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messages multiple times from russia throughout this past week to be able to analyze this nerve agent and try to assess what exactly it is and we do know of course the foreign ministry in russia has been saying they would like to know what the substance is we've heard from foreign minister sergey lavrov said russia that russia will definitely retaliate in connection to the expulsion of the twenty three russian diplomats certainly a quid pro quo scenario is sort of traditional in these kinds of scenarios what he did underscore that russia will continue to use diplomatic language this is reporting from london so as it stands germany france america and the u.k. have no issued a joint statement on the poisoning which they say was highly likely to be orchestrated by the kremlin it requests that moscow provides the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons with information about the nerve agent program it comes following the british government's decision of course on wednesday to take retaliatory measures against russia in an address to the parliament prime minister
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trees in may yesterday notes the twenty three diplomats were going to be expelled from the u.k. shell said high level bilateral meetings rules to be suspended in other measures as well she said that included the invitation to the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov that's now been rescinded he will be going on top of that they'll be no official delegation from the u.k. attending the upcoming football world cup this summer either we spoke to the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander yes the incident the backlash has triggered now he says he doesn't believe the case is being handled appropriately. since we're blamed the. under the british question we cation agent a two three four. is the russian region we asked the british officially by a node to share the samples of that in order to make our own conclusions and we would night so all the investigation about the scruple is classified we don't have any
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information we don't have any access nobody saw even the pictures of that people in the hospital whether they alive or maybe the just in the good health. so nobody talked to the doctor you know there is absolutely no transparency in this case and this is worries us but by the way under the international law in the vienna convention we have to get the access to these people because they're russian citizens and we are also being tonight so basically britain doesn't respect the international law and the way how they're behaving. is just. puts a lot of questions i spoke to international affairs commentator marco gases just a bit earlier he says the u.k. needs to disclose any evidence which implicates moscow in the attack. well it almost doesn't matter whether they're russian citizens or not i mean here we have an instance where someone in this case russia is being accused so the someone being accused is not being told what the evidence is against them in fact they've been denied sight of the evidence that they could then question investigate and contest
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so in in the british legal system in any western legal system that would be viewed as utterly scandalous but it seems that the british establishment thinks that that's the way to treat russia which clearly is illegal as the embassador mention it's also immoral and it also prevents a proper investigation which may indeed be the point of making all the evidence opaque to outsiders so the best acacia into the attack on the former russian intelligence agent and his daughter is still ongoing tonight and there are still many unanswered questions as daniel hoare kids explains and attack by the kremlin on u.k. soil for downing street it seems the case is all but closed russia is the culprit no questions or other. as the prime minister taken the necessary steps to make a formal request for evidence from the russian government given the gravity of the
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accusations an official request seemed like a reason the mosque but moscow says no such requests were forthcoming. we haven't received any official request from london we've told britain we're ready to respond if they file the request instead of filing the official request the u.k. continues to pull political stunts and moscow also said it would cooperate in a joint investigation within o.p.c. w. parameters it seems this offer was unacceptable to the u.k. government. has high resolution trace analysis been run on a sample of the nerve agent no answers from to reason may on that but the prime minister believes there's already enough evidence to make it a. highly likely this was an attack ordered by the russian state guilty as charged this description and his daughter were poisoned with and not a child a military grade nerve agent developed by russia means motive and opportunity are
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usually needed to prove criminal guilt the nerve agent shock used in that attack was actually developed in the soviet union decades ago and the o.p.c. w. officially confirmed that russia had concluded the destruction of its entire chemical weapons stockpile last year but apparently it was not only russia that had access to research labs and the scientists working there in his better stand for example which became independent after the breakup of the soviet union it was the pentagon that helped to demilitarize the facility it was in that very facility that nugget shock was tested so they didn't even last the gerbils up at least in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. western special services recruited a number of our chemical specialists their names are known they also brought some of the documents and continued research in this area including in the us in the u.k. the results achieved by those countries in creating new poisonous substances that for some reason classified under the common name novacek in the west are confirmed
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and represented in more than two hundred open sources from nato countries we have all the references we're ready to provide them. how has she responded to the russian government's request for a sample of the agent used in the soles reattack to run its own tests apparently no response and no sample why the secrecy if this is such an open and shut case. as that revealed any evidence as to the location of its production all the identity of its perpetrators hundreds of offices as you would expect him to work around for gathering evidence to identify those response we're not declare. no person of interest or a suspect in this. how does committing a heinous act on foreign soil on the eve of a presidential election and months before the much discussed world cup knowing the diplomatic fallout benefit the kremlin you have to ask one thing if russia wanted
