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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  March 21, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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when you load i think things will actually get worse though before they perhaps get better. it's hard to see as they say unless someone can remain in the wakes of boris johnson then he can only get worse the fact that this man can even become any occupy any position of any responsibility in any government is beyond belief it's b.s. it's past the stage where we can laugh at border's johnson he is not the level lovable rogue he is widely depicted among his supporters this man is a new conservative warmongering zealot and if we're talking about soccer as a comparison with regard to the world cup it just crashed your main back to nine hundred thirty when the england national team arrived in berlin to play a friendly against germany this is that pedia twin britain and france were handing over czechoslovakia to hitler on a plate despite the process the sions of the russians the soviet government in that
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they were willing to actively a clicked of security agreement to protect us so variety in england national team when they lined up before that much of their own volition through and that si salute that is a real history of relations in one nine hundred fifty s. during the rise of nazi germany and some interesting context there appreciate your time my guest john white political commentator and journalist thank you. but as tensions as we've been talking between russia and britain intensify in the us president decided to improve american relations by congratulating latino putin on his election victory it sparked outrage among some politicians are parts of the media twitter the u.s. president accused the media of being crazy saying that quote getting along with russia is a good thing he added that russia could help in dealing with various problems.
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picks up the story. trump's gone and done it again something completely normal but it struck so what the hell lay into him he called putin and congratulated him despite very clear instructions not to literally his brief said do not congratulate in capital letters according to an anonymous source not that that bothers anyone these days do not say congratulations on capital letters and when the president gets on the phone with them and says congratulations you shouldn't be congratulating president putin for the share my election but he just did it anyway being dangerous strong man who is threatening western democracy that requires a strong response so dark some call of up to say. putin's critics in the haters bristled with indignation john mccain's twitter account always hyper sensitive to
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all things putin blew up it was mccain teed off president trump insulted every russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election to determine their country's future probably best not to show mccain the margin by which putin won he's old and frail but twitter o'boy twitter do not congratulate actually trended and they came up with some pretty funny stuff do not stare into the sun followed by a picture of donald trump apparently staring into the sun that silly and not good for you then a picture of mike pence touching something that clearly has a do not touch sign on it funny because he shouldn't be doing that and this guy has do not congratulate on his organ donor card so if he dies don't congratulate him get it come to think of it i've seen funniest stuff but it's trump they'll take
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it and for. any opportunity to bash him even if he does something normal that's called protocol and there are many countries from around the world that when someone. wins if you will an election that you pick up the phone and you place that phone call angle of merkel and emanuel also congratulated putin many others did too some god like for it some didn't it's nothing personal but thing to do with like or dislike just protocol you're going to have to work together anyway but these days not even that flies john claud younger president of the european commission he got flak no seating and shameful they call it now a few years ago they called it diplomacy but down with the old let's all behave like angsty teenagers and post funny pictures on twitter.
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a. series of missile attacks struck government controlled suburbs of the syrian capital killing at least forty four people but. it was three of my relatives are injured my wife and daughter are in surgery right now. only mama and my son told me he wanted to celebrate mother's day with me so i told him let's go to the market he bought it i was buying sweets when the explosion happened i saw only a lot of dust and my children under the table. local state media say the rebels in eastern guta carried out those shelling attacks many of the victims died when one of the rockets hit a crowded market local journalist a librarian visited the site. this is one of the largest single rocket strikes that
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ever hit the syrian capital damascus since the beginning of the conflict back in two thousand and eleven the rockets hit a popular market a marketplace before very crowded with the high class people shopping those people if you're a celebrity. many people buying their gifts your surveys and when the shells hurt leaving the small number of. civilians into a particular struggle. when we got outside we couldn't see anything because the dust the real massacre ice we are wouldn't wish anyone to witness a scene like this it's really sad. in the past forty eight hours the syrian army was able to make substantial gains in the syrian military now controls over thirty percent of what was once one of the most important and closest to the syrian capital damascus trouble holding close it is believed that it is in this location many of the headquarters of the rebels that were established perhaps this is the reason why the rebels have stepped up their rocket attacks on the strength of the
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mouse because damascus have seen an increase not just in the number of rockets that hit it in the past twenty four hours but also the quality of the caliber of the ruckus that rebels are using to shell the capital damascus. the u.s. national security agency has reportedly been tracking uses of the virtual currency bit coin since at least two thousand and thirteen intelligence officials have also reportedly made efforts to unmask identities and transactions picks up the story. question what's in it for bitcoin buyers besides the price boom last year when its rate kept go and up people got themselves to was to get rich but bitcoins have been luring enthusiastic with something else since long before the twenty seven thing boo no central bank control privacy and transaction anonymity i'm sorry this could have all been an illusion you haven't followed at snowden or have you.
