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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 24, 2018 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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well i started doing revelation we just found out about this data mining firm manipulating the election i wish someone had the one. peg told us about this early here playing a big role in the election is a very powerful state a mining company called cambridge and then they had a car then you would get a guess who is the main funder of cambridge analytic. robert byrd's surgeon digger you're going to hear more in the article that girl is going to do something one day your baby is going to be subject to television host because his hair's too long and weird but maybe like a back tattoo artist or something you know. which i assume is called a fact true artist i mean why wouldn't i want it but seriously this just goes to show that if you harp on a story and i hammer away at it and don't stop talking about it the corporate media will cover it about a year after it's relevant. surveys and media is on top of this cambridge
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analytical story like white on rice like white on the oz ckers you know they're. they've got. they've got facebook on their heels trying to explain how they allowed this data to be used by the trump campaign to manipulate peta people so so when exactly do you think they'll notice that in the wiki leaks predestiny emails we learned sheryl sandberg the chief operating officer of facebook emails podesta during the election and said i still want h r c to win badly i am still here to help as i can or in the twitter went in front of congress and bragged and played with them and said that they had surprised how full the leaks revealing corruption in the d.n.c. and the hillary campaign just shy and that by piece up that important is the god yes.
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let me said if the mainstream media is about a year or two behind on every story. that means any minute now they're going to report on the massive election fraud in the twenty sixteen primary this thing's died and i can write five i've already i've got my tattoos in my bag i have on a condom just in case you know that the reading is there. but the election shenanigans have not stopped since two thousand and sixteen this week there was this this week this week there was a democratic primary in illinois between a right wing democrat really a republican daniel a pinski and a progressive democrat marie newman the new york times was tracking the results as they came in with eighty six percent reporting newman the progressive was winning and had gotten seven thousand one hundred and twelve votes in will county then
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a few minutes later with eighty eight percent reporting newman was suddenly losing and her vote total in will county had dropped to four thousand two hundred twelve these numbers are being sent directly from the county's computer to computer there's not really any room for human error this isn't just some drunk in turn punching numbers in a keyboard saying in margaritaville and snorting adderall through a crazy straw all right there's no easy way for these numbers to accidentally end up going backwards and furthermore this is not the first time we've seen this election integrity lawyer bob that rake is rigged to detail how the votes to legalize marijuana in ohio appeared stolen in two thousand and fifteen screenshots show the yes vote for marijuana winning easily but then suddenly everything flips and the numbers are reversed and to this day ohioans are not able to take a public. joy without hiding in the shadows like a hunchback when
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a belltower solo show there are only two reasons for these results either there is ongoing systemic election fraud causing these numbers to reverse. or there is an ongoing systemic flaw in how these numbers are reported and therefore we have no way of knowing whether any of these results are accurate which means holy. flight. flight have no fear just set your watches to march twenty twenty and that's when the mainstream media will be all over this story why do people on of a condo toast they will plan to go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in new york city columbus ohio rochester pittsburgh going to back to georgia i've come here.
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for their reality rent train you know the people uploading their minds to it and they're willing to trade. physical body in exchange for the promise of immortality because remember we've shifted from the physical to the spiritual like this or that god we've also lost all values associated with the physical plane they all respect for gravity. all respect for
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a plurality ethics and now been reinterpreted in the gravitational this ethical list valueless back you moral turpitude which is now the new reality or heaven as some may call it. the far right and britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent mother's actions i don't like. that gives you no argument i see these organizations which used to split into which we feel which takes different names how do you view the. complex web which is rational.
