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tv   News  RT  March 18, 2018 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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or should lessen which may be good for them for the historical matter so indulging in military activity against iran is not an easy thing for united states while they are facing grand failures in the region in afghanistan in the persian gulf area another us now president trump employed a similar strategy all threats and blackmail about north korea only to announce last week that he is willing to sit down and at the north korean leader do you think the iranian leadership would be open to a similar turn of events a personal meeting with donald trump to renegotiate oprah have simply reinterpret the terms of the standing agreement i think a standing argument should be complied foully by you know this that you know i did just this and also some of the european allies like the britain government are following their hippocratic approach to this this pact both of them are most
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complying with. their obligation on the respect the first establishes secondly we are in no way interested to talk with over the government you know this suit which does not have any credibility in his promises and his signatures so. this is another third important point americans are afraid of the influence of iran in the region. oh influence is not military influence for this is a more political influence it cannot be destroyed by bombs it cannot be destroyed by military action i think americans should redefine their interest in the region their interest in the region is defined in a very strong and not feasible way mr larijani you just mentioned that you believe
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teheran has no interest in organizing this presidential meeting between. the leaders of the two countries but i don't know trump is a very particular character he i think he is very easily influenced by his emotions and your neighbors for example israel is making a good the use of that i know that the reigning diplomacy has a very very good tradition of being very very skillful negotiators don't you think that a meeting between mr trump or let's say mr rouhani could be useful not a new way of renegotiating the terms but simply. trying to establish number four well first of all as you mentioned how diplomacy is basic feature is consistency your not absolute around different issues but time we have a vision and we can follow that vision which is corporation and peace in the vision consistently yes we are capable to negotiate to negotiate hard stuff on hard
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matters but the point is who is the other side. the other side is a country which does not have any credibility you cannot you cannot put your finger on any promise to. commit to that so we are think there is no need to this there is no fruit to this negotiation now it is well known that other signatories to the j.c.b. away including russia. preserve these deal in the in its current form is there anything that they can do to encourage iran to respect it even if the americans under the current leadership walk away while one if americans walk away this pact is dead but you can truce with the russia and china know a number of other countries definitely have our own solution for the problems that
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we face this corporation want to stop with or without the pact it will continue but mr larijani i think there are lots of people in moscow who would share your disdain for the way the americans conduct their foreign policy but i think that does know that solve russian or ranee and responsibility to being committed to both regional and hopefully global peace should we give it so easily to the americans to rag the result of you know several years of negotiations should be allow mr trump to kill this deal no diffidently we should prove to mr frum that he will be a loser and they won't get into march while walking away from this pact we have we'll known as dr to you we have very much calculated this strategy we can come from the situation very powerful and i think the russian policy both in the region and international community especially reserve you the nuclear part is very
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rational we support the position we have various close collaboration with the government of russia now speaking about the russian regional a policy there is some concern in moscow the trumpet ministration may choose to try and turn the course of the syrian war by launching yet another unilateral strike on damascus the russians have already said would meet retaliation i'm sure of that we'll see you. lottery will strike by the united states as an act of a russian but i'm also sure that you have little interest in seeing a major clash between nuclear powers in your on your own borders what is your understanding of what a proportional reaction to american aggression in syria could be i think americans i love the european allies of united states is very much watching observing that
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doofus that is you totally fail that they're cynical the strategy of this integrating a sovereign country like syria has failed to totally i think the collaboration between iran and russia definitely proved both internationally acceptable morally support of will and very successful one we are we won't be afraid of this type of activity definitively we want to see that as much as possible the number of involvement of americans in syria should be decreased and also should bestow american. presence in syria northern part of syria is illegal and it is against international law he scored different from the russian collaboration with the syrian government which is based on mutual acceptance reliance. americans want one get and they think by bombardment selective targets
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they favor is better to manage to failure rather than to advance their i gresham but mr larijani what i'm asking you about is not so much about the american actions but about what actions should russia take in response to this potential act of aggression you you mentioned that you believe and i think again this assessment is shared by many in moscow that the american strategy in syria has failed but that an argument could be made that that would make the united states even more predisposed to desperate actions or. actions that could attract the attention of the world because i think we would both agree that donald trump has a propensity towards showing off so if indeed he proceeds with delivering and not a strike on syria how do you think russia should respond why. none of us knew iran or russia they have interest in expanding the military conflict.
