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the. place. where you're ready to party. so we're still here and there are three persons under surveillance for. real watches were they did i'm a good surgeon general but the word little was put on for her to lots of. interesting shift gears it looks like it's a research ship it's been interesting out here for days normally you'd expect the first ship to go from the floor to the floor it's going to least possible on those frozen food journey but just to sit offshore the bunch of frozen food has been strange this is suspicious tom says to say he.
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comes home you. feel hopeless and. that is why you miss all the seats i have to tell you how do you know they have a hard life if you have legs and also carry her anus up tight ass holes in harlem yet. blow this wild wild bogus just to get everything drove us to tears her be awful to concerts. while those that i've heard recently cursed her be noticed even if you just heard a good story and he sure they. were here is his words you're.
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yeah right on the surface especially because your cars are inside you have a nice p.c. and there is this trend sure the fish the illegals the easy so it is once for make sure you do this all. how this is not flat it's under a long. time . when i was told seemed wrong. i don't know just don't hold. any old belief yet to stamp out these things comes to attitude and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look
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for common ground. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each fret. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my mind it's consumed with death this one
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difference i speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. the far right and britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent modelers action i don't like the name of it claiming that in arguing i see these organizations which will usually split into which we fear different names i'll give you that look. a bit complex web of which are fashionable.
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but those to. go it all out if. some but the history of the budget will fall. do you. mean. when i say set up the double ballots if it wasn't on the bus was able. to send us in the. asked above if we have an idea of how many crew she. was. yelling at each time saying that it just went on both vessels think it was based on
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nothing even an event and the difference that the. mission. you know somebody i don't. know the. difficulty of. learning this is nothing easy. to do. just look list for things to say well yes you'll actually it will do it with you at muscle too much more than. just the stick you just have to look at it i don't want it you don't need those moments routes i was going to want to start more money lose a little something to close my eyes. but
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if you didn't for. just ended up well you know the. and you just needed four hundred. fifty one when i was also involved in. the. cells up to. this left that was frozen fish. as a way i missed it is all i. know. because it was. a bit too deep to put into leopold will be beneficent one of. his friends who could not make it personal risk to leave one nation from the minute
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she gets in new york if she cannot finish. believe me missile screen you can see this is really. not possible. with different kind of good didn't understand. this stupidity is a new wires around here while my ass just won the month when they were put there this group is not possible to. just seems to insist position a good time looking the iranian government did was enormous not possible for this special state of the anchor because too much remains well if you. do not do if you keep on going to be. here what are you known for he will give my
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colleague on diminished phone someone's going to be feared coming god. will send it on and do you want to believe that you don't go to the going off them. the ugly. truth. of. how it. goes. so it's quite different and it's nice to have the government work to be able to actually stop. the fish in its back what's going on. it's
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a different experience but it's a good way to go and don't like yeah usually that's the case here usually we go to like the pharaohs or they say get out you know or. you know about that place they don't like us very but they're all. in the farrows because we don't want them to kill the pilot whales and so you know they have this long tradition of driving the pilot whales with their small boats and driving them up onto the beach and killing them on the beach. and so we've gone there and interfered with dogs there is you know is there's a whole layers of legal issues there because it is illegal for the e.u. to the whales and the pharaohs are potentially part of the deal with a plan. they tried in years past to pass laws against us and they kept getting they were the way
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they were that they wouldn't enforce them so i think believe this year they they have succeeded in keeping us from going there i know. the ships can't go and. i don't know if individuals want now how that will work out but we're not going there on a campaign this year because of that because of the prohibition there and then we have other issues now that we're tackling like this illegal fishing which is a huge problem all over the world. and. if you want to use to enough for itself or you just go to the supermarket buy a can of tuna open it and you enjoy it because the next place. but when you see how it's catch you start to sing about these big fishing boats were seen fishing already in big trouble we kind of go on but there's still quite a survey several meetings and then the percent up and starts to are pulling the
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nets and nets to sartoris getting tighter and tighter the fish squeezed all i can of lemon and in this moments of the sea really insurance red bull let me just seal the last. number and that's what's called the scoop when the metal ring just goes to go into the big nets and scoop all of the fish. in. one time we've just been the runs is perceivable we conduct fifteen scoops. you say highest on each floor of some of them. so it's just one catch seventy five tons true enough and they do it several times a day. almost every day with a big fleet sort of know you get an idea why the ocean is over fished.
