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some of the weapons that are in the agreement with the united states most of them at least were destroyed all of them destroyed i don't know but certainly they were there and they were used in a way i don't see the point to argue this specific issue because i'm talking on a general issue of a minority in syria a dictatorship in a way clinching to the throne holding on to its regime and continuing year after year after year fighting the various segments inside the country using very brutal means to achieve this and remember again my perspective just as a neighbor because as israel i don't have any claims for syria we don't have any any disputes at least as far as syria is no interests inside of syria besides stability well colonel we have to take a short break but to be back in just a few moments stay chant.
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twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all suck but there was one more question by the way is going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous is a huge star a month and a huge amount of pressure camera you have to tell me that the center of the beach but i'll be with you and do the great game the great game you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down going let's go. along as i want you and i'm really happy to join the team for the thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one come ons all to appreciate me to just take the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition make up a bigger better just look. zia's
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says holland kentucky. police people were very funny. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners are said. that i was alive to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. american sanctions would be done is it but i mean is this just us is a threat is this all us or were jews a country like
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a tissue play book and when it thinks it doesn't need it anymore it just costs the way i think it's very immoral. welcome back to worlds apart it's been about dontcha lawman an israeli air force veteran and columnist for the jerusalem post colonel let's talk about israel's own actions namely beast massive air raid on the eighty four air base near holmes is this is not the first time that israel hit targets in syria and until recently russia's reaction to dive has essentially been to look the other way do you see moscow will continue to tolerate what it clearly sees as a pretty dangerous behavior on the part of israel interesting question because
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after the last attack we heard rhetoric from syrian leadership from from side to russian leadership criticizing israel for the attack my guess is that it also had to do with the early warning and coordination about the specific attack because in general i think russia respects the fact that we are carrying out pinpoint attacks that have to do with vital interests of israel mainly preventing strategic weapons coming online that would that would hurt israel because if you notice i mean what are we doing inside of syria again we have no claims from syria we have no disputes with syria the only reason to enter syrian air space would be to take out specific targets that are threatening us so that's why i think when you say turning the blind eye maybe it's a bit more than that it's an appreciation that israel must look out for are in it while i agree with you that up until recently russia and israel have been able to keep it civil and even friendly but when israel launches a massive attack on the day when russia believes its main priority is to have heard
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world war three from breaking out i can just tell you that this is not very good for fostering. you know goodwill even if you believe that israel have to do it didn't have to do it on dot particular day ok. i remember talking with someone with a lot of operational experience i can tell you that many times the timing of operations were such that many aspects aligned mainly the intelligence and the timing of an operation is very interesting sometimes you wait for many months and even years and then when the time is right you carry out the operation and many times in the past it happened that it's coincided with another event and then the entire world is speculating about the timing when really the timing had nothing to do with other events in this case my guess and it's only my guess and my assessment that this attack into four was an issue of timing it was for two things i would imagine one could be unmanned systems by iran that are threatening israel second or maybe both are strategic capabilities to be transferred to his but i remember also
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when we talk about syria we're talking about many many years of airplanes coming into damascus airport offloading equipment and two to four going on trucks and then these convoys going in and arming to the teeth preparing for the next round of violence to attack our villages our civilians so this is why this is a vital interest for israel to neutralize these capabilities i would even guess that we would want to do it our interest would be to never intervene never do anything that is perceived as interfering intervening in this war in syria but i think we have no choice with such a target now they have to claim that the israeli leadership is making is that under no circumstances can israel are allowing iran to establish its military infrastructure in syria but i think dad that kind of argument doesn't sit very well neither with syria nor i i think to some extent france russia and in response to.
