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what they said about you but then he. starts to. look. ok let's get the thoughts now of the political analyst i want to shape and he joins us good afternoon welcome to r.t. what are your thoughts on this then why do you think that we're seeing rebel groups and terrorist groups starting to fight each other when previously they were quite happy to fight side by side against the syrian government. well now they are very weak and the syrian army and its allies have been trying to actually find a solution to this problem in the. whole area is located in the eastern suburbs of
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damascus and there has been shelling from eastern alter also on the capital city so it's been it's creating. the situation that is unbearable now the unbearable part is also that all is so heavily densely populated and there are so many civilians as has been the case repeatedly in this conflict are trapped in the middle and therefore the syrian government ideally it would be great if the these terrorist groups and their fighting forces would actually hand over their weapons because anyway there's no chance for them to actually continue to fight the battle on a military on a military level is this is over i mean there's they are continuing to fight helplessly and this is ridiculous because it's putting all the civilians in danger there are safe passage is now they are supposed to the civilians are supposed to leave in thousands and from these safe passages however the fighters are not allowing the civilians to leave holding them hostages in some way now the whole
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area is now divided as your report said into three parts in these three there are various groups various terrorist groups and insurgents in these various parts so for example the northern part of the duma is controlled by. the part of how to us that is controlled by. the part that is out to be an end to fighting forces that are actually here is where there is an actual conflict between the two fighting forces you have to nasir on one hand and you have a man on the other and they are not reaching an agreement on on on how to proceed the best the most ideal way would be to her. and over their weapons and let the syrian government at home or at the moment set them back into a normal life at the moment that isn't happening so how would you expect this infighting to play out does it signify a final froze before the syrian government takes over this district or would you
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expect them to perhaps regroup or what do you anticipate. well the city and the russian a reconciliation center is helping a lot to because it's clear and exchange and dialogue and there is some. give and take going on here and i hope that they will reach a solution to get more civilians out to the bombing i would say will actually continue there's no ceasefire when it comes to terrorist organization the cease fire does not apply on terrorist organizations such as. has been has been labeled as a terrorist organization by the security council and the united nations security council hence there is no ceasefire with that with terrorists however one must be careful because there are so many civilians trapped in the middle saw i think there is a russian effort here there is a cooperation with the syrian government the syrian army is trying to help civilians exit this region even fighters who want to leave they could be room for some agreements for limited fighters with their own personal weapons to leave
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into a different area this can also be discussed the syrian government is being very flexible because it realizes its wants to save as as many civilians as possible and the russians are also pressuring and their direction now there are other forces in the region and in the world that are not playing a positive role and unfortunately for example i don't think that the saudi arabia and some gulf countries are playing a positive role on that level of what is asked is that they play a more active for all in putting pressure on the groups that they used to fund to make them in agreement because this is a losing battle no one no one will win the. undecided are going to have to wrap things up there because they are running at a time that is great to get your thoughts on this that was a political analyst thank you. now in other news today a five year deadline to charge former u.s.
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intelligence chief james clapper expires on monday despite calls from both parties to prosecute him he allegedly lied to congress under oath about mass the mess dick surveillance does the n.s.a. collect any type of data of a millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no sir. it does not. not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps worked but not not willing one book after statement there was revealed to be erroneous just months after the testimony with edward snowden's revelations about mass u.s. surveillance american lawmakers have criticized the justice department for failing to open clappers case he and others who have held administrative power must be held accountable to the same laws that govern the people of the united states he admitted to lying to congress and was an remorseful in flippant about it the
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integrity of our federal government is at stake because his behavior sets the standard for the entire intelligence community but if the analyst charles or tell says that clapper is case does fit into a larger pattern of failures to prosecute. it can be taken very seriously but to date it is seldom been prosecuted aggressively and depending on the facts of the case. prosecutors may make a determination that they only want to go forward with cases that are easily won when you look past the narrow issue of clapper and you look at the long period of president obama's tenure for eight years which is only now beginning to come out of the kind of scrutiny i felt it deserved a long time ago what you see have been a longstanding pattern and practice of harnessing the machinery of the fearsome machinery of the us federal state against enemies of the obama administration and in favor of friends of the ministration and that's the larger story or not simply
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whether clapper should be prosecuted for the one instance that's admitted we did lie under oath to congress. that russia's defense ministry has released video of tests of its latest missile systems among the new weapon is the hypersonic congeal or dig missile which can go ten times the speed of sound and he said to be capable of outsmarting or existing defense systems and then there's the rocket to you an intercontinental ballistic missile which has a vast range and can carry multiple nuclear warheads it is correspondent not against the air was granted exclusive access to russia's latest nuclear deterrent.