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we. please let's just say that i was still up so i guess that mission let's go to such lengths to let it it's easy to see if it leaves at least a little bit to see if let it lead it's not sleepy interest to tell you the rest. let's let it. sit. there let's listen to. the very least
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sleep. please leave me mostly girls seems like you only need the troll. corner team research on that. today in about half an hour. do you have any weapons or gone number. close out of the mediterranean as a very over face. in this region there has been
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a lot of that you know fishing by the european industrial person or fleet they have been fishing here quite extensively. the one nine hundred fifty s. as well so that has also led to the fact that there is not so much to now there so that is why i and other nations in this region are doing this inspection to make sure that they have the amount of catch on board that they are reporting. and there. is like you see a preschool three feet. punches left. to. she they don't ski just. so much you fish from if it is the. end you fight. yeah they're all yes sure well you least
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like. long on fire sharks on the whole trip in just war yeah yeah have you reported this by catch up when i was. with you isn't it good for you. to miss your local like a model of you know. my main goal will be about bycatch and i use the illegal unregulated and underreporting fishing that is happening in the west african region. because it is estimated that between eleven and twenty six million tonnes of fish is being called illegally so i'm point three million tons of fish are being discarded by catch annually it's just being killed without being targeted and.
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here you can see the net in the net you can see a lot of dead shards because the problem with. shorts and since they're left in a swim bladder when they lift the net over there before the net is on the day the sharks die because of lack of oxygen. because they do not have rains from that or so if they don't move they will die i mean. last year when we were here in japan we also had several cases of whale shark getting caught in the net with a person or so on several occasions we had to cut up the net to be able to save the whales and a releases from the entanglement in the nets and that is also a beautiful feeling when you see the welfare of the men wave the net.
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for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all children but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge tournaments and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go meet eighty percent of the beach we're told we're with you and we will show you all the great game the greatest good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go.
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alone until the morning you know and i'm really happy for drawing down for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come all sorts of cliches meets the. the latest edition of the big. book. how does it feel to be a sheriff the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is one business model helps to run a prison now we just do it on like a radio visitation i don't know what comes in and we don't have to sergeant anymore is cost effective that's what they want to do that they don't give a damn if you do the chores and that they're actually paying us to put it back into . the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the u.s.n. breach what she could is behind such success.
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twenty three russian diplomats have left the u.k. punishment for moscow's alleged involvement in the poisoning of a former spy in britain russia insist it had nothing to do with the attack. the saudi crown prince and president trump a meeting in washington the u.s. lead it's already made a weapon sales pitch to his. son europeans are very wealthy nation and they're
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going to give the united states some of that wealth. facebook ace. trending as people express their anger over revelations about the social network's harvesting of user data. good evening and welcome my name's neil harvey this is r.t. international. twenty three russian diplomats expelled by london have just left the u.k. on the plane was bound for moscow our correspondent in london. has the latest in the standoff between russia and great britain. it's twenty three diplomats and their families so close to one hundred people who were waved off by the remaining
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embassy staff in the u.k. they boarded a russian government plane bound from mosco and the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander you can vent he is school them to the airport this is what he had to say take a listen we've been through diplomats means forty percent reduction. and that's the world we're idiom to see this was. in the issue visas is becoming a little bit more complicated these days you know to work in the u.k. but this is the new reality is this is the different level of completions. the major problem for us you know all this. is that we don't have any evidence no evidence presented to us and for the time being you know we don't have a need for the police and the diplomatic expulsions are all part of this full out between the u.k. and russia following the poisoning of sergei script and his daughter and souls very
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over a couple of weeks ago now over two weeks ago last week to resume a blamed the kremlin for the attempted murder of the former double agent and his daughter she said it was highly likely that the noisy child of agent originated in russia and she announced on roff of measure in retaliation including these diplomatic expulsions the kremlin responded on saturday as well in turn with a list of twenty three british diplomats who were being expelled from moscow that's yet to happen the kremlin's also announced the closure of the british consulate in st petersburg i'm a closure of the british council which is sort of the cultural shoots of the british embassy in russia for top measures and to reason main met with the national security council today there had been some expectation that. she might introduce more new measures further measures against the kremlin but her spokesperson has
