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tv   News  RT  March 23, 2018 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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a gunman in the south of france hijacks a car and takes hostages in a supermarket killing three people the terrorist later died in a shootout with police. twenty eight england football fans are arrested in amsterdam during street clashes ahead of a match against the netherlands. police bought a camera footage reveals the moment officers fatally shoot and on armed a black man in california after mistaking his cellphone for a gun. or
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broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our an international thomas certainly glad to have you with us now a gunman has killed three people and injured sixteen in the south of france he hijacked a car before taking hostages at a supermarket before being shot and killed by special forces president has called the incident an act of terrorists. that would be our country today suffered an islamist terrorist attack in caucus on and treb terrorist has been identified he was killed during his so an investigation will have to answer some important questions on this when and how was he radicalized and how and when did he procure the weapon that was claimed by the islamic state group and these claims are being assessed we have for several years paid without blood to know the terrorist menace . alright the terrorist stopped his car on the outskirts of the town of car because
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so on and this was on friday morning shooting and killing one passenger there and then severely injuring the driver he later opened fire on a group of police officers who were out jogging wounding one of them in the shoulder the gunmen then drove to the nearby town of treb where he stormed a supermarket and killed two people and eye witness described what he saw. pleasure the movie i went to shopping with my wife and sister in law after some time we had an explosion well several. i saw a man lying on the floor and another person who was very agitated on with a handgun in one hand and a knife in the other yelling allahu akbar. after that i took my wife and my sister in law and some customers nearby and were going to look for shelter i put them in a butcher's fridge closed from the inside and more details have been emerging about this series of attacks in the south of france which cumulated in a hostage taking situation of around four hours in the town of tire some
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confirmation now about who the attacker was the interior minister saying it's a twenty six year old they do one locked him who is a french. national who is known for petty theft and some small drug crimes but he was under police surveillance we understand however there was no suggestion the interior minister said that he had been radicalized and in fact it's been claimed that the action that happened on friday in france was completely unexpected and what's also been emerging is more detail about what happened inside that hostage situation inside the supermarket in that small town of twelve we understand that when gunfire was first heard some of the supermarket employees tried to get some of the customers out of the shop there were apparently around fifty there when not going to fire was first heard some were able to make it
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to safety others then of course became the hostages hundreds of police descended on the town to try and remedy this situation police first of all try to negotiate with the twenty six year old hostage taker apparently he had said that this was vengeance for what has happened in syria and he told. made demands such as the release of one of the men accused of carrying out the paris attack in two thousand and fifteen well one hundred and thirty people were killed now we also have been hearing about some of the heroism that took place today was one of the offering to swap himself for one of the hostages when he did so he took a mobile phone with him and we understand he kept that line open and when the police officers heard more gunfire from inside the shop they then stormed it and at that point killed the hostage taker. a former british intelligence
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officer and. the fact the government was under police surveillance exposes a failure in law enforcement. for passing that we're seeing emerging across europe over the last few years of people carrying out these low tech type of attacks with high. rates. of course on the radar of at least the police if not indeed of the intelligence agencies but for some reason they're not being watched carefully enough they're not being monitored carefully enough they were being followed around . and they're allowed. to carry out these are pulling teeth it's hard to see what more fronts can do i mean they had a state of emergency declared after the massacre and attacks all the powers are still there in france they've just changed the name they've changed the terminology and yet those powers are still preventing the security agencies and police from protecting their french citizens so i feel see how much more they can do this was the first act of terrorism in france and since president lifted the country's
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almost two years state of emergency last november it was put in place after the paris massacre in two thousand and fifteen and there have been several other deadly incidents over the past five years.
