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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 7, 2018 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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we have always been my strong and one of the look i will that we should you should focus and work hard you know areas where we are yet to achieve. results the areas where we have not yet done in the us it is to get our path forward is always difficult you pressure not only easy it is right there is only one mistake that history will never forgive us if we are so for that he would if we are relaxed and look at is cool especially today at this turning point when the whole world is going through. a lot of changes and we have many decisions that we need to take a historical just sit in which will determine the future of our country for decades to. see what i see what we have a lot of hard to let go and our entire society each one of us will have to pull a suite together you know he's getting is that all that he all the people who care
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about russia will come together we need to achieve a breakthrough in all the different areas of allies and i strongly believe that only a society that is open to new things can do that we should reject injustice . and all those things which it is a way to stop people from fulfilling their potential. and limits their aspirations for the future that even if you and your friends with them go then what we came up with this year will mark twenty five years softly a russian constitution put it in the constitution emphasizes the priority of them in the going to pose a right to send liberties at the when they were going to. list harmony of article free citizens and. responsible. as a society we is
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a strong foundation for russia's future development we coped with the difficult economic problems we realized that you know we should change as the world changes and at the same time we should stick to our minutes during history our ethnic culture we realize that the beauty and lift them up strength of russia is in our national identity and unity what we learn to protect our interests we are once again country and of our value is the day we need to preserve our or to mince and of course this is a new foundation for us to move onward of course we should say which i guess will go along with the wicklow believe changes you make sure that no obstacles should stand in the thing up in no way preventing us from determining our future ourselves . we should make all our bold plan is an aspiration has come true we are open for
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dialogue together with our partners we will promote our integration proces who will develop our scientific you know cultural and other and ties which we want equal and fair cooperation with all the different countries of the world for the sake of peace and stability on our planet russia is a player in an international arena and the security of our country will be saved guarded them. was and we will continue devoting sufficient attention to these issues but currently we need to focus first and foremost them are not on our domestic developmental issues what are we to achieve sun and technological your breakthrough we need to become competitive in the areas that will determine the future look up a new quality of life. security health this these are the
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things we need to focus on today. and these. are the central west values of our policies if we want to usher to be a country for our people the option of sunlight and i strongly believe that such yes you're probably aware global of course in goals and daily yes things that we face in our every day life are very closely related this is how we need to do must develop. benchmarks for our future development we need trust you know our society and each person should realize that. we all have to get the aged if we want our country to renew we have nobody else will do this work for us transfer may. depends on all of us the people of russia.
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but i think the more people whatever their profession or status might be actually with the more people realize the importance of their in gauge meant of their involvement in these transformations the more successful will be moving forward unless of course. at that lean. and local government bodies will but it less a genius play a particularly important role here in the new mind they thought that you should treat people. people's complaints. not with the care it's they need to respond and react immediately without a shot at christ we need it but he might have to live expanded freedoms for. our businessmen and. he needs the artists of all people who seek novelty and developments. i sure that will leave
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a foundation for russia's development to say so and i expect our young people to come up with new ideas new approaches they should be the pioneers of change but i hope our young people will be committed to their early years of justice and fairness mannion. their skill as the experience of older generations of course will also be very useful they are young people because that all those who care about our country should come together to achieve our goals. breakthrough in a science and technology to implement large scale lands to renovate the but our cities our regions social policies will be focused on the needs of every person every a russian a family will improve the quality of education and health care we will pay special
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attention to supporting traditional family values maternity and supporting children we want russia to have as many talented and healthy children is possible they are a children we will build our country new leaders to come they will achieve even a greater success than their parents that they will respect and continue the history of our motherland. dear friends. as the head of state. to make us a russia or a cinema glorious country to justify the expectation of people we remember how in the one nine hundred ninety s. just. as necessary transformations were taking place our people had to go through a very difficult times with them and we have not felt. we are recovering from that
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period yet the solution not all the wounds have healed. and comes up with a new challenges a new difficulties and i wish you peace and we will have to work hard to respond to those we have no time to waste but we all remember that. over a thousand years of our history russia face difficulties a lot of times and every time every time russia like thinnings would resurrect and reaching new heights above all others up at heights that is north of the temple were considered east unachievable yet they would become a new stepping stone for our country to continue on its path forward and today once again i strongly believe we will achieve such
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a breakthrough that our country is of one big team that can be coped with any difficulty so us all these things should inspire us all of us to. register we seek self-fulfillment to work for our families to work together work hard for you the prosperity of our up country and we will definitely be successful i strongly believe that this is what is going to happen and i will do my best for this to happen thank you.
