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tv   Boom Bust  RT  March 9, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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news the source covered men in black have reportedly climbed up iran's embassy in london and taken down the national flag pictures are emerging online showing the alleged assailants to iran's press t.v. channel has said that the embassy has come under quote unquote attack reports suggest a religious group is behind the stunt we'll bring you the latest information on this story as it comes to us. next around one hundred eighty military troops have been deployed to the southern in the u.k. town of souls bring us the help the probe into an attack on a former russian spy and his daughter according to the u.k. home secretary powell and his daughter yulia remain in critical condition of his police as the latest. well the focus of the investigation appears to have shifted to the cemetery where there are the remains of the. wife and son who both die in over the past few years and police have denied the they have touched or
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exude the remains of either of the bodies of the wife or the son of sergei scriptural however a tent a police tent has gone up and people have seen police offices removing objects from the scene the other major development is that the military has been deployed to help with the investigation and there are specialists now and contamination experts who are helping to remove vehicles and items from the scene including ambulances that may have come into contact with this agent and been contaminated while assisting the victims the home secretary amber rudd was in salzburg a little bit earlier on as well that is of course the town where this all unfolded and west. lived take a listen to what she had to say people's curiosity about all those questions and wanting to have. there will be
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a toy. but the best way to get to them is to make sure that we give the police the space that they need to also visited the hospital. and his daughter and also the police officer that came to their assistance are all being treated and speaking of medicine the police and wilcher said that as many as twenty one people have been treated in connection to potentially coming into contact with this nerve agent so we're seeing an extensive investigation unfolding and at the same time extensive media speculation which just isn't letting up in case you haven't heard about who may be behind this is. attack take a look at what's being said bad things have been known to happen to russians who cross vladimir putin the fact that a nerve agent was use strengthens the likelihood that this was a state sponsor of some sort and russia is the chief suspect of course the u.k. has turned a blind eye to assassinations on its soil and has instead tried to protect the
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kremlin and the speculation isn't limited to the media some of the politicians have been indulging in it as well despite the words of the home secretary not to keep a cool head and not to speculate about it a lot of backbench m.p.'s have been talking about it pointing the finger of blame at russia some of even gone as far as accusing russia of instigating an act of war if this indeed does lead back to the kremlin some of even used it as an excuse to call for more defense spending in the face of an ever greater russian threat moscow isn't very impressed with all of this most of it you could call it the most we're being accused not only of this western partners accuses of basically everything that's going wrong on this planet it's not serious it's just blatant propaganda and hysteria sergey lavrov added that in case anyone is interested russia is willing to help out with the investigation. trump has
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called many people off guard by agreeing to meet with the north korean leader only recently the two engaged in a twitter sponsor who had the biggest nuclear bomb to kill him open explains the heard the announcement and now we have confirmation from the white house that yes a meeting will take place between kim jong un and us president donald trump now this would be the first meeting between the head of state of the united states and the government of north korea their head of state this is quite a surprise to many people we've heard secretary of state rex tillerson who recently said that the u.s. it was a long way away. in any negotiations with north korea i don't know yet until we are able to be ourselves placed to face with. representatives of the world. whether it conditions are right you could be doing thinking about negotiations
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determines a direct talks with the united states and you asked me to go she asians or world always from negotiations and furthermore we've seen that the united states recently impose new sanctions on the country now there's also been quite a heated exchange and war of words between the two leaders in recent months to. live a year of strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed. her. not to make anyone ready to say. they will be met. by piri. the u.s. in the next two national committee will establish peace on the korean peninsula. and we can have a mad man out there shooting rockets all over the place have no choice but to
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totally destroy north korea. russia. is on a suicide mission tell no one from. he's a sick puppy. donald trump has said that the sanctions recently placed on north korea will remain in place until any agreement is reached and pointed out that in the lead up to the meeting north korea has agree. to freeze any hour ballistic missile testing any nuclear testing or proliferation so at this point out there seems to be a free is in north korea in anticipation of a meeting now we understood that this meeting will take place before may and the location and time are yet to be announced and we heard from
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a specialist chris ogden who told us he's keeping his expectations low on the upcoming meeting americans truly want the north koreans to get rid of their nuclear weapons the north koreans don't want the american military to relieve the peninsula and try to unify and instead there is a very very big. and very big the months one thing probably the best thing that could happen as long as our own is that they meet with so through some kind of are all they can agree that maybe there should be less legitimate against each other and maybe this can downplay the threat which will help global stability and regional stability but i think in terms of some run bargain it's unlikely. gunshots have been fired as border police conducted the raid on the west bank university outside the city of ramallah and recently elected student representative was arrested in the incident twenty four year old old marcus while he was held on wednesday that's according to the university he's