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to kill this man they could have killed him when he was a prisoner in russia why are they waited this long and why use a chemical weapon that makes it definitely is so russia is behind this that very odd to think that the president of russia is sitting in his office deciding who to kill someone who is no threat in them that basically now retired in britain i would guess that mr putin has got more important things to do than that but the reason maine says russia has been given a chance to disprove its guilt until proven innocent despite many unanswered questions the mass expulsion of diplomats the freeze on the high level talks for tat action approaching means the diplomatic damage has already been done and it's too late to undo. a well known ukrainian m.p. is accusing top tier of officials of being involved in a shooting massacre that took place during the twenty fourteen my don't uprising
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events that led to the overthrow of the country's government after the debt. went public with her incendiary claims she was interred then accuse of plotting a terror attack on ukraine's parliament building so brief history here you may recall of faces a former helicopter navigator who was sentenced to twenty three years in jail in russia after being found complicit of the murder of two russian journalists in eastern ukraine she was later pardoned and then exchanged for prisoners of war so he was initially hailed as a hero in ukraine when she returned from russia before they're facing increasing criticism along the way nichiren discussed the scandal with the dear achieved it. stories had so many twists and turns and this is yet another one yes. well basically ukraine's general prosecutor has asked and called for her immunity to be stripped in order to arrest and the reason for that is that they claim that she is behind organizing a terror plot her intentions apparently were to blow up parliament using grenades
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now this call to separate immunity happened after she spoke out at a press conference and she made some very bold accusations indeed according to her she's claiming that a number of m.p.'s ukrainian m.p.'s were responsible for organizing sniper fire at both sides of the crowds about means the authorities and the protesters at the twenty fourteen mass protests and those protests of course but the trigger of the government being overthrown so that's what she's saying a little bit of a tit for tat there situation let's have a listen to what she said. i said that our sort of ran people with weapons were coming out of people who are in parliament people who give orders who committed crimes who are always look for a scapegoat the prosecutor general needed to become the prosecutor so that he's crimes against the ukrainian people are never investigated these are extraordinary
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accusations are very bold words indeed and a complete u. turn of course she's gone from hero to enemy of the state we can take a quick look at what her profile is. leaders of your pre-condition you. were. really. surprised intrinsically to make use of. this is. almost two years in a russian prison a ukrainian pilot is back home and so quite
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a significant moment there for the polish the president and the ukrainian nation germany she's a hero country ukrainians her release will only reinforce that. she was previously accused of being complicit in the killing of two russian journalists and served time there and she was also part of a prisoner of war swap and during that swap actually she was met by president parr shank and south. and she has enjoyed a very successful political career but she doesn't have that support now what is interesting is that her whole story has commanded an awful lot of international media attention but will this new turn attract as much attention as she has had in the past to continue to follow the story now next neither one but a hive. hi-fi so if i were trying to say donald trump's latest speech in the middle to the military in the us and the imagination of so i thought i he's announced
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a new frontier for america outer space the special space force to go with it is a serious side to this though. explains while somewhat a field day with themed jokes on the internet others a warning of the dangers of space militarization. the army navy and air forces aren't enough in the battle for world dominance it's time for new developments and donald trump isn't short of ideas space is a war fighting drama you just like the air and sea. we may even have a space force develop another one space force the air force one of the space wars we have the army the navy trans comments have captured the imagination of twisties as with many wondering whether help become the guardian of the galaxy or will he be training in all me of power ranges all stone trip as ready to file
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a says and the extraterrestrial threats. and even some of the presidents general seem to be a list same page or planet there is no war in space just as there is no war in cyberspace there is only war and war can extend into any demain not a new idea it's been proposed many times in the past and it's always been rejected by the new something that people have been promoting again recently i think that would be a very negative move actually because it would create a constituency whose natural interest then is is used to further the weaponization of space and create a greater danger of actual war in space but not all the way both the us defense and the air force secretaries have labeled the space plan as a necessary prayer critic and costly and the house in fact spin a space command's for if they say yes is part of the us as force and carries out intelligence operations and make sure space isn't militarized then there's also the
