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the chinese as well by pulling out the americans are showing that they have no credibility whatsoever in the future no country in the world should take the negotiations with the united states seriously because they may come to some sort of an agreement with the americans and then ultimately the americans there will be the man being new concessions and they mean a lot of that such an agreement. never needs tonight he uses a facebook car questioning the credibility of the service following revelations over personal data harvesting parties and he said he now looks at the details on the tech giants data battle. deletes facebook it's the hashtag that's been trending on twitter the social network users off your reus facebook played a part in getting donald trump into the white house from fifteen million facebook users was harvested by a troubling anonymity company and what appears to be the largest leak in the social networks history in two thousand and fifteen we learned that
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a psychology professor at the university of cambridge named dr alexander lying to us violated our platform policies by passing data from an app that was using facebook logon to s. you can which analytical firm that this political government and military work around the globe it all began with the cambridge university professor creating a personality up and passing the information acquired on to a third party cambridge analytical once facebook realised it violated their terms they wanted all data to be destroyed there has the potential to be a lengthy legal battle and the fuel to the fire is the fact cambridge analysts say they were conducting separate work for the trump's presidential campaign surely the double trump campaign was the first opportunist in data gathering think back to a bomb as reelection campaign in two thousand and twelve is former media analytics director claims they managed to get a lot more person in from ation then their rivals if facebook users clicked on the democratic side it enabled campaigners to access
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a wealth of information all thanks to the loopholes in facebook's privacy terms facebook twenty twelve election we got people to opt in and the privacy policies at that time on facebook were that if they opted in they could tell us who all their friends were where this gets complicated is that freaks facebook out. so they shut off the feature so that is out there you can take it back to the democrats have this information and with this information gathered they would know which one of your friends would implements you most in making a favorable voting decision davidson also says facebook allowed the obama campaign . to do things they would have allowed others to do simply because they were on their sides and whatever information passed to the campaigns of trump and obama they have one thing in common victory another common thread was the involvement of facebook status and both of victories whether in directly or directly and according to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden facebook is really a surveillance company in sheep's clothing businesses the make money by collecting
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and selling detail records of private lives but once plainly described as surveillance companies rebranding us social media is the most successful deception since the bombing of war became the barman of defense the information that cambridge analytical was given was a teen by fraudulent means but what's interesting about it is it didn't seem to be any checks and balances were always happen in this cambridge professor he got away with this facebook seem to know he'd done done those did nothing about it so i think facebook is culpable but also is opening up a much broader debate about how much information facebook is gold and as edward snowden has been. how much it's been allowed to access be honest for the obama campaign to get access through you click you on up to all your friends and then this week carry on with further down the road became john edwards ago this is cool where we all be are a legal and a moral quagmire and while you're reading articles on how to delete your data on
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facebook remember that's a simple face that mean claimed to be posted by russia and thought have caused chaos in the us elections perhaps trivial in the grand scheme of things as facebook looks into the nuts and bolts needed to prevent data leaking political campaign isn't their party's better tighten their belts. now or two students have been critically injured in a school shooting in the u.s. state of maryland police say the shooter is a student of the great middle school where the incident took place earlier today according to the local sheriff the attacker died in hospital after a school resource officer shot him as mentioned two students are injured in the school shooting and they are believed to be in a critical conditions we get more information of course we'll bring it straight to . he will be back in two minutes with more news.