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the n.s.a. worked urgently to target coin users around the world according to classified documents provided by snowden so let's look into the national security agency files which caught the eye of the intercepts journalists back in the days when the bitcoin was only worth less than one hundred bucks march twenty third teeing the u.s. was already working hard on tracking down crypto wallet holders and the n.s.a.'s number one priority among the new currencies was bitcoin they did come up with a mysterious tool called monkey rocket and guess what analysts of found value in the monkey rocket access to help track down sanders and receivers of bitcoins how much value is the question here that no one will give you an answer to but come on the n.s.a. is almighty when it comes to getting hold of all kinds of data so no matter how
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underdeveloped monkey rock it was back then the agency could have filled in the missing puzzle pieces using a stunning array of other spying tools the whistleblower suggest with this sort of information in hand putting a name to a given bitcoin user would be easy monkey rock it is also described in the files as a non-western internet anonymization service how many bitcoin owners have so far been tricked by the n.s.a. into using this product that we can only guess where in march twenty minutes actually five years since these n.s.a. memos where it said we should do our best to track down bitcoin users were written but the guys at the snooping agency haven't really been wasting time a million to trying to zero in moscow a big advocate that we spoke to believes that despite those recent revelations uses of the virtual currency won't be getting rid of the anytime soon. you know just
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like nobody stopped using their cell phone when they found out the n.s.a. was tracking all of our cell phone text messaging or where they are going to stop using facebook because what's happening in the news right now is facebook so i don't think there's going to be any kind of panic selling in bitcoin because the n.s.a. is trying to track it down and the n.s.a. has made it a number one priority at least according to that two thousand and thirteen report from five years ago so i don't forsee any panic selling a bit coin i just think if somebody wants to own bitcoin and you want that privacy and that privacy is important to you there are ways to implement implement those strategy hopefully you're not googling into an n.s.a. program that's actually just capturing your information. so use rockets as being lucian the functional cosmodrome in kazakhstan on season one cos you have flows following lift off for us. four three two one.
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the soyuz m.-s. all a spacecraft is just blasted into the space from the baikonur cosmodrome here in kazakhstan it's really hard not to springboard here right now. to get. space. several thousand formula one cars or the. horsepower itself sets never remember the expedition to five hundred fifty six to the international space station and this particular mission is headed by a russian cosmonaut only cards and we have and that says and that's our offer not something light engineers and drew feustel and richard arnold's a few minutes after launch the spacecraft screw
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a spacecraft will go into the earth's orbit and a couple of days later it will be it will be arriving at the international space station now after a docking this crew how will be joining their counterparts in the space station and those are also one a russian commander and so on they're all five japanese a flight engineer nora she can i add american flight engineer scott tingle and those guys that have been up by the international space station since december from on call sort of artsy baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan. and australian so-called bio hacker named meow hausen planted a chip in his hand to ride public transport more conveniently what he didn't expect though was to be taken to court and receive a heavy fine. i
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work environment in broadway so i grind so i put technology inside my body i'm a federal politicians song political candidate with the science party. but you can program they suggest things like open your door you can interact with a variety of technology at the moment this one has on the back of my thumb. so you can touch my. state government is encouraging people to hack the system but when somebody came and acted in a way that i hadn't anticipated it caused me to end up in court and that was quite of the thing that was surprising especially with the amount of interest that the case gone and it was a would have been a really good opportunity to show innovative ways of using the transport system and my law basically stated that this is a case where the law hasn't for up with technology and i'm maybe six months to a year ahead of where things could go. if we see more
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cases like this how it might affect all the people with implants jonna future how far the rights of companies extends with respect to the rights of the individual that has that implantable technology inside their body. dozens of children in russia's moscow region are being treated for suspected gas poisoning locals blame a local landfill site and have protested outside the hospital where the children would take it and the crowds booed the moscow region governor when he came to visit . the. the.