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nine hundred sixty seven outer space treaty no small obstacle to any american ambitions to put weapons in orbit it was created to stop the setup of military bases and out of space and address other costs make concessions well there the us has previously blocked or abstained from the un effets to regulate space weapons. since at least the past twenty years if not beyond that the united states has had no interest in any discussion of space arms control over though it's hard to tell how since a trump is at this point one thing is facial trauma fails the force is with him. and the reporting there for now is kevin owen here moscow so thanks for watching
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his latest live update programs continue for you right after this break. combination of ashish impinged very artful policy towards russia where he used the steps of great relationship with food and a killer and american mistakes in dealing with russia and we have this relationship between russia and china to become. quite a lot can be quite fit and would be quite difficult to undermine. there's nobody that's keeping goober as asian economy we're all working for below minimum wage at the end of the day if you factor in the ecological devastation of dancing chicken effect and all the cruelty prone eggs cool escapes this nightmare
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we call post-industrial is post ironic post. fantasies ation and infantile ization narcissistic cause i reale. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox swiss customs are here permanently and all the science is controlled by them and they impose the opening times so if. it was to do this for me or plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani i can't boards and soon will be inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet but also discreet because they concern fraud of some of those paintings are linked to dog. secrets nobody knows how many
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of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. this is. the church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church will conceal the accused priests from the police and justice so listen to
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that and as old as the i intend them to include at tuesday's out in. this. case furthest from. god. on welcome to worlds apart the recent series of advance on the north korean track has abandoned ne ne diplomatic conventions but only have the south koreans become the unlikely mass injuries between pyongyang and washington they've also become spokespeople for both killed all trump supposedly acceptance of kim jong un suppose
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that invitation photogs break these decades old stalemate well to discuss that i'm now joined by anthony linkov professor at the university insult professor link of it's good to have you on the show thank you very much for your time thank you very much and he says now we've just witnessed a major turnaround in how north korea and the united states approach one another just a few of why. to go the world feared to break out of a nuclear war now we are discussing the potentiality of the first ever face to face meeting between the two leaders since the korean war what do you think accounts for these dramatic shift over well i would say cynically blackmail. because or was the last year of u.s. administration or pretty well it's a more there's been over to size president trump himself has evoked a very hard to create an impression that he is seriously considering a military operation against north korea nobody but president himself
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can possibly ignore was a he was really going to strike north korea or he helps it was all bluff bluffing to create such an impression and to get you to go diplomatic results reza sincere or not this policy of pressure has finally walked. or will september suddenly change of its to send chills it in or steady it historically was remarkably reluctant to for a really tough sanctions against north korea barred from august of september chani is probably in somebody's got tougher than the united states saw try to shore they're working very hard so essentially what you're saying is that donald managed to change the calculus of not only the north koreans but also other parties to this conflict but the north koreans do not have
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a reputation of being particularly feeble minded in fact i think they have a reputation of being very tough negotiators and trying to get as much as possible for as little as possible and yet all of a sudden they show this openness for one sided concessions agreeing to suspend military and ballistic tests while north asking the americans. to suspend their military exercises is that a measure of how frightened they are or perhaps a calculation on their part that they may get more in return later on of course. british sure that in the long run as the north koreans the smart america. because you know i've been studying is a history and this is you see a history of how well. and his father and the special his grandfathers many people ate it russians solsbury of americans jeff parness and they always veto various but right now they are still frightened because i mentioned the cheney
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ascensions is there yet to produce impact but in due time situation is likely to deteriorate and of course the door involved to be shot at as they understand in case of war they get in freak a great deal of damage on the us and their allies by they also understand that in the end of the day they're going to suffer much more so the dorms want a shooting war and eve the his you were that this is was going to happen if they don't stop well they decided to stop is a methyl fact exit action is they introduced. on their missile tests a nuclear launches not now now they just confirmed it for all practical purposes they did it in late november and they also floated a possibility of being open to discuss the so-called denuclearization of the peninsula now i know from your own writing that it sounds big but it doesn't carry
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much at least in your view but do you think there is anything that could actually prompt young young to take this issue seriously and consider it i don't see any say that here where veatch would probably make deals to seriously consider. their current statement basically just. many people forget by the according to the nine hundred sixty eight treaties signed by all the major nuclear powers including tonight the states russia and chad that and france and united kingdom all this countries are under obligation to eventually surrender the nuclear weapons. i think show american or russian or chinese documents you see that this is not exactly was there of working hard to achieve so just a leap service or north korea's can easily do the same they can is it did do was their american so russians have been doing for decades just to see in van beautiful point in