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england football fans are celebrating a one zero victory over the netherlands but the run up to the friendly match in amsterdam was marred by fan violence with ninety england supporters arrested. rio's emerged showing england supporters hurling beer bottles from bridges at boats one man threw a bicycle into a canal and another was seen at taking off his shirt and diving in head first there hasn't been the swift condemnation of the england fans online one man who wrote that he would love to take his son to watching winter but that will not happen because he says quote we have zero class and other accuses supporters of
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embarrassing themselves ahead of this summer's world cup in russia a country which often gets accused of football hooliganism england manager gareth southgate gave us his. views on hand files. said we keep pointing the finger at russia. where we going to be guests in the next couple of months but we haven't resolved the issue in our own country and until we do i think we should stop far enough firing off those things elsewhere marty football host stan collymore says checks are in place to ensure that troublemakers are kept away from the world cup trouble her. her moscato you get in close and you have to live on i day. when i do you have to buy a ticket for black cricket you have to pay for all from the travels of the official england supporters globe of which there are course checks classical checks something fun while in russia estimates around the world great very
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well behaved i'm not five now doubts the problem me even the sudden zone including so it's not something grand slams in front in the european championships in two thousand and sixteen. if you know about who's going from london to politics whether the whole match or no i can still go to brussels all burning and travel for long trying on the club and that's where the cauldron like. donald trump has appointed a new national security adviser john bolton is a former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and known for his hawkish stance on it north korea and iran as well.
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perl. secretary's building in new york has thirty eight stories if you log ten stories today it wouldn't make a difference. the russians have walked all over the obama administration for eight years it's really been a pathetic performance if you make them feel pain and others feel pain then the possibility of deterring future conduct like this increases that's what we need to do. the caliphate that isis now holds king abdullah of jordan who is not simply the muslim king of a muslim country unlike our president i.
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and bolton have expressed some very different views on key foreign policy issues including iran and north korea. i think they want to make these i think it's time so it could be a long and unproductive meeting or it could be a short one productive meeting we hope that these new measures directed at the iranian dictatorship will compel the government to reevaluate its pursuit of terror at the expense of its people well i think he's on the verge of making a mistake i think his advisors are pushing him in the wrong direction you know obviously the certification question is utterly irrelevant well side from north
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korea and iran john bolton has made some highly aggressive remarks about moscow as well he described alleged cam kremlin meddling as an act of war against america but his appearance in a russian gun advocacy video five years ago has left many people confused about his actual views were the russian national government to grant a broader right to bear arms to its people it would be creating a partnership with its citizens that would better awhile for the protection of mothers children and families without in any way compromising the integrity of the russian state this has been one of the most in saying baseless. theatres of the absurd that we've ever seen you know normally when somebody pursues something and it's not working they will say you know what let's go to a different theory that collusion isn't working we have no evidence of it but let's
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just find something else not here oh no it is builds up steam it builds up force this is this is still going on we're still trying to find out to this day how somebody wait a minute correction i think we finally we found out that russia and or the kremlin and or you and or putin and or somebody. change the course of the american election by sowing discord by buying facebook ads that's the collusion so might be this adds to what nothing is too absurd for this theater of the absurd the us president has approved a massive spending bill to avoid a government shutdown more on that when we come back you want to march international.
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flight for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spend be true to the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think from what i know about the beautiful game but great so will bowl chance for. peace. lots of countries in europe then the stand that russia is and take part of europe and you cannot think about prosperous europe and developing europe you don't see russia being involved in european proceeds. that russia is royce.
