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russia's defense ministry says it believes that extremist groups in syria of. chemical attacks to give the u.s. a pretext for directly striking. rebel control of syria's eastern crumbles over forty eight thousand civilians fully the stricken region through humanitarian corridors. twenty three british diplomats mirroring the steps taken by the u.k. response alleged poisoning. by his daughter. doesn't want me my son donald trump the behavior of my family my parents. because of my village for. a couple who.
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say they've been forced to move away from their home because of a backlash from neighbors and relatives. live from moscow ten pm now in the russian. program russia's defense ministry says rebel groups with chemical weapons in syria planning to stage false flag attacks as a pretext for the u.s. to carry out air strikes that's according at least to the russian defense ministry . has more. representatives of the russian armed forces have said they have intimation and reason to believe that the united states it's as talent base in syria has been preparing squads of rebels fighters to stage
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a chemical provocation a chemical weapons attack in the south of syria in doubt which borders jordan and israel they've been provided allegedly as when years twenty tons of norina as well as dead to date is disguised as disguise this cigarette packs and this attack is imminent the fed's officials have said that this attack will be blamed on the syrian government and will be used this is an excuse by the united states and its allies to strike could push al assad to his government had his military directly. the provocations mentioned will be used as a pretext the united states and its allies to conduct airstrikes against military and state infrastructure in syria we're seeing that search strikes are being prepared by warships in the mediterranean the red sea and in the persian gulf at
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the same time speaking in past a nice segue a lever of the russian foreign minister said that the syrian conflict is beginning to look less like a proxy war than a direct confrontation the hornets. there are u.s. special forces on the ground they are no longer denying this because they are accompanied by the british french and special forces from other countries it's not a proxy war anymore but rather a direct involvement in the war we condemn their illegal presence on syria's territory the u.s. led coalition is not legitimate from the u.n. point of view either we are pragmatic people and we understand that we should not engage in armed conflict with them representatives of the russian armed forces also talked about the. situation in east ghouta they say there's a huge operation humanitarian operation underway three called the words of aid have gone into guta as well and they say the u.n. the u.n.
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representatives on the ground in east praised the russian and syrian effort in relieving the situation there providing food and other aid for civilians in need they also say that armed groups in east gud as well as easily mists of express their desire to leave to leave east goot of. other locations once their sponsors give the green light. i have a force requested comment from the u.s. military on those claims made by the russian chief of the general staff will of course let you know if that response comes back. where the briefing russia's military chiefs describe the civilian about curation from eastern ghouta operation unique in its scale over forty eight thousand people have managed to flee from the region so far numbers rising every day in the biggest single exodus since fighting
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escalated there just last month russia's defense ministry says the first to make it to safety were children women and the ill and injured they were of course given basic supplies when they finally reached the government controlled side of the corridor here's how they described life on the militant rule. thank you. thank. god that the militants who are living with us next to our hardison inside them they would open our old amongst the houses to be able to move they would not leave and we did not dare to say get out. while you know they fired a dance they didn't want us to escape at all they fired at the carswell so that we couldn't leave. thanks. we have no food or water there are ten of us and we could not buy a kilo of flour we were starving we wanted to escape but they wouldn't let us be
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flat against their will so they fired at us and half of the people were shot. thank you south africa i had that in my case the aid was given only to certain groups most of the medical aid was sold it was from humanitarian agencies and the un and was distributed in goods or under the supervision of our government but the militants were selling it thank you. thank you thank you we were glad to terrorists our children are dying from hunger. our father got lost while we were on our way here we don't know where he is we were shot at we don't know which way to go. in it wouldn't have done it to brad that we have to go is congress without meals for several days. the u.n. special envoy to the country has welcomed
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a brief cease fire in the city of duma in eastern guta stuff under mr also renewed calls for an end to the hostilities across syria that was echoed by zardari the organization's main humanitarian coordinator on the ground in the region. we are cooperating well with the russians center for the conciliation to organize humanitarian convoys and also to assist people who are leaving east duma so we're looking at more than twenty thousand civilians were living. in desperate conditions and they are housed in different shelters in and around damascus so they need everything they need blankets they need mattresses they need food they need medications they need protection they need to feel comfortable being made to feel secure a lot of teams are working around the clock with them together with. the syrian not upper class and i.c.r.c. and of course we are cooperating with the government my formula for that is