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a very distant future probably they will surrender nuclear weapons not know precious a link of you mentioned the belief service and i think it's also become a bit of a diplomatic ritual to indoors the denuclearization of the peninsula but if we look at it through politic lances do you think of regional powers like russia like china actually want pyongyang to fully disarm absolutely because it's very often is under stuart budget russian government has always been deadly against nuclear north korea and this say or even more is a predictable to china you know all russia is now flooded visit and ten american feelings so that if you will save their games the united states they're good guys they have support there not because in the end of the day first of all russia be economy vice the r.'s a nuclear countries needs nuclear superiority even more and it has no interest in emergence or for new nuclear powers because that i view because pickets now it's
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last year tomorrow it may be scary as they're discussing as seriously as the vietnam and the more nuclear power with iran on their list military significant russia becomes and it's only part of the story and as a part of the story is just all good proliferation and no. norm to be part of your eight us well but the counter-argument to that would be that the north korean partial nuclear arsenal provides security guarantees not only to the regime itself but also to its neighbors against a military intervention to break out of a major war on their borders and as you pointed out in one of your recent articles nobody wants to see a replay of the libyan events in east asia so my question to you is whether north korea having a short nuclear stick not a fully developed but some semblance of a nuclear weapon doesn't dot provide a certain guarantee to both russia and china that the united states would not
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intervene recklessly on their borders no security guarantees for russia provided by the russia nuclear and missile force us. all as a countries if they develop nuclear weapons they agree into the long run increase instability i'm not saying that we can do anything about north korea nuclear weapons i'm just saying that from the point of view of the russian the national interest it's not a good news look now it's about scary but if north korea becomes nuclear it will become all you logical for south korea to warn your korea as well because yes now say and probably believe they need nuclear weapons for defense by thier self i get it was in north korea invaded in one thousand fifty. official line is. does not exist so i will study isn't the us occupy a territory to be eventually liberate it's ruled my sheep period but if according
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to the north. this is a situation sort of what should not do probably develop nukes and if that happens what about japan what about what about vietnam all this countries have a lot of free as australia well of nukes by the way most cases against china and this is it is owned by chinese so. i'm happy about north korea's nuclear program russia is a bit unhappy chad is seriously unhappy because if it's not stopped in ten feet twenty s. time channel you'll find itself surrounded by small really hostile countries and beatrice reason to hate cherry now going back to many centuries and each country has a nuclear weapons wrestling i heard you say that the north korean regime is likely to be accommodating as long as it believes that the us administration could be reckless enough to launch a strike against said despite all the potential ramifications for south korea as well as for the region in general how much mileage do you think the trombetta
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ministration can get out of it what's the maximum that they can potentially extort from pyongyang by using the scare tactics i would say a lot of what they heard the last of the it looks it's basically if they can get much more then i area early stickily expect because. the north koreans a century except it is a good military exercises will behalves is the same situation i just discussed and you're talking about does a beauty of their nuclear program because if they have basically is a noise they can do nothing about joint military exercises non-sale is for the last few months it did look like that the future deal if you include it least something about this scale or continuation of frankenstein of the joint exercises and recently it in all scary as essential a set military exercises cavies us we don't care we don't worry about it the she is
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was a pretty mess of concessions so i would say that say about a year ago three years ago i used to say and many of us said well soon or later north koreans probably they will sit down and start talking but they're going to extract a lot of every scene from the united states so. all interested parties know it seems the last major condition is just to make sure that americans will not start shooting second to have some of their recent social lifted as soon as possible before it will strike the economy and they're not going to port much more demands for the time being now professor link of there is a lot of discussion in the united states especially among those who do not support the idea of the presidential summit that it would be encouraging north korea for its bad behavior but i think the relevant question here is also whether it would encourage trump for his bad behavior because you mentioned that he's policy of
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essentially blackmail has worked so far if that summit indeed takes place. wouldn't that make bellicosity on them eric and more acceptable form of foreign policy i know that for the time being both russia and china are endorsing the idea of the meeting between kim and trump but i suppose they would be just as happy to have trump threatened in the same manner alas there might share that russia and china has much more force and much war they're much more capable or biting back and nobody would trade asr russia would share in such a race or oh yes it's kind of a bad example but let's face it nor scary as for the same blackmail tactics for me it's a bit funny to see how the same critics if for decades.


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