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local media say that more than one hundred ninety people addled son children suffer from north and dizziness residents say missions from a local landfill site are making the toxic. there were many parents among the protesters in a way banners that read stop poisoning our children aunties video agency talk to some of the residences say that they just want to protect their children. even only wendy's night emissions happen my child coughs as if he's suffocating he can't sleep he cries he has a sore throat that it isn't just an ordinary call to the body good well enough but when we put the kids to sleep we seal the doors and windows with where towels so that they won't breathe the sen. thing you wish it was over here that's unbearable the smell is awful we adults suffer but our children suffer more we're always nervous sometimes we don't even know whether they will wake up in the morning because many suffer from asked my or relatives it's like school the children are
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daisy they vomit the teachers have to call ambulances my son goes to the local school he's just eight we just want people to hear us our cry for help. and you sexual consent bill in sweden is proposing to increase the punishment for rape the plans handed to parliament on tuesday revised the list of sexual crimes. that's different from current legislation were has to be shown that there was violence or threat force or that the plaintiff was in a particularly vulnerable situation we have not however changed the basic principle that it's willingness which decides if it's an act of abuse or not. there will no longer be a need to prove intent for example in rape meanwhile sexual consent must now be verbal or via clear actions as mentioned punishment for perpetrators is also being increased but no changes to evidence standards were proposed and this comes amid
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a ten percent rise in the number of rape crimes in the country in just a year but concerns have been raised the new legislation might lead to a wave of false accusations. i think it is a way susan some political sickness because this is nor will it change the definition of what is rape and now a man has to prove that that there was a total of consent something a woman can be easier to accuse a man of rape there are rapes going on that is never reported because there's no evidence so this could actually help a lot of women to come out and make accusations but what could also happen is that there will be a lot of false accusations and you know just having sexual activity could be like entering a courtroom. tear gas was used in the course of an assembly on wednesday just ahead of a vote this was on a disputed border agreement with montenegro proceedings will hold fifth when
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a member of the opposition through tear gas canisters into the chamber bill was about recognizing the boundaries between montenegro and costs of a as opposed to it claimed that it would be tantamount to seceding land to montenegro. you arms deals became the main topic for talks between the saudi crown prince and the us president on tuesday and the interim found a very creative way to present his potential customer with more military hardware. proving you there are five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty . million dollars that you. so in your abuser of the nation and we are going to give the united states some of their wealth. however that meeting was met with protesters activists called on washington to stop backing the saudi led bombing of yemen. but there is no cry only crown prince is here in
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the u.s. the news inside the white house right now meeting with the president trust omar he's here to secure a cure more u.s. weapons to be used against me and years but also the bargain himself as a reformer well being responsible for creating the worst humanitarian disaster on earth. yet. the saudi crown prince and president trump are also expected to discuss a possible nuclear energy corp deal congress is weighing in to buy the voting any possible agreement later on wednesday that's after it was reported the saudis would reject any deal that forbade them from enriching uranium calm principally said riyadh needed the option of pursuing a nuclear weapons program to counter iran. a survey directing them to a saudi arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bomb but without
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a doubt if iran developed a nuclear bomb we will follow suit as soon as possible. when the deal. you know about this is nuclear the will actually the nuclear release in that part of the world that the whole of the at least the saudis would like to buy you look out they have to start from scratch they don't out. they don't actually to run these kind of nuclear plants so they want to see is is that americans are going to supply them with that spirit he is with the clients for actually for what reason and what they are going to gain from this deal in particular i believe that american. you know this at least nuclear waste into egypt it would be very costly and it's very very dangerous so i think that's how the in this case we will talk to
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all nuclear bombs see that we are going to be ten so it is it is it's the end of the. operations for the twentieth team football world cup in russia of course in full swing get on friday there's going to be a friendly match with an attraction brazil against russia moscow's luzhniki stadium a place from both teams have been showing off their skills in freezing temperatures as they trained there what will be their panelled summit warm up match for this summer's championship and fifty thousand tickets have already been sold for this game but the top of its most successful ever team brazil will be without their superstar player neymar for this match she's out with a broken tassel. if you get a chance to go why not should be a great game on fully fit no injuries here on the back half an hour with the latest headlines.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle it would appear the more the political left and their allies in the corporate media task donald trump the more we learn about the corrupt behavior of the deep state
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the firing of andrew mccabe at the f.b.i. it's a case in point is this the beginning of a purge. cross talking exposing the deep state i'm joined by my guest philip giraldi in leesburg he is a former cia counterterrorism specialist who is now executive director of the council for the national interest in new york we have steve malzberg he is a conservative political commentator and in washington we have bruce fein he is a constitutional lawyer and a former associate deputy attorney general under president ronald reagan all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated philip let me go to you first here. as i mentioned at the beginning of the program we have of this law of unintended consequences the more that the the political left in the backed up by the media go after trump and the so-called. rush of delusion collusion story the more we're finding out really what