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all right so there we are there the russian president newly inaugurated vladimir putin has a just made his inauguration speech and he covered a few topics certainly they're sounding very well the optimistic one might say joining us live here in the studio for this inauguration coverage of thanks for staying with us here and watching what is and historic moment here on this day that the seventh of may when when when the let me put in was speaking just now he was saying that he understands the responsibility has to russia to its people to its ethnicities to his vast expanses as well he also spoke about how russia must rise up to the challenges of our time peter what kind of challenges is vladimir putin referring to. when we think about putin this capacity if they realize that there's nobody who's playing a role in the world of the real international leader but there's a vacuum of leo global leadership why do you say that i say because if donald trump
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is talking about america first donald trump is much more of a disruptor than a healer who respects reacts to things in a militaristic way rather than the peaceful way. and we haven't seen that really from any of the international leaders that it's time when the world is desperate for leadership that we do see a lot of accusations being being lobbied by various world leaders that donald trump talking about north korea being the biggest danger of the world talking about us being the biggest danger to the world then he goes on to talk about iran is not the next biggest near and dear to the world when you have someone like to reserve may in the u.k. who throws out accusations of poisoning before any investigation has been completed various western leaders this whole call so called a chemical attack in duma some weeks ago that at the end of the day looks like it never happened at all and yet they were in the accusations you don't actually see the russian president levying these kinds of accusations of anybody else no but there is a lot of evidence that russia did interfere somewhat in the american. there is
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evidence yes there is a lot of evidence not on the scale that the americans are making accusations about because according to the accusations vladimir putin actually made donald trump u.s. president and that's pretty extreme it is pretty extreme as a pretty extreme but what i did find during the campaign is that almost all my russian friends and colleagues were supporting donald trump i knew nobody in the united states who was educated in progressive who was supporting donald trump but my friends in russia were supporting donald trump i was often at conference is the only one who spoke up and saying as many issues that i have with hillary clinton given her militarism her hawkishness that i was very critical of hillary clinton but for the world picture right now shooting a much better leader than donald trump has been and when i asked my friends in the senate for example russian senate why they supported donald trump they said one reason and one reason only he wanted to be friends with russia so i can understand
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that but you don't want somebody who is so reckless and impulsive to have control over nuclear weapons and issues of war and peace and as you're saying we do have very many crucial global challenges that we need to address number one is the nuclear arms race. the. the new start treaty make some minor progress but we need to be getting the level of nuclear weapons below the threshold for nuclear winter below the level at which we could wipe out all life on the planet number one which i think lattimer putin understands number two we've got the problem of global warming the united states is not playing a contributing in a positive way that. said he's not going to even follow through on the paris climate accords well certainly not trying to have said in the past about the paris climate a call that is in some way just the reaches distribution of wealth peter if i can ask another question here obviously putin has just been so. and again this is his
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inauguration today showing amazing pictures here on r.t. international it's fourth term and of course there are critics that say that well that demonstrates a lack of democratic competition in russia i suppose that's a plausible accusation that perhaps what do you think. i don't know russian internal politics well enough to give you a really authoritative answer to that but from what i've seen on the global scene there's been nobody else who has the stature of russia vladimir putin so i mean he's been in power for eighteen years that includes his time as primary is a film very very popular it's not too long for one person because many might argue that they're both pros and cons of one person being at the top for so long what do you think i think it is too long for one person but if there is absence of other people in a vacuum you rather have somebody stable. in the russian people trust blatter mir
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putin he might be demonized in the united states there's a bit a lot of putin bashing demonization of putin going on in the united states what concerns me is that the united states and russia have two parallel narratives about what's happening in the world and we'll see if we do this in parallel universes or not but some might question the it's not perfectly parallel when trump came to office and since he's been in office he's talked about he's talked about dealing with syria he's talked about dealing with north korea russia iran china i mean making a list of. i don't use to some sort of aggressive foreign policy you simply don't see the russian federation making the list of so-called enemies around the world in adjusting foreign policy to implement some sort of act of aggression as the united states is coming out of the one nine hundred ninety one period when we were the the cold war ended soviet union collapsed and the american neo conservatives were talking about unipolarity that was
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a term that you so one. polo world now this is your world as well that's right this is the world's head to man and united states can do anything it wants anywhere in the world and during the one nine hundred ninety s. russia played along with that narrative in effect and yeltsin was in power and part of the threat now is or the challenge is that the world's become a multi-polar world more than just a look at russia they've got china and somerset you've got your and you've got the united states and the united states there's not it's not adjusted they don't do that because they're saying that these other countries threaten the global balance what is that the global balance of us to germany and say that's exactly the global balance of us that you have been a latymer putin threatens that much more than anybody else in an economic sense china threatens that but in a military sense you have to remember that the united states and russia control ninety three percent of the world's nuclear weapons peter just a moment let's listen and just very quickly. surely say.