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shows seem wrong. just don't all. get to shape out the attic. and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. american minutes one is the melting. and the second is the. trappings of anyone can see that america works hard so this is a whole group of people all generation in america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't live up so their response especially is to go into conflict and this is a major. comeback
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now it is exactly fifteen years since the united states began an operation it called iraqi freedom commonly known as the iraq war what started out as a promise to liberate a country from a dictator turned into years of conflicts across the region here's a reminder of how it all unfolded. less than a teaspoon full of dry anthrax in an arm below shutdown the united states senate arac declared eighty five hundred liters of anthrax cut i mean
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iraqis can hear me tonight in a translated radio broadcast and i have a message for them the tyrant will soon be gone. the day of your liberation is near . tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. it will take time to eradicate a cancer like i said we will conduct
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a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists. the touch . what's concerning his people who pop up those in that city people of mosul are the ones who would acquire our humanitarian assistance. well one of the darkest pages in the iraq war is the exposure of the top tier of iraqi detainees at abu ghraib prison the jail was originally used by saddam hussein for political prisoners but after the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three it became a military prison for thousands of captured iraqis there many of them did suffer
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torture sexual abuse rape and also humiliation the horrific images of soldiers posing next to tormented prisoners shocked the world when they were released leading to the convictions of eleven american soldiers the story received a massive public outcry too in the u.s. well r.t. has spoken to former abu ghraib prisoners who describe their ordeal a word of warning there you might find the following images disturbing. we'll know more when the americans arrived with their tanks we thought they would readers of the harsh regime everyone would have their own house and car just like in the wealthy arab countries or in the west but it turns out to be the opposite. of us they would hang a prisoner on the metal door of the cell and subject them to electrocution or you're a nation they would stick a rifle into a sense to various or they would use
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a broken broomstick causing internal bleeding prisoners would need surgery. after i was released whenever i saw americans on the street i would be terrified they would send me back to that place and torture me again it still keeps me up at night remembering the torture they hear the screams of us young and yet i still have nightmares and suffer physical and mental pain as if it all happened yesterday i work night and day to try to forget it what we went through and what happened to iraq was a terrible crime it broke us even now i can't get inside a buffed up because it makes me think of waterboarding. the time i spend in the prison felt like
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a lifetime an hour or that pain. and unjust is stays with you forever and iraqi m.p. did tell us that first they had welcomed the toppling of saddam hussein but then the invasion brought one catastrophe after another it's a mixture of feeling. feeling of happiness and joy. because that the invasion to remove saddam hussein from power. and free people. but on the other hand. what followed after the who moved will of the regime is a disaster after disaster. because the american invasion immediately created. an absolute vacuum. in the security in the economy and in politics in iraq.
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and. transformed the country from absolute dictatorship. to. freedom with our limits. freedom without responsibility is. now a government raid on the austrian secret services headquarters and the suspension to its head of course a political uproar in the country austria's new right wing government suspects the country's intelligence agency the b.v.t. of holding data really it also accuses the agency's chief of corruption he's now been suspended a move the interior minister describes is unavoidable. this is the view as you know we have taken legal action against several officials from the b.b.c. intelligence agency it used by the prosecutor in this case i can tell you that
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effective immediately pizza grid ling is suspended as beauty director until further notice. however the opposition does claim the probe is politically motivated the social democrats insist the government just wanted to seize compromising data on right wing extremists and they are now threatening an inquiry into the actions of the ruling party. it took less than one hundred days to cause doubts among the austrian people over the security forces your actions intimidated those officials who are supposed to fight the extreme right it's a signal that will embolden the right is seen well we put the opposition's concerns there to your hands hoping there is an end pay for the main parting in austria's reeling coalition. prosecution asked for this rate which was not actually a raid but it was there was a pending criminal investigation against some members of the b.b. t. the b.b.c.'s a very sensible institution and police because it is the so-called bureau for to
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protect the constitution and to fight against terrorism that's what the abbreviations that stand for if the head of this group of this bureau is under investigation it's clear that the minister has no other choice but to suspend him for the time being because such a bureau or was such a sensible tuscumbia run by someone who is under criminal investigation himself. this search was done and as it was a sensible subject to search for a unit which has absolutely nothing to do with crime against the state this was the g.s. that is the group for the fight against street crime and this group is headed by a man close to the freedom party which makes the thing now. easily to sell is a big thing they will only to help the prosecution in case they met resistance or
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the people did not cooperate so they actually didn't do the rate they were just asked by the investigators by the criminal investigators to assist. all information i got is absolutely untrue and unfounded so it was no raid to seize does that have to do with extremist investigation all the data remained in place if they took copies of these daughters i am not aware of i don't know but the fact is that no file was written removed and in no way investigation against certain persons was inhibits it or stopped or something like that so this is all the room or the maid around it to. to construct a big story as you have seemed to do in the parliament even had a special session dedicated to this letter this is of course something to the social democratic party the main opposition party is tries to exploit and all.