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a well known pro palestine activist with links to an affiliate of hamas he has already been arrested several times artie's poilus live reports from the ground. i'm hearing visit university outside ramallah in the west bank now during daylight hours israeli commandos who belong to the border police and a cover unit came into this university they tackled to the ground the haid of the student representative council who is also a member of them us now the israelis regard him as a terrorist organization and say that they believe that omar al kiss winey was involved in terror activity as they had him tackled to the ground they started firing bullets in the vicinity of the israeli commanders into the university through this introns there was an israeli army unit that was positioned outside here and as you can see this is where the guards sit they detained the guards in their room while the commandos themselves came into the university campus they came into the main part of the campus which is here and in front of the student
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representative council they tackled or marcus twenty to the ground what is clear is that they entered this university in what the campus administration says was in violation of international law they have called on the academic community to condemn israeli actions pointing out that this is not an isolated incident. r.t. outside ramallah. we got reaction to the incident from dr assad now i'm a member of the right of education committee at the west bank spelled site university this is an outrageous operation against the palestinians and especially against the biggest thing that we do it's well known fact that university usually r m u of such interferences and nor police or government or even army usually enter the university specially during the. first of the first blow its evolution also for the rights of the journalists you
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know there are soldiers trained soldiers but there are dressed like greatest genius list like. journalists it's just just a crazy kind of thing to do differently this student are going to attack you once you are inside the events that are sitting there council leader elected and getting him out of the university and having all these soldiers inside differently there would be a reaction that had left us with a shock a real shock first of all they were inside the university during the day they were shooting at the students after. u.n. humanitarian aid has finally reached the besieged enclave of eastern in syria the convoy had been delayed by heavy fighting as government forces battled terrorists according to the latest u.n. estimates the ongoing hostilities in eastern resulted in more than one hundred deaths in just two days the bodies also exciting that it's too dangerous for aid
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workers to actually enter the enclave and called on all parties of the conflict to put an end to the violence. but more on the situation on the ground i can speak now to ralph red cross regional spokesperson for the near and middle east good evening t. ralph if you can please just explain to us the humanitarian situation on the ground there in eastern guta and what. we do the people there need. good evening to start with today we were able to continue what was started on monday but unfinished on monday we were able to deliver a thirteen trucks loaded with food the military aid to more than twelve thousand people inside duma this batch of humanitarian aid is now of loaded and stored in syrian arab red crescent warehouses inside duma and ready to be distributed to people in need inside the the need of people remain massive the needs are.
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two four three four etc you have medical needs you have need for access to good source of food you need also access to clean water you have all sorts of needs inside the water today the priority remains medical help that we need to. reach with the people inside all to and food aid as well what happened today is that when we were offloading the trucks and basically transferring the aid to the warehouses fighting erupted near and around the area that we were working in which put aid workers at risk and the people there as well this is unfortunate because it hinders and jeopardizes our work and prevents ultimately people inside who are badly in need of humanitarian aid from from receiving this
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humanitarian aid. as i understand previous attempts to actually access the region to get a much needed aid in there where the postponed or trucks were turned back because of the danger posed what was the difference this time did you feel that there was a risk to your staff on this occasion. yes indeed last time the operation was. and delayed and that's why thirteen trucks returned back to the mask. able to offload the humanitarian aid on that day to day the amount of boxes that needed to be transferred was less therefore the spike the danger that we were facing we were able to finish quickly and rapidly and able to go back however the danger was still present and that shouldn't be a recurrence if we are able to reach an agreement between all the parties next week
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to return back to east alter with more and more aid that we know is much needed inside the war just over a dozen trucks made it made it through what percentage does that represent of the amount of aid that's actually needed. we really don't know what the actual amount of aid needed inside we're talking about an area some reports talk about four hundred thousand people who still live inside this and although what we know is that the needs are huge and the twenty twenty seven thousand five hundred people which the trucks on monday and today were able to provide humanitarian aid to or just a little percentage of who of the people who need the military aid inside therefore we're always ready once an agreement is reached between the parties to give us the security guarantees to go back inside and deliver more and more humanitarian aid this could happen next week if all parties agree again to allow us to enter.
