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back full control of any programs not to clear to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons further to those talks in warsaw the polish government also saying unconfirmed sources at the moment but saying they are considering expanding russian diplomats in solidarity with the u.k. also considering apparently bringing in sanctions against certain russian government officials and certain companies as well the whole. onus here of course being on russia to prove its innocence and prove. evidence of a lack of involvement in this case as opposed to the other way around the u.k. provide evidence of direct concrete russian involvement to the obesity to these countries that cetera very much of things perhaps slightly being turned on their head here how do you ask somebody to prove their innocence in a vacuum prove you didn't do something how do you do that when the russians have a request of the british to give the same samples they've given to the o p c w to the russians so they can they can compare it to whatever data they have at their disposal this shows i think extreme bad faith on the part of the british government
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i think the americans and the other europeans are basically just sort of going through the motions in supporting their ally but i think theresa may is way out a way out beyond her evidence on this so i think this is getting out of control of course denied any knowledge any involvement in what exactly happened to mr script while the presidential spokesman saying that confirming once again that russia the russian federation has not developed such nerve agents has not stopped while such nerve agents and indeed destroyed its chemical weapons stockpile last year in twenty seventeen nevertheless that diplomatic route has occurred. saudi arabia's crown prince is in washington on an official visit president shall welcomed mohammed bin salmond to the white house and gave a presentation on u.s. military hardware. three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars that's peanuts for you to be so near him
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he's a very wealthy nation and they're going to give the united states some of that wealth hopefully. well many of the u.s. weapons sold to saudi arabia are being used in the military intervention in yemen and saudi arabia has been bombarding its southern neighbor three is to prop up the government against the shia rebel forces and many people in the u.s. on harpy about that country support for the intervention is on miracle on boats demonstrators have gathered just outside the white house to protest against the saudi princes u.s. tour as well as the saudi assault on yemen and yemen is a crown i can only crown prince it's here in the u.s. the new inside the white house right now meeting with president roosevelt where he's here to secure and secure more u.s. went things to be used against me i mean and to him but also he learned himself as a reformer well being responsible for creating the worst humanitarian disaster on earth hands on yemen and you know they are you.
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saying there's been a whole lot of criticism over washington's role in the kingdom's campaign but first some background ten thousand people have been killed since the start of the intervention back in two thousand and fifteen and the saudi imposed blockade has left the country at the brink of famine which the u.n. has deemed the world's worst humanitarian crisis. look at your work very well there's a. lot. now even though the public has condemned washington's role the u.s. has been actively supporting the campaign by arming the saudis amongst many other
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things last year trump signed a record arms deal with saudi arabia worth about. hundred and ten billion dollars one of the biggest in history and trump hopes to make more deals with the country some senators have voiced opposition to u.s. involvement and they even put forth legislation in the senate that would end cooperation with the saudis but that was voted down and they've even grilled u.s. centcom over the use of american weapons but the pentagon didn't seem to have any answers just come track the purpose of the missions that it is refueling what targets it strikes and the results of the mission sen we do not ok and apparently russia will also be on the agenda when trump does meet with the saudi prince senior u.s. officials say president trump and mohamed bin someone will look for ways to make russia pay a price for its aggressions and the kremlin has even responded expressing regret
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over the demonization of russia describing it as this maniacal desire to make russia pay for something but due to all of these protests and this vote in the senate trumps meeting with the prince might not go as smoothly as planned. well to discuss all these issues further we can now hear from middle east expert. thank you very much indeed for joining us well as our correspondent said the senate has voted against a motion to end the country's support for the saudi bombing of yemen is that decision do you think in any way linked to these arms discussions. absolutely i think this was mostly a show there was no seriousness the timing. proves it. and it shows you that when it comes to certain issues specially in foreign policy the presidency and the in states or in the united states usually angry and they play good cop bad cop to achieve maximum results and i think this is what we have here
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the saudis felt that they might stop so the had to increase the price of the offer to buy more weapons and other did so this was very clearly a political theater well let's also look at some of the some of the wider implications as well i mean u.s. army general joseph i tell admitted the u.s. does not want to have the weapons it supplies to saudi arabia used in yemen do you think that's acceptable. i don't think he's telling the truth it's very obviously because the united states and mr volatiles people. vailable or working in the saudi command and control in the area and in the basement of the saudi ministry of defense and they have their own satellite connection to to centcom in florida so they do have very good. knowledge of what happens with which targets and that in fact they already said it provide time to the
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formation and order to avoid or to lessen civilian casualties of course that's just for the media consumption the reality is they need to say it is and the u.k. . involved in this war and the fact that they hide it the extent of their involvement is an evident to to to how horrible of all is they are part of this and i wish somebody would ask mr borders johnson who cries for rhino but the sounds of bombs that killed children so if they ask them can you give us the involvement of your involvement in this war on yemen they would not accept to reveal it because their extent the extent of the involvement is really the major it's not only the fueling it's target and sometimes american pilots have flown missions to into
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a human in. space to support the saudi and humanity. well as we've been hearing many people in the u.s. they were unhappy about the country support for the saudi bombing of yemen i mean why the senators then apparently unconcerned about this popular here in. well and the state congress have never really know its is elected never really answer to the people the very unlimited issues if you talk about the country gun violence for example in the united states most people want to have some gun control day and that hasn't happened so put even for domestic issues you don't see those sponsors from congress and the administration because in the united states the system is based on . the donors meaning if you don't leave if you donate to the senator and the congressman and to the elected. president. and official.
