us out of you know going to simply go get out of go but see.
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the story with all me out for you up close to swap and we're so used to it all to know that i go. on you so. let's throw out the call course possible to not back to the target. ok i didn't jesus who died you could fall in the routine. and you can become a scene. in time seventy. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten point color blind stamping each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth you longs to the ultra rich the point six percent
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market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one is one. you know for them it's the one and only by. the way back when hubert psychology ehrman journalist and author of the documentary film i put in discussing what. is like in the eyes of the world so in your movie you highlight the beginning of putting this first term his visit to bundestag
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where he talked about russia not being an equal partner in the west eighteen years later and we're still not partners why do you think nothing changes in this regard . it's a good question i can find the answer about what i would start you remember before he spoke in the blender stock sink two three months before the first time he met george bush and there was this meeting. george bush said basically looked in the eyes in his eyes and got a sense of his soul you remember that i remember and i remember about cain said to . mccain said i looked in his eyes and that's all three letters k.g.b. if i remember this correctly that put it bush at the same time added that the so into is all this just direct and create interest for his country so. three months later two months later i think it was in the church of bundestag. it was an
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interesting talk but the main the main point he said ok he said we are talking we want to get to come together but at the same time we distrust each other and we have hiding and we are trying to play games and i think from the very beginning on that from two thousand onward up till today there is this distrusts about intention and at the other hand there is obviously the call that the coalition of interests and interests are the main point in the whole in the whole in the whole fight here i think up till two thousand. eight more or less. we were trying to get along then we had two thousand and eight georgian war and then we had the ukraine as well it was always on one side the fight for democracy
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and freedom and on the other side the evil reconstruction of the soviet union but it was at the same time of course interests the history you put it it's of a country is basically fooled by the history of a country by geopolitical interests economic interests current events but you have to take this into account and russia had this and the west had that it was very complicated it was a misunderstanding from the very beginning i think there was no a cream and after the collapse of the soviet union when was it in december one thousand nine hundred one that russia would be no become another part of the west it didn't work out their interests and i think the west miscalculated this interest and played their own includes only to russia of course to try to get through with its interest and putin was the one who was underestimated but he pushed it through tearing this latest scandal around the script out poisoning to resume for instance
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present it russia where then are to meet him and that's not like a first time west speaks to russia like that moscow's reply has always been done talk to us like this don't tell us what to do this keeps repeating in russia west relations this problem of condescending lecturing and you know moralistic tone why . why is a good question. i think it's the pending on. the moment you are in the very most and i think this is simply political i could taste but it's not about the tone it's about the methods i mean you see the arab countries like or like india or china are always you know a lot more neutral in the way they communicate if you notice that i was very careful with words why why do you think the west western politicians are so prone to public scolding of others to nip the teacher like behavior i think that
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we watched russia to a certain extent as a kind of you know handicapped school skids on who how to reach so to speak. the level to to to to to become adults i think that was an early attitude in the ninety's and to a certain extent it is still an attitude and on the other side it's a political weapon we still forget that russia is that russia is grown up they are not under eighteen anymore but at the same time as we argued in the ninety's you have to do this you have to do that you have to and if you do that it will work this is you never changed because we consider us as having won the cold war and that gives us a kind of. moral superiority and the other the other hand the response of russia is quite the our direct to have a national national proud at the same time. which tells you go to hell.
