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national institutions the time and time again go in verify and say that actually samples taken when taken in the field demonstrate that chemical weapons have been used i think it's safe to say they will we see now in syria is extremely troubling to say the least i think you are slightly misrepresenting what their world health organization has actually sat it expressed concern about the use of chemical weapons and i think we would all agree that using chemical weapons is absolutely inadmissible i think even the syrian government would state i'm pretty firmly but the world health organization sad that they have received reports from some of the part there again is ations in the field wind of such part they're going to include it's syrian american medical association which is in deep a fairly heated debate jaish i j shelley i slammed ricci was in control of that territory so i as of now i don't think there is any single international organization that has actually suggested what you have suggested i think it's best that every one of our viewers goes in assesses the data that's out there i said and
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i'll say it again we can be very careful to jump to conclusions i am certainly not an expert on using chemical weapons remember that when you say chemical weapons there's a variety of of chemicals out there some are classic chemical weapons like seran gas and also there's been a use of chlorine in syria i wouldn't even address this specific attack and again remember i'm an israeli standing here in israel trying to analyze the situation. looking at the last few years of what's happening in syria seeing this regime clinging as hard as they can to the throne when. this war has taken such a devastating toll of hundreds and thousands of people killed and this so many displaced mainly my concern is an israeli is the instability in the suffering of my neighbors and not a calculation of what specific issues have to do with the assad regime in general by the way most israelis would tell you know that the assad regime has proven unfit . rules but again we're talking about interests i know i understand and appreciate
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that russia is inside of syria to maintain and uphold the syrian regime and quite successfully let me ask you specifically about the russian position because you yourself gave twenty five years of your life to military service i'm sure you understand that in military terms using chemical weapons in that particular situation was absolute nonsense to many liabilities to little gains especially given that the syrian army was poised to take over that suburb anyway but even if you believe that the assad government authorized tag do you think the russians now oddly being slat or willfully covering up for that government which as you sad has perpetrated such a current us crime against its people you know israel has a lot of respect for russia we have very good cooperation coordination with respect with some of what's going on and i understand and appreciate that russia is looking out for its interests also russian forces are inside of syria and have
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a good view of what's going on so it's very difficult and i think it would be a mistake on my part to do that kind of calculation again going to the specific attack i didn't even say and i cannot see who was it ordered by who is it approved by who knew about it and i would rather look at the broader picture even you know also i think we make a mistake them sometimes after hundreds and thousands of people killed the taking what specific incident of using coreen and being shocked as if that is some crossing some red line and all the rest all the other people that are you know that's that's war also that i think is a mistake i think many times the the means that are used in the internal war in syria are means that are questionable and i'm talking about bombing a civilian and terrorist act colonel it's not like he's real has never donned out itself of bombing civilian areas let's let's not get into that discussion because i seriously don't think it's anywhere for granted you never would we go in carpet bomb a civilian population we have a question gaza right now. as we speak we're not bombing gaza well you did on many
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occasions before and the same happened in beirut in lebanon but i am not interested in pursuing the truth because i think syria is more pressing issue right now let me ask you specifically what you mentioned before so that we we should not draw conclusions based on our own social media videos because they could be many played it and the al qaeda affiliates which provided those videos jaish al islam which was in control of when that attack happened which was accused by amnesty international of using gas poisonous gas against the kurds in two thousand and sixteen days group was documented rearranging children's corpses for emotional impact there are also strong indications that they have applied foam to the mouse of some of the corpses are you saying that these groups actions and potential motives do you not to raise suspicions on the whole part may surprise you but again i will not
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take a specific video clip and draw conclusions from that and that's why i would not claim to know exactly what happened in a specific attack i'm looking at the broader picture of what's happening in syria and when you ask me you know what is my aspiration as an israeli my aspiration is stability and peace in syria and stopping the stopping the suffering in the killing of people so so so again i'm not i'm not claiming to know exactly what is being done but the year already claimed that it was the outside government that was behind it there's no doubt in my mind and also relying on israeli sources which i believe are more based on intelligence there's no doubt in my mind that there are tactics that are used by the assad regime which we would consider not moral and certainly they have been chemical attacks in syria and even we have to look not far back into the future and understanding that there were chemical weapons that in the agreement with the united states most of them at least were destroyed. were all of
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them destroyed i don't know but certainly they were there and they were used in a way i don't see the point to argue this specific issue because i'm talking on a general issue of a minority in syria a dictatorship in a way clinching to the throne holding on to its regime and continuing year after year after year fighting the various segments inside the country using very brutal means to achieve this and remember again my perspective just as a neighbor because as israel i don't have any claims for syria we don't have any any dispute at least as far as syria is no interests inside of syria besides stability well colonel we have to take a short break but we'll be back in just a few moments stay chant. on.