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of a very determined is supporting the russian people and the russian government to defend their land the russian position especially has been warded by president putin this very acceptable and russian all they say that to definitely won't tolerate any threat to the years russian presence in this syria i think this is quite rational position american should not gamble on that they should not under under the skin of the there's a result in defense of his personality and this is that this is presence but anyhow what is the mental is not some selective strikes what is the mental determination of the people and those who are on the ground fighting to liberate syria from the reminiscences you will part of the terrorist group support to create
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to lead armed by the americans and british and others well mr larijani we have to take a short break now but we will be back in just a few moments they chant. like too many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out so. the ball isn't on. if i want happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each a billionaire owners and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else on a because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the base this minute.
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welcome back to worlds apart with muhammad to have had let it johnny had it for ron's high council for human rights mr larijani you're joining us from geneva where where you took part in the thirty seven session of the united nations human rights council which once again chose to focus its attention on the human rights situation in iran meetings like these are fairly regular the critics of your country are all the same their grievances and complains are well rehearsed i wonder though if you
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found this meeting any different from all the previous ones. you mentioned. we participated in of the sanction to speak of use aboard human rights i'm also the critics which is low of the against us and also the behavior of united as there's a number of european gangs while human rights regardless of them overcome or. european support. by itself is a valuable barometer of civilities so regardless of their position we are going to promote human values in no country no democracy but american type of human rights. it's a corrupt notion in which a human could we swapped with petro dollars in the vision could we swapped with political influence take the example of yemen you see the genocide there were
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going on with larger scale of millions of people live and then just look who is supporting who american and british and the number of other european countries they are very generous to lend their support to the aggressor even directly they participate in the side so what kind of human rights is in which a lot of million children a woman does not count well let me ask you a specifically about that because when the issue of human rights in iran is raised you never for a fail to mention what you just said that the united states and europe i'm not qualified to pontificate on human rights because of their own record of murder in a number of countries but you know very well that they easily dismiss your argument as briskly as you dismiss theirs do you think they're still any of room any space any form of a laugh within the international system for
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a genuine and open discussion on how various governments around the world trade their citizens rather than this nonstop circle of condemnations and recriminations while the united nation is not. an institution. belonging to united states is the institution for a whole nations of the world secondly yes this is one road no the u.p.a. are mechanism of united nations security council human rights is rather acceptable method of monitoring every country with a selective method. using double standard to every country should be. unsellable to the situation humorous in zone country you know either this britain and europe are boiling in racism and in violence there is record own citizens they don't own citizens are very dire and miserable the lives of
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the crimes they are committing those are yes then or mechanism right now and could be present mechanism we should join hand to hand to stop this corrupt notion of human drives which is pursued by you know this that europe's and the strive for free human rights there is one issue of human rights that is particular close to my heart and this is the issue of veils that has long been of symbolic significance both to iran's religious leaders and their harshest critics in the west and in this debate. where men who have to wear this cards usually have a much lesser say that the man who advance their religious or ideological positions i mean i know that there have been a number of. individual projects in iran in support of the woman's right to choose how she she wants to dress do you see that as a foreign plot or do you see that as
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a genuine movement both of them are the issue is the limits of nudity is not enforcing his job. well whether nudity should have a limit in the public places or not so different and according the law for men and women they should abide by the limits of nudity in the public places while if you know if you walk into two wrongs the street corners you see the women's games and also boards are rather carrying putting very casual dresses on nobody's following them and pursue them but if there is an organized activity usually led this time by the britain a number of american the secret services.


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