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i'm just thinking back to previous conflicts in the middle east where there's been evidence of terrorists taking humanitarian aid once it was delivered keeping it to themselves selling at extortionate prices on the black market how do you make sure that the this needy gets to the people who need it. unfortunately in war this happens but through agreement and bilateral agreements with all the parties we insist and we make sure that only people in need get the humanitarian aid this has been a way of work of the international committee of the red cross proven effective in yemen in iraq and in syria as well after all it is the responsibility of the people who control such areas to allow humanitarian aid and to make sure that this humanitarian aid that we bring in is the submitted to people and
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through our partners on the ground the syrian arab red crescent and duma we ensure that only the families that were registered with high priority. sievers of humanitarian aid are the families that get the batch of humanitarian aid which we were able to deliver the stime in duma i know you said you need both sides to come together here and basically agree to this to allow the aid to come in but i mean there are warring parties we've seen the u.n. resolution fail to bring peace is that the only option really then the both sides need to come together and allow this to happen. yes the only way to monitor and aid organizations can work to bring in the needed aid is by both parties agreeing there is no way that we as a military and organizations can work without having security guarantees because we
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won't be able to move and we won't be able to load our trucks with humanitarian aid and we won't be able to safeguard the stuff and people that need help inside what on areas this is the way we were by agreeing with all parties and by having all parties agree for the benefit of civilians who are badly in need of humanitarian aid. whether there is a ceasefire or not what's important is that. the warring parties agree to safeguard humanitarian organizations for the benefit of people. seem to finally just want to ask this seems like one of the most dangerous and possibly times thankless jobs in existence to go into such a dangerous war zone and put your life on the line to help others do you struggle to to recruit people to do this job and how aware are people of the situation they're getting themselves into. indeed is
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a dangerous job and unfortunately we've had some colleagues from the syrian arab red crescent who lost their lives while on duty throughout the seven years of armed conflict in syria this is unfortunate and this is why international humanitarian law the law that governs war and armed conflict is very clear on protecting humanitarian aid workers and volunteers who risked their lives to be able to help others. of course it's difficult but all the people who work in humanitarian organizations are there with one mission to help people even though they know that it's risks their lives after all the people in need someone needs to help them and this is our mission and this is our role. my guest red cross regional spokesperson for the near and middle east really appreciate your time keep up the good work. meanwhile around ten kilometers from the district of eastern ghouta more terrorist
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attacks on civilians have been taking place fresh shelling from eastern guta hitting residential areas of the capital that's according to russia's reconciliation center defense ministry says that two people were injured in the latest attack such assaults and happened on an almost daily basis since government forces increased pressure on the terrorist anything although some of the previous attacks have been far more deadly. for those who were in the shop or work and we heard a sound we didn't know whether if the explosion was close or far away we went
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outside and found people on the scene with injuries that would make anyone literally shudder. to stay without internationalists if you don't forget if you enjoy your news on the go you can follow us on facebook twitter and led to more stories available on our website if you just had to r.t. . it's a global trade war imminent if donald trump follows through on increasing keris and ending existing trade deals it seems very likely after all this was at the very center of his campaign for the presidency it was a promise he made to his base will it make america great again.
