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words people key words the russians everywhere. britain's prime minister has grounded russia a threat that doesn't respect borders she is in brussels for an e.u. council summit where the poisoning of a former russian agent in the u.k. is expected to be high on the agenda let's find out let's cross live to our teams peter always been following this event for us good evening peter so what's been said so far won't break that taking a backseat for to reason may at least in the opening exchanges of this european council summit in brussels she was all about drumming up support for a united message against russia she spoke entering the conference entering the summit she was very strong in what she had to say certainly pulling no punches she has put her cards firmly on the table. russia staged a brazen and reckless attack against the united kingdom when it is tempted to the
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murder of two people on the streets of seoul spring i'll be raising this issue with my counterparts today because it's clear that the russians threat does not respect borders and indeed the instance in saul's was part of a pattern of russian aggression against europe and its near neighbors from the western balkans to the middle east. now among the measures that we understand to reason may is pitching to the other e.u. member states is that they expel russian diplomats from their embassies as the u.k. has done following the attempted murder of. his daughter yulia and their poisoning in salzburg now when it comes to a united state mint we have heard from federico more kareen you know she is the e.u. high representative for foreign affairs the closest thing that the has to a foreign minister here's what she has to say. we will also obviously
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a stress our strongest possible sort of doubt it is with united kingdom after the attack in salzburg as well as we have done already with the foreign ministers on monday expressing clear sort of narrative and decided to stay focused on that together because the strongest political sign we can give is unity unity and unity . but when it comes to a united statement from the e.u. london may find that that comes a lot more watered down than water did wanted because there are a number of countries that were saying they want to see clear evidence to back up the allegations being made by london particularly greece of come out in the last hour or so and said they need to see much more in the way of hard evidence now when it comes to the european commission president. younker and the e.u. council president donald tusk they gave the first press conference of this summit they were asked time and time again what's their reaction to russia they said they
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didn't really have one just yet and were prepared to discuss it. march be all sort of always just to come back to an issue intrude. decided to come back to the shoot in october. and underway are never coming back were discussed is that worth doing so. we've come back to the question. to experts in the art of kicking the can down the road showing us exactly how it's done they're the e.u. commission and e.u. council president speaking in brussels just a little while ago now this summit is set to continue into friday there's a working dinner on thursday evening where we're expecting to resume aid to be lobbying e.u. leaders to get them on side with britain's version of events that led to the poisoning of of those two people in the cathedral city of solsbury at the beginning
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of this month. thanks for that update peter that's peter all of the reporting for us thank you now the spat between the two countries follows the poisoning of former double agent and his daughter in salzburg as peter was saying there it was a nerve agent that was used in this case ex russian officer good script power was jailed in russia for handing secrets to british intelligence he moved to the u.k. in a spy swap in two thousand and ten u.k. police expect the probe into the attack to take as long as months but that didn't stop u.k. politicians straight away pinning the blame on moscow. british foreign secretary is among those who've been throwing accusations at moscow russia's ambassador to the u.k. alexander slammed boris johnson's comparison of the upcoming world cup here in russia to the olympics under hitler called it unacceptable and an insult to the russian people. because the roads lead to the.
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way. these things. yes i think the comparison with these exist is right moscow considers this kind of statements made under the level of the foreign secretary in any way unacceptable and totally irresponsible. the british government just free to make a decision about its participation in the world cup but nobody has the right to insult the russian people who defeated naziism and lost more than twenty five million people by comparing our country to nazi germany. did he goes beyond the common sense and we do not think british war which runs including those of the arctic cold voice which share this opinion. russia
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blame game has extended into areas once considered beyond political point scoring a london correspondent a message in a found an educational project with an anti russia twist. what's better than helping the young to try to maneuver the ever tricky world of global current affairs. of the day is an online news service that is used by one in three u.k. schools teachers and librarians from subscribing schools user articles and activities across all subjects for lessons homework research. here's one handed to tory and provided by the service to help educate the young and broaden their horizons talks of putin on mission to poison west ouch and among questions to discuss is putin europe's most dangerous leader since hitler was this gus.