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do you think the west has come to grips with the fact that russia is not irrelevant anymore like it was after the soviet union collapsed. they have to because we have a multi-polar world and not so much uni polar anymore doesn't matter to whom you are talking to if you talk to a call she will tell you. with some hesitation nevertheless but she will tell you we have to talk with russia because russia is an important player and without russia you don't get the. new treatment in syria that in the meantime we have so many different players at the same time that neither america nor russia can guarantee find a solution but the condition is they have to talk to each other to get a final solution to convince the others around them to help them you have iran you
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have turkey you have saudi arabia you have a number of players in the meantime and that makes the situation so dangerous because. you never know how of when the escalation so to speak. reached is its final point and you something is happening and probably it's an escalation you don't want but you get if you look back to syria on the very moment you had an escalation of words but at the very end you have in the meantime what number of destroyed buildings no russian have been hurt and probably now is the chance to talk i think it's a very good chance in the very moment to find a solution together because everybody sees it's not working that way germany is a country that is very close to russia and especially with a pinch german past and that relationship is very important saying how it's germany at the forefront of the european union angela merkel and putin also have
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a relationship that endured through the years is this sanctions story the confrontation going to destroy that relationship completely. i don't think so that's that's destroyed completely i think both people are rational politicians and we see in the very moment what i mentioned just before we have a big chance in the very moment to come to terms because you know we have. issues like north stream to the gas from russia i mean we have syria at the same time we have an unreliable american partner at the same time so within europe we have difficulties and i think we have to solve some problems only together and we have to do that so the situation is quite good i would say even it doesn't look like that and the market is going to has been going to washington mark wrong has been going to washington. if it's true that putin got an
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invitation i don't know yet but that gives us the chance to lean back to see what is our what are our interests and to find a solution i think it's better than we think the funny thing in between is us journalists by the way the russian ones and the german ones there was an interesting in research being done just recently that as far as foreign policy is concerned all the journalists are trying to stick to the governance and increase the trauma so to speak on the other side it's not so much to in the as far as interior part texas concerned but obviously in foreign policy you have. the traumatization by the journalist on both sides as well so in your movie putting was described as a man whose mind is not easy to change and who doesn't forget insults or double
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crossings do you think this personal trait of he swelled the way to political consideration while he forget the confrontation with the west if i chanced is offer to end this conflict confrontation. you know you don't have to forget it but you have and i don't think that the evil forget that he is a rational person on the other side as well and he knows exactly how politics works and what is needed if you want to have a long time solution now it's this it's lost to them so he has another of another look six years to fix things which went wrong to a certain extent it's not only depending on him definitely not but he has a stance and after such a long time of confrontation on both sides i shouldn't to use that as this kind of testimony so to speak and he is a rational man so i don't see why you wouldn't do that the the interesting thing is
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. you don't have to take everything personal what happens in politics if you do that then you are lost and i think he's not lost. bradley bridge thank you very much for this interesting insight and for your socks we're talking to here burt siple german journalist and author of the documentary film i put in discussing how the world says to russian leader and how is a fact russia's relations with the rest of the world that's it for at this edition of cell phone call see you next time.
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we're recruiting. three.
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weeks. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education low it's high education is becoming just another product that can be born and sold so there's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you good. luck. want is the place of students in this business model before college now and i'm extremely high education the global economic wall.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront let it be an arms race is on offer and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the. the. the the in.
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sooner than expected double terms promising he'll now announces the station on the iran nuclear deal tomorrow that the days earlier than had been planned it comes just as britain's foreign secretary is in washington attempting to save the agreement. but ima putin's officially sworn in as russian president and waste no time making key cabinet decisions for his fourth term also took up. to put me back. on the one tie something to kill hundreds of interpreters who work with the british army in afghanistan face deportation from the u.k. even though they were promised to saddam by london.
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thanks for joining us my name's neil harvey and this is our international. donald trump's decision on the around nuclear deal is set to be announced earlier than was expected the u.s. president has tweeted that he'll reveal all that two pm tomorrow washington time this sudden declaration comes on the same day the british foreign secretary had been in the u.s. capitol trying to persuade the president's team to stick with the deal or it's johnson didn't get a chance to speak to the president himself so he decided to deliver his thoughts he thought the next best way would be via t.v. johnson gave an interview to fox and friends that's been branded by the media to be terms favorite show. the president has been right to call attention to it but you couldn't do that without just throwing the baby out with the bath water without scrapping the whole thing because if you do that you have to answer the question
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what next well the possibility of trump pulling out of the iran deal has sent the entire international community into a frenzy at the foreign secretaries first stop in d.c. with fox and friends he decided to deliver his message via trump's favorite t.v. show boris johnson has already met with secretary pompei and he even tweeted quote honored to be the first foreign minister to visit secretary pompei in washington he's not the first european official that's tried to warn the u.s. against leaving the deal president mccrone and chancellor merkel even visited washington d.c. to discuss the matter but they were unable to convince trump otherwise he isn't we believe it's better to have this agreement even if it's not perfect and you have no agreement. the iran do you know it is not sufficient to see that iran's ambitions are curbed and contained it is most important to recognize is that iran through its ballistic missile program is trying to exert geo political influence in syria and lebanon. the solid bust verifiable
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agreed that guarantees that iran will not supply nuclear weapons to denounce it without proposing anything else would be a serious mistake not respecting it would be irresponsible. and we should acknowledge that the current agreement doesn't allow us to address the root of the issue among the things not covered by the iran nuclear deal is iran's activity in the region of the the u.s. is divided along partisan lines and it's mostly democrats who want to uphold what's widely regarded as obama's only foreign policy achievement according to many pundits on t.v. here but believe it or not the republican chair of the house armed services committee advised against leaving the deal check out. what he had to say i'm not necessarily opposed to sticking with this new york forever but you need to have a clearer idea of about next steps if we are going to pull out so it looks like
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there's both a domestic and international effort to convince trump against killing the deal trump will be and now seeing his decision at two pm from the white house tomorrow so we'll just have to wait and see what happens let's go on this should be a person ali sees a connection between trump's rush to announce his decision and the growing strength of the radio group as a law when a majority in the lebanese parliamentary election last sunday the timing of terms tweeze is very interesting because he made this tweet almost immediately after this it has in the finished his speech about the lebanese elections this deal was going to die i was never in favor of it and with the deal did there's going to be a lot more war mongering you'll have accusations w m d's like we had in two thousand and two two thousand and three in the run up to iraq and other ill advised war in the region they will attempt to do iran it's not like iraq or afghanistan iran is something else it's a different equation and so it would be stupid to start another war.