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sophie shevardnadze the public of kosovo proclaimed its independence from serbia a decade ago consequences has this move brought to the country and the world young come on former president of the united nations general assembly and foreign foreign minister of czech republic is with me today to talk about this. ten years after declaration of independence and country still struggling. with some states afraid of the dangers that kosovo separatist success could pose them. for the world ever make peace with its neighbors and when. two feet without the protection of young cohen former president of the u.n. general assembly an x. foreign minister of the czech republic welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us now mr come on ten years ago europe had and you stayed born in cost of all back then you set the proclamation of independence and its recognition
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was a big mistake ten years on do you still think the same. yes i'm going to wind it was a mistake so that the very beginning in fact mistake is a very polite soft. guy the and i called mission of independence of kosovo as a gross violation of international law but also violation of the house think it can even of the united nations security council resolution twelve forty four which made it very clear that kosovo at that time should have remained thought of the former federal republic of yugoslavia. and the you know a lot of a decoration of independence clearly violated all of these. legal
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provisions and in my own opinion i think it set a very dangerous precedent for all. minorities all says and it says her mission is movement to declare you not to know independence i was not surprised at toll that the also of the independence or declaration of independence of crimea well that was about it's nice and really mr cullen i was going to ask you because you also said i recognize the cost of this independence proclamation and not recognizing yang crimea is a double standard but the western powers explain that by saying that all these cases are unique and shouldn't be used as presidents for each other do you agree with their point. in the open unit. any such political moves create precedents either positive or negative ones. as
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far as i'm concerned and i'm not the only one. who was perceived by many of my colleagues in the czech bollman for example that did a good you know i thought a commission of independence of course or create it but i said didn't fall. because the fall could i mean into future may be. in spain may be inspired by this and the other similar. similar movements and therefore. i form a diploma. you believe in following the provisions of international law. and therefore. if i do think. i like the idea that break ups of any such entities should be as
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a result of an agreement of both spots so if it would have agreed to it that it would have you know k. same as. my own country took us about the. device in the czech republic and slovakia it was as a result of an agreement of both spots that i think got us bonds to international law ok i wanted his. declaration of independence is our own i want to talk a little bit about costs about saddam the cost of a separation from ethnic serbs in the north to ignore the new state and for years that's what they did i mean sometimes attention is rose so high that the former president of serbia has said he's ready to send troops into protect a serbian population that can there be a conflict with his serbian kossovo over the northern terror. morris. i hope that any conflicts will not take fall of
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a minute to be confronted. by the conflict which could be solved by negotiations and by political means but from my own information the position of. sebi and minority in kosovo for example. is not. one which. would correspond to the you know been your me in. criteria for treatment of minorities and i do hope that when negotiations of both push and better get a. true joy in european union will proceed further that utopian union will ensure that both countries fully conform to develop and they can create you then other criteria including criteria for its treatment of minorities therefore this must be reflected in the level of
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education level of access to that of ages. buildings and. missed out in one essential that mr carwell. what gives you the hope that they will abide by the copenhagen normative. i mean if they if they wish to join do dopey uni and. the copenhagen criteria. one of the basic ones i can see how they could join utopia uni and if. the level of democracy would be in some way violated if they would be convicted office. as caught up in official. come see of each would no more. rule of law and so that i so for me the copenhagen is something i'm someone to but i mean they have to conform otherwise they conjoin
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utopian unity and most of cos of course are asked nichol being a prime minister has already voiced the idea of a single president for both countries at some point and using albania could eventually absorb kosovo if they cos of our state will not get itself together in the near future. that's a very complex question. if i'm going to think of the united nations of independence of kosovo. then that does not mean that course. should be basically taken over by. i acknowledge of course debt in both countries. the population is. a baby and. it would go into the question the very. principle of which you are now discussing so if kosovo is declared as
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a somewhat an independent country. then. i can quite see how in international law they should become a province all part of some federal arrangement with out of a nia i think the this would be. unacceptable to the government. and i would hope it would be unacceptable to most of international community that the cost of a specialist court as a tribunals set up to investigate kosovo liberation army members of news is joining the cos like with serbia is in danger at the cost of a palm and is considering suspending it says the prime minister the president the palm and to a speaker are all former commanders all scale a do you saying there is foul play here i mean someone wanting to hush things down i do hear from some of my friends who live in the indonesian that. close to the leadership or in some influential
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positions in kosovo they are still members of. the. in the last at least strongly suspect it of having committed crimes during the minutes of a confrontation if this is the case they should be. i am a believer in the in the hague fault but. the problem is that not all people are brought to they some of whom have been brought in the past with a surprisingly. without being shy other people receive very high and long sentences so that creates enough most fear in which the whole question of a pick a sion of justice is being set on into doubts and that is not good for the atmosphere.


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