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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 2, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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right now they have a powerful movement and a lot of momentum behind them that they're clearly not afraid of using and their cause is getting the attention and support of a number of democratic heavyweights including hillary clinton barack obama and even bernie sanders as well let me especially thank the young people at the high school in pok in florida who are dealing with their grief by standing up and fighting back for many trump was seen as the voice of the people every day americans whose concerns were often ignored by those in washington but today a lot of voice has taken center stage and that does it for me i'll be back with headlines in about twenty nine and a half minutes stay with us. readings and salutations the world is filled with boarders or watchers take
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a moment look around you're nothing but borders and boundaries both real and imagine i'm sure your neighborhood community is filled with property lines the parking spaces most borders are really quite harmless organizing lymes to tax you by or for making sure you don't just out but stand in a actual organized line while waiting to get in the club and get your drink go but some borders in this world are deadly crossed out why and you'll lose your life or in the case of the recent massacre along gaza's border with israel approach that line in protest of armed or rolling a tire and you'll get shot down. on friday march thirtieth israeli soldiers opened fire and unmanned drones dropped tear gas on the roughly thirty thousand palestinian protesters who were marching along the border and what palestinian activists are calling the great return march roughly eighteen were killed and
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according to the palestinian health ministry more than seven hundred fifty were wounded and what a horrible no good crime did these protesters commit throwing rocks rolling a few burning tires and wait for it moving towards the fence line yes c.b.s. news reports that according to the israeli military its troops had followed strict rules of engagement and that protests are reporting themselves in harm's way by operating in a dangerous area. i see israel's using the spouse will abuse defense you know if she hadn't done what i told her not to do seeds till she knows she wouldn't get it so apparently moving towards their moving towards their friends in protest of said fence constitutes a live fire scenario for the israeli military and a bonus defense minister avocado african or lieberman told israeli army radio quote from the standpoint of the israeli soldiers they did what had to be done i think that all of our troops deserve a commendation and there won't be any inquiry. well that may be true for those with
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powerful friends on the un security council but an inquiry there will be because we aren't constrained by imaginary lines we are watching the hawks. if that's. what. the bottom. like you know that i got. this. week. well we're going to watching the hawks i am tyrone but joining me to discuss the shootings and the international reaction to them is author and journalist max blumenthal max always a pleasure to have you on i incredible what happened last friday and over the
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weekend i want to ask you know the israeli military is a justifying their actions by essentially you know claiming that their border was under assault by hamas supposing you know you're using this protest as an excuse to launch soldiers i don't know through the lines to destroy our borders and kill us all given your research in the event some friday is there any water to that argument was there any justification for these shootings yeah it's very clear that hamas launched an armed protesters into israeli bullets that had gotten lost on their way to a birthright meeting. you know i mean this is a really clear case of israel committing a massacre in broad daylight against palestinians who are following the gandhian tactics that liberals in the west had counseled them to pursue for years and years and years and you know they've actually been doing cell in the west bank in villages. you know on your part until reported on one of those villages for r t v
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salah and the to me family has been. facing enormous hardship and brutality from israeli soldiers for following gandhian tactics of unarmed protest israel doesn't do ghandi very well and now the gaza strip which has been demonized throughout the world as a hotbed of terror has embraced this tactic on mass and we have to be truthful about it hamas did consent to this unarmed protest they supported it and were involved in it so hamas is involved in an armed protest shouldn't they be connect commended for that no they're demonized as well in the western media has taken this both sides approach now before we get into the specifics i think one thing that we need to discuss is whether this really is a border and why that border is there in one nine hundred forty eight seven hundred fifty thousand palestinians were forced from their homes in their land in order to establish the state of israel with a jewish majority they were kept out in order to maintain to maintain that majority
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in other words the ethnic purity of israel is contingent on one point eight million palestinians eighty percent of whom are refugees remaining in an open where human warehouse in the gaza strip an open air prison and when they approach that border what israel was doing with one hundred snipers with tank shells with tear gas drones experimental tear gas runs what they were doing is defending the ethnic purity of israel against a population that's considered a demographic threat just imagine if donald trump went out and justified his border policy on that basis that these people are not white and therefore we have to build a wall to keep the non-whites out many ways that might be what he's thinking but this is the essence of what israel as a supposedly jewish and democratic state is and these are the consequences of maintaining an exclusively jewish state in the middle east interesting point you bring up because of a lot of people may see these videos are saying why why why would you do this why would you allow this to happen i mean at the most we've only. i heard like you know
