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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 9, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EST

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so if this gambit succeeds the world is looking forward to a period of unparalleled peace peace because there is no alternative political commentator john bosnich thanks for joining us. it is on to international militants of shell the refugee convoy trying to leave the rebel done terrorist controlled syrian enclave of eastern ghouta but the russian defense ministry has confirmed that several civilians were killed in the us old news that takes a look at various factors hampering the russian sponsored evacuation process. according to the russian military the three hundred families had allegedly gathered together to leave eastern ghouta crossing the frontlines is always dangerous so it's best done when there's a safe window with the agreement of both deliverance the syrian government was waiting for them the rebels doubting that he knew what was going on and shelled
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them they reportedly shelled the procession of civilians i mean a kilometer before they were out east ghouta and then to top it all off they shelled their relatives and journalists waiting in the syrian side at the end of the corridor nothing's changed they aren't allowing civilians to leave just like the islam islam is brother and did in aleppo. and then. when that started you know. they're nervous to hear. these you got to. look at. what they said about you but any use. seems our student. yet here in washington tell it you don't mention that they think it's joke like russia has called for these jokes like humanitarian
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corridor wars russia needs to just do what the united nations had agreed to and voted on and that is a countrywide ceasefire freeing civilians would mean less human shields it would be a p.r. blow. people don't want to stay with the rebels they'll talk say all sorts of horrible things about life and the jihad ists they'll challenge the narrative why let them leave too many problems take rebel shelling of damascus blind aimless shells peppered damascus daily for years now so many dead and still dying still to die yet you won't see any hysteria about that in fact you won't hear much of tool they won't admit that rebels are keeping people hostage because that justifies assad's operation as do those that die in rebel shelling so why mention it it
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ruins the narrative it's so much simpler when it's all black and white but most of the united states press is clearly on the side of the rebels they believe that assad is evil person who is running an evil regime and they'd like to see it all and therefore stories about the suffering of syrians and damascus because that rebel argument don't make much impression and occasionally they get through the stories but they are they're not. they're not the overriding story which is that this is a brutal regime that refuses to make compromise and it's leading to a very lopsided narrative also on thursday dozens of trucks were prevented from entering eastern ghouta due to the fighting on the ground one u.n. aid convoy was allowed into the area on monday but it had to leave amid heavy fighting even before the unloading was finished the situation in the area remains
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dire and civilians as we've seen have little chance of escaping. i am. this is extraordinarily violent time it's been a very bloody two months here the beginning of this year it is really hell on
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ground for the children it is very difficult there are problems arguments they are scared they are seeing death and violence at a scale that you would hope no child would see there is a lack of food and water it brings to see many of the families are crowded into small spaces and basements. president trump has signed a controversial order imposing hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to america are the moves of face to face backlash both from abroad and within the u.s. trump insists it's needed to protect the country's national security today i'm defending america's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum the american steel low milage astri has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices. it's really an assault on our country despite
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domestic and international backlash trump has signed a proclamation imposing twenty five percent tariffs on steel imports and ten percent tariffs on minium imports encouraging companies to buy american well the president argues that protecting these industries will guarantee economic and national security however truck has offered to relieve to some u.s. allies of the tariffs will not apply to imports from canada and mexico at least temporarily until nafta is renegotiated even though trump has received some domestic applause from unions in particular that was the case internationally when he first announced these new tariffs on twitter the world was furious. you should try it you want to change your choosing a trade war is surely the room prescription trying to make it appropriate and
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necessary respond we will defend our interests if need to come. i'm convinced that increased terrorists will hurt us over the long run trade roles are bad and easy to lose. well trump has stated in the past that he sees nothing wrong with trade wars and now other allies are threatening tariffs on u.s. imports of peanuts juice alcohol and cetera but trump's move has been met with domestic backlash as well from both democrats and republicans who believe that protectionism harms national security now more than one hundred house republican members signed a letter on wednesday expressing deep concern about the plan suggested to change the course of action to avoid untended negative consequences to the u.s. economy and its workers but considering that to canada and mexico have. been exempt
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one can't help but wonder if these new tariffs are intended to hit china trump has listed china as a threat to national security and he's repeatedly expressed the need to counter china so we can't be too sure when unveiling the tariffs at the white house trump was apparently so excited that he did forget one rather important detail would you like to take a picture in the oval office i assume you've all been many times into the oval office come on let's go and do that let's go into the yes i'm going to do we'll go into the oval office we're going to sign this will go into the oval office we have a picture ok ok thank you treasury secretary they're reminding the president that he actually needed to sign it the order first before saying cheese the plan has received broad support though from steel and in the u.s. but economist jeffrey tucker says it could ultimately force key u.s. allies to export elsewhere. so it seems as if every european nation
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is is washing their hands of the u.s. we're no longer trustworthy trade partners in light of this and so europe is seeking other allies china canada australia you know anywhere in the world the u.s. and this is been growing for some months is is that i see is becoming isolated and in the global economy and let's not make any mistake about this in the twenty first century there's no such thing as as as nations when it comes to economic affairs anymore we all must cooperate together and the u.s. is excluding itself and giving up its credibility trump it's doing here it is contrary to the national interest and contrary to the good of the global economy. donald trump has also called many off guard by agreeing to meet face to face with a north korean leader kim jong il only recently the two were engaged in a twitter spat over who had the biggest nuclear button is our correspondent. we
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heard the announcement and now we have confirmation from the white house that yes a meeting will take place between kim jong un and us president donald trump now this would be the first meeting between the head of state of the united states and the government of north korea their head of state this is quite a surprise to many people we've heard secretary of state rex tillerson who recently said that the usa was a long way away from any negotiations with north korea i don't know yet until we are able to be ourselves placed to face with. representatives of the world. whether it conditions are right you can be doing if you about negotiations between arms or direct talks with the united states and u.s. negotiators sions and were always for me goes to asians and furthermore we've seen that the united states recently impose new sanctions on the country now there's also been quite a heated exchange and war of words between the two leaders in recent months the.