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american sanctions would be damaging but i mean there is this justice is a threat is this all us your would use a country like it does your bed but when it thinks it doesn't need it anymore it just costs the way i think it's very immoral. welcome back to worlds apart bit of a bad batch a lawman and israeli air force veteran and columnist but they generously post colonel let's talk about israel's own actions namely these massive air raid on the t. four air base near holmes is this is not the first time that israel hit targets in
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syria and until recently russia's reaction to dive has essentially been to look the other way do you think moscow will continue to tolerate what it clearly sees as a pretty dangerous behavior on the part of israel interesting question because after the last attack we heard rhetoric from syrian leadership from from side to russian leadership criticizing israel for the attack my guess is that it also had to do with the early warning and coordination about the specific attack because in general i think russia respects the fact that we are carrying out pinpoint attacks that have to do with vital interests of israel mainly preventing strategic weapons coming online that would that would hurt israel because if you notice i mean what are we doing inside of syria that we have no claims from syria we have no disputes with syria the only reason to enter syrian air space would be to take out specific targets that are threatening us so that's why i think when you say turning the blind eye maybe it's a bit more than that it's an appreciation that israel must look out for him while i
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agree with you that up until recently russia and israel have been able to keep it civil and even friendly but when israel launches a massive attack on the day when russia believes its main priority is to i've heard world war three from breaking out i can just tell you that this is not very good for fostering. you know goodwill even if you believe that israel has to do it didn't have to do it on dot particular day ok. i remember talking with someone with a lot of operational experience i can tell you that many times the timing of operations were such that many aspects aligned mainly the intelligence and the timing of an operation is very interesting sometimes you wait for many months and even years and then when the time is right you carry out the operation and many times in the past it happened that it's coincided with another event and then the entire world is speculating about the timing when really the timing had nothing to do with other events in this case my guess and it's only my guess and my assessment
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that this attack into four was an issue of timing it was for two things i would imagine one could be unmanned systems by iran that are threatening israel second or maybe both our strategic capabilities to be transferred to his but i remember also when we talk about syria we're talking about many many years of airplanes coming into damascus airport offloading equipment and to to for going to trucks and then these convoys going in and arming to the teeth preparing for the next round of violence to attack our villages our civilians so this is why this is a vital interest for israel to neutralize these capabilities i would even guess that we would want to do it our interest would be to never intervene never do anything that is perceived as interfering intervening in this war in syria but i think we have no choice with such a target now they have to claim that the israeli leadership is making is that under no circumstances can israel are allowing iran to establish its military
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infrastructure in syria but i think that that kind of argument doesn't sit very well neither with syria nor i think to some extent france russia and in response to . you know previous attacks on the syrian military facilities one of your jabs has already been downed i'm talking about after sixteen it was their first military job loss to adam a fire in many decades do you have any fears that if main. would be the last because syria it seems is taking a much more bullish view on what it has to do to protect its own sovereignty in you know in the form of pilots or maybe you think that i would be all worked up because of one downed f. sixteen absolutely not war is complicated during war you lose soldiers you lose tanks and occasionally use a plane it's just equipment no big deal especially in this case with the pilots bailed out safely in israeli territory remember also that our ammunition most of that is minute factored in israel is such that we don't need even need to fly into
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syria we just take off fly over israeli territory launch the missile that flies one hundred kilometers hits its target and no plainest across the border so i think this issue of downing israeli jets has absolutely no reflection to the situation the situation is the strategic issue in the sensitivity of our cooperation or coordination or delicate ordination with russia which is now assisting the assad regime and when we hit a target that's very important for us in iranian or syrian targets shortly it's complicated if in the same base we have russian forces in the last thing in the world we would want to do is term even one russian soldier now colonel i heard you say that israel scurry and security is meant to protect your resolve not to allow the breach of israeli sovereignty and you use that word sovereignty quite a lot and you're writing you also sadat it means that we can do you whatever we want to do you take out any component we want wherever we want and i honestly
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cannot understand how you can put the respect for sovereignty and the entitlement to do whatever you want to do wherever you want to do it in one face what makes you believe that any country with respect to yourself and your security interests without getting the same respect from you excellent point i got to tell you when i write that i think about that myself and also i think israelis sometimes maybe overreact in the shoes who have sovereignty. but it's important to understand that when we violate someone's sovereignty for instance we fly in lebanon a lot you may you may ask how can we fly over another sovereign nation isn't that disrespect to our neighbors so first i tell you that we respect our lebanese neighbors a lot and wish them all the best of a lot of stability and peace because when you look into the entire region it our interests our interests our p. .


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