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oh. now if it came out sure. but ok now. now i'm going to just dance here.
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not your. own in upper. class. so if you continue showing these live pictures here just moments now to be inauguration of the russian president vladimir putin let's return to our guest. here live in the studio some are already asking at this point if there's another if we're going to look at one or two more turns over a lot of a putin what has he done well so far then any landmark achievements of putin's time in power that you can think of when i think back to russia look like in the year two thousand comparative russia today i can understand why putin is so popular among the russians russian economy was a basket case at that point the life expectancy for russian men dropped from sixty
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six to fifty seven to get into third world standards russia's economy from the soviet days to two thousand russian economy dropped to the size of the netherlands and since then we've had a resurgence as some of that is because of the increase in oil and gas prices but a lot of it is because of healthy economic recovery that needs to go further needs to have more diversification more development but putin gets a lot of the credit for that and he also gets the credit for restoring national pride one of the things he mentioned in his speech today was a national pride and i see that my russian friends and colleagues russia was a minor player on the world scene back in two thousand it was through with nuclear weapons that it has undergone a huge transformation hasn't it i mean i lived in america before coming here i've been in russia now ten years it is it's phenomenal to see the transformation that has happened not just across russia but particularly here in central moscow.
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gratian speech peter he was he was talking about how we must reject injustice bureaucracy global challenges russia's future should be so. determined that young people the young people of russia must be committed to values and justice and fairness and they are in the audience of the six thousand people there in the crowd and i saw the russian figure skater the fifteen year old alina zakat of us. who won the gold for the olympic figure skating skating and there was talking about fairness and justice and values and of course the russian and then picked teams in the past couple of years taken a real lashing over so-called doping although a recent report came out in twenty sixteen saying that russia was number six on the list of doping it whereas the u.k. and italy were actually number one so there's a lot of me put in talking about the future of fairness the people must hold certain values here you would imagine that there are going to be certain people in washington russia's professional partners in the west who will be keeping an eye on this what do you think is the reaction to this from the white house do you think
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they're just saying here we go it's just the same again as it was some years ago when you say the white house that gets complicated now is on the one hand you've got from who seems to for whatever reason we don't know what the reason is seems to want to reach out in friendship toward russia but nobody around him shares that view and now that we've brought in bolton and pompei o to surround now with the more reasonable people around him are out of power and the ones who are whispering in from here are the ones who want to more confrontational policy with russia the ones who really want a new cold war with russia and putin what good would it do you know you you know if the u.s. is already taking on a competition of policy with syria north korea russia iran china well there's venezuela and some others thrown in there as well what good is it going to do with taking an aggressive stance with russia you poke the bear one too many times and what are we going to have we're going to have some sort of world war three scenario what is washington trying to do it doesn't make any sense to me and the u.s.
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and russia should be working together as partners that's why i brought twenty students and professors with me for the victory day commemorations because that was . when the united states and russia were friends and allies and we work together to defeat fascism and if we look at what russia's great achievement of twentieth century was it was really the defeat of fascism wasn't the united states and it certainly wasn't the united kingdom and defeated the nazis it was the soviet union and that defeated not twenty eight million of our men were lost in the survey and when i compare that when i tell my students what the means to lose twenty seven million people i said tell them that's the equivalent numerically of one nine eleven a day every day for twenty four years and that it has a credible after nine eleven the united states attacked went around attacking countries and overthrowing governments and bombing seven muslim countries and that's what the soviets suffered that equivalent every day for twenty four years
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which is why we need to understand history that some appreciation of what the possibilities are for our two nations of being friends in a positive way to look at the challenges the other one i mentioned didn't think of them it has to mention yet is the distribution of wealth globally we live in a world in which the richest eight people have more wealth than the poorest three point six billion people it is not by design peter that is by design it's not by my design or your design let's listen in just one more time that you're in the kitchen but it's not going to be just to make them more diverse and more interesting it's you. know we really need this mystery to young people to work with this. little bit i think you know that. after. this leaders of russia competition we've achieved some very good results and some of those
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people we were appointed to some on the very prominent positions and it's not something that i instructed those companies. did you know they were interested in themselves and they invited all those young people to work for their corporations. of course it doesn't mean that all the participants will now work as deputy ministers. or executives but you know. you're you visited the to read a forum last year what about the other forums. no i visited your forum in twenty six teens your guess and then you went to a different forum last year so we really would like to see you at our forum this year as well i won't make any promises right now but i was in my best i'll see if i can come this year can we take a picture together with you ok let's let's see if we can work something out here.