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this is who they care about the donors not the voters voters really are just a shallow vehicle to get elected the donors are those who are really set the the agenda for american officials both in the executive and they'll just take the bench . thank you very much indeed here thoughts middle east expert alley our math thank you thank you. and what about we want to use after the break.
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american minutes one is the melting. of the second is the alger myth. of anyone can see that america works hard so this is a whole group of people all generation in america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't lose so their response essentially is to go into conflict this is a major. welcome back facebook is under fire for allowing the day the data of millions of users to be collected without their consent and data gathering called cambridge analytic or
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is at the center of the controversy and is now under investigation in both the u.k. and the u.s. and he says he has the story. deletes facebook it's the hashtag that's been trending on twitter the social network users off your reus facebook played a part in getting donald trump into the white house from fifteen million facebook users was harvested by a troubling analytic company and what appears to be the largest leak in the social networks history in two thousand and fifteen we learned that a psychology professor at the university of cambridge named dr alexander kogan lying to us violated our platform policies by passing dates of from an app that was using facebook logon to s. you can which analytical firm that this political government and military work around the globe it all began with the cambridge university professor creating a personality up and passing the information acquired on to a third party cambridge analytic and once facebook realised it violated their terms
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they wanted all data to be destroyed there has the potential to be a lengthy legal battle and the fuel to the fire is the fact cambridge and the liska say they were conducting separate work for the trump's presidential campaign surely the double trump campaign was the first opportunist in data gathering think back to a bomb his reelection campaign in two thousand and twelve is media analytics director claims they managed to get a lot more person in from ation than their rivals if they speak he is as clicks on the democratic side it enabled campaigners to access a wealth of information all thanks to the loopholes and facebook's privacy terms facebook twenty twelve election we got people to opt in the privacy policies of that time on facebook worried that if they opted in they could tell us who all their friends were where this gets complicated is that freaks facebook out. so they shut off the feature so that is out there you can take it back to the democrats have this information and with this information gathered they would know which one
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of your friends would implement the most in making a favorable voting decision davidson also says facebook allowed the obama campaign . to do things they would have allowed others to do simply because they were on their size and whatever information pos of the campaigns of trump and i are they have one thing in common victory another common thread was the involvement of facebook status and both of victories whether in directly or directly and according to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden facebook is really a surveillance company in sheep's clothing businesses that make money by collecting and selling detail records of private lives but once plainly described our surveillance companies branding us social media is the most successful deception since the bombing of war became the department of defense and while you're reading articles on how to slate your date or facebook remember that's a simple facebook main claim to be posted by russia and thoughts have caused chaos
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in the us elections perhaps trivial in the ground scheme of things as facebook looks into the nuts and bolts needed to prevent data leaking political campaign isn't their parties that are tightening their belts. cheers day mark fifteen years since the u.s. invasion of iraq what started out as a promise to liberate the country from a dictator turned into years of conflict is a reminder of how it all unfolded less than a teaspoon full of dry anthrax in an armful of shut down the united states senate iraq declared eighty five hundred liters of anthrax. many iraqis can hear me tonight in a translated radio broadcast and i have a message for them. because. the day of your liberation is near.