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the protests is what threw a couple rocks rolled a couple tires of you you know nothing that constitutes you know rifle fire back at them let alone someone getting shot in the back as we've seen videos get out as well because ultimately in situations like these and you know for the rest of the world it doesn't follow israel and palestine the way you have and it isn't worse it's all about optics it's what it's what are we seen you know just as i'm turning my channel and saying and when you see a kid get shot in the back or young man get shot in the back getting shot in the back is not someone getting shot in the chest is coming at you as someone running away from you and that looks even more brutal and thuggish than then you could possibly won that battle of optics on saturday it's interesting the i.d.f. put out a many many tweets which said and one of them stated quote yesterday we saw thirty thousand people we arrive prepared and with precise reinforcements nothing was carried out uncontrolled everything was accurate and measured and we knew where every bullet landed that's
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a bold statement they later took down this tweet that disappeared but that's a bold statement. does this combined with the rest of kind of yahoo israel's official stance in reaction to this shooting essential of you know what does that tell us about their attitude about this that they just deal with the they're not going to be held responsible for this and if they did no wrong yeah i mean you mention this video of a nineteen year old who's running. running from the away from the fire away from the fence and he shot in the back possibly killed paralyzed i don't know what happened to him and then israel's the israeli army i don't know if i'd call them a defense force they come out and tweet that we know where each bullet landed so they're taking credit for that bullet landing in that young man's back as he was running away during the massacre that's very telling you also at the top quoted avigdor lieberman the defense minister delivering a commendation to the israeli snipers who killed fifteen and wounded some seven
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hundred ninety people with live fire bullets were used which are bullets that actually explode once they penetrate the skin and break bones internally and then we saw israel arutz sheva israel national news which is a right wing website that's very close to the israeli education minister enough tally bennett declare that the palestinians have been seeking lots of dead bodies and for once we should give it to them so this is you know playing out openly in the israeli media celebration of the violence to mars and byrd who is a legislator from the left of center merits party a left wing merits party actually led a protest in tel aviv against the killings and in support of people in gaza to have an end to this eleven year old seed which is destroying their lives and the amount of incitement that she has received in mainstream israeli publications is amazing i mean she's now called a jew hater and a nazi and so forth and so you know any israeli who wants to actually express
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outrage about what they saw they're going to self censor because the society. it's just gone so far to the right and then beyond that you look at the international coverage of the new york times or furrowing to palestinians just kind of dying on having after they have lost their homes like they couldn't find him. you know clashes this kind of both sides the language this gives israel a green light and then finally you have the ministers of the e.u. . we are saddened by the loss i mean one after another tweeted the same robotic statement we are saddened and deeply concerned by the losses that we witnessed and call for an investigation it's like they're on sinclair broadcasting and they're getting the same script to say that so i mean this again just gives israel complete impunity to carry out massacres in broad daylight of unarmed protesters you know this week and we saw u.n. secretary general. you know call for an independent investigation but then risotto what you know the u.n. security council meeting out of state it's kind of saying to them with language no one home can have anything like this do you think we're going to see any kind of
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official inquiry into this from an international level we saw neo-con marionette nikki haley the u.n. ambassador u.s. ambassador to the u.n. actually work to prevent an inquiry this is the same nikki haley that stood up in the middle of the security council and bandied about pictures of children who had allegedly been killed by sarin gas in the held town of hunchy could in syria obviously palestinians and their deaths are interfering with western and u.s. foreign policy imperatives they've been killed by a u.s. ally there unworthy victims if we put this on any other contacts let's say it was you know the the villains that we've hear about like assad or russia or china or north korea of a you know basically shot thirty you know shot out and killed thirty thousand protesters. the west to be going nuts right now like that's what hypocrisy comes about when the i think of palestinians do want justice and equality they're going