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ok i finally the u.s. president donald trump has called fly to me and we are told to congratulate him on his election win on sunday let's get a few details if we can from r.t. if you could be done of and he joins us now hi there it does seem a bit late in the day doesn't it although obviously there is a big time difference between russia and america well and the. over so to speak well on sunday when the very first results of the russian presidential election came in it became instantly very apparent very clear that vladimir putin had secured a nother term as the russian president and so the waiting game began the waiting game as to which counterparts would congratulate lattimer putin on with the victory you know his european counterparts spent the first day you know picking the right words for the for vladimir putin for the russian president but they eventually came out and congratulated him in one way or another but one very prominent figure was
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keeping his silence and that's donald trump in fact today journalists even asked lattimer putin's spokesperson the spokesman. why silence why no word from the american president and his suggestion no was well let the american leader sleep on it and apparently it worked the first thing in the morning donald trump called vladimir putin and not only he congratulated the russian president he they also combed through a whole array of things from syria to the tensions on the north korea on the korean peninsula with north korea and the issue of the nuclear nuclearization. so not just a congratulatory cool but also a sort of a diplomatic outreach from donald trump. i can carry. off that thank you. that brings us to the end of the news wrap for this sunday
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harvey will be here at the top of the next. i. would like. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all sucks but there was one more question by the way who's going to be our coach . guys i know you are nervous he's
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a huge star and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go to the center of the beach but probably with you and you go all the great britain if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one. meets just at the reno p.r.t. team's latest edition of make up as we go. look at. the far right and britain isn't just. in the march it's taking violent my daughter's action light. and that gives you no argument i see these organizations are usually split into which we differ how do you view that.
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complex web of richard. a max kaiser this is the cause a report oh my gosh so much to commerce all time oscar read into it the max this guy remember him oh yeah i do know that's jimmy mcmillan remember his party he were ran for governor in the great state of new york with the rent is too damn high party i remember clearly what a fantastic character well they were from some famous clips of him on stage in
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debate andrew cuomo and he was like the rent too damn high i hear that hunger mulder out here i can't do his voice but he was very funny anyway you know he's kind of considered old school now because he went the legit route you know he tried to campaign to get rent control and reduce prices on rent and rent stabilization and when the the political route he campaigned in activism and that sort of thing to get politicians to help with the whole rent situation that we're seeing across many cities in america over the past decade certainly sense the financial collapse . and here's the headline that is showing that there's a new wave of millennia old on the scene and they are not happy but they're not taking it to the stage like jimmy mcmillan they're taking it to the streets a new generation of anti gentrification radicals are on the march in los angeles
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and around the country so this is yahoo finance and they go out into the streets of los angeles they talk to defend boyle heights and their sister group the boyle heights alliance against our art washington displacement but head boyle heights for those who don't know is in east los angeles it's just above downtown l.a. which use of course the skid row very impoverished very dangerous when i lived in los angeles it was very scary down there but now it's hipster ville very expensive new apartments there it's. changed beyond all recognition but now these boyle heights activists are seeing the signs of gentrification coming to their neighborhood and they are fighting back more in a malcolm x. kind of way if jimmy mcmillan is you know martin luther king jr these guys are malcolm x.