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to help students out topics like the ongoing spy scandal where an investigation is still underway are broken down despite this incriminating evidence of international outrage milly smirks and everything in case there is confusion still there is a dictionary included which explains the meaning of the words marks surely this teaches you to put things into perspective not the chalk and blitzkrieg are also in here a military tactic designed to crush the enemy with overwhelming force in a short space of time coincidentally made famous by hitler in world war two just to make it a bit easier to connect the dots brutal assassinations cyber attacks as well of plotting the downfall of western democracy also laid out as food for thought you decide section let students consider the following questions as putin the most dangerous man in the world to the cold war ever end as well as what impression does putin give about what russia is like the day help students develop information
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literacy and critical thinking and prepares them for the challenges ahead in the ever changing world critical thinking is key the toxic putin class is dismissed. and that's it you're going to party like that. so i'm a security firm kaspersky has identified a highly secretive unsophisticated piece of malware used to infiltrate the computers of intelligence targets but other people may have also been affected because he's not identified the people organization behind the malware but so obvious security outlet cyber scoop alleges that it's part of a classified u.s. program citing unnamed u.s. officials they're also quoted as saying that the spyware was used to target terrorists by collecting information from their computers because pesky explained why that didn't stop it from revealing the malware detecting remediate all forms of malicious programs regardless of origin or purpose furthermore the company does not
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whitelist any malware samples not even malware used for so-called legal surveillance one can easily imagine the situation in which such malware falls into the wrong hands and can be used to launch attacks against law enforcement were just regular users code named slingshots the malware as main purpose is cyber espionage it's able to retrieve large amounts of data including images and passwords from the infected computers unsuspecting users are targeted through compromised routers and targets of this marwari been detected as far away as in africa the middle eastern countries it appears to compromise the computers of individuals but others including governmental institutions may also have been breached to find out more about slingshot we spoke with a kaspersky security expert about how this two works. but this wasn't over the last half of. its sophisticated malware we discovered it last year after examining it
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for some time we can confidently say that it is intended for cyber espionage because all it does is collect data from your computer what makes this malware so dangerous is that it stayed under the radar for quite a long time our estimate is that this malware has been operational for about six years in other words the operators of this malware were using it obtaining data and remaining unnoticed because this malware is so advanced and uses many tricks to avoid detection we detected about one hundred infected computers mostly in africa especially in kenya and a few more in libya and afghanistan we can't see huge use this malware all we know is that the people who created it speak english very well because the code contains some text lines and even brief descriptions of portions of code which are written in very good english. so i figured out he spokesperson has confirmed after months of rumors that the son of the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi will run for president if elections manage to go ahead this year saif
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father was driven from power and killed in twenty eleven despite holding no official position saif was described as being the defacto prime minister during his father's rule saif was later held captive for six years before being released last year amid political unrest we heard exclusively from his lawyer about the presidential bid. saif al islam has lots of supporters they are ordinary people there are even those who are against moammar gadhafi back in two thousand and eleven and now they support the views of his son the situation we have in libya now is the result of the destruction of all the state institutions not only the toppling of the regime forty countries stood against libya back then our country was bombarded and shelled all the military and civilian infrastructure was destroyed many civilians were killed and now saif al islam has put forward a comprehensive overview of the situation in libya that's
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a reform project which will bring calm back to libya there are many young patriots in libya now they are so enthusiastic they're not concerned about political affiliations the main thing they care about is a patriotic spirit and they see it in the reforms by saif al islam they view them as an effective tool to fight corruption. well after the nato led incursion civil war has raged in libya since while marga death he was overthrown with a power vacuum two competing governments are vying for control of the country the conflict has led to a massive migrant crisis widespread terrorism as well as violence among tribal militias the lawyer reveals his life is still in danger. next that's about saif al islam whereabouts are kept secrets for security reasons as his lawyer i will do everything to protect saif al islam from all anti libyan plots masterminded by the country's interfering in libyan affairs as promised saif al islam will make
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a speech when the right time comes then everything will be revealed libya will return back to its roadmap would become a democratic sovereign state a state where the law will triumph libya will no longer be a country of organized crime illegal migration human trafficking as it is described in the media we will defend the interests of the libyan people and will protect its resources which cannot be squandered the libyan people must decide their future themselves. u.s. president donald trump has slapped new trade tariffs on china in a move that intensified concern that an all out global trade war is imminent the tariffs target more than one hundred types of chinese goods they range from clothing to electronics there are estimated to be worth up to sixty billion dollars also asked the chinese to reduce the trade deficit immediately by one hundred billion that deficit which is more than double the u.s.