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to have to force benjamin netanyahu to change his name to vladimir putin. these are the same even ministers i was talking about earlier who in lockstep expelled russian diplomats after or after theresa may without any evidence accused russia and the kremlin of directing a chemical attack and of novi choke on british soil without any evidence they demand no inquiry there and simply fall in lock step and demand total crushing sanctions against russia but here we have pretty clear evidence of a massacre in broad daylight and they say we need to wait for the un to investigate and then nikki haley comes out and prevents the investigation from even taking place. wash rinse and repeat. a little bit of time what march thirtieth was the beginning of what palestinian activists are calling the great return march oh yeah first day it's planned to go six weeks and on may fifteenth the day after the anniversary of nine hundred forty eight the bit you were talking about earlier
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israel's independence may fifteenth is also a bit that the white house is moving the embassy to jerusalem is the precipice of another long i got i hate to see it but are we at the precipice of another long kind of battlefield summer quickly and anything can happen you know i don't i don't know if the population in gaza is i mean i think what this march indicates is that they're willing to try other tactics besides the militarized tactics which hamas and other factions are capable of but we have to remember that conditions in gaza i was just there are worse than they've been probably ever i mean you're talking about four hours of electricity a day just constant blackouts lack of access to water and the economy is in ruins so people can't afford food if it's there so there is a desperation anything can happen and benjamin netanyahu is under a lot of domestic political pressure wars always been a ventilation mechanism for him great insight today max thank you so much for coming on always a pleasure here our thanks for having me i think you are right as we go to break
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walk watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our full shows that are two dot com coming up we keep the order of discussion going but we move around the world to the us mexico border as we welcome political analyst author inventor's. been to the hawk's nest to talk about from dhaka and building the wall stay tuned to watching the hawks make when you have no clean water no health care no infrastructure those are all symptoms of a greater problem in haiti and that greater problem is imperialism that problem is debt dependency and domination that haiti has had to deal with since it became the first. just. a free republic to go by black people since p.t.o. for. one else chose seemed wrong. but old rules just don't call. me the old
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you get to shape our disdain you can stick the ticket and in against red equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground. as politicians play partisan brinksmanship with immigration reform in the future of trump's border wall for all the politicians think tank pundits and paid consultants the real consequences of these decisions may ultimately be trivial in the grand scheme of things what immigration policies really mean to these people a minor change in talking points slightly different campaign tactics but for many the stakes are much more real and while most of the country celebrated this easter
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weekend at the church pews an easter brunch is nationwide a few stray comments by the president sent many in the immigrant community into a rather understandable panic claiming that a potential docket deal is now dead and pinning the blame squarely on senate democrats not wanting to compromise on the border issue so hawk watchers with washington playing the blame game and the so-called dreamers looking today at real donald trump unreal twitter feeds for hints of what their future may hold political strategist salame oster an author of twenty twelve or twenty somethings joins me to decipher this dramatic back and forth that is so i'm confused on what's happened in the world. because you have that great you know young libertarian republican line to go help me out here so first and thank you for coming on cell. yeah good to be here so first the president and raged a lot of his base play seemingly caving to senate democrats a few months ago and saying he'll prioritize
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a deal to save back and now he's apparently in line with the most hard line conservatives and on the very opposite end of the spectrum what what is the play here what's what's all to really do things going to happen with. he did make a lot of his supporters upset and i was one of them he gave democrats during his state of the union speech a deal that was three times as good as the one president obama gave them several years ago when it came to dhaka and working toward citizenship with these dakar recipients now you know he went back to the table with them after they got rid of that deal and offered up to eight million for a path to citizenship and they still in take that deal and so i think after giving democrats everything they want in more and still not be able to make a deal he's gone back on that they don't want to make a deal that he's not going to make a deal he's going to stay true to his campaign promises now and take a hard line on immigration you know it's interesting because. democrats nationwide seemed they did they made dhaka a number one issue just a few months ago they shut down the government and you know in protest of what was