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suspension of hostilities over the duma to continue. over the east to continue ability to send convoys and medical assistance into east. and people are allowed to leave. without any obstacles and the same applies to freedom by the way because we have the same situation in freedom with civilians living on the duress and under threat of of the military and that is totally unacceptable. eastern guta was seized by rebels in late twenty twelve. twenty thirteen it's but under siege as the syrian army tries to recapture the area you can see just on the map behind me the assad government has now succeeded in driving the militants into three separate to small pockets they were gain control of a lot of the region and despite the advances though many civilians there are still living in dire conditions. from the red cross told us more about their plight and
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what exactly aid workers are doing now to alleviate the crisis. there was a night and one point thursday we ended to get there with this you know that the president and the u.n. bringing food for twenty six thousand people in the main town of our prison mr malvo was with that convoy and he spoke to the people there he found exhaustion and the spirit of thirty years would actually start starving after a few sentences people hiding in basements forth you know of the fighting three families whom would skate years with lies people hungry but what we need is indeed to be able to go back as soon as possible which we don't convoys but those remains. at the same time as of today together we did see it i got it yes and we are bringing emergency aid to the people who have fled quite now. into camps close to damascus situation on the ground is catastrophic when you have large
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numbers of people who are getting all of the same that. help you need days and days what things to fall into place but certainly everybody now and so it's that if you believe that we. and other news russia is set to expel twenty three british diplomats as relations between the two countries continue to plunge to new lows it comes in response to what identical move by the u.k. that followed of course the kremlin is alleged poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in a city in the south of england and they were shooter picks up the story. we all thought tensions could not get much worse between russia and the u.k. but how wrong we are to be so hopeful for the controversial story that has dominated the international media headlines with endless discussions and debates has of course been the poisoning of father and daughter the scribbles for measures have already been taken by london expelling twenty three russian diplomats from the country and now russia has retaliated the u.k.
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ambassador was summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow and the results of that conversation are as follows twenty three british diplomats same number as russian diplomats being surveilled from the u.k. have just one week to leave russia in addition moscow's revoked permission for britain to operate a consulate general in st petersburg moscow has also stated that the government could take further action if britain takes any more unfriendly moves towards russia here's how the u.k. ambassador reacted to the opportunity to explain the material. we asked russia where the material that it will teach you what music. what. noise they'll be able to stick moscow today it is that idea any involvement in the attempted murders of survey and scribble and russia's representative to the chemical weapons watchdog explains how russia has never run another truck program
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that's the nerve gas allegedly used in the poisoning since the collapse of the soviet union. russia has no connection to what happened in salzburg as far as novacek is concerned the russian federation i stress that the russian federation has never had a research program under such a code name russia spokesperson for the foreign ministry however side of the states had the opportunity to develop similar nerve agents following the breakdown of the soviet union was a scientist who developed various aspects in the sphere left russia by chance western countries waited for them and they took technological expertise. after this soviet scientists continue do work in some western countries alongside the u.s. the u.k. slovakia sweden and other states all of these can be seen openly in sources now moscow says that it has made many attempts to cooperate with the u.k. investigators they requested a sample of the nerve agent that was apparently refused moscow says that they made
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numerous attempts to help with the investigation those requests were also refused and as a consequence russia has just launched its own investigation into the case of yulia scrupulous she is a russian citizen exactly how when and if they will be able to proceed is still unclear as they will have to have some element of cooperation from the british authorities to complete an investigation so diplomacy really is at an all time low with threats and accusations flying from each camp the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson even went as far as accusing president putin himself of ordering the murder of so basically powell stating it is overwhelmingly likely that putin was behind the poisoning and moscow responded saying that those comments were shocking and forgivable so as the world watches and endlessly debate who's to blame what we really want to know is how barack this diplomatic spat will get in a day or today arty sort of seems to go down every day you know we were joined by
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ralph properly or a former secretary on the scientific advisory board to discuss the attack he says that was full corp and proper dialogue it should be possible to identify where exactly the substance used in the incident was produced. that's two different questions whether it's not the truck agent or not yes and then the question is where did that come from now that it's a forensic question that can only be answered by bringing a range of factors together some of the chemical structures have been. in the public for for several years more than a decade and of course those of arteries that vote in chemical defense and can be protection will have looked at these chemicals but have also tried to make them to analyze them to be able to detect them in the environment. just from the fact that you find a certain chemical you can only draw so many conclusions the lack of communication at the technical level in those people who actually understand the science and the underlying technologies doesn't help with the discussion of these two so i do all