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as you know congress because he did all week over the omnibus spending bill like cast members of the real world negotiate over the last canister of nitric oxide but what you may not know is a nasty piece of legislation that has been quietly rolled into the must pass bill it's the clarifying lawful overseas use of data act or cloud act and according to two dozen civil liberties groups it drastically undermines privacy and human rights here now to explain is our senior privacy violator john a photon or. so john you were telling me about this when you jumped in the shower with me this morning i certainly was it happened. first of all i love the cloud act because it's a backer of him they decided on the word cloud first and then when all the letters would stand for that's. well done right. if i was
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a lawmaker i did use the hemorrhoid that. help earth move to renewables thus obfuscating in the same destruction ask god i don't think you're hoping that passed but what what is the cloud ok it's it would make it easier for the u.s. government law enforcement to access electronic data held in other countries and for foreign governments to access it in the united states it's a win win and there are absolutely no privacy or human rights concerns. really no come on how blogs are transparency are you crazy. i just don't care because i am so over privacy i've been posting my social security numbers my facebook status update for years just desperately trying to get somebody to steal my identity just to show them how unfair i was to be married a. thus far. there have been
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no take her. but. that aside privacy advocates say the cloud act gives foreign intelligence broad powers to surveil foreign targets in the u.s. and if an american citizen gets caught up in it it could be handed over to u.s. intelligence and be used against them no warrant necessary so it actually circumvents due process in favor of an information dragnet right this sounds eerily similar to the highly unconstitutional section seven zero two of the fires amendments yep yep that's that's the one that lets us intelligence agencies spy on foreigners private electronic messages and if americans info gets included too so sad to baghdad. i personally prefer section seven zero three of the feis amendments act which is free ice cream for everybody they actually was.
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already ill ok my god damn a lamb trying to bring something positive to this story might make you get back a little bit yeah. all right here's something positive the cloud act would allow the executive branch to enter into agreements of data sharing with foreign nations known for human rights abuses the the law only has two things vague wording about a nations human rights records needing to be considered this removes very important protections for activists especially abroad in countries like say turkey or lately so that's positive how is that positive. to see if foreign governments use private digital info received from the us to abuse the civil liberties of their native populations it will create a backlash of more activists both abroad and in america and the revolution lovato they'd say oh. no you don't encourage
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you you really have to perform some mental gymnastics to come up with. this just call me dumb. they're trying to. contact our members of congress but this thing is already going into law our dealers. also my social security number is. going to say ok we've really only half of americans on able to afford a four hundred dollar emergency many of them are beginning to ask what do you want from us do you want us to believe well is redacted correspondent allan mcgill found out the answer is yes he filed this report. private beach the garlic close in this forbes magazine of the richest c.e.o.'s haven't given it away yet i'm hunting for corporate vampires. which are like regular vampires in that
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they're mostly pale they have considerable real estate and for their own well being should probably avoid steaks of any kind it's the best of the best but i don't like regular vampires corporate vampires want to do more than suck your blood they want the sweet profitable plasma inside of it especially if you're dirt poor because americans are flooding into the country's blood plasma donation centers in greater numbers than ever before seeking to make up for low wages or small benefits checks or even as their only source of cash income during a spell of extreme poverty blood plasma is the clearer part of our blood that carries our blood cells and contains proteins used to create lifesaving medicines for neurological disorders and autoimmune disorders like hemophilia and it's in higher demand than my med school boyfriends death metal cover band of the same name
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for obvious reasons. one of those being that the corporate global plasma industry relies heavily on donations from the poor. as americans the us supplies ninety four percent of the paid plasma used the round the world and nearly eighty percent of the plasma centers in the us are located in america's poor neighborhoods it's no wonder that to keep a steady global supply they lure americans in with rhetoric that reminds them they could earn cold hard cash from friendly faces while sitting in cushy environments and indulging in luxuries like flat screen t.v.'s and three wives by the way hold up. you can get free wife either. i mean i've been getting it for free for a while but i think my neighbors are catching on to be in this one t. billion dollar industry donors can only earn between thirty maybe fifty dollars for
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donations but there's good news for donors who need more money to make ends meet because unlike other countries that ban giving plasma more than once a week or limit the number of sales in a year out of concerns for donors help the us permits up to two plasma donations a week every week a reporter for the atlantic who interviewed nearly three dozen regular donors at two new mexico plasma donation center said more than half of them confessed to frequent bizarre tingling sensation pains rubbery legs and severe dehydration as well as to having been homeless having lied to pass medical exams and having used tricks that allowed them to pass protein level tests to boost his protein levels a regular male donor told the atlantic if i swallow ketchup before going in i can pass any test they throw at me and if you're medicaid recipient in wisconsin you
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probably want to know what catch if this man was eating because you are the one of the over one hundred forty thousand people who need to start scarfing down ketchup packets that wendy's the pass a drug test to keep their health care the poor are literally giving their blood to save the rich and as long as there are cuts to affordable housing medicaid and food assistance nationwide still consent to cuts in their flesh while no one's arguing the scientific benefits of medical donation it should be a choice to give not a matter of survival forced by an economic gun to your head. and considering the billions in sales one plasma should earn a hell of a lot more than thirty dollars. unless it's been a club class.


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