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the other side was doing the and the amount of corruption that seems to be enormous here if we get a second council don't we face the prospect that we're going to have a divided population politically and they're going to choose whatever findings each council ends up providing which really it will show a kind of a parallel universe like we have now go ahead philip. well peter i have to agree with you i think what essentially we're seeing is is that a the political divisions that are prevailing in congress are essentially playing out in what we're calling russia gate and i think russia gate is actually an expression that we can discard now i think what we're what we're seeing is the. complete corruption of the national security process whereby the senior people in the national security agencies have been politicized and essentially are are
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instead of being interested in the security of the country are basically looking to support their political bosses you know steve you know the in the mainstream media likes to say that there is a war against the f.b.i. it seems like there's a civil war within the f.b.i. because the mainstream media doesn't like to talk about how mccabe was exited from the f.b.i. he was it was the f.b.i. that got rid of him ok but you wouldn't get that i think it was like a new york to a new york times article is like the forty first out of forty four paragraphs that they actually said that i mean they really put it down deep you know like a footnote here because i think there is something going on in the f.b.i. go ahead steve. well first of all the office of personal responsibility recommended that mckay go according to all reports or if you if you could find it in a report and who is the head of the office of personal responsibility someone who is
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a poor woman who was appointed in two thousand and four by robert muller then head of the f.b.i. so the media presents that this is because of trump's tweets of pressure on sessions when in fact the f.b.i. recommended he go the inspector general report that session's has been privy to from the d.o.j. also apparently is recommending that he go and don't forget that the head of the f.b.i. a couple of months ago demoted my cave based on what he knew mccabe had done and all you hear from the left and from the media is they treated this poor guy like cable like junk and they took his pension away and now you've got democratic congressman stepping up and saying oh he can come work for me so he could get his pension it is a world god mad well you know steve i have to wonder and this is a real question can you draw a federal pension if you're in jail because that's where he belongs. let me let me go let me go to bruce here let me go to produce here i actually i stole that line
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from ray mcgovern and wonderful piece that he wrote yesterday. bruce you know what we have now is you know we had mccabe fired for lack of candor don't you love that phrase you're a lawyer it means he's a liar ok it seems to me there's a lot of lack of candor all over this here particularly jim comi i think you know i wonder what his level of candor is and he should be put under pressure under oath and i think mccabe should be put under oath and i could list about fifteen other people that should be put under oath go ahead bruce. well certainly if there's credible evidence of crime that you investigate although there is a fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination but i think that the idea that there's a deep state is contradicted by the way in which mccabe ultimately was fired he was going to resign in any event to be effective about twenty four hours after the
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firing and that is you had nonpolitical people michael horowitz people who are not part of the deep state making the findings that precipitated the discharge which is how the system supposed to work its process that counts more than results so i think it's an exaggeration to suggest that the mccabe firing you know it did it all have anything to do with trump he was leaving anyway within twenty four hours i think it's vastly exaggerated as to its implications. but i also think that not a secret at all is that they're. going to do steve jump in go ahead i mean johnson city ok i was does it add that i don't it is with all due respect to yeah. go ahead steve. well i was going to say with all due respect to bruce i don't think it's mutually exclusive i think is right i think it did work actually the system in getting rid of the cave but that doesn't mean there's not
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a deep state i mean john brennan the a few days ago i believe it was on monday said to put out a tweet really showing his i mean pouring his guts out in it with his hatred towards donald trump if you saw that one and you got to only go through peta strock and his recent revelations of his most recent text with the judge in the flynn case who he knew and he also was on the fights of court and he was going to have a dinner party with i mean this goes on and on and on there is a state ok in an effort to get frank eyes on. john john brennan got gran's a private individual john brennan is not serving in the cia. that deep state is within the government itself and remember mr trump has the authority under the constitution to fire anybody that he believes is part of the deep state it's his own executive branch and he had at least a kind of friendly house intelligence committee that made a report hundred fifty pages that said well we don't find any actual collusion with
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a campaign although the russians intended to influence in some other way the outcome so here we have a president endowed in your article two of the constitution he can fire them if he believes they're undercutting himself he can fire mr rosenstein he doesn't have to wait well for mr rove sessions brucey hand if he doesn't do this because he doesn't want to bruce you need to appear on the on the liberal cable stations to tell people that because they're american people aren't told that very often philip john brennan's name was mentioned here i think i know why he had such a furious and i think even childish tweet about the mccabe firing is that we go back to the lack of candor again i think john brennan is probably has the least amount of candor and all the cast of characters here i mean i would really like to know how many times he leaked to the media because that's at least one reason why mccabe was let go because.


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