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tv   News  RT  March 24, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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a super. star training very young. eight months of intensive school. reps. and they save lives. kristen trumps money and finding practices are still surprising yet the recent deployed minutes of my complaint on john bolton have left an impression on friends and foes alike what impact will lay on american politics. well you know these are the kind of adopted because we're called pirates along. i
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a clue. fundamentally the united states and russia are have been for decades two scorpions in a bottle each capable of destroying the other but all the at the price of being destroyed itself is. said well these weapons will overcome u.s. missile defenses u.s. missile defenses were totally ineffective against russian forces already so they'll be more effective against russian forces. was. he. was.
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a police officer and dion's of his injuries following friday's terror attack in the south of france bringing the number of faith talent seized to for his being hailed a hero for swapping places with one of the supermarket hostages. british investigators waved the offices of the political consulting giant cambridge on alyssa about a major data breach which has landed facebook in hot water. under strong bolts and prepares to take over as america's new national security adviser will look at whether he too will be caught up in the russia collusion track. a warm welcome you are watching r.t. international with main the key aaron good to have you with us this hour. well a fourth person has now died as a result of friday's terrorism in southern france in which a gunman hijacked
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a car and took hostages at a supermarket in a small town the attacker pledged allegiance to islamic state and was eventually shot dead by special forces the latest victim is a police officer lieutenant colonel are no beltran has been labeled a hero for volunteering to swap places with a female hostage he managed to leave a mobile phone on for they all thought he's outside the supermarket to listen in when they heard gunfire police moved in there they discovered charm had been shot he succumbed to these injuries on saturday morning let's take a look at how the tragedy unfolded on friday a gunman hijacked a car on the outskirts of the town of caucus on at around ten in the morning shooting dead one passenger and seriously injuring the driver shortly afterwards he opened fire on a group of police officers who were out jogging wounding one in the shoulder the gunman then drove to the nearby town of treb where he stormed
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a supermarket and killed two civilians and the police officer here's what one eyewitness saw. in the movie i went shopping with my wife and sister in law after some time we had an explosion well several. i saw a man lying on the floor and another person who was very educated with a handgun in one hand and a knife in the other yelling allahu akbar yes. after that i took my wife and my sister in law and some customers nearby and we went to look for shelter i put them in the butcher's fridge closed from the inside the kid has been identified as a twenty six year old french citizen of moroccan origin he was known to the police for petty offenses and low level drug crime and was under surveillance despite that a number of locals have said they would never have suspected him of being radicalized but because it's peaceful here where you see the like any other he was
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very kind very sociable adorable he over it sweets to the children and he's a terrorist. shocked but not surprised because there was a bad atmosphere in the city for some time there have been a number of terror attacks and watered attempts in france since the beginning of twenty seventeen in february last year a man attempted to enter the louvre museum in paris with a machete while the attacker was stopped at all the airport one month later a police officer was shot dead last april on the seans elisei and in october two young women were stabbed to death at a railway station in march say former british police officer peter kirk arms there's even potential attackers under surveillance can still slip through the net i know the french and various other countries of the. security services and their intelligence gathering. over recently particularly after the spate of really
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serious incidents that happened in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen this sort of attack it's the sort of thing that will get through the. very best of intelligence gathering. functions it's a small town in the middle of nowhere it's not in a big city it's not a predictable target it's relatively low tech yes there's a firearm involved but they're not that difficult to obtain if you put your mind to and got criminal connections we have got thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands more people with some question mark against them and we've got resources to look at them and some on fortunately will get through it's as simple as that unfortunately for. an explosion in egypt second city of alexandria has killed two people including a policeman four other security and police personnel were injured when a car bomb went off targeting the alexandria security chiefs motorcade no group has