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meet satan as natives come to cool this the thirty six and two hundred and nine tons of nuclear get done it is a paradox if these things evolution. it likely mean the end of human civilization and yet it is that very fact that guarantees that new sane man will lead the press the red button. beyond thirty six m. carries as many as ten nuclear warheads as well as decoys and counter-measures its
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beat in service for nigh on food see years now he's time for something new something a little more powerful. you're watching out international still to come fever salah tensions are high again in catalonia where thousands of protesters have rallied once more to break away from spain well how they look at that in detail in a couple of minutes. but
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politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to. have to go on to be press this is what the four three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. apply to many clubs over the years so i know the guy even saw dods. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending you're going to twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy. great
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so we'll all chance with. and thinks it's going to. thank you though again i was just under a week until the presidential election in russia and r.t. starting its special coverage. was crazy and. yes i was seeing a stop check top because i still mean that i would see the. music that you're really making everybody looking somewhere. not just
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what would you get when there was a little rusty and of what you did after you did a pretty. darn sure. which. we got on the chin that. never were seen you know that i'm going to just to look at your. stupid look at. the problem go to sleep over the significance of the choices you want. because. it would be. what we did speak exclusively to one of the hopefuls there power including in the candidate for the communist party he's a fifty seven year old director of a farm and his left wing platform proposes nationalizing big industries and also banks critics though accuse him of keeping his own earnings in foreign banks
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something he denies asked him about some of the pressing issues facing russia and its society. there is terrorism it is in places where people live in poverty and an environment for terror groups to develop first and foremost we must get rid of such environments people must be employed if a man has a job with a decent wage and cares for his family he won't become a terrorist if he has no job and has fallen for certain doctrines imposed on him he becomes easy prey for terror recruitment i'm talking about the domestic situation as for terror groups existing outside of the country we must fight them very hard the good guy should be strong and pull no punches. i think the european union pictures russia is
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a threat in order to consider data its internal policies i'm getting the impression that the e.u. authorities present russia as the enemy to consolidate themselves while doing so their lobbying for defense spending why would you unleash an arms race if you already have a lot more weapons than we have and your military budget is bigger than ours i believe someone wants to escalate an arms race even more and for that reason it must be shown that there is some sort of threat in existence. what we can put this issue to a referendum but psi can tell you ninety nine percent of russia's population will be against same sex marriage it's certain so why raise the issue it's like asking muslims whether they're legal pork they won't go in many other states people eat pork and there's nothing wrong with it but muslims won't be doing it in russia people have certain moral norms and we must consider this fact so as of today we
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don't have any grounds even to propose the issue of same sex marriage to our nation and throughout the week here in r.t. will be introducing you to russia's presidential hopefuls and how they do view the future of the country and also the world and then on sunday march the eighteenth to join us for our special coverage election night live here on r.t. international. the independence movement in catalonia shows no sign of dying down five months on from the referendum that was branded illegal by the spanish government. forty five thousand protesters attended a rally in barcelona on sunday calling for a new government that will work towards catalonia secession from spain people chanted their support for the former cathal and president carter's pledge to mom in four other separatist leaders are currently active the country and could face prosecution if they returned home demonstrators also demanded the release of local
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politicians jailed for their roles in last october's vote after the referendum madrid imposed direct rule in catalonia but jonathan shafi from the radical independence campaign says the spanish government is failing to uphold democratic rights but i think what do you spanish government is attempting to do is to grain people and of course it's still not the number one week stock that is to sit in. local loosely seems to me within the last week has been to try and strangle the mood. people are using b.d.s. ministry to techniques to strangle the possibility of establishing and we have to look at this now actually start to question what democracy really means and the european context i have not seen and not internationally. when it comes to what's going on in parts what it means not only but the situation on which is what you have in peace and you know you have championships and you join the sandwiches and in. texas be annoying to those that we don't and that has won
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a parliament and even be able to leave the jail on monday to attend the beat that's been ruled by the spanish supreme court so democracy is under attack you in theory or us were used and it's important that the international community the e.u. and protect your rights to stand up on the state of democratic rights and it's not doing so. passenger plane has crashed while landing at katmandu airport in nepal killing the majority of those on board conflicting reports to put the figure between forty and fifty people dead officials say the plane caught fire and skidded to a stop in a field next to the runway it was carrying sixty seven passengers including two children with four crew on board working to update it on any further information. that's how things are looking so far today here in r.t. don't forget plenty of stories at our website at r.t. dot com.