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you know previous attacks on the syrian military facilities one of your jabs has already been downed i'm talking about af sixteen's it was deferred east military job loss to add any fire in many decades do you have any fears that if main. would be the last because syria it seems is taking a much more bullish view on what it has to do to protect its own sovereignty in you know in the form of pilots or maybe you think that i would be all worked up because of one downed f. sixteen absolutely not war is complicated during war you lose soldiers you lose tanks and occasionally use a plane just equipment no big deal especially in this case with the pilots bailed out safely in israeli territory remember also that our ammunition most of that is minute factored in israel is such that we don't need even need to fly into syria we just take off fly over israeli territory launch the missile that flies one hundred kilometers hits its target and no plainest across the border so i think this issue of downing israeli jets has absolutely no reflection to the situation the situation
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is the strategic issue in the sensitivity of our cooperation or coordination or delicate ordination with russia which is now assisting the assad regime and when we hit a target that's very important for us in iranian or syrian targets shortly it's complicated if in the same base we have russian forces in the last thing in the world we would want to do is term even one russian soldier now colonel i heard you say that israel's current security post is meant to project your resolve not to allow the breech of israeli sovereignty and use that more its sovereignty quite a lot and you're writing you also sadat it means that we can do you whatever we want to do you take out any components we want wherever we want and i honestly cannot understand how you can put the respect for sovereignty and the entitlement to do whatever you want to do wherever you want to do it in one face what makes you believe that any country with respect to your sovereignty your security interests
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without getting the same respect from you excellent point i got to tell you when i write that i think about that myself and also i think israelis sometimes maybe overreact in the shoes who have sovereignty. but it's important to understand that when we violate someone's sovereignty for instance we fly in lebanon a lot you may you may ask how can we fly over another sovereign nation isn't that disrespect to our neighbors so first i would tell you that we respect our lebanese neighbors a lot and wish them all the best of a lot of stability and peace because when you look into the entire region that our interests our interests are peace and stability when you look at iran the iran just flew a drone into israel and we shut it down a few months ago why is the run penetrating israel for what they say very clearly to what end to destroy us why do we penetrate and go and attack a target or is it to go and kill kill. civilians is it go to carpet bomb someplace is it to violate someone's sovereignty just to show that we can know is to take out
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a specific target and it's true that in israel's history we did this many times and we still do again as a pilot i'll just tell you i flew all over the middle east we fly wherever we need to fly and we do whatever we need to do but i also can tell you that when we do it it's pinpoint to achieve our military our strategic goals making sure that what we're doing is necessary if it's taking out the iraqi nuclear power plant in one thousand nine hundred one or the syrian one just a decade ago it's because we believe what the leaders what the leadership says if a leader says i'm going to kill you and i'm also building building a nuclear facility i must believe them and attack i think you're also slightly mr presenting these even the iranian position but to some extent what you're advocating is is a miniature copy of don't know tromp or you know somebody who is fear it's precisely because if you suppose that irrationality but he's real has a very different geography and frankly a very different set of challenges from that of the united states wouldn't it be
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much better for israel from a strategic point of view to rely on its act him and to rely on its diplomacy rather than these big. floors because i appreciate your kind share a lot but. even for the russians as you know ask card as we try to maintain good relations with israel it is not very sympathetic position that you advocate and i must tell you that i understand it's not easy sometimes it's not easy to understand israel from within so from outside of israel and getting mostly narratives it's extremely difficult you mentioned israel in the united states together i would mention israel the united states again as far as very aligned strategic interests very close collaboration but certainly we are nothing like the united states and i wouldn't compare israel to the united states not in size not in scope not in responsibility while i was more and more hinting at the demeanor at the poster that
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you take it is very arrogant it is very dismissive of other countries any of this very similar to some extent to the american position interesting interesting point and don't forget in israel's a vibrant democracy so i will speak to you here and according to my political views i may support or object to israeli government's policies specifically i support this this government's policy when it comes to attacking t four and iranian assets because i think there's no choice maybe other things i criticize the government as far as maybe acting a bit aggressive on the diplomatic front it could be it could be by the way that we live now in an era where donald trump is proving to the world that this works i personally object to this kind of way i believe a lot in diplomacy even though i wore military uniform for most of my life i believe we all in this also israelis must appreciate much more the importance of diplomacy but also you know we just we just had the holocaust memorial day yesterday here in israel next week we have our independence day there are lessons