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that is going to be a way that these things can be brought into a context that people can actually talk to people from russia as well as from the from the u.k. maybe other countries to discuss the technical findings and details in some detail to clarify what can actually be agreed upon scientifically what is not there for us not what is speculation or assumptions. are since the u.k. blamed the kremlin for the incident london's allies have thrown their weight behind the allegations as well and although the police investigation into the poisoning is still ongoing britain's politicians have been quick to take action and jaclyn reports. issue threats impose sanctions and cancel your plans to attend the world cup now there's no time to explain the stuff memes are made of literally concrete proof full in transparent investigation no time for that the european council isn't hanging around double tough is calling everyone in to discuss what nobody is certain about ready to put this issue on the auction those next. charging forward
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on the most likely inspired by moscow front no time to be sure even australia is backing teresa mayes compelling case against russia innocent until it gets interesting the strength and solidarity and supports the united kingdom and the u.k. defense secretary isn't overly keen on hearing out the difference frankly. should go away should churchill just after that gavin williamson announced forty eight million pounds will be invested in a new chemical weapons defense center why because russia of course the defense secretary is also going to deliver with anthrax vaccines for troops what does that have to do with the script poisoning no time to explain and it took france no time at all to change its mind on action initially skeptical in calling it too soon to blame the kremlin paris is set to agree on and impose new sanctions on russia. if you don't. so the plan is solidarity with the u.k.
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which apparently includes deliberately awarding a russian stand at the paris book fair what we're seeing is a whole lot of act first and ask later and frankly we should take more time to find the answers of the foreign ministers of sweden and the czech republic firmly rejected russian claims that they possess agents were closely following that ongoing developments we'll keep you posted of course as information comes in. highly likely that russia was responsible. now off to a short break we'll take you live to red square for a presidential election coverage stay with us we're back in just a few moments. before . the dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks was new to fight the battle
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. to stop spreading tell you that will be gossip and public but. i'm telling you. to buy your product. although we along the border with. the good and the bad you need capitalism to work both winners and losers you can't bail out every single bank that gets into trouble you can't bail out every. free money you've got to let the system weed out the losers otherwise you end up with you know a state controlled state maintained price fixing regime by the state that resembles all failed such experiments of the past why not just let the free market be the free market.
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russia is to choose its president on sunday and right now without further ado we can go live to kevin on our special studio right in the very heart of moscow on red square. yeah. see the time just before the big
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election or welcome to our special coverage of the russian presidential election forthcoming live from the heart of the russian capital here as you can see over my shoulder in the iconic red square still a few people about walking around despite this our russian citizens spending eleven time zones of the casting their votes on sunday as they make their choice for the candidate will take the kremlin's top job because for the next six years as a moment election silence is being observed to give people twenty four hours to. think it through thinking the one a vote for that means campaigning a stop to news coverage of the candidates and their manifestos is not allowed however close on sunday evening we can't talk about that but we can tell you about who's vying for the russian presidency and we can tell you about the people who are going to go out in the many many many many thousands hundreds of thousands or a vote on russia's future so let's meet some of those voters again.
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yes it was kind of a story in the old song they put out some of these two of us gets going to show you know you can always get. stuck up a supposed to be a cordless because new people to put a couple to get in the studio you have sure was ruthless up what possible show mr leno perspective as each other but just thought i seized your stuff up for a scene of. government somebody and we spoke last of getting
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tickets because i'm afraid to court and will go to the list that only is displaying the logo buzzing i will tell we could meet. with him also did a one percent lead in the government took a look at some of the touchable com so console folks who just sold the movie due to this little bottle. of water the c.w.o. . another spirit filled with a long string double dip in blue six when you're trying with new boys to fulfill its limits to chimps so you flood the woods with a blissful cause i'm just going to switch on the computer with a collection a couple should. go shopping to clean my winter food for enough principle but for the you know loads of talk cross the world for me out socialist or something else and i suppose it's lovely to the good of.