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has to be taken into account and so on a sense more of. this is our international donald trump has signed a one point three trillion dollars spending bill to avoid a government shutdown the plan was earlier approved by congress despite being fiercely contested by both republicans and democrats has. been comments. after a lot of heated debates stressful afternoons and sleepless nights donald trump has finally signed the spending bill he had previously threatened to veto and as all the drama was playing out on national t.v. americans were googling a new word omnibus omnibus translated from latin. now the bill contains basically the entire federal budget and if it hadn't been signed into law by donald trump at this point the us federal government would have shut down again now
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senator rand paul of kentucky took to twitter to expose some of the more bizarre things contained in the over two thousand two hundred page bill that contains over one point three trillion dollars in legislative spending. page four hundred forty seven a little over thirty billion dollars for the department of energy wonder if anyone would notice nodes of poems of energy. i found i found it full of security what president truman wanted no wait a minute section says defense can spend what funds it determines to enhance the border security of jordan lebanon egypt and tunisia nine hundred sixty one million dollars to destroy chemical weapons who wasn't exactly convinced government to pay billions to develop weapons we now find deplorable the contention related to the issues of immigration democrats wanted protection for the docket kids these are people who entered the united states illegally under the age of eighteen trump
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wanted twenty five billion dollars to fund his notorious border wall at the end of the day and nobody got what they wanted the docket kids weren't even mention anywhere in the bill meanwhile truck got a mere one point six billion dollars for his border wall that's supposed to be nearly two thousand miles long so the federal government is not shutting down they'll be free to keep spending americans money despite the fact that we're already twenty one trillion dollars into debt congress is now taking a two week recess on capitol hill it's not hope and change or make america great again the name of the game is gridlock. the british defense ministry has been caught up in the scandal surrounding cambridge analytic the company accused of collecting personal data from millions of facebook users and then exploiting it for political goals the ministry has admitted vetted paid to cambridge analytic parent company as a group for so-called human and social influence work the firm was reportedly
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granted access to secret government documents politico takes up the story for us. cambridge on a day to is seemingly everywhere apart from helping the campaign to victory by using information harvested from millions of facebook profiles it turns out the company's services have been used by the british government to cambridge on the parent company is called the f c l group the whistleblower who on earth the facebook data breach calls the two entities as c.l. and cambridge on the one in the say s c l used to be on the payroll of the british defense ministry thanks to a freedom of information request from twenty six we know that in two thousand and eleven the energy paid for the provision of external training and in twenty fifteen it paid us for psycho social research to top it all off s.c.l.
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got the green light to hold british government secrets on its premises britain's information commissioner's already investigating cambridge analytic over the facebook data breach but in light of the defense contracts with its parent company as c l the chair of britain's home affairs select committee is now demanding a why did government investigation into the company's activities there are now growing concerns about whether there should be a wider investigation into the to reduce there are concerns about the implications for democracy about information being used in an illegitimate way and no one has the chance to counteract it and the trees its real problems outside of the u.k.'s c l's and cambridge on the list of his client list reads like a who's who of contentious elections and political hot spots cambridge analytical was hired by kenya's ruling party ahead of its elections last year the company is accused of stoking ethnic tensions and manipulating votes his online prejudices to
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help kenya's leaders stay in power the company's also accused of orchestrating political. sting operations on their client's political rivals and circulating the evidence online among s.c.l. is clients was ukraine it was hired by the kiev government to help recapture the self-proclaimed republic of donetsk. it was contracted to deliver a data driven strategy for the ukrainian government in pursuit of the goal to win back control of the netsky findings replied to designed localized communications campaigns to erode and weaken the people's republic this particular campaign didn't bear much fruit for the ukrainian government the website reveals yet another time to the british government the ukraine report it says was delivered to kiev and shared with the u.k.'s ministry of defense i don't really believe the ministry of defense should be involved in
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a company one arm of which at least is engaged in a series of campaigns around the world of propaganda and manipulation apparently and political interference secondly i don't really see why the ministry of defense is in any case spending huge amounts of money. on a propaganda work and finally the question of secrecy i mean apparently this company was given access to top secret information and this seems to me to be an extremely. worrying revelation it's likely that the next chapter in the cambridge analytical scandal won't be its links to facebook but to governments around the world including the u.k.'s. the british defense ministry has reacted to the story saying it has no current relationship with the c.l. group and that the company has no access to classified information.