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in our soul and one of these lessons is you know that with all due respect at the end of the day sometimes we have to go and need and do what needs to be done because the if there's an imminent threat and. someone may be using that fact to annihilate us and they're even looking at the camera and saying we will wipe israel off the face of the earth i think maybe at that time we need to act and diplomacy has to be put aside at that moment while colonel if this is not their facial position off iran i just have to mention it here but hey you mentioned donald trump and i mentioned him before and the current israeli leadership has done has gone to great lengths to in grass shape itself with the trump administration they use flattery they use enticement what have you and donald trump for it to some extent reciprocated he sassed things that israeli political elite wants to hear but he does not always follow up on them do you see any potential danger in israel
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associating itself with the tromp administration to such an extent i think many israelis make a an interesting mistake and that is every time a new u.s. administration comes along we relate to it is that that is the united states of america forever and ever and then every word the president says every letter he writes we take a stream of the seriously and i think this is a mistake the u.s. administration comes to us and instruction goes bottom line israel american relations have been extremely well from the declaration of independence of israel especially in the last thirty years we have wonderful strategic collaboration whatever administration if it's obama or trump believe it or not always the collaboration becomes better and better. now there on the table like moving the embassy to jerusalem issues like that where it's again it depends on your personal opinion half of the israelis will tell you it's smart half of the israelis will tell you it's a big mistake it depends on your personal view again we're a vibrant democracy we can't agree are they on everything i think it's a mistake in taking every issue like that now and think the americans are with us
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because donald trump tweeted it be very careful and also be very careful in print we have to see we have to be very calculated and well my my my last question to you would. exactly about what the american may or may not do it's been reported in haaretz the other day that in the in the days leading up to the chemical attack suppose that chemical attack in duma prime minister netanyahu spent a lot of time on the phone that donald trump trying to dissuade him from withdrawing the american troops from syria and reportedly to no avail do you think trump is going to go at had to with his withdrawal plans now simple answer no and again donald trump tweet something and then we think ok now he's probably going to carry out this well thought out strategy i don't think that's the case i think he said something he tweeted it and then his advisors were surprised confronted him with their own opinion but i think now there's a debate within the u.s. administration personally i believe that the united states of america has global
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responsibility has regional responsibility and they must they must not for israel certainly not for israel i don't think this discussion between the time you know and trump was only about israeli interest i think they have regional interests. dismantling this evil entity which is isis is an extremely important mission and i hope the united states doesn't just unilaterally you know pull out of this effort and leave the playground for the other actors because the united states has important responsibilities well colonel let's leave it there i really appreciate you appearing on our show thank you very much for that i also encourage our viewers to keep their letters or anything going on our social media pages as i mean i'll see you again same place same time here on worlds apart.
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pick up. one of the first to go is all you have to be up for some other news to plant the seeds and other the philosophy of the year for your soldier dog. if you want to. go fast but stop fighting. you think. that after all. the stuff of the cia slush innocent until. you don't find meaning to something else a teacher says she really. thinks now that james. it comes as news to me and.
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no. doubt. was. not. oh. i care. about. the week's top stories america the u.k. and france launched an assault against the syrian government in response to an alleged chemical attack in eastern guta the strikes were carried out without un approval and hours before an international team arrived to investigate the claims. russia's foreign minister says an independent swiss lab identified
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a second talks in used in the poisoning of scripts but that its findings were ignored. and tensions run high near the french city of nanda in the week activists and police have clashed throughout the last seven days or so over forced evictions from a woodland site. but as you can see behind us the c.r.m. and the police have come in. i know nothing so i disappoint this is a point when a couple of dozen people were trying to hold up if you can see the police pushing the way. this is out international with me kevin owen live from moscow you're watching the weekly a round up of the big stories of the last seven days and there were so many big stories in the early hours of saturday morning the u.s. the u.k. and france hit syria with a series of coordinated missile an air strikes the attack came in response to
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allegations that the syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians claims the international inspectors are still assessing. as for donald trump in his first tweet after the attack you thanked the united states allies describing the strikes as perfect and saying they could not have been a better result but despite some some few years of this doubt over the legality of the move as he goes down off explains. a perfectly executed strike if we've learned one thing from trump's tenure so far it's that he feels he can do as he pleases
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this week strikes on syria are a textbook example of how far this can go to batter a sovereign country with over a hundred retaliate remiss aisles in response to a chemical attack you have to be a hundred percent sure that that attack happened instead america's conviction was built basically on online video and sources this conclusion is based on descriptions of the attack in multiple media sources the reported symptoms experienced by victims videos and images showing two assessed barrel bombs from the attack and reliable information indicating coordination between syrian military officials before the attack while my colleague kendall anian and i have learned today that the u.s. now has blood and a year in samples from some of the victims of this attack in syria last weekend and that those samples according to u.s. officials tested positive for chemicals toxin samples verified witness and victim