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deficit the rest of the world is the main reason that trump cited for these new tariffs the other being the problem of intellectual property and technologies that a cisco system auditor david cox professor of economics at the university of massachusetts amherst joins me on the line great to have you on david let's talk about what the repercussions could be first of all what kind of action could china take over this. well i have to wait and see but there are a number of u.s. products that could be could have tariffs put on the u.s. agricultural products. aircraft i go to china often and i often fly on boeing aircraft so there certainly are means of retaliation that china could decide to use . i mean this could be what you know people are worried about is that it's going to be a trade war if so would the u.s. come out ahead. well i don't think anyone wins in
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a trade war usually both sides. in my view it's a policy that president trump is following is a very bad policy it will not be helpful for the american people and of course not for the chinese people. donald trump says he's keeping one of his election. presumably you know this is what pay supporters wanted will this give him an approval ratings boost do you think. well it might briefly but the consequences are going to be felt if shoes clothing consumer electronics all become more expensive in the u.s. and and u.s. export interests are harmed you know this is a it's i think a very dangerous way to. act in the global system the united states of course has been had the most powerful and in some ways the most
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successful economy in the world for some time now china is rising. moving from having been less developed country to mid-level and aiming to reach the world frontier eventually and what trumps policy is saying essentially is we're going to try and block china from rising that the focus on what is called theft of technology really shows the problem how do you suppose america's economy got started in the world by stealing technologies from england in the textile industry in the late eighteenth early nineteenth century the way in which countries develop is by absorbing more advanced technologies that have been developed elsewhere this is a desirable process not one that you call for retaliation presumably this is going to have a ripple effect to the rest of the will how do you think the international community
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is going to react. well it seems like almost every year a country is unhappy with these actions the e.u. is very unhappy. you know there's history in the twentieth century when the most powerful states acted toward one another as economic competitors based on the belief that each country could advance its interests only by. taking over areas influenced by the others we saw two great world wars in the fight over markets and colonies this is an echo of the same kind of thinking the belief that america must remain number one and can do so only by holding others down this will not have a good end if it continues i think some extremely shrewd insights that appreciate your time and your opinions david many thanks david cults my guess professor of economics at the university of massachusetts. thanks for talking with me
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now the u.s. senate intelligence committee has now officially completed its trump russia probe on the smear com has more from washington. in a partisan vote the house intel committee has voted to shut down its investigation into alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election finding no evidence of collusion between trump and russia the committee also voted to release the g.o.p.'s report on the investigation but the report however will not be immediately made available to the public it's expected to be released in a few weeks after it's reviewed and declassified by the intelligence community but the house intel committee did publish a summary of its findings reiterating that they found no collusion coordination or conspiracy between trump and the kremlin but democrats of the committee voiced opposition to the move saying it was done prematurely to protect the white house pledging to continue the probe let's take a look house intel republicans have prematurely ended investigation and jump to
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unfounded conclusions that they've yet to share with democratic members like the new member it's had no evil see no evil speak no evil instead of conducting an honest investigation house republicans chose to put partisanship over national security and run a shameful interference campaign to give cover to donald trump instead of protecting our democracy house republicans have worked overtime to protect president trump and his family and friends despite objections from house democrats the house intel committees investigation into russian interference is now over however this is only one of several probes into the matter so now we'll just have to read the report when it's declassified in a few weeks to see if it debunks the trouble russia accusation for good appreciate your company this evening joining me one up and often are.