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year of strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed. her. not making any one reference to the united states. they will be met with by. the u.s. and the next international community will establish peace on the korean peninsula. and we can have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place have no choice but to totally destroy north korea and. russia. is on a suicide mission for himself no one from so he's on a suicide note. uses
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. donald trump has said that the sanctions recently placed on north korea will remain in place until any agreement is reached and pointed out that in the lead up to the meeting north korea has agreed to freeze any ballistic missile testing any nuclear testing or proliferation so at this point other seems to be a free is in north korea in anticipation of a meeting now we have understood that this meeting will take place before may and the location and time are yet to be announced are still to come here on the program russia's foreign minister has reacted to allegations the kremlin had a hand in the poisoning of a former spy in the u.k. but in a culture of joining us soon in fact right off the plane. you
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. know. that. if you speak french.
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it is good to have you with us today moscow says it's open to genuine requests for help regarding the investigation into the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. the. help is of interest to investigate regarding the poisoning of u.k. citizens and. meddling into the us election anything else if russia's assistance is indeed needed we are ready to consider that possibility. what do we know at this point. well pouring minister is said again a lover of has dismissed all media accusations of russia's involvement and the
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poisoning of accidental agents and his daughter now he calls them hysterical and said that no facts have been presented of russia's involvement in the sense that and most of it. being accused not only is this a western partners trick uses of basically everything that's going wrong on this planet it's not serious it's just propaganda and hysteria student shortly after this incident and most of the british mainstream media started to out quickly as speculate whether there was russia's involvement what there russia is to blame there were also quick to draw parallels with the death of the former k.g.b. agent alexander litvinenko who was poisoned in the u.k. more than a decade to go but no hard evidence was provided back at the time by the investigators of russia's involvement bad things have been known to happen to russians who
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crossed vladimir putin the fact that a nerve agent was use strengthens the likelihood that this was a state sponsor of some sort and russia is the chief suspect of course the u.k. has turned a blind eye to assassinations on its soil and has instead tried to protect the kremlin at the same time a u.k. home secretary is calling for average one not to jump to conclusions while the investigation is underway the use of the u.k. so is a brazen and reckless act but if we are to be in this investigation we must avoid speculation and allow the police to carry on that investigation. now cindy is great and his daughter were found last weekend in the city and so was very in england in critical condition at the moment british investigators say that they were exposed to a nerve agent but fused to reveal what specific why isn't it once now both
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of them remain in critical condition as well as the other nineteen people who were also exposed to this poisoning and now we do know that the handsomest discreet ball is at the moment cordoned off by police as well as the grave something is why and his son and the past five years now their graves are also cordoned off by the investigators or at all times within a culture of thank you. google is facing a backlash from its own employees over its partnership with the u.s. department of defense the company is cooperating with the padlock on under the military drone a project maven google is developing artificial intelligence to allies drone video data the tech giant has defended its involvement with the military project the technology flags images for human review and it's
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a non-offensive uses in military use of machine learning naturally raises valid concerns we are actively discussing this important topic internally and with others as we continue to develop policies safeguards around the development and the use of a machine learning technologies the u.s. military does make it extensive use of drones according to the bureau of investigative journalism since two thousand and four almost five thousand drones of the strikes have been confirmed it's thought these have killed around a thousand civilians at the end of last year google's executive chairman expressed fears to the military was exploiting technology to kill. there's a general concern in the tech community. some how the military industrial complex using their stuff to kill people and correctly if you will have a satellite. bill at one time google's motto was don't be evil when a former cia analyst on a whistle blower told us why the tech giant is finding it hard to stick to its
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principles you know this is the dirty little secret of corporate america and that is that practically every major corporation no matter what sector it's in is cooperating in some way with either the defense department or the intelligence community let's say you're the c.e.o. of a company and the department of defense comes to you and says we want you to help us do x. y. and z. and you say no i can't because our slogan is don't do evil they say your country needs you and because you're a patriot you have to help your country and believe it or not that's a very convincing argument and ninety nine companies out of one hundred will do what's asked for them. voice operated electronic assistance like siri or alexa are getting ever better jobs but also creepy as the ai inside gets a little too human for example out of the blue just randomly laughing at you.