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the company was that my son could get over it because it was a human system to remove those who put months to the minimum. who would just get a new media teacher doing the putting those who can show solutions to usual but it took e.g. love that i would that your mother is good to do you should do me just the words. each of those. you know there's a pretty. good reason because you can choose. to. put him through. so many hopes so many aspirations as this huge country goes to the polls from eight o'clock in the morning let's just take a look over our shoulder at the iconic red square we've got a superset of for you here our team are going to be bringing the best coverage when those polls close of course which will be on the clock in the evening moscow time
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they got full coverage coming up that's going to spend if you're going to see the. same battles is looked down on so the centuries of virtue of this place and we're looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow our team will bring you the very best coverage throughout the day stay with. there on the iconic red square trying to stay warm despite the chilly weather and staying on the topic of presidents albeit not russian ones so the name donald trump probably isn't what you would expect to find someone called in afghanistan of all places that's exactly what one couple decided to call their child as a sign of respect to president trump's policy they face the backlash from both family and the community. earlier the. last of the last phone but
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before my son was born i was reading about donald trump's background and his policy i thought his policies the best and this made me call my son of. theirs i wanted more and more from when i name my son donald trump the behavior of all my family and my parents because of pressure i left my village for a couple of my close friends who also distance those of us from the us they asked why did you name your son donald trump wasn't there any other name. but him often of course honest and we are very happy to name our child after the best politician and i hope he will become a politician like donald trump as i gave my son this name to make him lucky and i
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hope to see him as smart and mindful as doing and i will never change and i. will learn how to spain where protesters across the country have been out in force this saturday to monic better pensions one of the biggest marches that you can see here at six place and it has a lonia around thirty thousand elderly citizens made their way through the streets of bosler i criticize and spangles grueling process for inspiration that should increase as many have complained the more point two five percent increase last year is not in line with the rate of inflation in the country. was that's all for myself ality me out r.t. for this hour do join us again in just over thirty five minutes for more global headlines to see that.
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i. think. you. will come twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest kill people. but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the football with you and do all the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets
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past you we need you to get left go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the thousand in the world cup in russia. the special one. needs to just say to redo the aussie team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look. i'm actually retired so we're going on the ground on st patrick's day coming up with a show for the u.k. gold international relations. committee lord valve tells us to raise a mate as naught but without all the angles on the response to the atrocity in wiltshire in the southwest of england and his cold war rhetoric freezing diplomacy
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in britain we speak award winning author and rolling stone journalist maybe about how and the russian hysteria would lead us to a new play a winter plus the consultant for the would rather me a road daily mail andrew pesce predicts the fallout from wiltshire will lead to the end of jeremy colvin spin the tickle me polish them all coming up in today's going underground but first british labor leader jeremy corbyn didn't even use one of his questions of prime minister's questions to goad minority government leader to raise them a into war because of weapons of mass destruction he wanted on says about a financial statement on monday the n.h.s. is clearly in crisis so why wasn't there a penny extra of the n.h.s. in yesterday's statement by the chancellor the prime minister told coleman to look at the arguably blairite labor party in wales perhaps you might look to see what neighborhood tearing in wales.
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at the latest on new day to the next on your data shows when i look at twelve hour waits in any three point four percent of patients waiting over twelve hours in wales compared to one point three percent in england he wants to talk about meeting targets he should talk to a neighbor government in wales cool bin would hear nothing of it any chance england abandoned its eye in the targets until april two thousand and nineteen it's a bit rich for the prime minister to be scam on me about why you are she's on she's having fun trying to get anything but was it scaremongering he talks about scan on bring in wales i was pointing out the facts about what it. was. like and that's why we do see that's why we do see people in wales often trying actually to get treatment in england rather than enough rather than in wales people the dying said cool.


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