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for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all such but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous is a huge tournaments and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to dominate the center of the beach but that we're with you and you saw the green. the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the father two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one. needs to just read the review theology team's latest edition to make up as we go. look.
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seems wrong. but old rules just don't call. to me to slow to get to shape out disdain comes to attitude and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered on peter lavelle the art of the deal is being put to the test can trump the former reality television host broker a deal with the north koreans will the deep state allow him also is the world entering a new trade war. ross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victor allege he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have of course dimitri bob and she is a political analyst we spoke to make international or a german crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let's start out well there was the phrase nixon went to china is trump going to lease metaphorically go to korea what i find really remarkable me go
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to victor first is that i think he did this all on his own he didn't tell anyone and the reaction from his own administration they were caught flat footed and of course the media is dead set against it because well there are a front for the for the deep state what's going on here because of course there are some who are as much. took ill in africa you know so right after this. and it's actually good that he you know if he met with. in the theo is the as they were planning who knows what would have been accused of what they are but with the you know it's first of all it's questionable whether the tape will happen. considering all kinds of all sorts of circumstances. of course for the real deal killer is ation of the korean peninsula to happen the states would have to do two things first of all it would have to give guarantees of nonaggression against north korea which is the one they have wanted all along yes but there was going to use
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would have to be they wouldn't just be words because everyone knows how much words are worth considering what the united states did to iraq to libya and to other countries that got rid of their weapons of mass destruction in syria yes so what would north korea want in exchange for denuclearization it would want the united states to withdraw its troops and bases from south korea and of course the recognition of north korea as an independent state and both on both counts the united states is not willing to compromise so i had it in my introduction will the deep state allow him mark ok i want to toss a another alternative view and there it is entirely possible that trump went out on his own in the deep sea this our fight there is another possibility south korea and north korea just had a very successful you know first blush spring of detente with this joint a limbic team and they're talking to each other they've agreed on
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a meeting in the d.m.z. between the two the two leaders and russia and china russia working with north korea and china working with south korea seem to be playing some type of tag team to facilitate a process and there's some evidently some real substantial things are actually being discussed about security guarantees and so on among the koreans among the corrino we have mentioned on the show multiple times that we think that the u.s. needs to butt out of this process of the korea's need to keep the u.s. out of the room this may be a chance for the u.s. deep state to interject itself back into a process that was bearing too much fruit and they don't have and are american. fingerprints all over it and sabotage it to make sure that there is no agreement between a south korean president who seems all too eager for them on reaching some type of
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peaceful agreement in our view to me there's a lot of wiggle room here because. it's saying the obvious the trump is unconventional but he basically was replying to an initiative through another intermediary i mean there was no letter ok we don't know the terms and conditions and that allows actually trampin the north koreans and the south koreans a little bit of wriggle wiggle room because we didn't actually say that but what i find very interesting is that trump startled the deep state by saying this because there are no preconditions there were always preconditions for talks and then disposed to dispense with that which is really the real news here. well it's amazing that the american press did not criticize trump when he called him a secret puppy when he said that he is a rocket man on a suicide mission that's perfectly all right that's not what one got it right when he said that we have no choice but