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and they are taking it to the streets they're basically forcing out art galleries and hipster coffee shops because they link those two to gentrification and increasing rent the shock troops of gentrification are hipster coffee shops and art galleries and once they appear this group and like the minded are pushing them out and they're doing so in an aggressive way right they're like committing vandalism basically they're committing lawbreaking activity to push out in a in a hostile way in an aggressive way the gentrification as a way to stop this rolling tide of of high price of. change cavuto so many people talk about that but what we're seeing in america in the past ten years especially is remember when we were children it was de population from the city center and people were afraid that the danger and the violence of the move to the suburbs the white flight and then now it's the opposite
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is all the millennial children of you know upper middle class mostly white families are moving into the cities driving up rents rents are very expensive for these families of the latino and mexican and black families are being driven out by the high rents but like i'll tell you how radical it is from what they themselves these defend boyle heights put on their blog when they were organizing a february seventh protest in mary actually square which is over there boyle heights east los angeles and they said gentrification is not. your next documentary topic gentrification is not a trend for the wool wide web or for the detached subculture of the left to consume it is a vicious protracted attack on poor and working class people and we are a gauge ing in class warfare that leaves our friends families and neighbors homeless devastated deported or dead so get with down friends and make crack
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so this is them inviting people out to their february seventh event and they were basically marching on an art gallery and demanding they go and so that the real estate agents wouldn't come in and basically friends you know saw the article and i read through the article so they're making the distinction between this particular campaign and previous ones where the been more genteel in those campaigns are they well placards they do marches and they try to get awareness and we don't want judges for geisha and this group and others are saying that that doesn't work we're getting more militarized you know getting more aggressive or getting more militant or getting more class war like i mean the so they're there and gauging in vandalism and violence i mean that's the bottom line to push the money yet they're making it basically so that it's not basically they're making it very impolite they're very they're putting graffiti on these buildings so there was like an experiment to our
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opera group that was supposed to be marching through the streets of boyle heights and this was in order to attract hipsters and bring in the gentrifiers but they they took their own trombones and other horn instruments and started by drowning them out so they follow them wherever they go there's this one woman who is opening an art gallery in boyle heights and she also has an art gallery in new york city and i think brooklyn in fact where all the hipsters live there and she herself lives in the upper east or west side of manhattan and they surround her they travel across the u.s. in a hash tag who'd solidarity tore. and they go to brooklyn in surround her art galleries there and drown her out like they taunt her wherever she is so she stays out of boyle heights now because this boyle heights group has been so successful they their methods are spreading across the united states the other expensive cities as the article points out as
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a result like minded groups and other cities chicago austin new york have adopted the same hardline tactics their ranks are small and their methods are controversial even within the communities they purport to defend but their members are drawn from the most politically radical economically anxious generational cohort in recent memory young millennial is of color and their cause has the makings of a national movement a new more militant war on gentrification so where were these millennial as are as the article points out graduating if they are able to go to university graduating with massive debts unlike the boomer generation before them or the generation x. they have these get economy jobs precarious jobs their incomes are lower seventy five percent of those living in boyle heights at the moment rent so they can afford to own and now these. gentrification class is moving and able to buy these properties drive up rents drive these people out and put him there hipster coffees
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and i saw this belies two key american myths one is the melting pot and the second is the radio alger myth of of the bootstrapping of anyone can succeed in america who works hard so this is a whole group of people a whole generation in america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities and we can't move so their response especially is to go into conflict and this is a major conflict this conflict across the country with a whole generation in a way that is becoming. the response to this can can only be as forceful as this as as the as the hostility that we're seeing on the street right. well j.f.k. jr said it. came south said it you know if you if you don't allow a way for these people to be heard then they turn to the streets basically violence and revolution becomes the only option for certain people so the article does point
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out that inequality in two thousand and sixteen the top one percent made eighty seven times more than the bottom fifty percent of workers from a twenty seven to one ratio in one nine hundred eighty the c.e.o.'s made to engine seventy one times more on average than the typical employee a nine hundred thirty percent increase since one nine hundred seventy eight so the trend has been worse and worse for them and this is now after decades of polite conversation and attempts for polite activism and going on stage as jimmy mcmillan did in trying to debate andrew cuomo about the rent being too high and he was became a national let me comedy everybody's laughing about it but the concern is very real for these people and regarding this woman for example with this gallery in boyle heights they talk to one of the women who she runs the boyle heights alliance again art washing and displacement bad art washing the new one well i guess it's our washing so when you see the gallery come in dear neighborhood. pirtle
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high high and art from on known artists it's a sign of the becoming transformed in a way that's on affordable you know the terms white washing or green washing well blue washing there also white washing is basically providing like the u.k. does that all the time they have an inquiry an inquiry is official and it's lords and ladies who run these inquiries and they present a report that whitewash is the crime that happened by saying well some terrible things up and people feel really bad about it but like that so that's white washing art washing is using artists. to wash the community to gentrify the community so artists are being used to get rid of all these latino and black faces from the communities is what they feel so we guarding that woman that i talked about the art gallery owner who has a place in brooklyn and she has this play.


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