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more than one hundred thousand people have managed to escape the syrian rebel enclave of eastern ghouta since the start of this month and as the syrian army continues its operation to recapture the area the russian defense ministry has struck a deal to evacuate the militants and their families. these pictures filmed by our video agency ruptly show insurgents and their families preparing to leave easter in good time under the agreement they will be allowed to travel to the rebel held city of italy in the country's north on thursday around four hundred militants left alone with fifteen hundred family members r.t. arabic meanwhile has been speaking to some of the civilians who lived under the rebel occupation and we suffered a lot thanks to syrian army's efforts we were set free. i want to say to my wife and my song that i was set free think i'm safe and sound i hope we'll meet soon i
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have been missing that a lot. of police in the u.s. city of sacramento have released helicopter and body cam footage of a raid on sunday that went tragically wrong here is how the incident unfolded. in one one one case an emergency. i got a guy in a back yard. go through. to get up to try to catch up. thank. you.
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let's get on with him a couple times is that before we. let you go. a victim of that shooting was stefan clark a twenty two year old unarmed black man he leaves behind two children both under the age of three his brother described him as an entrepreneur. more than eleven hundred people were killed in two thousand and seventeen by u.s. police throughout the whole year only fourteen days went by without a fatal incident in response to sunday's shooting sacramento police have placed of
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the officers involved on paid administrative leave. i. the case has outraged locals who are demanding justice demonstrations took place at city hall and at the sacramento kings basketball arena a major highway was also blocked during rush hour like lives matter movement is calling the shooting an act of murder and demanding answers. and that does it for me this hour i will be back in about thirty four minutes with full of good news you are watching our future. of the you.
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i thank you thank you we're. twenty eight we've signed one of the greatest kill people. but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the. great. game you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to get left. alone. and i'm really happy to join. russia meet
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the special. fair needs to just say the review p.r.t. teams latest edition make it up as we go to anybody jersey looking. for answering their soul reality rants ringing out phase or people uploading their minds to an app and they're willing to trade their physical body in exchange for the promise of immortality because remember as we've shifted from the physical to the spiritual i guess you could god we've also lost all values associated with the physical plane they all respect for gravity dollars back for a plurality of ethics and now been reinterpreted in a gravitational list ethical list valueless back you moral turpitude which is now the new reality or heaven as some may call it.
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global warming so when you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce offspring of tell you that will be gossip and probably buy from the most important news today. on the box of advertising telling me you are not cool enough to buy their products . all the hawks have me along the border good morning. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. on this day u.s. president ronald reagan unveiled his proposal for the strategic defense initiative
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or s.d.i. to be able to shoot down enemy missiles had breathed ited states in that regard coming up on today's program former pentagon official michael maloof is back to talk defense and we take a little time to time travel back to those days of s.d.i. and star wars and fast forward to what's going on now with space weapons plus arctic correspondent dan cohen helps us to understand who the biggest defense contractors are and how much money they make plus economist and author steve king joins us from london to answer the important question can we avoid another financial crisis. caterpillar is closing a parts factory in waco texas which employed two hundred people the shutdown as part of a downsizing by the company which began in two thousand and fifteen and seeks to reduce employment by ten thousand workers thereby reducing capacity by ten percent next on the potential chopping block as a plant in la grange illinois which currently employs six hundred people
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a determination on that plant will be made by the end of this year. that's coming up in the u.s. and if you've been investing in crypto currencies plan on budgeting more time for preparing your return that's because the internal revenue service is finally catching up with crypto currencies and block jane technology and coming to claim unpaid taxes on crypto profits last november the i.r.s. issued a summons to the online exchange point base demanding all records for transactions in amounts greater than twenty thousand dollars bill. we two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fifteen court records indicate that the request would encompass data for fourteen thousand users of the site coin base has nearly six million total users the information would be used by a newly created crypto task force at the i.r.s. is criminal investigation division the i.r.s. officially served notice back in two thousand and fourteen that they claim legal authority to tax crypto.


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