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accounts provided by a u.n. backed chemical organization would have served as rock solid proof but trump apparently figured why bother launching the strikes just hours before the yield p.c. w. probe on the ground was sure jewel to start experts abound to proceed with the investigation anyway but in the face of the strikes they are presented with an additional challenge now holding up the very relevance of the probe another obligation for an attack of this kind u.n. approval but that's not a chapter of international law for trump just a nuisance does my duty to remind member states that there is an obligation but equally when dealing with methods of peace and security. to act consistently with the charter of the united nations and with international law in general. the u.n. charter is very clear on these issues. but even with the un brushed aside
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the us congress has to give the green light for the attack on paper it turns out the defense secretary is promised to run the decision with the lawmakers was empty it is hard to find a legal justification for that military strike in syria absent congressional approval so whatever you decide to do i would hope you would include the legislative branch we will be reporting to congress and finally allies in ideal circumstances they'd be rallying on mars beside washington unleashing their joint wrath on the enemy this time most u.s. partners while giving their verbal support have sought to avoid complicity be able to use it we must say as we tell you and so always have that if we need a long term solution to the syrian crisis we not only need to respond to crimes but first of all work towards peace dodged and germany will not take part two possible military action and want to make it clear again that there are no decisions between
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c. and support this that everything is being done to send a signal that this use of chemical weapons is not acceptable that none of the formal boxes checked but the mission is accomplished and ignoring all the legalities and almost deliberately rushing headlong into war trump has once again shown the only right way is his way. russia lambasted the u.s. led strikes on syria as an act of aggression and requested a meeting of the un security council that emergency session moscow proposed a draft resolution calling for members to condemn the attack as a violation of international law it also demanded the u.s. and its allies to cease their aggression against syria and allow the o.p.c. w. to conduct a thorough investigation but after a hated encounter that draft was quashed. but look over there is washington and london but chose to ignore all calls for sanity if you have nothing but disdain for the un charter and the security council which you're using in your illicit aims of
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the un charter was in the conceived to protect criminals are action absolutely corresponds to the goals and values of proclaiming the charter the us and its allies continue to show blatant neglect of international law i will take no lessons mr president in international from russia. any unilateral military action violates the basic norms of international law but the time for talk and every last night you don't treat the security council seriously you don't work to its guidelines don't talk to us when you don't consult us the united states is locked and loaded. when our president drollest a red line our president enforces the red line the us and it is really due to shoot and it's long loaded with sand and concern to hear we are going to have aircraft several hours old smartly sorrows and a nuclear weapons arsenal now we also know they have these damning point
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international law we are prepared to sustain this pressure if the syrian regime is fullish enough to test our well if it be curious to me as little is this how you want to ensue national affairs to be conducted now this is hooliganism or not minor hooliganism super bowl since we are talking about the major nuclear powers. people around the world express their anger at the actions of the u.s. and its allies hundreds marched in britain germany greece and america to denounce the intervention i spoke to under unco from germany's left party told me that many in his country don't want berlin to be involved in the syrian conflict at all. we clearly condemn the strike left party in germany we say it's a breach of international law the majority of the people in germany don't want to be involved so i think we should keep out while there are still german planes in syria the tanakh also n.p.r. but they make pictures we don't know exactly which kind of picture they are they
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make there's one frigate of germany compromising. us with room and so we are calling to bring back these. these planes and the freak and the and bring back the soldiers which are enjoyed on turkey and are involved because we don't want to be. involved in this war. now the big story kemah yesterday russia's foreign minister claims saturday that an independent swiss lab concluded a second talks in was also used to poison that former spy and his daughter in the u.k. last month but expressed concern that the discovery of this bs ad agent as it's called which russia says it's never produced incidentally was not mentioned in the international chemical watchdog official report on the attack. lynch sugata in the bushes the analysis is more consistent with the use of the poisonous substance be said none of these facts and nothing at all about present was mentioned in the
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final report which was presented to its executive board we request that the c.w. explain why such information and the conclusion this appears laboratory was emitted from the final report well there's far been question has not addressed the claim and simply says only the o.p.c. w. can comment but it did state that it supports the ukase conclusions about the use of the novacek nerve agent be said which the fs which scientists allegedly found in the samples is a toxic powder that was developed by the us military back in the one nine hundred fifty s. let me tell you more about it moscow says bees it is a weapon that could be in the hands of the u.k. or u.s. but one that again crucially it doesn't have the u.k. was quick to blame moscow for the attack consoles because claiming that not solve it origin must be a clear indicator of russia's guilt and the international chemical weapons watchdog says.


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