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live tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has and look look live. look it will take time to eradicate cancer like i said we will conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists live. live
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live close concerning his people who caught him also by those in the city people of mosul are the ones who declare our humanitarian assistance. live. well for more on that story and all the others in our business and. otherwise we'll be back in just over half an hour with the latest news see the. time about e-mail bag of these charges i mean even want to get. them but again. we're going to be my mom come on here i know god. will walk through me to the beach
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. in front of the milky way to adapt to a make believe just how damaging this is so if you want. to get a little bit of a naturally good at the way i've got to go to you i'd say because the. patient is to leave them feeling old see it come to cable you don't chase allow a. little more hard sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still needs to socks for the tell you that every gossip the tabloids but also the most important. mother off the bat
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doesn't tell you things you are not cool enough to buy their products. these are the hawks that we along the border with one. when lawmakers manufactured him sentenced him to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the finance merry go round there's only the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signal. the real news is the world. com. from.
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the moment. hello and welcome to cross top where all things considered i'm peter lavelle it would appear the more the political left and their allies in the corporate media task donald trump the more we learn about the corrupt behavior of the deep state the firing of andrew mccabe at the f.b.i. it's a case in point is this the beginning of a purge. cross
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talking exposing the deep state i'm joined by my guest philip giraldi in leesburg he is a former cia counterterrorism specials who is now executive director of the council for the national interest in new york we have steve malzberg he is a conservative political commentator and in washington we have bruce fein he is a constitutional lawyer and a former associate deputy attorney general under president ronald reagan all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated philip let me go to you first here. as i'm mentioned at the beginning of the program we have of this law of unintended consequences the more that the the political left in the backed up by the media go after trump and the so-called. rush of delusion collusion story the more we're finding out really what the other side was doing the and the amount of corruption that seems to be enormous
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here if we get a second council don't we face the prospect that we're going to have a divided population politically and they're going to choose whatever findings each council ends up providing which really it will show a kind of a parallel universe like we have now go ahead philip. well peter i have to agree with you i think what essentially we're seeing is is that a the political divisions that are prevailing in congress are essentially playing out in what we're calling russia gate and i think russia gate is actually an expression that we can discard now i think what we're what we're seeing is the. complete corruption of the national security process whereby the senior people in the national security agencies have been politicized and essentially are are instead of being interested in the security of the country are basically looking to
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support their political bosses you know steve you know the in the mainstream media likes to say that there is a war against the f.b.i. it seems like there's a civil war within the f.b.i. because the mainstream media doesn't like to talk about how mccabe was exited from the f.b.i. he was it was the f.b.i. that got rid of him ok but you wouldn't get that i think it was like a new york to a new york times article is like the forty first out of forty four paragraphs that they actually said that i mean they really put it down deep you know like a footnote here because i think there is something going on in the f.b.i. go ahead steve. well first of all the office of personal responsibility recommended that mccabe go according to all reports or if you if you could find that in a report and who is the head of the office of personal responsibility someone who is a poor woman who was appointed in two thousand and four by robert muller the head of the f.b.i. so the media presents that this is because there trumps tweets of pressure on
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sessions when in fact the f.b.i. recommend that he go the inspector general report that sessions has been privy to from the d.o.j. also apparently is recommending that he go and don't forget that the head of the f.b.i. a couple of months ago demoted my cave based on what he knew mccabe had done and all you hear from the left and from the media is they treated this poor guy like a black junk and they took his pension away and now you've got democratic congressman stepping up and saying oh he can come work for me so he could get his pension it is a world god mad well you know steve i have to wonder and this is a real question can you draw a federal pension if you're in jail because that's where he belongs. let me let me go let me go to bruce here let me go to bruce here i actually i stole that line from ray mcgovern in one piece that he wrote yesterday. bruce you know what we have