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going on with the for a week it all that effort to have focused attention on the program but ultimately the spending bill many democrats you know democrat voters were voted for last one did nothing to actually address the dream or fray they didn't even vote. to a certain extent right in saying the democrats abandoned their son's real issue their go to issue. they abandon it on this deal they don't want to give the president away and in quite frankly being need this is a campaign issue everyone's been talking about that and it's one hundred percent correct if democrats don't have this dock issue what are they exactly going to run on we have tax cuts done which are doing great for the economy doing great for businesses expanding and hiring if they don't have dhaka they have nothing else to run on they have found that rush is not working it's not a talking point the ones paying attention to in the country so all they have left is doc up because the economy is good where defeating isis across the globe and there's really there's really nothing else that they can run on and so they have to
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keep this issue alive to get their base energized and they get people to the polls in a few months so are you saying the politicians would. hold people's lives and them play with people's lives just for just for votes and giving and giving good talking points or you're crazy you know of course we have received up with what they do best. do you think. there's a flip side to that those that do think that trump and the republicans might be playing with fire here by allowing young minority voters who will be the majority of i think what twenty thirty and progressives to kind of mobilize around this issue of the twenty eight midterms wouldn't twenty two midterms would be better if they just you know hey give them what they want get it out the way and then take away the talking point. you know you can definitely make that argument and i can see where that some people might think that's been official i don't president
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trump one in a lot of places the democrats used to win because he took a hard line on issues like immigration. and i think going forward especially looking at his base and his voters rewarding this type of behavior we feel bad for dreamers that they were brought here to no fault of their own through their parents but the end of the day it's not our fault that their heel legally it's their parents' fault they broke the law they knew what they were doing when they were coming here illegally and the consequences of that and i don't see why we should have to worry about that and to take those concerns and those financial responsibilities on i think going back i wouldn't be opposed on the president's original deal eight hundred thousand to one point three million doctor recipients having a path to citizenship especially the ones that have no criminal history of doing well again education in you know working in our economy and being contributing great conservative members of our society but going back in just giving democrats
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a went on this that's not president trump he's never going to give someone give away everything he wants to make a deal and to make a deal he's got to get something in return in return he wants that border wall. interesting element of this is the is the border wall and i want to ask you about the you know there's rumors floating around though and they could have been circulating after the omnibus spending bill was passed the trunk may direct the military to construct the wall independently and bypass congress altogether is that a realistic remark about actually happened. i would love to see that happen when i worked on the campaign and i was crafting talking points for the campaign when it came to young people on issues like the border wall and immigration my suggestion was to make it all about national security because at the end of the day that's what it's about if we can reduce crime if we can reduce bad actors coming across the border. to potentially cause harm on the mass scale in the united states and i
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think that is a national security issue you know you go back to the drugs and and other types of criminals coming across the border over and over and over again more than two dozen times i think you can definitely make the argument that it is a national security issue and i think you can put homeland security in the military in charge of conquering and fixing that issue which would be more border security involving a wall and other technical things that the president and others have suggested i was the sole the time about the wall because i'm actually staunchly against the idea of building the wall i get the lure of it i understand the style like oh we can build this wall and people can get over it and look at all secure we are but to me not only is it kind of ludicrous i mean look the great wall couldn't keep going just common law was the biggest wall known to man that couldn't stop i don't think that any wall that we build that there is really don't keep people out but the other thing that frightens me is that a wall built today to keep people out can just as easily be used to keep people in
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and that might not be under donald trump but that could be under the next president of the next president i saw how this how the cia and the n.s.a. have been abused to spy on and on u.s. citizens and i just don't see any at some point in the future you know that wall could just as easily keep you or me from leaving the country if we had you know if we had to. that's an interesting argument and i can definitely see your point on that i haven't thought of it that way hopefully after we get this inspector general's report and others and and we reform these agencies hopefully that's something we won't have to ever worry about but i mean the wall is not meant to stop an army. coming across the border it's meant to stop you know the several thousand million people that have come across the last you know decade or so or not trying to stop tanks or anything like that we're stopping bad actors people trying to smuggle in. humans human trafficking as well as drugs and so i think a wall is a great idea combined with all the the new technology we have to keep us safe.