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but i'm a putin has been officially sworn in as russian president almost two months after he won the election. it was been six years since the last such ceremony and that could be seen by the number of small phones in the audience people attempting to capture the event. for balls from the kremlin what else was different this time. lattimer putin who is known to be sometimes fashionably sometimes not so fashionably late well this time
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he was right on time with work like a swiss clock i should say and really this ceremony had a very fresh spirit compared to the previous ones for instance city center of moscow was not blocked off for traffic but instead lattimer putin got a call in his office and then we saw him walk all the way to the east and to this palace now he also rode for briefly with his motorcade and for the first time apparently he preferred to his usual mercedes benz limousine and a new one russian made cortege which literally translates as a motorcade it is a new vehicle designed specifically for the russian president it is in its main feature is how well protected it is it is rumored that it can basically withstand being hit by mortar rounds so this is what we know so apparently it was probably the first time that he actually rode that vehicle now he got in here he walked
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through these magnificent kremlin walls kremlin palace walls set an old and then he delivered a speech and basically the first thing that we gathered from that speech is that he does not expect this presidency to be easy and we have to keep up with the global changes to create an agenda of groundbreaking development so that no obstacles to circumstances can prevent us from determining our future by ourselves from realizing our most ambitious plans with dreams so. well also vladimir putin made a very big emphasis on his on the responsibility he says he's feeling in front of all the people of russia he focused much more on the internal of the domestic policies of russia on the domestic affairs in his speech rather than on foreign policy for instance so he tried his speech to try to be very unifying he tried
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he made of visual a very vivid effort of trying to unite the nation in these in these times. we need breakthroughs in all spheres of life i strongly believe that only a free modern society that is ready for change and innovation that rejects injustice extreme conservatism and excess bureaucracy only such a society can achieve this kind of progress i believe that the main basis for the development of our country is the unity of the free responsible civil society and a democratic government. after delivering that speech vladimir putin was pretty much on his way and the russian government has already disbanded itself it has already we signed which is a normal of course procedure in this situation so the next thing the next big sensations that we could expect is from vladimir putin's new appointments as to who's going to go in to be the prime minister of cause this is the main intrigued as to the key positions the key ministerial positions also many of them remain
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remain uncertain so this is definitely something to look forward to after the settlement of the president immediately got to work and signed a decree that outlined a plan for the country's next six years under his administration he also announced incumbent prime minister and former president dmitri medvedev as his pick for the leading position in the new government. dmitri medvedev in britain tried to make putin's longtime sidekick russia's prime minister since twenty one and arguably the most tech savvy official in russia. he's also a big fan of rocky's live. live. like a soldier was liberated let's. listen.
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is a quick sign of how we got to be in this country second to mom in. law teacher and legal consultant to the mayor some teachers but ninety nine cents gets vetted and says the end is an election she appreciates campaign season wins and yet that it becomes just she's a star a couple of years later right see thousand employees she's the first deputy prime minister then in two thousand acres and with a new russian president yes demetrius so what was his town like was what modernization pushing the reset up the relations to. military conflict five days south since he was triggered by georgia. but. having finished the presidency effective switch which by the future it will work but see the caveat the local stance.


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