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now is you know we had mccabe fired for lack of candor don't you love that phrase you're a lawyer it means he's a liar ok it seems to me there's a lot of lack of candor all over this here particularly jim comi i think you know i wonder what his level of candor is and he should be put under pressure under oath and i think mccabe should be put under oath and i could list about fifteen other people that should be put under oath go ahead bruce. well certainly if there's credible evidence of crime that you investigate although there is a fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination but i think that the idea that there's a deep state is contradicted by the way in which mccabe ultimately was fired he was going to resign in any event to be effective about twenty four hours after the firing and that is you had nonpolitical people michael horowitz people who are not part of the deep state making the findings that precipitated the discharge which is
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how the system supposed to work its process that counts more than results so i think it's an exaggeration to suggest that the mccabe firing you know it did it all have anything to do with trump he was leaving anyway within twenty four hours i think it's vastly exaggerated as to its implications. but i also think that i don't share it all is that there. go ahead should you steve jump in go ahead i johnson's are you ok how does it add that i don't it is with all due respect to yeah. go ahead steve. well i was going to say with all due respect to bruce i don't think it's mutually exclusive i think is right i think it did work actually the system and getting rid of the cave but that doesn't mean there's not a deep state i mean john brennan the a few days ago i believe it was on monday
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said to put out a tweet really showing his i mean pouring his guts out in it with his hatred towards donald trump if you saw that one and you got to only go through peta strock and his recent revelations of his most recent text but the judge in the flynn case who he knew and he also was on the fights of court and he was going to have a dinner party with i mean this goes on and on and on there is a beef steak ok in an effort to get eyes on. john john brennan gran's a private individual john brennan is not serving in the cia. that deep state is within the government itself and remember mr trump has the authority under the constitution to fire anybody that he believes is part of the deep state it's his own executive branch and he had at least a kind of friendly house intelligence committee that made a report hundred fifty pages that said well we don't find any actual collusion with a campaign although the russians intended to influence in some other way the outcome so here we have
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a president endowed in their article two of the constitution he can fire them if he believes they're undercutting himself he can fire mr rosenstein he doesn't have to wait well for mr rove sessions brucey on hand if he doesn't do that it's because he doesn't want to bruce you need to appear on the on the liberal cable stations to tell people that because they're american people aren't told that very often philip john brennan's name was mentioned here i think i know why he had such a furious and i think even childish tweet about the mccabe firing is that we go back to the lack of candor again i think john brennan is probably has the least amount of candor and all the cast of characters here i mean i would really like to know how many times he leaked to the media because that's at least one reason why mccabe was let go because he leaked to the media go ahead philip. you know i agree i mean you know we keep looking at the f.b.i. and this and unfortunately the cia or at least the leadership of the cia was much
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more guilty of of this kind of lying and sneaking around for political reasons brennan it is known approached a number of european intelligence services to obtain dirt on the donald trump campaign which which information then was leaked. to the to the media so brennan was the political boy working for the expected hillary clinton. presidency so let's let's expand this investigation let's forget about the russians because this wasn't what the russians did and let's look at what john brown did it ok steve what we have i agree with that i think feel is absolutely right let me and say on this because mr brennan was there with the torture the enhanced interrogation programs the destruction of video interrogation tapes. all under his
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watch and he should be also investigated for authorizing a participating in a virtual assassination program that is endowing the president authorizing the president to kill american citizens that he unilaterally decides were implicated in national security danger based upon unsubstantiated evidence mr brennan should be under investigation for assassinations and i would drink to that ok let me go to steve here we're given a peculiar situation here do believe jim comi or interim a cave. that's a dilemma that's a really. sad state of affairs which one you're going to believe go ahead you know what i'm getting at steve go ahead well here's here but of course what yeah well of course commies got the book coming out and he's been tweeting that oh i'm going to tell my story who cares but here's the deal colbert testified under oath. that he never authorized anyone to talk to the media about the sensitive information that
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mccabe reportedly or allegedly talked to the media about and said that you know he was authorized to do it so and they both said this on their oath so one of them committed perjury apparently this is so outrageous and really i mean if we had an honest media in this country the new york times would be putting this story on its front page every single day documenting every single thing we're talking about and more but they couldn't ok let me go to cause you have stormy daniels out there and whatever else i'm going to go to a philip before we go to the break here phil. i'm sure general flynn is watching all of this with great interest so we have a number of people that have lied under oath in lying to the f.b.i. so why should there be a prosecution of the general flynn if there isn't going to be prosecutions against other people that lied to the f.b.i. the f.b.i. lying to the f.b.i. go ahead philip.


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