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yet admitted to carrying out the attack which happened in a residential area close to a popular hotel the bombing comes just two days before egypt holds a presidential election. british investigators have raided the premises of the political consulting firm cambridge i listen to over a major data breach scandal but company is known for having worked with donald trump's election team in two thousand and sixty and is under investigation for allegedly mining data from some fifty million social media accounts this scandal has also put pressure on facebook with u.s. lawmakers calling for c.e.o. mark zuckerberg to toast a pop testify before congress in germany facebook representatives have already been summoned to face questions over the data breach. for a long time we've had the impression unless you apply a lot of pressure nothing happens within facebook and obviously they try to run the
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business with a minimum of resources and any issues raised over social responsibility are not welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm or at least that's the impression i get. the fallout is already hurting facebook a billionaire tech entrepreneur in long musk deleted his personal page and pose for his space x. and tesla car ventures we can make this a jeweler saunders also lashed out at the social network on twitter others that all rushing to do the same too with the harsh tag delete facebook trending in the latest edition of artes online series in case you missed it takes a sideways look at the cambridge analytical scandal in case you missed it on the sacrificial alter this week is cambridge analytics. cambridge down a little gathering this information from millions of space but profiles told the highest visitors that they could use it to target votes is they don't call or behind don't exist while
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a lot of playing it up they've been paying more attention to your facebook profile than the sweaty shakey guy in the office you can't get enough of your photos from the florida getaway back you thousand and fourteen of course back in twenty twelve the use of. data to win elections was innovative in twenty eighteen is evil but has something changed cambridge analytic is based in britain a country where interfering in elections is a gentlemanly perceive if there is little enterprises based in st petersburg the western world would be sanctioning russian oxygen by now. that was russia. do you think you voted based on a crashing economy immigration inequality or corrupt politicians learned facebook made you do it these sinister backers of targeting voters are unique in the history of politics that is a part of political t.v.
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and election posts and politicians who coddle babies and newspapers and humans be. news just in we're getting reports of an election that has actually been won because voters listened to the issues and made an informed decision to take that away we're not reading break news here goddamn it so what can you do while the founder of north south has gone on twitter to tell us too much time to delete facebook but there are all those other social networks to tell us what to do. the u.s. government has now earlier scapes another shutdown after president trump reluctantly signed a one point three trillion dollar budget deal backing down from his threats to veto it but he didn't shy away from showing his true feelings about the bill claiming he was forced to approve it for the sake of the military i will never sign another
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bill like this again i'm not going to do it again nobody read it. it's only hours old we had no choice but to fund our military after a lot of heated debates stressful afternoons and sleepless nights donald trump has finally signed the spending bill he had previously threatened to veto and as all the drama was playing out on national t.v. americans were googling a new word omnibus i've signed this omnibus i'm the. budget bill this bill to a bipartisan amendment to the of the biggest budget in the omnibus. situation. translated from latin. now the bill contains basically the entire federal budget and if it hadn't been signed into law by donald trump at this point the us federal government would have shut down again senator rand paul of kentucky took to twitter
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to expose some of the more bizarre things contained in the over two thousand two hundred page bill that contains over one point three trillion dollars in legislative spending. two hundred forty seven a little over thirty billion dollars for the department of energy i wonder if anyone would notice nodes of energy. i found i found. president trump one two no wait a minute section says defense can spend what funds it's time to enhance the border security of jordan lebanon egypt and. nine hundred sixty one million dollars to destroy chemical weapons he wasn't exactly convinced to pay billions to develop weapons we now find to put contention related to the issues of immigration democrats wanted protection for the docket kids these are people who entered the united states illegally under the age of eighteen trump wanted twenty five billion
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dollars to fund his notorious border wall at the end of the day and nobody got what they wanted the docket kids weren't even mention anywhere in the bill. meanwhile trump got a mere one point six billion dollars for his border wall that's supposed to be nearly two thousand miles long so the federal government is not shutting down they'll be free to keep spending americans money despite the fact that we're already twenty one trillion dollars into debt congress is now taking a two week recess on capitol hill it's not hope and change or make america great again the name of the game is gridlock. as president third at national security adviser gets ready to start work jacqueline explores how john bolton looks likely to be the latest official to face scrutiny. to russia in the latest installment of the revolving door saga that's to find the trump.


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