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welcome to worlds apart of a type developed by russia that's the crux of the u.k.'s allegations against the kremlin in this crippled case presupposition that if a nerve agent originated in a country it bears responsibility for its use decades later will these geopolitical formulation of a type developed long practice by the u.k. be supported by the chemical analysis well to discuss that i'm now joined by john
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there's they had all of the trench research initiative dedicated to the future of disarmament mr sanders it's great to have you on the show thank you very much for your time thank you now correct me if i'm wrong you fully back the british authorities in their version of events you called the russian foreign ministry is response to the allegations absolutely pathetic the response that included the call on london to initiate formal or p c w procedures and yet when the british authorities did just that you said that this was exactly what needs to be done putting aside your clear political preferences do you find it encouraging that both sides are now seeking international expertise well. all points in the british allegation is the nature of the chemical weapon. most ritual move the chill cool type of food. that was developed and
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produced in the soviet union during the ninety's. the program went on. into the early one nine hundred ninety s. when the soviet union had broken up this is the allegation that the british may it's unusual in the sense that to the best of our knowledge movie choke was never put into delivery systems this is what we call being raised however because of its. nature and the fact that only one country actually difficult to is the foundation for the type of allegation now after all these political wrangling and the mutual expulsion of diplomats the u.k. actually did what russia requested it to do and the pursued the formal channel the o.p.c. experts have already visited salisbury to collect the samples and we are now being told that they need about two weeks to run the tasks what's your bast gas as to
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what we can expect from the analysis. well my guests in terms of the results will be either that we have confirmation of the british assertion that the asian used india to hutto was no if you check one of its variations or the results will be that it is something else the good point in the discussion so far is that the authority is in do you not to to those who have invited the expertise of the o.p.c. w. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to verify their own conclusions these results will be tested in a laboratory is certified by d o p c the view in different countries and the process is the bomb that takes. a number of days perhaps up to two weeks now i
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know that you are again fully support the british authorities did do you find it responsible to accuse another country of such major crime of using military grade that chemical weapon on a foreign territory before running all those tasks well this is a political question the for which the british government must have its a reason so must have its intelligence and so on i have no information as to the bedroom what type of information they have it was a very strong and a rather precise a geisha and they have made with respect to the chemical agent that was used. other decoy recruit weapons convention there are a number of processes for c. of course the british government can always go through the process of purely its
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own diplomatic means for the for the o p c w however the point is right now the law of the. has decided to involve d o p c w and now there are a number of procedures that will have to be followed should after the results from d o p c w laboratories have been returned to london should britain decide to go through the process or third g.o.p. c w at the same time we have also heard that russian authorities have denied the particular of the geisha and they have also in response made a number of statements implicating a member of the countries as possible sources of. agent you know this is a political discussion that will have no end until we get the facts i agree with you on that point for sure you said just
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a moment ago ago that the soviet union was the only country to have developed this agent does it mean in your view that this historical record of having of doing this work into past should be equated to the capability of russia to produce these type of agent in the present. this. go that far because there are different scenarios possible we have actually very few facts right now as to what happened in the british terms of brewery so me as a member of the public that is a river what we know from history is that because when the revelations were first made about a new feature of by members of the russian. chemical weapons program in october of ninety two that was of several weeks of to do
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conclusion of the negotiations of the chemical weapons convention though the consequence of that is that no wieczorek as an agent or at least as a family of agents together with the possible precursors have not been included in the store for chemicals that are on the chemical weapons convention so there has been no declarations by russia to the effect of the possession the manufacture or the chemical structures of those agents and this is what is now creating a sphere of uncertainty sphere or for many of the other stuff you write here because i think it's a very interesting point and it is often made in the western media first of all when those revelations were made russia was not the full signature in not a full member to the chemical weapons convention and second of all correct me if
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i'm wrong but the convention actually allows all the participants to ingate and develop nerve agents in small quantities for scientific medical even defense purposes as long as the quantity is under one hundred grams you actually allowed to do that am i wrong the. basis of what you're saying is correct. it is misleading the way you put it first and foremost russia as a state party to the chemical weapons convention the treaty in december of ninety ninety seven its first obligation was to declare all activities and. information concerning those activities. weapons after the first of june the hundred forty six the point i was making is that russia as never made such a declaration with respect to agents and the russian state and says that it has
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never actually preceded with that program because at that time it was the soviet union rather than russia as a member of the international community in carrying out a dot work just over a particular point you're saying russia is officially the success of state to the soviet union it was assumed all the responsibilities of the previous state under international law the soviet negotiated the treaty the final months of. russia from the lows those negotiations if you any of collapsed in one thousand nine hundred one it wasn't that the soviet union that was negotiating there be accessing to that treaty it was russia but anyway even if there was some lack of transparency on the soviet union part i honestly don't know the history of that to argue about that even if that was the case is that enough to advance the very serious allegations that the british government is advancing
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because at the end of the day we have two nuclear powers accusing each other or at least one accusing another of using chemical weapons on its territory in so subjecting in the general population to the very very damaging effects of this agent but the very point is that. the programs were conducted the russia as the successor state to the soviet union was responsible to destroy all the facilities where chemical weapons were destroyed where they were struck by how they received quite a bit of western assistance in terms of achieving the program now everything russia has declared has been destroyed in september of last year that has been certified by d o p c w the point that is now of central to the accusation that's being made against russia is that it consoles an agent that was looked declared by us.


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