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a little totally destroyed but i think you know they thought only thought it was bad taste bad policy let's make it is exile and now they say it's better. when just a glimmer of hope or a dialogue has appeared that's already a huge danger why is there a united states press behaving like that because it is for that i do or would you neo liberal is now conservative which is basically one thing for me it in terms of foreign policy destruction of mankind is not a huge misfortune break in all you know making a compromise that's a misfortune how can we let this get through for the cool that's the most terrible thing for them nor the destruction of the korean what's really interesting here and i think our viewers of the ones who watches on a regular basis is a. the it doesn't matter what president is in the white house they don't want a piece on the korean peninsula that doesn't have the permission of the deep state in reading the complete collapse of north korea right well i mean
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the interesting thing is here is that you know there is talk of unification there's always been talk of you know reunification but under whose turn. of the don't want compromises because the end there are stagnant that compromise between north and south korea would mean that the united states would no longer have reason to keep its bases in south korea and go all of the units the civil war the deep state of the american establishment east get to keep those troops in bases in south korea they're not there so much against north korea but against china and it's a huge footprint it's also called a little it's also cost to russia's far east and so there's my colleagues have said here before the deep state is very much against this to in the me still have a very good chance to have their castle that mean that it's very interesting here you know mark the thing is the dilemma the feasters the deep
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state is it. if there is an outcome in the hypothetical. on the korean peninsula with the initiative on the side of the koreans that sends a message to the entire region the japanese are going to say oh so what conditions in which you withdraw from your troops from from japan the philippines we're going to have taiwan see it is a dilemma a domino effect a domino effect but you know the thing is is that you know i always when i used to teach european history is that you know why did the first world war start it started because of prestige you do not want to lose prestige you know the united states would lose a huge element of prestige in that very important country in that entire region and they they they if that's what keeps them up at night i think there's a degree of us as always concerned with prestige they're in secure about their self-proclaimed leadership position and over the world but in pursuit of germany
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they need to keep south korea as as their client state they need to keep their military bases there they've got ballistic missile defense these fat systems in south korea now and. the threat of an of an independent united korea historically korea has stronger ties with china and greater animosity with japan however right small amount that is that would be a break in the u.s. containment of china that they cannot allow so they they can't allow this go for this is why i think the deep state is actually trying they are behind all of this trying to interject in the process i think they know for what trump was doing now quietly from what i understand south korea talking with china china has been talking about russia and china providing some security guarantees to. north korea and south korea has been making some promises that under theoretically
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you know far down the road in the event of reunification korea wouldn't join any anti chinese eight zero design target any the ad and they've also promised to limit the number of systems not allow any more to be erected you know what's really interesting here is that you know again our viewers may not know this is that under extreme security conditions in south korea an american for star general is in charge of the entire military operation of south korea there are new south koreans that want their sovereignty back to be able to make sovereign decisions for their own country their own people and you know it's the people to the north they're related to them they're the same people here all right here and again this is going to be sending messages to other groups and politicians in asia there are within this web of military bases that the united states is created in the pacific there are people in japan will say we should take care of ourselves we're
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a rich country and then of course we could through their arms it's just there's been trying to get us forces and exactly you know in our time. i think that the united states are afraid that south korea will. go all the way over iraq i mean look at iraq yeah they let the russian planes through to syria without the iraqi government taking the decision i mean we don't know exactly how it was taken probably it was during an influence probably something else but iraq has shown a certain deal of sobering and they write a foreign minister last week was in russia and he was received at a very high level why because it's of sovereign country they have shown it so if south korea goes the same world as it seemed to be going on the president came to june m d he is the successor normal it looked like south korea was becoming a sovereign country tell you that there is a divinity eventually going but you know mark brings a fairly good point here victor is that.


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