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just been talking and she said that there is action being taken at the border to monitor and track people whose activity threatens the security of the u.k. and its allies she's saying there's work by international inspectors to get samples of the nerve agent ongoing and that the prime minister is looking forward to more talks with the states on the spy poisoning later on this week so she's really reinforced what was unveiled last week but stopped short so far of adding to the list of measures she has however said that all the measures are being actively considered and they're going to be ready to deploy by to resume a at any time now in the meantime the investigation into what actually took place how that nerve agent was administered that is still ongoing and is being handled by london's anti terror police unit their latest statement says that this is an investigation that's set to last for many months to come they have some two hundred fifty detectives working on collecting evidence around the clock and on top of that
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investigators from the hague from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons they have arrived in the u.k. this week they're collecting samples of the nerve agent used from the lab that's handling it here as part of an independent investigation into what happened and the results of that are expected to take at least two weeks. discuss this story more detail now with former u.s. diplomat jim justice who can be joins me on the lawn good to have you on jim. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons so we're talking about the experts here they're collecting samples it's part of an independent probe so this could last several weeks so the experts knew several weeks to start. you could politicians only needed to the. russians to blow. well they're not certain and i think that's what exposes the bad faith of theresa may the british authorities immediately blaming russia for this when they haven't
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even done an investigation this is seems very much like the kind of accusations we've seen repeatedly in syria over chemical weapons allegations this is this is the red queen this is a verdict for a verdict first trial afterward and even in the infliction of punishment and i think the russians that really should not should not take this in stride i think there this really deserves a sharp asymmetrical response to punch the old british toothless lion right in the mouth on a on a similar note really france and germany have called upon russia to prove its innocence not if you want somebody to prove their innocence that means that you think they might actually be innocent if you give him the chance is that the rights approach though do you think no i don't think it is at all how do you ask somebody to prove their innocence in a vacuum prove you didn't do something how do you do that when the russians have a request of the british to give the same samples they've given to the o p c w to
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the russians so they can they can compare it to whatever data they have at their disposal i think the russians are being far too laid back about this in far too symmetrical and the response this shows i think is extreme bad faith on the part of the british government i think the americans and the other europeans are basically just sort of going through the motions in supporting their ally but i think theresa may is way out a way out beyond her evidence on this and that moscow should not stand for it european leaders have hardly been falling over themselves to congratulate him a putin on the reelection his russian president to what extent do you think the script case plays a role in not. i think it does very much although i noticed today that donald trump did congratulate vladimir putin on his reelection and that he said that he tends to be with him and the very near future and of course in a real sense mr trump personally certainly not the people he's appointed to administration but the president personally has been the real outlier
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internationally on this at least to keep the door open to some kind of a dialogue with moscow what everybody else seems very intent on shutting it how do you see this playing out going forward because it feels as though the u.k. really went if this was a game of poker they went all in on day one they do have support from of the play is but now we're in a bit of a standoff what what happens next do you think i don't know and i think that largely depends on what moscow does if what they do is what they've done in the past which is to take it in stride be very moderate their response i think honestly i think this just encourages the worst tendency from not only the british government of to some of their international partners to make it easy to make these scurrilous accusations i would like to see something for example like a one month freeze on british flag air carriers over russian territory to inflict some real harm asymmetrically on the british because i think that would send a real chill into the french and the british and even the americans to say do we
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really want to go along with these ridiculous accusations because i think this is getting out of control if we look at it we're now providing lethal weapons in ukraine where we seen repeated false flags in syria and i'm afraid there will be one brewing there again i think this is starting to get out of control and that moscow to some extent is is betting that by being so measured in their response what we've seen as i say manifest bad faith coming from london jim time on your view steam chatteris my guest former u.s. diplomat. thank you. move on to other news users of facebook have been questioning the credibility of the service following revelations over personal data harvesting parties and he says he has details on the tech giants data battle. deletes facebook it's the hash tag that's been trending on twitter the social network users are fewer reus facebook played a part in getting donald trump into the white house state or from fifteen million
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facebook users was harvested by a troubling analytic company and what appears to be the largest leak in the social network history in two thousand and fifteen we learned that a psychology professor at the university of cambridge named dr alexander kogan lying to us violated our platform policies by passing data from an app that was using facebook logon to s e o king which analytical the firm that does political government and military work around the globe it all began with the cambridge university professor creating a personality up and passing the information acquired on to a third party cambridge analytic a once facebook realised it violated their terms they wanted all data to be destroyed there has the potential to be a lengthy legal battle and the fuel to the fire is the fact cambridge analysts say they were conducting separate work for the trump's presidential campaign surely the donald trump campaign was the first opportunist in data gathering think back to
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a bar miss reelection.


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