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are we really that desperate for approval that we need the machine to laugh at this election people have been reporting that you've been spontaneously laughing. oh i'm like that. but i'm.
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also joining us on this friday here on international way back soon with mall. but you go shoot what you want order your street number so i know what morning and one million people died and i. killed people they'd be even vague you. know no one's going to worry too much you everybody's around them and that's.
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i very well welcome to the stan collymore show taking a short break from our says american embassy now to bring you the latest on the world system one hundred days to the opening game and we went to central to culture . explain the finally d.t.c. system. we associate old soldier almost club and i would say kill before we go to the feet for events and meet some of them on the cultures ahead of the world called something
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eagle eyed if you remember all the and all you know you can say hey call me when the ball of fluff eight o'clock am going will start to die it's my turn with. so this is going to take the sled the truck is taking us to casa very quick last the bus thanks mike so. i think we'll. leave you. the reason
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for which. reads much is the hope that the men will find on the basis that it's going to be easy it's a disease which are absolutely dupes of the current sentiment in the face actually it's a very good center to be between between the fantasy and free transportation and these are free because it's the same same duck in the base the same tool that is that is used as a security tool it's also. an incentive to leave with the documents news that you can enter. the russian federation but these are then you can enjoy a free ride. on a train stall the process for fun i just need to take. off to be. in the spaceship. which is found. you need time to pass but that saddens me and then you will receive that as the
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next notification of it that the case that it's. very. very important but you will see that you will for all. possible your individual. be. all. you need receipts are coming to. get the stuff and then comes. that you have to do so if you're in england. anywhere in the world you go on the following websites. people who. use your breed and a possible to free travel. spend. let's go. an effort on the part of russian federation but i think it's cruel to pay
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off. very well that's the primary job to keep the fans happy. we all the congress and the sochi basically just think for tree work can see salt money trees cheap shots doctors pool here to get a lot of the information that i need ahead of the three four will call for it's a familiar places but some of chuck's want to. be right see you closely here and in subject tell us what you it is still basically i'm assistant coach of a of the national team for all day and we have that know it all and i get meetings sunk in a mold revelation of the flu and well you know all day that i feel old they need to stop the old salt you know really unwashed enjoy plus say we need to know what we have to rule the space out of my i'm just stuff you know in the head coach well we have to do in the same when we're on the beach we spoke to the great taper you can
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be sure was one of your heroes in it as a child growing up in miami and we asked him specifically about the peruvian say when he said he was very excited with some of the younger players coming through the experience of golf to play through an idea what this peruvian national see that quality is all what we saw a nice little you know and they are ready to say many on team me some fuel split screens play yes i think the key for us will stay at play a city you know is no is no easy for the many men in my i mean it has to do good in the national team to get the team to better we was very pleased with the team response maybe well that's all we came in the small comedy strong because they s. a t. i want t. in the team these knew we had the best team if you don't don't walk in as a team would be over this awful couple of. brit's right forwards one in one preparation where iceland style in the local blue. or you will malt and you preparations going to break in terms of friends staying in givenchy down by the
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black sea be a nice summer resort i would cool to also when you're in a great results and see why sure noise as a cold look full city seems to play well does it not matter as you just about anything to do you know and then there's a lot of folks just meet new people take it in use big events big city you don't get a lot of media attention and then teams similar to argentina and i mean never really something each night after the teams of the past six in the east. or the football association it was a coach i would say it's got the manager looking to get out of the six starts to end this state really should taste of death in the eyes of facilities on final it just takes. place the best way to ply their trade in the stadium will train at the training ground travel to the stadium and then so information really on the final decisions on the rules and regulations referees of the state giving is an
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indication of how they're going to work. and just things like be a alley which looks like it's likely although i think final confirmation will be saturday was the thinking of being one spice company in the north of russia. well i think many considerations so i spent a couple weeks there with carrots in the summer with the confederations cup we were in sochi in the summer. we were in san moscow and st petersburg and really there isn't a huge advantage in terms of flight distances it doesn't make regular to larry a lot so what we've got is a thought a place that we have sold occupancy of. books and the facilities are really top ten's of. our if we have the future legal to become of the place in exeter also since so ground so we can have an element of security and privacy of also the outlets and freedom to go outside and walk around without being. well it is.
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how leaks like to tell you that we find you can't sleep funds to. throw are very excited because we just organized our last event in the in there on the floor of the in the big story in the we're now into the in the absolute straight line. towards the the opening match. basically nothing else books but the world cup and the surrounding events. british and it's. a professional to do to watch that's the fee for the much too much like the seven billion to friendly the friendly enough and much it's important to unfreeze the spirit of stopping the plentiful unskillful made and you want to end it when the up close look at very quickly granted matches one of them that's not actually fixed the i guess bench on the six which. is straight to the good bye.


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