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let's go to. the russian president vladimir putin there just outside the kremlin doing a bit of q. and a with various youth volunteers of volunteers from various youth groups and organizations that do span the bostic sponsor of the russian federation and my guest peter nick is still here with me in the studio we were talking about challenges for the future of russia a certainly putin was saying in his inaugural speech we must face challenges with an open mind but also with a sense of optimism what kind of priorities do you think will be most important will be most important for a lot of this time peter i think his number one priority will be to strengthen the russian economy in the russian economy took a hit in recent years and it isn't back fully yet so and part of the way to do that is take eliminate the sanctions and to do that we're going to need to move for
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a settlement in ukraine and we really have to roll the world back from the brink of war and the tensions between the united states and russia. as bad as they have been at any time since probably the cuban missile crisis why is that the case would not have been missed all across the us these days but if you make a reference to what was a poignant moment in history now in the one nine hundred ninety s. it was as if russia had no national security interest that needed to be respected during the cold war we each knew each other's red lines and we respect each other's red lines were able to avoid confrontation and now in the west in america they got the special american leaders got used to russia having no red lines that needed to be respected and when russia and so nato you know in one nine hundred ninety gorbachev got a promise that nato would not expand one thumbs with to the east and certainly if germany if they allowed german unification and now the nato was expanded thirteen countries nato is right up to russia's doorstep i think that's the key and the
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second key that you remember putin's march first state of the nation address and what didn't said there he stressed the a.b.m. treaty and the united states abrogating the a.b.m. treaty right to build missile defense around the world and as for the nicest trying to neutralize russia's military capabilities but the whole idea people the whole idea was a coating to this missile defense shield being positioned as you say eastern europe right on the doorstep of russia the whole idea was to deal with rogue state hell yeah it was all about iran nobody all the negativity was about iran and what it was in two thousand and six that was nonsense wasn't it peter those were lines one test that is why a lot of a putin has an issue when it comes to trust. it is there's a lot of issues about trust and i understand that putin reached out to the united states after nine eleven he was the first global leader to reach out to the united states he even assisted the united states in afghanistan which is ironic after what
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the united states to the soviets in afghanistan and it looked like there was going to be some more positive relations between our countries but then nato started to expand and when in two thousand and eight george bush announced that nato was good expand to ukraine and georgia that was i think past the red line for russia and russia reacted to that point so what you've seen since then in ukraine and in syria and in the baltic cities to europe is these areas that were actual confrontation and hostilities could erupt the u.s. state department a few years ago admitted to spending over five billion dollars on the my down coup of the ukraine crew that was blamed on a russian invasion the day after the coup you had victoria nuland john mccain handing out sandwiches on my down square and yet all the blame in the western media said russia invaded ukraine now the u.s. state department admitted to spending five billion and i'd just like to add as well
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just from a side point if russia did militarily invade ukraine you would be able to film it from the satellites it will be so big that you would have photographs all around the world and yet the so-called russian invasion of ukraine is there any further graphic evidence of the red army spilling into ukraine no there's not because again when trump talks about various forms of fake news it's so difficult in these days to understand who is telling the truth as well as one good thing perhaps about trying that he has been calling out some of the big news networks but that's i suppose it's an issue of trust as well it's also an issue as as president putin says all of trusting our professional partners in the west and there have been some analysts who have actually said putin and his administration are being gullible for more than twenty years they want to be like the west they want to cozy up to the west but at this point what good has it done. well this point it hasn't done any good unfortunately but what putin said in that march first speech is that russia's
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developed five new nuclear weapons that can all of a the americas missile defense and so that's why it's part of this new cold war narrative that has so many of us troubled because it is very dangerous part of he knows it was the soviet union part of the collapse part of the collapse was reportedly of that the soviet union was focusing so much money for example on this weapons race here in this last race on the missile race now it seems perhaps the tides have turned as you said on march the first the presidential federal assembly address displaying the new add on guard and the kynge hypersonic missile delivery platform systems that nothing on the planet can reportedly detect or fight back against now you've got russia that apparently has two superior weapons you've got america now and washington saying to congress and saying to the senate we need money to develop our own hypersonic defense has is it possible peter that the tables have actually turned no.


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