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and the technology i can get onboard with ok we want to use you know drones we want to use things like not armed drones obviously we want to use that to kind of you know scope out the border and keep the border secure understand that but to me it's impossible to build realistically over most parts of the border because you know it's like trying to kill one that with a hammer. let's do it. the other thing i want to get to with the silos i want to ask you you know the divide between the white house and senate republicans over mitch mcconnell seems to be growing again you know it kind of fluctuates with the president blaming the senator the senate's filibuster rule for not being able to pass more aggressive legislation and build a wall do you think you'll be able to corner the senate into doing away with the filibuster and should we get rid of the filibuster. that's a tough thing you have some old school old dogs in there mitch mcconnell being one of them lindsey graham john mccain when he is there. who like things the way they
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are they like their you know middle of the road was their you know i don't want to say sketchy but you know deals with democrats that they can make you then even fall back on. that filibuster rules and why they aren't getting anything done i wish they would get away with it i think there's nothing wrong with fifty one of votes it's going to get donald trump's legislation passed legislation that the people voted for. and they can't hide behind the democrats anymore you know republicans are just as guilty as democrats in some situations you know kicking the can down the road especially as we saw that with the omnibus bill i mean spending has skyrocketed with a republican controlled congress and they want to make the deal make the. claim that they had to do that because you know they need sixty votes and they need get democrats on board who wanted a lot more spending and so i think going to fifty one is really going to set republicans up especially republican voters on figuring out you know who are the
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real conservatives in there who are the real fiscal conservatives who are really paying attention to the major issues we have with our debt in this country and so i think going to fifty one is a great idea if you think in the same situation democrats wouldn't do it to get whatever they want to cross republicans are insane to think that and i think they need to take the gloves off and really start playing the game out there and delivering on what the american people voted for let me ask you this really quick yes or no answer if it was the ripper if it was a democratic president in the room a democratic controlled senate would you still be in favor of a fifty one votes on it. i you know when you have that situation you. turn the table on me there but i would i would be in favor of it because i think that it really is going to show who's going to follow through on their campaign promises how are they going to follow legislation are they going to pass where they're going for the floor and i think it's important to know on both sides of the aisle who's doing that. for what they
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believe are. the fifth thank you so much for coming on great always. always a pleasure thank you great to be here thanks. the wisconsin department of corrections realized the discrepancy between their male and female prisons while male prisons fossil with programs to help inmates train for legitimate employment women's prisons often whack in education and opportunities for female inmates but that's changed now the two inmates at the racine women's prison dana and denise have become the first female inmates in wisconsin history to graduate from the machinery job program a gateway technical college for six months the women attending classes five days a week learning to read blueprints and operate the machines that will prove critical to employment in the coming years these women were given a chance to turn their lives around and have proven that the program is right for
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female inmates and is exactly the kind of education that can combat recidivism and inspires women across the state as one of the graduates dana put it quote we're blazing a trail for the ladies to come after us and we're empowering women everywhere not just inmates just women everywhere for the machine trades remember no matter where you are right now in your life whatever mistakes you've made you always have a chance to change your story and get the happy ending you truly deserve. and that is our show for you to bury remember everyone in this world were not told the word of the sword to the world i am heart broken let her keep on watching those hawks in the great game that everybody.
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there are the listeners and all of the mama. i don't mama just all of the doors that are just on your. you know we do a little for you you try not to. be chilcote you know. sort of. for us. but all. of the.
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russia's foreign minister demands answers over the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in britain and accuses the u.k. of going too far with its allegations. the white house reveals the donald trump and vladimir putin recently discussed plans for a meeting in washington. you know it's on the move in the syrian city of duma in eastern guta russia says over a thousand people have left of the area since sunday following going to deal with the rebel group. and it is suspends a deal with of un to resettle african migrants to western countries while the elite and germany say that they are unaware of any such group. or for the latest on these stories you can head to our t.v. dot com coming up though sophie and cold looks into a sexual abuse.


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